Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


Born Into a Battle Zone!
As much as I hate to say it, there is a REAL WAR going on. A war inside you of principalities and powers, demons and demon powers, beyond your knowledge. Satan wants your very soul and will do whatever he can to grab it. And the real life fact is they want us all, especially if you’re a believer in GOD. As SOLDIERS of GOD, we are told to resist the devil and use our ARMOR of GOD to make us safe from such things, but there are those who may not even know they are fighting a demon…they think it’s just a dirty habit, or behavior.

Depending on your circumstances in which you are facing, it could be a number of demonic influences in your life. Also, your past behavior and experiences could have attracted them. Your goal is to rid yourselves of this, their goal is to seek and destroy every connection you have with GOD. Satan’s goal is to devour the very essence of you. Devour is an all-encompassing word for it means to have utterly destruct and completely annihilate your very body and soul and if he can, even your spirit!

Most don’t know this but when YESHUA spoke to the disciples, he always told them they were to cast out demons. Almost 25% of YESHUA’s miracles came from the casting of demonic entities. This is because Satan is not bound to the Bottomless Pit, nor are his angels, not until YESHUA’s return. So, they are free to roam in the air, and seek to find hosts to inhabit. Upon entry they begin to devour their host from the inside out.

The fact that you are a believer does not forbid them from entry, in fact, they revel in the fact that they can possess a believe. They want to bring down the believer and bring more sin into their lives but using their weak areas to host and feed on. If you commit as sin, a demon has full legal right to enter into the body and soul, but cannot inhabit the spirit because the Holy Spirit resides there. But, discernment is necessary because you don’t want to get so paranoid or out of balance that you think you see demons around every corner.

We have three distinct parts of being; a body, soul, and spirit. The battlefield of the mind/body is certainly a weak spot. The soul bares sin, grudges, pain, and heartaches which the demons love to feast on. These two manifestations can be cleansed, but usually they contain one or more demons.
If a demon comes in for attack, they will enter from the “air” which is from the outside, another position is from the inside. When coming fro the air, they are not attacking you for reasons that you have caused, usually it’s from other reasons. When coming from the inside, it’s usually because you have given them legal right to be there; example would be a Oujia Board channeling. The last type usually calls for deliverance (exorcism).

Before GOD can and will go into battle for you, you must be willing to stand up and march onto that battlefield and face these demonic powers just like David did with Goliath. Total deliverance is possible.

Next you need to find out what their reason for being in you is, once you’ve properly broken the legal rights for their presence before GOD, they must leave, then you verbally command them to leave in the name of YESHUA.

The Words of GOD operating in your mind and spirit released out of your mouth is a SWORD used to do actual battle or combat with a demon!
The first level of is when a demon or group of demons start attacking you from an outside position with no legal right to be doing so. Considering the fact that we are told YESHUA was attacked by Satan during HIS 40 days & 40 nights, then it’s a sure fire chance that we are being attacked  too!

DEMONIC ATTACKS-As a Result of Legal Right
This next level become much heavier. This is when they start to come in for attack and have full legal right to do so. We are told we have a hedge to protect us;
“Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land.” (Job 1:10)
As a result of this protect barrier, this appears they have spiritual laws they must abide by. But, they lay awaiting for the hole in that protective hedge to appear and they pounce like a leopard onto its prey, by engaging and crossing over into direct sins, or transgressions. Seriously, if they could attack for every sin, we would be in some deep trouble. Which sin is legal right?
1. The occult False religions or cults
2. Any part of the New Age Movement
3. The homosexual lifestyle
4. Any type of Satan worshiping group
5. Any involvement with abortion or the abortion industry
6. Abusing alcohol
7. Any type of extreme verbal and/or physical abuse on your mate or children
8. Any type of promiscuous, sexual lifestyle
9. Bringing a cursed object into your home
10. Any type of criminal activity
11. Doing any type of drugs – including pot
12. The Occult
13. Murder

These a free will sins/transgressions and are a violation against GOD, not being done to you or against you. In other words, these are direct, willful sins being done by you against GOD. Each one of these are major reflections of dangers to your mind/body and soul, in fact, worshipping Satan is a full violation against GOD’s Law and direct possession of your spirit can occur.
Actually the most evil and wicked of demons in Satan’s hierarchy are ones who have attached themselves to someone as a result of someone delving into the occult. Unless you are a mature believer this is an absolute no-exceptions policy. Many believers are researchers into the occult to bring it into the Light and must be fully vested into GOD’s Law and Governance in order to perform these operations.
Otherwise you must fully confess your sins and renounce this activity of any kind, telling GOD you will never, ever do these acts again. Then, you must take authority over your enemy and cast these demonic spirits off of you for good. If you try to perform these rite before the admittance of your sins, or properly break their legal rights before GOD the Father, these demons will not go!

