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This website not only attributes to the mission of Maitreya but also to the Thoth. This is what is described as the Holiest of the Holies. The site includes the prophecies of Maitreya, and the Seven Seals, along with other prophecies.  Also included is Maitreya’s genealogy while utilizing Bible Scripture, and other texts to reveal their revelations. The synthesizing of the world’s religions are ultimately the design and agenda of this prophecies.
I haven’t decided if it’s a ‘walk-in’ or if the Ascended Master Maitreya has came in the flesh….You decide.

The popular trend of the Ascended Masters is to twist Bible Scripture, along with chosen Biblical characters to bring the pupil into their grasp by deceiving them with small changes of text with changed of their characteristic personality.
I will give a condensed version of how he became Maitreya. Born in Tehran, Iran on November 8th, 1944. Believing this to be a numerical value of 144,000 by the evaluation of 1+9=10 1 or 1944= 1+4+4=9. With Tehran being located in the area east of Jerusalem and west of Tibet, this fulfills the expectation of the Jews and Christians who are waiting for Maitreya to come from the east.
All of his grandfathers were religious leaders. Not only were they the religious guides of the area, but their power exceeded their religious authority. Maitreya’s grandfather had to be consulted and his permission was essential before any governmental official could enter his territory. They all lived in a village called Shahrasar.
His parents were the first generation in the family to leave that village and come to larger cities such as Tehran. His father started as a teacher. Then after passing an entrance examination and studying in law school, he became a judge. Right after Maitreya’s birth, however, he took advantage of an offer by the government, received an early retirement, and started his law practice as a lawyer. It was then that he became more prosperous. Maitreya was born the seventh child.
Maitreya’s mother and father were cousins. She lived a queenly life, spending winters in Tehran and summers in the village to get away from the heat of the city, always having servants, both in the city and in the village. Maitreya was born into such a background.
A dream of hers was that she saw herself sitting on a lion. The lion was rising from the horizon, like the sun. A voice told her, “The lion you are riding is your child.” Maitreya’s mother later said, when she was in America visiting her son, that the landscape in that dream looked like New Mexico.
Maitreya became close to his mother. Indeed he became her favorite. His special treatment, of course, became a source for some jealousy from his brother and sisters. Maitreya’s grandfather still was living in the village. He too had a favorite eye upon Maitreya.
Maitreya was seven years old when he declared his independence. For example, when he was seven or eight, he refused to participate in a ceremony, before the New Year, during which the people would jump over a bush on fire as a sign for health and prosperity for the next year. It was probably a tradition carried to the present time from the time Persians were Zoroastrians. Maitreya declared it seems ridiculous and served no purpose. From then on they accepted his position and left him alone.
In high school (which started in the 7th grade) he became engaged in sports (soccer, basketball, tennis, skiing, etc). It was also in this period that his spiritual longings and questions were frustrated by not finding adequate answers for them. He had reached a point where he said, “If you show me God, then I will accept Him. If you can’t show me, then I can’t believe in something that I cannot see.”
When he read about evolution, he felt, “Ah, that makes sense. There were dinosaurs, then there were monkeys, and then there were humans. They evolved from each other and eventually it came to what I am.” So it made more sense than religion.
Then Maitreya found out about dialectic materialism, which in essence says, “Whatever is not seen, cannot be believed.” So he eventually reached a point that he said, “It’s all just nature, just chance, and there is not really anything such as Spirit. We’re just made by chance. There is no God.” So his eventual conclusion was formed on the theory of evolution and dialectic materialism. He just rejected God completely.
It was one year after he finished the army that all preparations were completed for Maitreya to go to the United States for further education. With a Mighty Hand, he was guided to his final realization and Revelation of God’s Plan.
He was in school in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but he lost his interest in pursuing education. He was still considering finishing his degree. He wanted to have more time to think about these new developments than study. Therefore, he started working in a hotel in Pennsylvania. There he met a man who became his roommate who spoke of meditation. He told him about Ananda Marga, that he belonged to that organization, etc. He explained briefly what mantra is and what really meditation is. Maitreya did not understand completely what he said, but it made some sense to him.
He explained some of the aspects of that organization and he showed Maitreya their sign. When Maitreya saw the swastika in the sign, he asked him if he was a Nazi. Satish then explained to him that the swastika is not what Hitler used it for, but it is a very ancient sign symbolizing higher consciousness.
Satish told Maitreya that a teacher from Ananda Marga, called an Achareya, was coming to the campus to give a lecture. Maitreya, even after several years of being in the States, still had a hard time with the English language. Achareya taught him to perform meditations with mantra. It was a wonderful thing that happened. It was one of the best meditations he has ever had. He felt that Light was going out of his head and body. He opened his eyes and everything was Light. He went downstairs in the dormitory and was grabbing people, “Hey, can you see God?” Of course they didn’t know what he was talking about. This occurred August 15, 1974.
He then found a house which he could begin having mediations sessions with many people attending. He completed his studies and acquired him MBA and was accepted into Mississippi State University, so he moved there. He then begin attending yoga classes. He then began teaching them.
After two months Maitreya invited a teacher of the Ananda Marga organization from Atlanta, Georgia, to come and initiate those who wanted to become members. Thirteen people were initiated, which is a very large number for a class in existence for only two months. Maitreya then requested for a “wholetimer,” who is a person who goes to a six-month training course and works full time for the organization for one year. Of course, Maitreya was a yogi now.
