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Casting Demons Asunder

You must speak to the demons out loud, even if only in a whisper (which helps if you are around other people). Say something after the effect of “Evil spirit, I know that’s you, and that you are nothing but a liar and a corrupter with no power, and no right to my mind because it is owned, protected, and covered by the One True God. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go from my mind, and in the Name of Jesus Christ I bind you from returning!” Now you do not have to repeat exactly that every single time. As a matter of fact, if you repeat something from memory, it will only be ritualistic legalism, not spiritually warring from your heart to make it real, and will block the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, coming up with something new and unique each time can be confusing, tiring, and time – consuming. So just remember these five points: 1) tell the demon that you know that it is there, 2) tell the demon that it has no right to be there, 3) tell the demon to leave, 4) forbid it from coming back, and 5) back your command (it is not bargaining, a request, or demand but a COMMAND, as demons are to have no choice or say in the matter) with the Name, Blood, Power, and Authority of Jesus Christ.

This is how you resist demons that are attacking your mind, and the Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Now do not be surprised if the demons (and the attacks on your mind) do not go away immediately. As a matter of fact, when you first start doing this they will fight back very hard in order to convince you that demons are not real, spiritual warfare is not real, and that you are grasping at straws following false doctrine. Further, some demons that attack your mind are quite powerful (and those are the ones that come your way to hinder you from doing something that God wants you to do, from receiving a message from the Lord, or from being able to concentrate and comprehend when you are trying to read your Bible), and some are quite simply stubborn. So, you will have to keep saying it until they are gone. It also helps to quote scripture from memory, or read scripture until they are gone.

At all times you should be conscious of what you are doing, what you are saying, and why you are saying it. That is why it does help to switch to a different Bible verse or change the words or sequence of words that you are using when you are commanding a demon to leave. You must remain calm and at ease, not getting nervous or pacing the floor, not allowing the lies or images that the demons will confront you with disturb you. This is where faith, patience, and unconditional love will reign supreme in order to keep you in control of the situation so that God will remain in control of YOU. Have faith that spiritual warfare is real; have faith that God has given you the power and authority to command all evil spirits to leave your body, mind, and presence. Mark 16:17 says “And these signs shall follow them that believe: IN MY NAME shall they cast out devils.” The Word of God is not a liar, fellow Christians. Rather, it is false doctrines and false teaching from well – meaning Christians that causes you to disbelieve and not act against these evil spirits that are tormenting you.

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  1. Carol

    Can a mother command the evil spirits to flee from a daughter who is 18 years of age? I feel that my daughter is under a spell or curse from a practicing WICCIAN. My daughter is plagued with drug addiction, cutting, depression, and rebellion. I believe that her mind is being totally controlled. Please advise.

    May 2, 2013 at 11:29 AM

    • Carol,
      I think it’s a mother’s right to do so, no matter the age of her loved one. I only ask that you pray before hand and govern the spirits to flee from her and yourself. What most don’t know is that they can leave the person your using deliverance techniques on and flee into you! So use the WORD before doing this. And discern what kind of origins it came from and use this type of prayer over her. Be specific while doing the prayers over her. And it may not take just once but many times, because where there is ONE DEMON there are usually many. Plus be aware that when you expel one, if she opens the door again….many will return in its place and more powerful!
      Please be careful and seek GOD before you begin. Take safety precautions and use a KJV Bible, the others are tainted. GOD Bless you both! Love, V

      May 2, 2013 at 12:11 PM

  2. What Does “Amen” Means?
    – Amen Is A “God”?

    Your “Prays”Doesn´t Go For The “Unity”, But For The Foe!

    God = All Creation = Thougth/Energy = We All Living Form In Its Differents Levels!

    Dont Beg For What Is Yours, But Thank It Was Given Before You Asked For!

    April 5, 2014 at 9:07 PM

    • Romans 12:19-20 teaches all about renouncing and praying for others. When we “heap burning coals” it refers to the work of the flaming fire of the Holy Spirit who will work repentance and convict of sin.

      September 7, 2014 at 9:07 PM

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