Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Jesus Christ



GOD programmed everything into existence, by that I mean that HE knows the end from the beginning…the exact nature of everything.

Isaiah 46 (KJV)

10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
So, what are the chances of Isaiah’s prophecy connecting to the current subject and world events?

It’s not hard for modern believers to imagine how great the struggle with idolatry must have been, right? True believers who know The Word can look at the messages of the prophets to point out that GOD predicted HIS people would be taken into captivity. The oracles claimed they would return as well.

So, here we are thousands of years later but still in the same situation!




So, many of you thought nothing would happen….oh, it’s just a bunch of conspiracy nuts talking doom and gloom…right?


Demonic Beings On Video After Portal Was Opened In Trafalgar Square London!

The 2/3 scale model will be on display at Trafalgar Square for three days and then move onto New York and then Dubai.



The Bible speaks of Baal, and the damage done…the damage to souls are detrimental. Obviously, this time around it’s going to get much more intense!

The beginning? The worship of Baal was established in Babylon in the famous TOWER OF BABEL, the uppermost room of which served at the same time as an observatory, and as the repository of a collection of astronomical observations.

The astronomical, or rather, astrological mythology of the East, that GOD exposed was the worship and the adoration of the heavenly bodies.

In Babylonia, Baal was the title specially applied to Merodach of Babylon, which in time came to be used in place of his actual name. As the word in Hebrew also means “possessor”….as in possessed? That would be appropriate for this whole subject.

“Bel” is belu, which is the equivalent of ba’al in Western Semitic. Bel is the Semitic title for the ancient Sumerian god Enlil, Lord of the Air. When the people of Babylon took over the Sumerian culture, they made Enlil part of their triad and named him Bel. Marduk was the eldest son of Ea, another ancient deity, god of Water. In the mythology Marduk fought Tiamat and was rewarded with fifty titles and supreme authority. Bel conferred upon him his own title of “Lord of the Land” and Ea declared, “Let him like me be called Ea.” Thus Marduk eventually absorbed the other gods and took over their functions—creator, healer, deliverer, and determiner of fate; he is in many ways the equivalent of Jupiter. So we find the title Bel Merodach; he became the king of the gods and the official deity of the city of Babylon in the Neo-Babylonian period (the name of the city was bab-ili in Babylonian, “the gate of god” ; it was a major center of worship). The theophoric element “bel” is in the name “Belshazzar.”


“Nebo” is nabu, the son and prophet of Bel (compare Hebrew nabi’ [nah-vee], “prophet”). He was equal to Mercury (or better, Apollo).


What are the odds that all this fits together like a huge puzzle? Watch and see…you will be amazed!

The Bible clearly reveals there will be events which will take place in these ends days which will happen right before our eyes, and some of these things will cause men’s hearts to fail.

Can you think of anything more creepy than this?


First of all I want to say this…

What many people considered as the Abomination of Desolation was to be in the Third Temple when the Antichrist announced he was god. But, I don’t think this is the case!

The fact that a Third Temple is to be built is not the issue, for it will be. But, the fact that it will NOT be a temple of GOD is the point. It is controlled by the Jesuits/Freemasons/Illuminati so how could it ever be pure? EVER!

No, I think this pertains to the spirit. The spirit of GOD within us. We are made in the image of GOD, and these events capture Satan’s attempt to destroy our DNA and this is reflected here;

  1. Satan beguiled Eve-trying to change the image/construct of our DNA.
  2. Fallen Angels mated with women creating Nephilim which tainted the bloodlines on earth, so much so that GOD created the Great Deluge to rid the earth of these filthy bloodlines.
  3. Trying to kill the bloodlines of David.
  4. Alien (fallen angel) abduction techniques/technology trying to change mankind’s DNA.
  5. Transhumanism-mixing of artificial intelligence with man’s subconsciousness

This subject falls right into this agenda groove of Satan’s.

There are many people who began a well-intention research field to reveal/expose the dark side, but was sucked into it. Became a part of it!