Achareya was a very busy person because he was the International Coordinator of the organization. So he put Maitreya’s name on his list of those who had asked him for a name and he told him that he was too busy at that time, but he would send him one. Maitreya said, “OK, I’ll wait for you.”
Of course, most of the people who asked for a spiritual name received it right away. They had the names of Ishvara, Krishna, or Shivamurtti, and all those big names. That retreat was finished and he went home. Maitreya waited for a month, two months, but the name was not coming.
Maitreya had become so inspired at that retreat that he decided also to go to a training center in Denver and become a wholetimer himself.
There was a teacher, an Achareya, from Atlanta Georgia who used to come every three months and tour different AM centers. He was in charge of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. He would travel, and go back and forth through these states. So Maitreya already knew him. His name was Rudranath. He was invited to come to Mississippi for this retreat. Time passed and Maitreya became impatient.
So Maitreya went early in the morning Saturday (interesting it was Sabbath!) just as he woke up. He rushed to Rudranath’s room and said, “What is my name? Are you going to give me my name or what?” Rudranath said, “OK, your name is Maitreya.” Maitreya couldn’t even pronounce it correctly, so Rudranath wrote it down for him.
Maitreya asked, “What does that mean? What does Maitreya mean?” He said, “It means The Compassionate One.” Maitreya said, “OK” and he walked out, saying to himself, “OK, my name is Maitreya, that is my spiritual name.” A few weeks later, Maitreya said, “I want to talk to you, I don’t like this name. I want you to change it.” Rudranath said, “No, I can’t, that is it. I gave it to you and you’re going to stick with it.” Maitreya said, “No, I don’t want this.” Rudranath said, “That is it. If you don’t want it, don’t use it. But that is what I gave to you and that is going to stay with you.”
A few weeks later Maitreya received a letter from the other teacher and he gave him the name Vigi Kumar. Vigi means, “youthful.” Kumar means, “prince.” So Vigi Kumar means, “the young prince.” So he was using both names and telling the people that he liked Vigi Kumar better, but without any exception all told him that he should accept Maitreya over Vigi Kumar, because being compassionate is a greater virtue than thinking you are a young prince.
Maitreya finished his courses. Ananda Marga had their headquarters in Denver, Colorado and were having problems and Maitreya offered to help. From the very beginning he felt some resistance from some of the people there. They felt threatened by his presence and his questions about all the different phases of the business. However, he tried his best, and made a report to the president and International Coordinator.
Eventually, by the end of the two months, he decided to keep the name Maitreya instead of Vigi Kumar. So his spiritual name was established as Maitreya.
However, he was becoming a little disillusioned with the way things were being run there and the way things were handled. He found a deviation from what the ideology of his Guru was and the way it was handled. Also, later on he heard that his recommendations were rejected.
So Maitreya left and went to Mississippi and went to his P.O. box. He found, after two months of being away, only one letter in his box and it was from the Dean of the business school, “Come and see me as soon as you can.” The next morning he went there and said, “Well, here I am.”
The Dean said, “We have a scholarship for you. You are going to receive $250 a month. The only thing you have to do is to work with one of the professors ten hours a week. Also, you don’t have to pay any tuition. Your tuition is waived.”
This was the year 1976. Maitreya had only two courses and this teacher wanted him to go and study the market trends in the stock market. He wanted to be on top of the stock market trends, etc. So the only thing Maitreya had to do was spend probably half an hour a day just to see what the trend was, especially in the Dow Jones.
He had planned to prepare for his comprehensive examination and also find a topic for his dissertation. So Maitreya used to go to the library to study. Whenever he would get bored and had nothing to do, he would go to the spiritual section of the library and look at different books, on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc.
On one of these days he was flipping through a Buddhist book, and suddenly he came across the name Maitreya. He started reading it and in the middle of the book he found that the name of the Buddha to come is Maitreya. For the first time he found the name of Maitreya in a book about Buddhism. It was very interesting, but he did not believe in prophecies then, so he just became a little more pleased with his name and understood that the name is mostly related to Buddhism.
Then some other time he went and flipped through another book and suddenly came across this, that Maitreya probably came from Mithra, from Persia, which was one of the Gods of the Zoroastrian religion. He was supposed also to come, to return, and unify the world and all that.
Maitreya would be sitting in his room, and someone would knock at his door. Who was that? It was the Mormons. They would just sit and talk about the Mormon religion. Now he started reaching out, studying about other religions, but not the Bible. He hadn’t touched the Bible yet. He had heard about it. They had talked about it in that church, but he didn’t know what they were talking about. He borrowed a Bible from a church and began to study it.
“Genesis 1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” and on and on. That is evolution, isn’t it? Just right there Maitreya realized that it is the same thing as evolution! He was amazed at how the explanation of the creation corresponded to the evolutionary process. Right there He realized that each day of creation was referring to one period of the evolutionary process. He bought his own Bible.
Then Maitreya realized, “If the Bible is like that, I’d better start reading the Koran too.” He had never read the Koran before. He had been living in a Moslem country, but he wasn’t interested at that time. He wasn’t interested in God, so who cared? If you are not interested in God, who cares about the Bible or the Koran, etc.?
It was the first time in his life that he was so attracted to these books. He just could not believe that there was any difference between these Revelations. If there is One God, why so many Revelations?