DEMONS ATTACKING- As a Result of Some Else’s Actions
Other events discussed thus far has been dealing with someone’s own deliberate action, but now we focus on acts from another’s intention toward you. Some examples of this would be rape, Satanic ritualistic abuse, or severe abuse from a spouse, or loved one, either physically, verbally, or sexually.
Why would GOD let these demons attack someone after such an extreme event in one’s life? But, these is the exact cases in which demons thrive upon, as to see if that person would themselves would manifest emotions of hate, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness.
GOD allows someone to mourn, or grieve over such a violent behavior committed against them, but then the foothold GOD has relinquishes, and thusly this is the opportunity to dive right in. If the person does not try to heal themselves form such negative emotions after a reasonable amount of time, then the demons will once again attach themselves. So, the victim must forgive this vicious act committed against them, no matter how evil.
A mental stonghold is usually the result of a long-term grudge or malice resulting from someone’s behavior against you. To start GOD’s inner healing, one must be willing to put these events behind them emotionally and physically. Then they can turn to the demons and actively engage their presence, telling them to leave in the name of YESHUS.

DEMONS ATTACKING-As a result of a Generational Curse
A dysfunctional family has many realms of resulting effects, from watching a parent abuse the other, or an alcoholic parent with demons attached, it makes no difference how but they come from varying avenues. Why would GOD let a demon attach itself to a child? Because one or two of them could end up alcoholics themselves.
Demons cannot make you do anything, they whisper in your ear, to persuade. Lack of knowledge of the demonic realm can bring on attachments to loved ones simply by transference. GOD warns us that sins of the father can be visited 3 or 4 generation of the future. As a result of lack of education, or repeated behaviors of descendant, the curse could continue. And as a result you have demons who literally attach themselves and pull them deeper into the dark side, making everyone miserable.
Upon reaching adulthood, the person leaves home, but the demons follow and remain attached and unless one knows how to command them to leave then they live the remainder of their life being periodically attacked. So you must break that curse line by confessing to GOD, and commanding them to leave.

BATTLE COMMANDS-Demons can and DO manifest in 3D!
Electricity in the air is commonly manifested upon exercising these rites. You can verbally speak out loud to them that they now have to leave you in the name of your Lord and Savior, YESHUA. You must verbally say this because demons can’t read your thoughts, or your mind. As a representative of GOD, you have the legal right and authority to be able to hold our your right hand while operating in HIS authority, power and announting when engaging the dark side.

“If there are any demons who are attempting to attack, harass or torment me – I am now coming against each and everyone of you in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am now coming against each and everyone you operating under the full power, anointing and authority of God the Father and Jesus Christ.
Demons, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you. I repeat, I now Plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you.
Demons, in the name of Jesus Christ – I now command you to leave me right now, and you are to never, ever come back on me again. GO NOW – in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat – GO NOW in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour!


8 responses

  1. Dinah

    Hello, I was just reading your site and everything was going well until I looked at your list of sins. I disagree with your list and am troubled by your thought process. I know my GOD and he is about LOVE…

    October 10, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    • Thomas Gambill

      @Dinah, The Bible is clear about spiritual warfare. The Flood took out every living thing on earth because of the abominations of DNA mixing and evil; the coming Tribulations yet to come will take out millions due to sin and judgment. Before that; however, will come Disclosure and a false Peace then destruction. God is more than just love, he is also just and he will judge.

      February 2, 2013 at 10:32 AM

  2. Beryl

    Dinah this is exactly the thinking the enermy wants. Remember 2 Cor 2:11 says Lest Satan gains advantage over us ;for we are not ignorant of his devices. We have to be informed

    November 8, 2012 at 11:24 AM

  3. harford

    all of those sins are true marijuana messes with your judgement and makes you paranoid… so I agree god bless ..we must be holy for he is holy

    August 6, 2013 at 2:32 PM

  4. Good article! Just one correction. Demons can’t POSSESS a believer. They can only OPPRESS him or her. A believer is “possessed” by The Holy Spirit upon conversion. However, because we live in a sinful world, we can be oppressed if we are not watchful and alert. Jesus Christ be glorified!

    December 20, 2013 at 2:29 AM

    • True they can possess their body, not their soul/spirit.

      December 20, 2013 at 8:29 AM

  5. stephen dunbier

    dear virginia ‘ l believe that any form of evil entity can enter a person body only if they (entity) are asked or invited by family members or friends know to her.

    May 20, 2014 at 10:40 PM

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