Did you know there were once TEMPLES of BAAL all across the world at one time? Apparently there is a high priority, by the elite to repeat this cycle! Who’s behind it all? How does Baal connect to the GOO??


In New Age terms, there is a person described as a GURU. Interesting, don’t you think? A spiritual guide…

The word guru (Sanskrit: गुरु), a noun, connotes “teacher” in Sanskrit, but in Indian traditions it has contextual meanings with significance beyond what teacher means in English. The guru is more than someone who teaches specific type of knowledge, and includes in its scope someone who is also a “counselor, a sort of parent of mind and soul, who helps mold values and experiential knowledge as much as specific knowledge, an exemplar in life, an inspirational source and who reveals the meaning of life.”

The syllable GU means DARKNESS! The syllable RU, he who dispels them…




Some believe that all places in the universe have it in the core of its beginning, and it has me wondering if it’s part of DARK MATTER!
Synthetic biology of self-replicating matter…


Programmable Matter

When you input “Black Programmable Matter”…this comes up.

This function is also known as “digital referenced areas” (DRA) in some forms of self-replicating machine science.


Metamaterials are artificial composites that can be controlled to react in ways that do not occur in nature. One example developed by David Smith and then by John Pendry and David Schuri is of a material that can have its index of refraction tuned so that it can have a different index of refraction at different points in the material. If tuned properly this could result in an “invisibility cloak.”


An active area of research is in molecules that can change their shape, as well as other properties, in response to external stimuli. These molecules can be used individually or en masse to form new kinds of materials.


Below the Belt


Upon researching for this article, pages would not load….screen froze…etc. Here we go…

I will put my past history in here at first. I’m sure to get mockers but it’s okay. I’ve learned that this is a good sign…lol. When you’re hitting the nail on the head, it’s to be expected.

Several years ago, GOD placed it upon my soul to begin working for HIM! I was not surprised because HE tried this in my younger days but I was too busy partying. Shame on me. Not long after that,…maybe two years or so…HE placed it upon my heart to begin supernatural warfare for those who don’t know how to free themselves.

Satan has relentlessly tried to destroy my labors for GOD!


I have had a history of issues…lots of them. Sad to say, but true. I only speak of this not to show fear but strength!

In 1990, I was injured on the job. I jumped from a machine and damaged multiple discs in my back and neck. The pain was excruciating, to say the least. The doctors asked which surgery I wanted first, my back or neck. That was a no-brainer…my neck was severely damaged. So, I underwent a neck fusion.

In 1996, I found out I had cervical cancer. I had surgery and then one year later it returned with a vengeance in my lymph nodes. This was treated with chemo/radiation treatments only to return again in 2000.

In 2007, I had went back to work for several years but each time I did something ‘happened’ to me. Cancer, etc. But, then in 2007, I had severe pain in my ears and down my arms. ER doctor said it wasn’t an earache like I suspected but instead it was my neck again. I waited for John Peter Smith Hospital to assign me a doctor which took months and months. I had so many issues that many doctors didn’t want to touch me.

Finally in 2009, I underwent neck surgery with Dr. Cho. I later found out he was one of the top neurosurgeons in the WORLD! He came in after the surgery while I was in recovery and said that he had been performing these types of surgeries for many years but had only seen a few cases worse than mine. You see, I was close to being paralyzed. The damage to my spine also affected my brain stem, and I suffered acute residual symptoms as a result of this.

It took me two years to learn how to do tasks in a sequential order, speak without pausing (forgetting words), cloudy brain fog was a major issue. Physically I had motor skill issues, and had to basically learn how to walk again.

the soldier

During those two years, I have another couple surgeries, carpal tunnel on both hands, trigger finger release on 4 fingers and both thumbs. My right thumb had been stuck for over one year. Arthritis was a major contributing factor but repetitive procedures at work had caused the majority of issues. Doctor said no amount of surgeries could repair the damage, they could only do so much.

I then underwent cubital tunnel on my right elbow because I had let the issues go on for too long then they wanted to do my left and I said no.

All of these procedures were don’t every 3-4 months for the next year!

