Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


God’s purest intent for a warrior was to fight the good fight. This is why He gave us the Armor. We are not meant to fight against one another for this is fighting against the grain. We are here to fight the supernatural forces within this dimension and others.

Many time I have seen the forums full of people who are debating this and that but honestly this is but a waste of time. I tell you from the heart that it must breaks GOD’s heart to witness such a thing. I see these very things happening on my forum as well…it’s so sad. I do not condone it.

We have very little time left to bring others to GOD, the reach out in the name of Jesus Christ and bring forth the Holy Spirit to make the transformation which must take place in order to totally be changed. We must change our lives, every step we take to bring forth the kind of love towards each other that GOD has for us.

We must take a stand and act as warriors with the Word of GOD in our hands, mind and spirit. I overheard a conversation the other day in which one woman was being abused by a man and another woman was reaching out to her, trying to make her understand that GOD intends so much more for her life. I heard this woman speak moralistically and spiritually like  haven’t heard in a long time.

I wanted to much to go over to her and say AWESOME JOB! It was a very personal conversation and in a hospital in which the abused woman was admitted for her injuries. But, you know what…I told GOD…thank you for that woman who is reaching out in your name. This is the type of behavior we need in this world. As time goes by this kind of moral character is becoming so scarce.

It seems everyone is more apt to cut you off in traffic in order to be first at the red light, others give attitudes with such mean demeanor that compassion is rarely seen in the streets.

Yes, I do understand that the closer we come to the end of this world as we know it, the more hate and contempt we see but we are believers need to make the difference anyway. We must stand out in the crowd, not blend in…as not to be noticed. Complacency is becoming the norm. I witnessed a story on the television in which a local man was severely beaten at a gas station and people we all around! No one stepped up and helped this poor man while 3 others beat him into a coma. So sad. No warriors of GOD were willing to take a stand.

The world is full of hate and evil, of this there is no doubt but must we just sit back and accept it? NO! It’s high time we take a stand and be the GLADIATOR…and there are certainly women gladiators as well.
Instead of fighting another Christian, take a stand to make a difference in this world! The next time you see an injustice happen…look around you and notice that there are others who believe the same way…verbally announce these facts. ARE WE GOING TO LET THIS CONTINUE? No, I don’t believe in violence…I believe in justice.

There are too many complacent BELIEVERS! This is why our world is turning sour! Yes, things will happen according to GOD’s Will….but make your FATHER…Almighty GOD proud to call you HIS child. Take a stand for goodness, for morals, for righteousness.

When you hear that voice say….”That’s not right!”….this is GOD! And it’s time to stand up and say it aloud.\


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  1. Jane Smith

    Know that there are also angels in heaven called gladiator angels. Almost twenty years ago now I was blessed with a visit from a heavenly being. I was out for an afternoon run on a busy path along a river. As usual I had my headphones on and was listening to my old fashioned Walkman. As I approached a crowd ahead of me walking, I moved to the left to pass them. When all of a sudden a being in the middle of the crowd locked eyes with me and time seemed to have stopped and everything turned the brightest white, it was so bright that it was almost a blinding white, I no longer heard my Walkman playing and if felt that I was no longer running. The being was a black man dressed in armor, he spoke to me and said “courage” I responded by saying what and he repeated “courage”. And that was it. I was so confused and never spoke of my experience really, I didn’t know what to make of the strange being that appeared to me. I knew that he was sent from heaven, he had the most kindest eyes and I was not threatened at all by him. I surmised that he was some kind of angel, but what kind I didn’t know and what did he represent. It’s not the image that you would think of when you think of an angel. Why me and what did his armor represent to me. Fast forward to today, when I received the answer to my question. He is a gladiator angel, here to help me fight the internal struggle against the attempts of the devil, which are real. When I received my visit, I had been struggling with a presence in my new house for the two years prior to it. I was in high school when my parents bought their first house. We were so excited, my siblings and I would each have our own room. Unfortunately in my room I would feel a presence that would make the hair on the back of my neck stick up and going to bed was always scary. Someone suggested to me that the next time I felt the presence I should sprinkle holy water in my room and that should help the bad presence go away. So one night I was home alone and I went into my room to grab something and felt the presence so I went to my shelf and grabbed the holy water and turned around and sprinkled it in the direction I felt the presence. Well when I sprinkled the holy water in that direction it made a sizzling sound, take that any way you want to but it scared the life out of me. That was the last thing I expected to happen, I stood frozen in the same spot for a long time. I didn’t know what to do and I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. I mustered up my strength and sprinkled holy water in every room in my house and turned on every light as I went and then I went in sat in my living room in a chair that was in the corner of the room so the only thing behind me was walls and waited for someone to come home. I slept in my sisters room with her after that for a couple of months, it was just to scary to be in my room. Although I never felt the presence after that experience. The nightmares about the devil trying to get me began, sometimes he would appear as Jesus except as he got closer he never had a full beard and his eyes were always black, most of the time in my nightmares I would feel his presence while I tried to sleep and he would raise me in the air and spin me around and would be laughing so loud and it would only stop when I called out for Jesus, then I would wake up and feel like I was plastered to my bed and dizzy. I believe the angel was sent to me to help me and give me strength, I was only in high school when I experienced this and needed courage to not let it affect me. With the experience of the presence my father came forward to tell the family that before we moved in he was at the house doing some painting when he heard a voice tell him “to get the f*** out”, my father said he ignored it and continued to paint as he thought he was hearing things, until he heard it again a short time later..a voice tell him “to get the f*** out”. I used both of my experiences to grow closer to God and the blessed mother as I started to say the rosary everyday and attended church on my own, not normal behavior for a teenager but I believe the Lord touched my heart and I opened my mind and heart to him. Don’t get me wrong I had my share of teenager moments and struggle like everyone else. But I was always able to reach for my courage, I always had that to fall back on and I feel and felt so lucky and blessed for the experience as it got me through so many situations. To this day I still have nightmares from the devil, they are different but nonetheless scary as ever, sometimes so bad I have to wake up my husband. But I decided early on in life that the Lord was important to me and how I am as a person should represent the Lord as best as I could. I wanted to be a person that reflected the love the Lord has for us by treating everyone as the Lord would treat us. I have my struggles and my own issues to overcome but I always lean on the Lord and my angels. We have gladiator angels to help us with the snares of the devil, they are here to help us fight for the Lord. This was a hard story to share as I was always confused by the appearance of the angel and never really shared it as I thought people couldn’t relate and would give me a hard time so I kept it to myself. But it’s important to share, to let people know that there are gladiator angels to help us!