Raj Patel-this man is said to be the Maitreya! So, I went into research mode!! Seems he does have a similar path of experiences from the same area of the USA. But this date given to us from the site mentioned above notes him to be 68 years old in 2012…Raj Patel would have to be using some EXTRA-STRENGTH OIL OF OLAY! Or maybe some alchemy-strengthened potent?
He could not grasp the exact relationship then but he intuitively knew that there should be some relationship. He found himself helplessly reading these books and spending his time going through them again and again, as he was finding so much truth in them and their relationships with the teachings of Ananda Marga.
So much new knowledge started coming to him. Maitreya became completely occupied with this new stream of consciousness which was being impressed on him. Actually he was having trouble finishing the semester because he did not put too much effort in his studies.
For instance, he was sitting in his class and the professor was talking about management, which in organization is represented as a triangle upward. The teacher was talking about the president, the vice-presidents, department heads, etc, the triangle upward. “Oh, the triangle upward means the hierarchy, the hierarchy in the organization.” So the triangle upward in the sign of Solomon maybe has the same meaning! Then what would the triangle downward mean in that symbol? Maitreya was out of class, he was in the sign of Solomon and the Jewish symbol.
So he was out of the study. The professor was talking about management, and Maitreya was thinking about God and His relationship with this. He was no longer there. He didn’t belong to those classes any more. This extremely powerful consciousness was being impressed on him.
Maitreya has said that with difficulty, he passed the two courses. Actually, those were some of the lowest grades he obtained in school, in that semester. Of course, he was lucky he had other grades that were pretty high to cover those. He got two “C’s” that semester. He had other “A’s” so it made a “B” average. You have to have a “B” average to be able to take the comprehensive exam and receive your doctorate. But he was having difficulty to study. So, he wasn’t prepared for his comprehensive examination.
When he finished, it was the beginning of January, and he had to take his comprehensive examination some time at the end of January, the 17th of January or such. He had to study and he couldn’t study, just this extreme of consciousness was coming to his mind. So he didn’t pass the comprehensive exam, but actually he didn’t care.
Now Maitreya was familiar with the Far East Philosophies, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, a little of Baha’i, and Ananda Marga. That was it. But he was much more interested to read books about spirituality, the Bible, and anything related, and go to the churches and talk to the priests. That he also started doing, going to the churches in Mississippi and talking about God the way he understood Him.
After awhile they would say, “Oh.” They were beginning to get scared, kind of, the way the truth he was presenting to them was so striking that they couldn’t handle it.
In the spring semester he did not have any courses but was still working 10 hours a week with his major professor. So he had plenty of time without worrying about any exam or any assignment. He utilized all his spare time in reading the Scriptures and thinking about them. It was at the end of February that he felt really tired and frustrated about all the things that were happening.
So he decided to go to Chicago and visit his cousin. He planned to stay with them for a week. He was thinking that he was going to forget all about everything and would clear his mind of all these things, and then he would go back to Mississippi and put all his effort in getting ready for taking the comprehensive examination again.
Maitreya’s cousin and his wife are doctors, M.D’s. They worked in Chicago then. He hadn’t seen them for probably five or six years. So he called them and said, “What do you think if I come and spend a week with you?” They said, “Sure, come, come. We would love to have you.”
Maitreya took his car and started driving toward Chicago. Mississippi to Chicago is almost like a straight-line north, almost, not completely. So he went and arrived at their house around three days later. They sat around and talked. They renewed their friendship and things like that. A few hours later, they asked him, “What do you want to do tomorrow?” They were both supposed to go to work. But his wife had off the next day. The rest of the week they both had to go to work.
She said, “I have off tomorrow, what do you want to do? How about going to see the Baha’i Temple?” Maitreya said, “OK, sure, that would be fine.” Maitreya had read a little about the Baha’i Faith but he had never seen a Baha’i Temple. In the morning, they woke up around 9:30, 10 o’clock. They took their car, they took the children (they had two boys), and his wife and he drove all the way to the Baha’i Temple.
The Baha’i Temple is built in a street. So they parked on the curb, the pavement, and they started going toward the Temple. There are steps there. You almost don’t see the Temple until you go to the top of the steps.
So they went there and walked up the steps, and oh, this beautiful white Temple was there. And there is a swastika, the Star of David (Judaism), the cross (Christianity), the moon and star (Islam), and the Baha’i symbol carved there on the temple. The moment Maitreya saw all these signs on the wall, a flash of realization occurred. He suddenly realized their relationships. His mind was filled with the excitement of this realization. It was impressed on him, all the symbols. That was where the whole Greatest Sign started to form.
So he was not out of that consciousness, actually it was much stronger now. Now he was in this relationship that it was flashed back in him so strongly and impressed him.
His cousin’s wife started telling him about, this place has been like that, this place like that. Maitreya was out of that completely. So he hardly bore the tour with her and he said, “Let’s go home.”
They went home and he took his car and went back to the Baha’i Temple himself. He went downstairs and bought all the books they had, any books they had about Baha’i and their religion, etc.
Maitreya went back to their home, back to his room, and started reading the books he bought from the Baha’i Temple. A couple of times he went back and forth to the Baha’i Temple. He started putting the signs that were on the temple and the sign of Ananda Marga on a sheet of paper. He put the swastika at the top, then the sign of Solomon, Christianity, Islam, and Baha’i, from top to bottom. “There is something there, there is some relationship. There is a thread between them.” As he was doing this, then he added Ananda Marga, the sixth seal. So he had six of them now. He knew that God’s number is 7, so he put another swastika at the very bottom. Now if the first and last Swastika would come together!
As his best topic in high school was geometry, Maitreya knew that every circle could be divided six times by its radius. So he made a circle and divided it by its sixth radius and put each sign around. It started to evolve more and more toward The Greatest Sign.
He started thinking that swastika is the Godhead, the Creator whom all things have come from, as the Ananda Marga philosophy says. Later on man failed, according to the Bible, so God chose the Elected Ones, so the sign of Solomon, of Judaism, is there. These people were elected to bring man back to higher consciousness, but they failed to keep their covenant with Him. So He sent Christ to tell the Jews that they are not Chosen Ones any longer. After Christ, a great Prophet came, not from the Jews, but from a close race, the Arabs, as Muhammad . After that, a sense of universalism had been arisen in humanity, so Bab/Baha’u’llah came to bring that message, the Baha’i Faith.  And Ananda Marga brought the concept of Paravipra , or the true leaders of the society who will bring the dream of universalism to the reality to accelerate the progress of humanity return to God, which is the second swastika, at the end.
At the same time, Maitreya’s cousin started insisting that they visit the Playboy Club. They had a key for the Playboy Club. If you are a member, you have a key and you can get in. They wanted to impress on Maitreya that they had the key, so they could go to the Playboy Club [laughter]. Now Maitreya was here in this Revelation of The Greatest Sign and impressed with this realization and this flashback that just took all the life out of him, and they wanted to take him to the Playboy Club.