In 2014, I had knee surgery and another trigger release on my right thumb. 2015, the doctor said I needed total knee replacement. I said no.

To this day I experience pain levels which most people would consider suicide if they had to live with.

In October, my husband had major surgery on his neck. So severe in fact that they had to open the back of the neck around 8-9 inches. He had bolts and screws in every disc, and fusions in a couple too. I had to take care of him because our insurance didn’t pay for in-home nursing care even though I had an excellent health plan. He would need the neck stabilized in order to do his back which he is debating on.

Then, in November of 2015…I fell at work and broke multiple bones. The major hit was to the bone under the thumb and to be healed correctly, I would need a cast from my shoulder to my finger tips for three months!

Then, just two weeks ago I decided to help someone who is having attachments issues. I came down with a sore throat three days later…then within 24 hours, I was in the ER being diagnosed with pneumonia.  This week I have spent my time slowly recovering.


Sounds like some of this could be supernatural interference?

I firmly believe that Satan continues to attack me on a regular basis trying to put me down! All this in order to stop my work.

I think many of the WATCHMEN ON THE WALL are being attacked with an equally fierce momentum as well.

How do we prove this? We can’t. But I will tell you this…things constantly point in this direction.

Several days ago at work, it was the end of the day. Customer’s are clearing out and my fellow co-workers, like myself are completing their assigned duties before going home for the day.

My last customers were a couple. They looked like the normal, average American couple who are going out to eat. At least this was my first impression, but upon closer inspection I noticed that the man was wearing an upside down pentagram with Baphomet, and small occult symbols (sigils) around it.

They order their food, and I then check to see if they needed anything and placed the check on their table. Returning before they’ve almost finished, I pick up the credit card he placed upon the check, asking if they need any to-go boxes. She replies she does and I pick one up after running the credit card for the receipt. I drop off the receipt and box and walk away.

I returned to clean the table of condiments and take the credit receipt to the cashier and while walking there,  I noticed the tip amount….$6.66…then it was crossed out with a $10 amount next to it!

I was actually in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Was this a joke considering I wear a cross? Or was it a horrible gesture towards my faith? It was BOTH!


That night, I pray a hedge of protection prayer over myself, family (including animals) and home…and let it go. Trusting GOD! Amen. I awaken the next morning to go to work…get in my car and begin my journey then I hear a strange sound. Sure enough it was a flat tire.

Automatically I realized I didn’t pray over my possessions/belongings! Then, I get the tire aired up with the use of a small compressor. My husband used his keys to start the car to turn on the compressor which inserts into the cigarette lighter. I drop him off back at home and go to work.

I park and realize the key I pull out was not mine. So, I had to go back home to let him inside our home. Crazy day…that was Easter Sunday. Pagan holiday..

I’ve talked to many others who do this kind of work and they claim how tired they are! It’s work like no other, I assure you.

Some of these events point to the fact that this is an Intelligence agency ‘hit’ using an E.L.F (Extremely low frequency) weapon. These E.L.F weapons can be set on a ‘Delta wave‘ and are able to shut a person’s nervous system down.


Horrific. Another Demon Attack on Steve Huff

Tom Horn House Burn Down-“We have been humbled and overwhelmed with love by people from all over the world offering to help us,” say Tom and Nita Horn, following a fire that destroyed their home and contents on Tuesday. “Everything from use of houses to material necessities and money, people even being willing to travel to our property from foreign countries to help with cleanup, anything and everything has been sincerely offered. But we want all these dear friends to know that we are okay and the thing they can do most to help is to keep us and the ministry in their prayers. We have no doubts that God protected us and saved our lives for a purpose. He will use this situation to bring even greater attention to the saving power of Jesus Christ. What Satan intended for destruction, God will use as the foundation for greater exposure of the Gospel. If the world can only experience the kind of family and love we have witnessed this week, they will rush to know Him.”

45,000 gallons of water could not put it out. Fire Inspector says, “This was designed for a perfect burn down.”

Hawk is actually Greg Evanston a so-called former Kansas State Trooper. He’s Steve Quayle’s side-kick. It was reported that he had a heart attack but this sounds more like a “Delta Wave” attack.