    September 12, 2013 at 9:45 PM

    • What an AMAZING experience this had to be! GOD is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Peace & Blessings-V

      September 12, 2013 at 10:26 PM

    • NEVER be ashamed or shy to spread your stories here! The world out there can be cold and harsh, but when you find a place comfortable enough to hang your hat…know that it was most likely GOD which sent you these. Love V!

      September 13, 2013 at 9:52 AM

  2. tammy

    Just had to share this – my little granddaughter (11 yrs. now) has been such a blessing – (she was 3 when were coming from church one Wednesday night and she was real quiet looking up into the night sky and she said “look at those angels looking down on us smiling” so I said “sweetie those are stars” she said “no mamaw they are angels” – she used to always say she saw angels) many things have happened in her little short life but she has prevailed. Our assistant pastor shared that he really believes the Lord has something really special for her to do and that is why she has been bombarded by let’s just say “crap” lots of physical and mental things came against her from conception on but then one house her and my daughter moved into she was terrified – she said a monster was in her closet and she would cry and of course her mom would not listen to her, so I gave her a Bible, a picture of Jesus to look at and hold in her little hand and to pray, etc. I would pray myself hard for her every night, and one night while I was crying out for her I was asking the Lord to send a mighty warrior angel to her to help her angel fight whatever was scaring her – as I was praying the Lord showed me this big angel, like as tall as the bunk beds she slept on and he was standing guard! It was awesome and for some reason I felt like his name was Breakthrough. So I told her that the Lord allowed me to see this big angel that was guarding her and it seemed to help her quite a bit and she would ask me all kinds of questions, like do you think Breakthrough goes with me everywhere and that kind of thing. Well I started thinking maybe that was dumb of me and I really didn’t hear and see this from God. That evening I started thinking about it on the way to church, like am I making this up in my head, well this wonderful woman of God came up to me during greeting at church and out of the blue said “the Lord put it on my heart to tell you there will be a breakthrough for you and your family.” I got goose bumps and started jumping up and down and I actually get goose bumps now when I talk about it. So then the next day I was watching this TV show and a man was on it saying he had been in a church service kind of just observing – not sure about signs and wonders, that kind of thing and the pastor said “there’s a man in the back (which this guy was) that needs something – brother I’m here to tell you there’s a BIG, BIG angel standing right there next to you that I can see and His name is Breakthrough!” So I’m like “ok God I know Breakthrough is there with her!) THEN – I was at like the Salvation Army or someplace and came across this picture of this little child praying and behind her was this HUGE ANGEL like guarding her so I bought it and framed it and gave it to her so she really started thinking that God does send her help. Thank the Lord they didn’t live there THAT long but I had to share this. She is a mighty warrior to this day! She has brought her stepdad to the saving grace of God – he quit drugs and alcohol and is now serving the Lord because of her. He shares that one day they were going outside in the rain and the lightning was really bad – he told her maybe they should wait – they didn’t want to get struck by lightning and die, she simply looked at him and said she didn’t care, then she could live in Heaven with Jesus in the most beautiful place there is why worry about it and after that he started thinking if this little girl is not afraid to die I want to be like that and he gave his heart to the Lord an now sings for Jesus and has been for 7 years! She was 4 when she brought someone to the Lord! Sorry to go on and on – there are warrior angels helping us! BELIEVE!

    February 6, 2014 at 8:53 AM

    • Mighty Warriors come is all shapes and sizes! Praise GOD! What a wonderfully inspiring story. I too, recently went thru something like this but nowhere in depth. My sister is mentally handicapped-and also mentally ill. She said something which made me react with the same comment…you have a giant angel watching over you! I don’t think people realize just HOW BIG the wonders of GOD really are, including HIS mighty angels.
      GOD bless this child, and you for sharing. I know this story made me tear up and brought bodily chills! Like goooosybumps all over! I don’t get that way often but when I do it’s always because of GOD! Praise GOD!!

      February 6, 2014 at 10:49 AM

  3. Blanca

    One day in the lady’s group day in church, I was there standing on my feet praying all the sudden i started to cry for no reason i had my eyes close when i felt someone getting closer to me i could not open my eyes all i say was a bright light and 2 hands giving me something it was like a vision and when i reach my hands out this angel (i have no idea on how i now it was an angel) he gave me a sward i don’t know nothing about swards but i kind of made a drawing of it so i use the internet to search for swards pictures and i saw it there it was a gladiator sward and he put it on my hands.. its been about a year i ask God to help me I know i have a job to do..

    August 14, 2014 at 1:46 PM

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