He said, “Oh guys, don’t worry about it, I don’t want to do that.” He didn’t want to hurt their feelings that, “No, come on, forget it, I don’t want to go there.” They just kept insisting and he just tried, “Oh, not tonight. I am going to cook tonight for you, so not tonight.” Maitreya cooked for them that night. The next night came, “The children are tired, let’s not do it tonight.” But Maitreya felt that they were getting upset about his resistance.
At the same time he wanted to be staying there because he wanted to go back and forth to the Baha’i Temple to see where this was going to end. So he didn’t want to leave just then.
He was probably there around five days. He was almost done with what he wanted to accomplish, he had all the Baha’i books, and he had his questions answered. They had definitely decided to go to the Playboy Club Saturday night. Maitreya said fine. His cousin and his wife went to work on Friday, they took the kids to the babysitter. Maitreya was home alone, so he wrote them a note, “I received an emergency call from the University. I have to go back to the University right away” [laughter]. He left the note on the table, took his car, and headed south.
Not only did he not get out of that consciousness, so that he could get to his studies and finish his education, now he was impressed with this thread and The Greatest Sign. So he went back to Mississippi and went to his room. And that was it. The next two months or so Maitreya was absorbed with The Greatest Sign.
Now he was studying the religions much deeper. Before he was just reading them and enjoying them. Now he was really reading them with this Spirit, just going into them to see why Baha’i, why Islam, why Christianity, why? And The Greatest Sign started to evolve more and more.
So the symbols were in the circle, and it went from swastika, to the Seal of Solomon, to Christianity, to Islam, to the Baha’i Faith, to Ananda Marga, and back to the swastika. Maitreya drew a circle and divided it into six parts, and put each symbol at one of these points. Then he drew the two big triangles, which connect each three of these symbols together. Later on he put a swastika in the middle of all these, so The Greatest Sign was almost complete. But still the I-Ching and the dot in the middle of the I-Ching had not been revealed. They came to be later on in 1978 when Maitreya was in Denver.
Actually, he wouldn’t show it to anyone. He had a curtain over it in his room. Whenever anyone would come, the curtain was down, and they would sit and talk about different things. It was around, probably six months that passed like that, and he didn’t do too much about it and he didn’t talk to anyone either. He was just by himself and The Greatest Sign.
That spring and summer he spent all his time working on the Sign. And every day more and more he would realize how incredible this Sign is. He started widely reading about the religions involved in the Sign and other related materials. He found out that he would not become attracted to anything unless there was a purpose in that for furthering his realization.
By the fall he was very sure that all this truth which had come to him could not be false, that definitely there is a mission for him to be done in this lifetime, and that the name given to him supports it. At the same time Maitreya started seeing more clearly the signs of the time and the tribulation which was spreading, not only in one or two countries, or races, but all through the world. With all these clues he could no longer consider himself merely a student. Of course one part of him was fighting the idea and resisting taking up the challenge.
For his final decision, Maitreya moved out of Starkville, the city that the university was in, to a small town 30 miles away. He rented an apartment there just by himself. For two months he did another intensive search and contemplation there alone by himself, and then moved back to Starkville.
The Greatest Sign had pretty much formed itself by then. But the very center was only the swastika. There was one swastika in the center, a swastika on the bottom, and the rest of The Greatest Sign.
Of course, Maitreya was bothered with the notion of the swastika and that is one of the reasons that he studied symbolism. He found out that the swastika is one of the oldest symbols on earth and every tribe and nation used it, every mystical religion on earth, even the American Indians had it. Africans had it, and Asians had it also.
Maitreya decided to go to Virginia Beach to study symbolism from Edgar Cayce at the Foundation there. He drove all the way to Virginia Beach. He went to the foundation and bought a lot of books, and also he purchased their book on symbology. He became more familiar with the symbology, which once again made him realize how powerful the Sign is.
He still was saying, “God, You’ve got the wrong person. I am not the one. I am not the one to do this. I am just here to finish my education and go back home.”
What about back home? “My poor parents who spent that much money, time, and energy sending me to school…” The relationship between parents and children is much stronger in the East. It is not like in the West where you say, “OK, now I have enough money, I can get my apartment and go away.” You are almost internally connected to your parents for the rest of your life. It is a very strong, close relationship, and there is a lot of respect and love. Breaking those taboos is very hard.
Maitreya wouldn’t have been able to study anyway. There was no way for him to open a business schoolbook any longer. He just couldn’t open them. There was no feeling there to do that. The only thing he was interested in was The Greatest Sign and the religions related to it.
So after two months he said, “Well, OK, I’ll do it” [laughter]. He gave away a lot of things and sold some others. Maitreya took his car and headed for Denver, Colorado. That was the only place where he knew some people. It was being impressed on him that he had to go to Denver, that the goal of his life had already been planned for him, that he has this mission to fulfill, and that he is not going to get his doctorate.
Also, during this time of intense realization, the four parts of The Holy Word, which is also called The Holy Name, The Word, and the mantra that we have in the Mission, started being revealed. Maitreya’s mantra started changing to The Holy Word, which really the pronunciation is what the Hebrews knew and said, “Don’t utter it.” That is why if someone tried to utter it, he would be stoned. This was not because they didn’t want that it be uttered, but because you cannot utter it. It is not possible to utter the Holy Name in the physical world. It is a very etheric thing, it’s from the Consciousness (God).
Maitreya said, “OK, I’ll go to Denver. They know me, I know them.” From the very first trip to Denver he knew that this city had some relationship with his life. He went to Denver and started subtly and slowly to reveal to them that this is even more expanded than what they already have, “So they are surely going to join me, and help me with this.” However, as usual, God had another Plan for him.
On the third day of his stay in Denver, Maitreya was working on the Koran and was isolating those parts that seemed interesting. He was sitting in a room and was reading, and this person from Ananda Marga (Maitreya said, “This crazy guy, a wonderful man but we never connected really that strong, but we were aware of each other’s presence) suddenly burst into his room and said, “Hey.” He didn’t like to say he really needed something. He wanted to see how Maitreya feelings were, “Hey, do you want to go to this mountain? There’s a good place called Shamballa Ashrama. Do you want to go meditate there?” [laughter]. Maitreya said, “Well, I’m sorry, but I’m writing right now. I don’t think I am going to go, you go by yourself and tell me how it was.”
He left for half an hour, Maitreya could hear him going upstairs and downstairs. They were the only two people in the house that day. Eventually, he again burst into Maitreya’s room and said, “Come on, let’s go. It’s a good place and I want to go. I don’t want to go alone.” Maitreya was getting tired of writing, so he said, “OK, let’s go.” He just put everything away and they went.
This man had long hair with a beard, a hippie kind of person. Maitreya had been kind of neglecting his appearance also because he wasn’t interested in appearances either, so probably his beard and hair were long as well [laughter].