Phil Schneider, a very brave man, recently lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. He was found dead in his apartment with piano wire still wrapped around his neck. According to some sources, he had been brutally tortured repeated before being killed. Phil Schneider was an ex-government engineer who was involved in building underground bases. He was one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Grays and U.S. intelligence and military forces at Dulce underground base.

John Lang, Fresno Whistleblower Found Stabbed In Torched Home Days After Warning That Cops Might Kill Him

Danny Jowenko, whistleblower on 9/11 scenario.

Rodger Biosjoly was a aerospace engineer that warned of Challenger mission, STS-51L

Dean Warwick dies on stage when revealing secrets of the governmental UFO agenda.

Andrew Breitbart was murdered with a fast acting heart stopping drug or a psychotronic weapon right before he said he had a movie of young Obama which would bring him down.

Just recently there was attempt on the life of Mike Harris who is a columnist at veterans Today, the Financial Editor for Veterans Today and a talk radio host on his own show.

Michael Hastings was blown up in his car.

Mark Novitsky has been blacklisted for over 10 years for being the first to report on massive private intel spying with NSA by a large communication company which he has identified and claimed to be Tele Tech Holdings.  Novitsky was formerly a highly paid tech professional at a managerial level with a spotless record who refused to go along with corruption and has been “blacklisted as a result” and cannot get a job in any capacity right now, not even fast food.

Susan Lindauer, a great American Hero.  She had been jailed for about a year but released from custody in 2006 for undisclosed charges.

David Carr, 58, a columnist for the New York Times, fell out dead in his office Thursday just after interviewing NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


List of Whistleblowers

The Spirit of Antichrist Wearing Out The Saints

So…fear not! GOD will give you the strength you need.


The Third Eye of the Phoenix

The Eye of the Phoenix is elusive! It’s archaic!

As I have stated before, I don’t believe ISIS is a made-up force with no head. All snakes have heads! The fact that it’s names after Isis should be a huge clue!

ISIS makes the news by killing, but lately the powers that be want you to think that ISIS is just randomly choosing sites to destroy, but this is not the case. They are strategically chosen, oh yes – they are.

From the ancient Palmyra site to others, we need to know more about what’s under the surface of these strikes…

From the city of Hatra, called, “City of the Sun God”.

Gorgons-There are three monsters in Greek ‘mythology’ whose names were Stheno, Euryale, and the most famous of all, Medusa. Once you laid eyes upon these monsters, you were said to turn to stone.

City of Nimrud

This one really digs in deep to the agenda. You can find hundreds of pictures of this ‘group’ destroying ancient places and objects.

But, ISIS destroying the “Gate of GOD” is a stronghold which is a demonic stronghold to this world.

The original ‘gate of god’ was the Tower of Babel. Nimrod was the Mighty Hunter (half-Nephilim) who constructed this gate of sin and he was the first to teach Freemasonry/Secret Religions.


Many people depict this structure as a cone-shaped building but I say it was a perfect pyramid. And the Giza Pyramids (as are all pyramids around the world) were built in honor of this grand structure which was to reach to the heavens.

Just as Nimrod pursued his impious designs as an open defiance of Almighty GOD…so too are his predecessors. Nimrod instituted the original idolatrous system we now know as The New World Order. Were there sexually lascivious behaviors within these original lines of secrecy? I believe so, and this is why the current modes of operation remain the same. Parallels are cyclical in this manner and GOD reveals just that.

Is there any connection to the Tower of Babel to Babylon, the Great Whore? I believe so. I believe them both to be sources of great demonic gateways.


Is the Great Whore, the church? If it be the Roman Catholic, or whichever the case…it breeds contempt and idolatry, not to mention pedophilia. These are huge gateways/portals for the demonic to enter.

Giant Puzzles in the Dark

The structures which ISIS has torn down are only a metaphor for the coming destruction which is going to take place.

These “Thousand Points of Light” are a part of this agenda, part of the portals to be opened in this “Year of The Light”…

Below are but a few websites which reveal some VERY INTERESTING connections. I will provide the link….you make your judgments.