They got into this man’s car. He had one of those old cars with a putt, putt, putt, type of engine [laughter]. They drove all the way, around twenty miles south of Denver and they went on this dirt road and went to the mountain in Sedalia (or something like that!), almost in the middle of the mountain. The place was called the Shamballa Ashrama, or the Brotherhood of the White Temple.
However, when they arrived there, they only found an office with the secretaries. When they went in, there was a nice office and a couple of very pedicured secretaries sitting in their chairs, and these two hippies were walking in [laughter]. The secretaries were just shocked. They jumped from their chairs, “What do you want?” This hippie-looking guy told them that, “We came here to meditate.” One of the secretaries said, “We don’t have any place to meditate” [laughter]. When she heard this request, she just handed some information to them and almost pushed them out of the office.
They took the information to the car and drove a little further into the mountains, to a nice place to meditate. They parked there, got out and meditated for around 30 minutes.
While they were driving back, Maitreya picked up the information the secretary gave them, and started looking at it. In the list of their literature they had a booklet called, Maitreya, Lord of the World. Maitreya said, “Hey, wait. Let’s go back there. I’d like to buy this book.”
They went and bought the small book. Maitreya had never seen anyone have a complete book about Maitreya. He had heard the name here and there, but now here they had this book about Maitreya. He went there and bought a couple of these booklets from them.
So apparently that was the whole purpose of what happened that day. It was to go there and see that they had this book. They began driving back home again and that was it. The whole purpose of that trip was to know that this was Shamballa, and they were waiting for Maitreya to come.
In the book it was stated that there are only three books written about Maitreya, and this one is the only one in the West. It was the first book that had so much about Maitreya. However, somehow it was incomplete. In this book it said that Maitreya is a Western soul which is the belief of the Buddhists in the Far East. However, Jews and Christians are waiting for Maitreya to come from the East. That is why most of the people are expecting Maitreya to come from Iran (Persia), because it is east of Jerusalem and west of Tibet.
Actually our symbol, the throne with Maitreya in it, is from the cover of that book. However, this picture does not belong to them; it is a drawing by a 15th century Monk in Tibet.
So Maitreya stayed with Ananda Marga for a while but it didn’t go very well because he was really out of Ananda Marga and now he had this teaching. Maitreya started talking to a couple of people and they became a little defensive about it. No one felt comfortable with him, and Maitreya wasn’t comfortable with them any more either. He was not one with them any more.
Eventually he reached a point where he felt he had to move on. At the same time he kept bumping into these people called “preemies,” the followers of Guru Maharaji. He just kept bumping into them. They had a restaurant, and they had a grocery store in Denver. Maitreya had to buy groceries there because they had such good vegetarian things. So he kept seeing them and meeting them in street, etc. He even started knowing a couple of them. His followers were talking about The Holy Word, The Holy Name, something like that. Maitreya even started sharing an apartment with one of these people.
Maitreya said, “OK, maybe these people have The Word.” Actually he was thinking about it as a Holy Name then. “If these people have it, then I am off the hook” [laughter]. “I can go away and say they have it so I don’t have to worry about starting the Mission.” So Maitreya started going to their meetings and tried to find out about the “knowledge,” or techniques. He was not interested in the other techniques, but only about The Holy Name. However, he found out that they expected him to proclaim that, “The Guru is greater than God,” and he does not believe in that. He said, “I cannot proclaim that.” So he became discouraged with them and withdrew.
He decided to move to another place. He, however, was out of money but he was expecting to receive some money soon. But at that time he didn’t have any money. He saw this ad for a place for rent. The ad said that they were looking for someone who does not smoke and also meditates. So Maitreya went to this person who placed the ad, Rodney, and said, “Well, I would like to come and live with you. I don’t smoke. I meditate. But I don’t have any money right now, you will have to wait until I get my check.” Rodney said, “OK. Come in.” He was a very nice person, a very nice guy. Maitreya really didn’t expect him to accept; he was just throwing a stone into the dark. And Rodney said, “Sure, come in.” So Maitreya moved in with him.
At this time Maitreya heard there was a center called the Self-Realization Center (different than the one started by Yogananda in California), and the person who was the teacher there and ran it used to be one of the Mahatmas, one of the teachers of Guru Maharaji. He gave the same “knowledge” and mantra to his people but he didn’t expect you to believe that the Guru is greater than God. So Maitreya said, “OK, I’ll go there.”
He walked to their center one morning and knocked on the door. He met with one of the members. After a while he was asked, “Why don’t you come Thursday night to our Satsang?” Maitreya said, “Great, I will.”
So he went to the Thursday night Satsang. They sat and they gave Satsang, and they meditated for awhile. Then Maitreya decided to go. When he was leaving suddenly this lady with these two big black eyes started running after him and said, “Would you like to come next week to our dinner?” Maitreya looked at her, such beautiful big eyes looking at him. He already knew her. He said, “Sure, I will.” That was Maitreyii.
After that first Satsang, Maitreya came back that night and he told Rodney that he was going to marry that girl [laughter]. Rodney said, “What? Are you crazy? You just met her tonight. You’re not going to do that. It is not proper. We don’t do these things here” [laughter]. Maitreya said, “I don’t know if it is proper or not but we are going to do it.” Because the feeling was so strong, the connection was there, there was no doubt about it.
So, Maitreya started going to this center. There was another person there by the name of David Lunbeck. He also became attracted to Maitreya. A lot of things started happening to the center. It started falling apart.
Two weeks later, Maitreya received the mantra and the technique that Guru Maharaji and those people had. And it wasn’t It. Their mantra was different than The Holy Name, although that was what they called it. Actually the holy name they gave him was the same that Ananda Marga had already given him. So it wasn’t The Holy Word. Now we can understand that the whole process of Maitreya meeting preemies was to guide him to the center in order for the Mission to start.
So his plan just didn’t work. They did not really have The Holy Word. So that meant Maitreya had to go on with the Mission.
Meanwhile Maitreyii (the lady whom Maitreya said to his roommate he was going to marry) started seeing Maitreya in her third eye and started having some spiritual experiences about him. So did David Lunbeck. One day Maitreya took her to the park and said, “Well, here it is. This is The Greatest Sign. This is the Mission that I have to do. Would you marry me?” She said, “Do I have any choice?” [laughter]. Maitreya said, “No.” She said, “OK” [laughter]. And that was it.
Now Maitreyii and David both moved out of the center to live with Maitreya. They started living together in a small house. Maitreya started writing about The Greatest Sign, and the book THOTH started forming. He was writing, revising, and re-writing it over and over again. Maitreyii had to type it, retype it and type it again, but she loved doing it. She typed the book many times over. They didn’t have a computer then. It was just a very old typewriter that she used. It was not even the IBM selectric or electric type, it was just a manual typewriter. That was a pain [laughter]. But she did it. She just kept doing it, and doing it, and doing it over and over again. (Maitreyii says, “But it was a wonderful way to learn the teachings!”)
Then they moved from that house to another house, a big house in Denver. It was a big five-bedroom house. They stayed there for around six months or so. At this time Maitreya was writing the book. By now all the mundane things of life were taken care of for Maitreya. Now he could concentrate on writing what he had received. He would go to the mountains during the day and write THOTH. It was then that the writing of THOTH started.
They moved from there and ended up eventually in the mountains. They rented a big house at the top of Denver, in Indian Hills. So he didn’t have to drive to the mountains any more. He could just stay home and write.
One week he decided to work intensely on The Greatest Sign because It really wasn’t perfect yet. So for one week, almost day and night, Maitreya worked on The Greatest Sign, drew it, re-drew it, changed it, revised it, etc. He would bring it out to the sitting room and show it to Maitreyii and Dave (his spiritual name was John), in different colors. One day it was finished, it was a Sunday about two or three o’clock in the afternoon and it was sunny outside. There was a big window in the living room that you could see the whole mountain in front of you. The Greatest Sign (the old One) was always hanging in that window so they could sit in the sitting room and meditate in front of it.
He brought the new Greatest Sign out, and put it on the altar. The moment he did that, a cloud suddenly came up. It started raining, and then big hailstones came down, then the sun came out again, and there was a big rainbow right behind The Greatest Sign. It all happened very quickly. There was no doubt in our minds. These were signs from Heaven. We said, “That is it,” and from then on we continued with The Greatest Sign we have now.
After a while they went back to Denver. But in Denver the air was getting bad, it was becoming very polluted. Denver is like a bowl, there are mountains all around it and Denver is surrounded with them. Really the wind doesn’t get to it. It just goes right over it. So any pollution that is there gets stuck in this bowl shape.
They moved back to the mountains. They lived there for a while. But they eventually decided that they had to move.
The first day Maitreya had come to Denver the name Albuquerque popped up. It was the first day, actually, a few minutes after he had entered Ananda Marga. He was sitting in the Ananda Marga headquarters when someone came and said, “The truck that was in Albuquerque and was supposed to bring some fresh fruit and food from Albuquerque to Denver, had an accident.” And it was coming from Albuquerque. Maitreya didn’t pay too much attention, but that was the first time he had heard the name Albuquerque.
Then, when they decided to move somewhere else, they started reading that Albuquerque’s air was considered to be good. It was in the Denver Post that, “Albuquerque’s air was very good. There is no pollution there, there is always wind to take away the pollution.” Eventually an opportunity opened up for them to move to Albuquerque.
Maitreya said, “Let’s go to see what is this Albuquerque.” So Maitreya and Dave decided to visit it for a few days. One of the things they didn’t like about Denver was that it was very cold, especially when you lived in the mountains. And it was humid, so the cold was really colder, it would get to your bones. So they drove to Albuquerque. They came here, it was sunny, and it was warm. It was beautiful, and they just loved it.
Maitreya said, “Well, it sounds like this is it. We will move here.” So they moved to Albuquerque. This was in 1981. THOTH had not been completed yet, but The Greatest Sign was ready.
It was in the spring of 1982 that they put some ads in a few magazines proclaiming that, “Maitreya is here.” People started coming to the Mission, asking them if they were the ones that Benjamin Creme was preaching about. They answered, “Who is Benjamin Creme?” They were told, Creme is the person who is saying Maitreya will announce Himself in the spring of 1982. That is exactly when Maitreya also reached to humanity and announced His Presence to the world.
Maitreya told them we do not know this Mr. Crème. Actually, after a while, he thought probably it is the same energy that inspired Mr. Crème to announce Maitreya’s presence on earth. That is why they (the Mission) sent a couple of invitations to Benjamin Creme to come and join the Mission. Some other people also have told him about us. He hadn’t found his Maitreya yet, nor answered the call to him to join us either.
It was then that the people started coming and the Mission started getting in touch with a lot of New Agers, a lot of them. They just flooded the Mission. How many came? 300-400 people. They just kept coming and they brought the Keys of Enoch, the spaceship brothers, crystals, channeling, etc.
It sounded like God had shielded Maitreya from all these things, so far. Maitreya didn’t know anything about these things before then. Actually it was after The Greatest Sign was perfected, and after THOTH and the writings were finished, and after everything was ready to go, that suddenly these people came with this new consciousness that he had no idea about.
Of course, they looked good, they sounded good, “That could be, there is a possibility others live in the universe, why not?” If the human lives on the Planet Earth, there is the possibility that other consciousnesses also live somewhere in the universe. It wasn’t all bad. There are a lot of good things in them. They had a lot of truth, like everyone else.
The rest, you probably know what happened. A man in Florida (David Bent) saw our ad, He sent Maitreya a letter. Maitreya called him. He called him back and that was it, they were connected with the people in Florida.
As the New Agers and people started coming, they were some help. For instance, one of them had a table for us in that conference, “Planetary Initiatives For The World We Choose,” in Toronto.
Then, of course, David Bent knew Ananda Ma, and got you guys in touch with us. Then Maitreya met Darlene and Dottie in Toronto. Maitreya almost got hit on the head by Darlene [laughter].
So, we got in touch with Florida and we got a letter from a person from Canada, Jean Hudon. We got in touch with him. Actually, David Bent, Jean Hudon, Mary Lamb, Elaine Powell, and a couple of other people wrote letters to Benjamin Creme about, “Maitreya is here in Albuquerque,” and all of that.
And even Elaine was, I guess, one of the first people who introduced Benjamin Creme to the United States (that is what she told us). She was close to the people around him. She took THOTH, went to California and presented it to the Tara Center there. And they were rude to her. She was very upset about that.
So we went to the Planetary Initiatives, and we had a lecture there. That was the first time personally that Maitreya reached to the world. So Darlene and Dottie were the first people who met Maitreya in the external world.
Then, of course, Maitreya went to Jean Hudon’s and stayed with him for a month. It was then that he wrote The Light, to go along with The Map, The Master Plan For Planet Earth, which were put together as a booklet, The Plan. It was written because Jean complained to Maitreya that, “You have only The Master Plan For Planet Earth, it doesn’t have much of the spiritual part of the Mission.” Maitreya said, “OK, I will write it for you.” Maitreya wrote The Light in one afternoon, in a couple of hours. Jean typed it, put it together, and published it in three days.
Now, as you know, almost everything has been revealed and is ready. Now we have to “call them that are bidden to the wedding.” Now is the time to invite others to join us and let them see the truth that we have here. We should share this knowledge with those who have made themselves ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as is described by The Greatest Sign.
Our duty is to present this truth wide and deep, spread the good tidings of hope and unity, to teach what the Plan of creation is and what is the goal of life, and to sacrifice all in this way. When all come, then the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth will be established and God’s Plan will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Here are Maitreya’s genetic tests and the results from the prospective of genealogical connections, performed by an independent company called Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd, anonymously (they had no idea who Maitreya is). These results are backed up with a certificate from Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd!

The makeup is beyond my expertise, no doubt but I can tell you that whoever took this test was a mixture of bloodlines that have been on earth for thousands of years. Now, let’s look;

I The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe.

J2 This lineage originated in the northern portion of the Fertile Crescent where it later spread throughout central Asia, the Mediterranean, and south into India. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry this lineage is found within Jewish populations.

Haplography  —   Country  —   Count
J2                        British Isles       1
J2                     Galicia (Spain)     1
J2                         Greece             1
J2                          India               2
J2                     Iran (Turk)           1
J2                       Sri Lanka           1
J2e1                   Germany            1

Haplography  —   Country  —   Count
I                      Netherlands           1
J2                    Germany               3
J2                     Greece                 1
J2                      India                   2
J2                      Italy                    1
J2                    Poland                  1
J2                    Romania               1
J2            Unknown Origin          2

Note: Nadir Shah (the famous Persian king,Maitreya’s ancestor) was from the northwest of Iran (Khorasan area). The Khorasan area is close to central Asia where Mongols and Tatars (Turkmen from central Asia) lived, and they (Turkmen) eventually spread east. There is still a minority of Turkmen living in Iran (in Gorgon and maybe other places too). Turks (Turkmen) in Central Asia intermarried with those from China’s (DRAGON) dynasty. Since it shows that Maitreya’s genes also include the Turk gene (in fact Maitreya’s mother, and her parents, etc. spoke Turkish fluently), the possibility that Maitreya is also related to China’s dynasties is very high!

British Isles-Channel Island-are a group of British islands off the coast of Normandy, France in the Engliah Channel.
England-(Wales, Channel Island, Isle of)The name England is named after the Angles (“Engla”-hence, Old English “Engla Land”), one of a number of Germanic tribes believed to have originated in Angeln in northern Germany.
Ireland-the history began back around 8,000 BC, when the islands first inhabitants arrived from Britain and the continental Europe.
Isle of Man-is an island located in the Irish Sea at the geological center of Great Britain and Ireland. Although it’s not part of the United Kingdom, it is a Crown dependency.
Scotland-is a nation NW of Europe.
Wales-is one of the four constituent countries of the UK.


The “Blonde Haired-Blue Eyed” mixture comes from these roots!
Edgar Cayce (known New Ager), said the Atlantean’s first settled in the Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain. Other Atlantean’s settled on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean in the Americas. These people are known as the makers of the Indian Mounds.
If the Atlantean’s settled in the area that the Basque people lived within, then this would mean that the ancestors of the Basque of France and Spain and the Irish Celtic people descended from them.
Of course this takes me back to the phrase, “Blue Bloods” again! Designating the RH negative types.

Irish folklore offers the saying: “Knowledge, under the rule of the Golden Serpent, was mostly to be found in the West, while Wisdom, an entirely different thing, was to be found under the rule of the Golden Dragon, in the East.”

Lemurian (LA MU RA) priests traveled extensively to share their knowledge and insure it would be preserved. Colonists steadily moved from Mu to more stable surrounding lands, and eventually some descendants migrated as far as Egypt. The Tibetan spiritual tradition and the Hawaiian Huna tradition both have their roots in the Motherland of Mu. Wherever Lemurians went their symbols have survived to remind us of them. The skeleton with upraised arms and crossed legs is included in the liturgy of the Freemasons. The symbol is also found in Egypt, and is repeated many times on the cornices of the west temple in the Cemetery Group at Uxmal in the Yucatan.

In 1931, using the pen name Wishai S. Cerve, Harvey Spencer Lewis wrote the Rosicrucian publication entitled Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific. In addition, using this pen name, Lewis compiled Unto Thee I Grant.., also known as The Economy of Life, a collection of secret spiritual and ethical teachings of the Tibetans. He obtained the material in these works from a portfolio of very rare manuscripts a representative of the Rosicrucian brotherhood in China had carried to the Rosicrucian office in San Francisco.

So, we have the British Isles and Spain as the first two listed and these are the main areas where the Atlantean’s were said to have landed.
Greece is not a surprise either considering their ‘myths’ of the demi-gods. This is actually Atlantis and it’s Olympians, the fallen angels!

Next, I have some things to add about the Romania marker!
I think this bloodline is one and the same as the “Blue Bloods”. I think it’s a hybrid bloodline of the fallen angels.

Who else teaches the BLOOD SUCKING and SACRIFICIAL techniques? The Mayans did it, and so many other cultures who speak of the sky gods/fallen angels.
Prince Charles loves Romania [link]

Next, I want to explore the idea of the ‘unknown origins’ marker.
Breaking this site down seems to factor into several theories;

15 responses

  1. Dan Adrian

    u little piece of *** I was riding many of you articles here end I am a true Christian but about Romania about vlad tepes or vlad dracul how u know it or you are disimformed or u want to disimford the people(sorry about my English but I don’t give a *** about grammer for it count what I try to say ).Vlad Tepes was a ruler of Muntenia or Tara Romaneasca (Romania=Muntenia+Oltenia+Moldova+transilvania—-today in the past was also rep moldova taken from us by the soviet) he don’t was a *** vampire or didn’t drink blood he was fighting against the invaders like turcii(today turkey)and yes after a fight the rest of the invaders who was still breathing he impaled them but not drink any blood he was a fair ruler(did u know under his rulership none didn’t dare to steal ??)Now I start to think twice about what u are writing here because u just write u do not inform about the information u put all of them in a basket so don’t start about my believings because I have read the bible since I got 10 years old and I realy starting to belive that you try to take attention of all of us from others things I don’t know why but this is my opinion

    August 2, 2013 at 10:19 PM

    • First of all…I don’t allow bad language. I can and will edit all remarks/comments. Before you go off on somebody…realize that bloodlines are important to the elite. This is how they rule and use their powers. The truth is a hard pill for some to swallow. You don’t have to believe anyone here. Go research it for yourself. That is my opinion.

      August 3, 2013 at 11:42 AM

  2. Dan Adrian

    Sry about my language I was very revolted and I respect your opinion but I know my country history, to bad foreigners don’t.(I repeat Vlad was a good ruler who had poisned the well , who had burned the house of the peasant, before the invaders and impaled them because other army who would come after to see what his people can do, to show “step back or this will be your fate” he destroyed the crops so enemy had nothing to eat, he attack at night to show them they could not sleep, so the enemy could say “ok that’s it I m going home” and that because he didn’t had a large army like the west European country with knights and all of that)Many of the rulers like Mircea the Old or Mihai the Brave was a shield of the Europe against the tatarii and turci (the east people who came from Asia) and they pay with their life because not once they been sold from the ungaria and other allies who had use them and then throw them away.Come to see my country if you would like come to see Bran the castle(stronghold) of the ruler Vlad you will se there is nothing but tales what other had give to you because that can be sold and bring money(Bram Stoker).I belive that people must distinguish the truth not to taken by words but by facts….what the people know about this country…only ceuasescu, nastase, nadia Comaneci, gheorge hagi…..Dracula….that’s all….sad.(many of you don’t know the country where is on this planet and what is the capital)

    August 5, 2013 at 8:55 AM

  3. Hello Virgina… dont listen to ^^ words from the enemy! You are right on target! God bless you and thanks for the all the work youve put into your website ❤

    August 15, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    • Gina,
      Thank so much! Positive feedback is always a needed energy. I feed off its supply due to the fact that we seem to be outnumbered. Believer’s are far and few between now. Peace & Blessings-V

      August 16, 2013 at 9:26 AM

  4. The latest saviour

    For the past 2 thousand years there are hundreds of people who are good at explaining Buddha’s dhamma. But none of them is Maitreya.

    For ascension Maitreya will experience the same miracle as Buddha had experienced. And he can also explain the error Buddha had done.

    So the true Maitreya is the one who can explain the miracle on Buddha’s head. Not the orphan or junk who enjoys exchanging dhamma for money.

    September 20, 2013 at 6:11 AM

    • Maitreya is a false messiah. Spending time debating it is senseless when there’s so much heaviness surrounding him. Benjamin Creme’ has proven this ‘spirit’ of darkness many times. Enough said.

      September 20, 2013 at 10:02 AM

  5. Virginia, what do you make of the prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy and the Warning Second Coming website? Just wondered…. I understand that it has been condemned by most leaders within the Catholic Church, despite many of it’s followers being Catholic. One of the prophecies speaks of the blood red sky, which I was shown in a dream.

    August 6, 2014 at 1:18 AM

    • ALL Catholic doctrines are evil, and all so-called divine miracles are created by their demons. Catholics don’t have a clue of this and blindly go on believing their lies. GOD does tell us the end times will have some pretty crazy stuff happening…ie..blood water, dying animals, earthquakes, volcanoes going off, things in the skies happening…and it is! Most people just refuse to believe it. Now, I think EVERYTHING happens according to GOD’S Plan and Design….nothing less or more happens without HIS Consent. Period. Just my opinion.

      August 7, 2014 at 7:41 AM

      • Phil

        Our Church isn’t the one that denies Christ face us his body to eat and blood to drink, which is real food and real drink and gives eternal life. Many disciples left after he said that knowing it sounded like cannibals, but Jesus did not say, “It was only symbolic”, but he asked his apostles if they, too, would go away. Later in the NT, it says if you eat and drink, undiscerning (what you received and your offenses beforehand and receive him with deadly sin on your soul) you eat abd drink judgment upon
        your soul. That doesn’t
        sound symbolic. That being said, if the Bible is your soul authority, whose authority would it have been to decide what is to be taken literally or not? If none, then you’re calling Christ and the Holy Spirit liars about that and other arguments below. That sounds pretty demonic. You might get that tackled before covering actions if evil entities under the sea and such.
        Statues are visual aides and nothing more and praying is just imploring begging style for a higher likelihood if a “Yes” (the prayer of the righteous availeth much) from Christ, who is the ultimate intercessor. We can’t have an intercessor between us and the Father, but no one said between us and the son. If the saints are dead, then you must say those in Heaven are dead in Christ, but there is a cloud of witnesses. You just can’t try to conjure their attention with devices or mediums. That being said, do no other churches have no one asking others to pray for them?

        Mary did intercede at Cana and got them their wine, despite Christ’s reservations. He didn’t have to obey, but God would not have given him a sin-stained source of flesh that would become combined with his divinity and so she could never be able to mislead him. As he is our brother and she was his mother, in that she brought him into this world with her flesh, which gave him an undivisible-from-his-divine-nature human nature, and that we who do his Father’s will are his vrothers and sisters, and that baptism gets us adopted into the family of the Trinity, she would be his mother and ours. He would call her “woman” in giving him to the one he called “disciple” in John’s Gospel. John also wrote of a “woman” in his Book of Revelation 12, who had a crown of 12 stars.

        He also gave them the authority to forgive people’s sins or retain them. Before their priesthood was established, he sent a forgiven sinner to the elders for reconciliation, as theirs were still the approved ministerial priesthood. You guys deny that God set people up to forgive in the son’s name.

        Bible alone? Where is the Bible commissioned in the Bible and where does it say “alone”? It does say to receive traditions, both oral and written, though, which is what ours has dobe since the beginning.

        Faith alone? Christ said if you don’t feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc you don’t get to Heaven. He tells us to DO the will of his Father, which is preaching him and carrying out his caring ministries.

        August 8, 2014 at 2:52 AM

  6. Oh my golly! I’m keeping my mouth close as I go through your posts. Hi again. Well, I’m grateful that I have found this site. It has answered my question about my current research about twin flames. I experienced this bondage for 6 years and I had that struggle in knowing God’s purpose to that dilemma why He allowed it to happen to me. Now I’m writing a book in order to spread the deception of twin flames which based on what you posted making a way for the coming of the antichrist and I totally agree that it contributes a huge role why these Consciousness, Awakening, Enlightenment sort of doctrines are utilized everywhere even by a lot of Christians now. I think those terminologies started from this New Age twin flame theory. I experienced such systematic pattern with this guy whom I considered as my true love so now I am bound to give my testimony, if it’s God’s will for me to spread it out and expose it. They have entirely rejected biblical words and Christ’s love and teachings. It’s pretty hard to trust a church now because they get manipulated by money and so I hope and pray that I will find a good church and friend who will give me spiritual support for this project.

    August 26, 2014 at 10:20 PM

    • New Age doctrines are bleeding into all cultures! Yes, it is sad. Give your service to GOD! Serve your King!! Love, V

      August 27, 2014 at 6:28 AM

    • Ching, if you can please reply and contact me. I have also researched a lot in the past years on the twin flame deception and its connection to the fallen angels and the antichrist. I totally agree it is a plan to bring the antichrist to this planet, and they use couples for such purpose. I also had experienced this, so I know first hand. If you can, contact me, maybe we can exchange info and publish your testimony in english and I can translate to spanish ( I am in latin america ) thanks !

      April 12, 2016 at 10:37 PM

  7. Lord Maitreya is popular and widely spread out in twin flame/ twin soul articles online and books.

    August 26, 2014 at 10:23 PM

  8. Hi, i just want to share this. It’s creepy.

    August 28, 2014 at 9:29 PM

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