Triangles & 666

The Holy Spirit said look up these two subjects in unison to one another. All I can say is wow!

This man (who has a BA, MA, PhC) was a former instructor at St. John’s University in New York City…and he got curious about triangles and the number 666. He made a bet with GOD:

I would go to church if the relationship between triangular numbers and 666 proved to be unusual. I thought maybe on in a hundred or one in a thousand was unusual enough. When the former prodigy told me it was probably one in infinity, I figured that God had over fulfilled his side of the bet.

I still think that it maybe reasonable to say that God over fulfilled his side of the bet, but perhaps it should be mentioned that as the numbers go up triangular numbers get farther and father away from each other so thinking of this as one in infinity is rather overestimating the situation.”


Then we have this:

Beast Number:

The Bible Wheel



666 Links to Bermuda Triangle

In this site are some interesting links. One I find particularly interesting is the link to Bermuda Triangle! Is this the origin of Atlantis, below?

Secret of the Beast

In the course of my antichrist research, I stumbled upon a secret of Freemasonry, so dark and ingeniously sinister that little did I know it leads to the complete solution of the 666 riddle! This secret makes perfect sense of the two ‘666’ verse numbers, 712 and 1318.
I discovered that the Freemasonic sacred time is 11:06 — the 666th minute!



The Masons have been steadfastly determined since 1782 to seize control of the Temple Mount so they could resurrect Solomon’s Temple for use by their Masonic Christ! Since this was the plan in 1782 when the Seals were created, the Masons made sure that the symbolism of the unfinished pyramid directly tied into their plan to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. When the Masonic Christ (Antichrist) is planned to be the “Living Stone” to top off the unfinished pyramid!

Mike Keith: If you write the first 6 Roman numerals, in order from largest to smallest, you get 666:

DCLXVI = 666

phoenix bird wallpaper-1

666: epitome of numerical triangularity

Star of David & 666

All-Seeing Eye & 666

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture

Illuminati Logos & Corporate Symbols

The Triquetra Symbol

Religious Boundry

scenes-science-fiction (4)

GOD always utilizes time to our benefit, but Satan does the exact opposite!

The end of April has historically been a day which the elite use as a time of sacrifice.

The period of April 19th thru May 1st is called “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast.”

April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre: An FBI assault lead to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.

April 19, 1995 –  Oklahoma City bombing – 168 people killed.

April 20,  1999 – Columbine High School Massacre – 13 people murdered, 21 injured.

April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre – 32 killed; 17 injured.

April 16, 2013 – Boston Marathon Explosions – 3 killed; 107 injured.

April 18, 2013 – Fertilizer plant explosion, Texas – 5-15 killed (Notice that this event occurred almost exactly 20 years after the Waco Massacre, which is in the same area. Also, on April 16, 1947, a ship loaded with ammonium nitrate docked at the Port of Texas City and erupted in flames, causing a massive explosion that killed approximately 576 people).

The very same day that the Temple of Baal is being erected in New York/London is the EXACT same day as the beginning of the 13 day cycle.

I know this all sounds like a buncha-hog-wash. But the elite take this VERY serious!

The days of The Bible reveals that Baal was a highly praised god, and humans suffered the consequences of that idolatry. So, will be the same in present time.

The world revolves around war, racism and yes…religions. The main subjects here have carried with it many deaths…but what people don’t seem to realize here is that it’s all about religion right now…and it’s going to get exponentially worse.

Nothings changed! Thousands of years have passed but the more things changed, the more it stayed the same.

It was about bloodlines and idolatry then, and now.

Two subjects are core to understand the warnings which GOD gives us…and within that is witchcraft. It’s inclusive…

Witchcraft was/is center stage!


Who do you think is pushing this agenda? Witches/Warlocks.

Courts have banned the teaching of Christianity in public schools but Wicca, which is recognized by the U.S. Courts as a religion and given tax-exempt status by the IRS, is freely taught within the school systems.

Scholastic, Inc., a major supplier of public school aids have added the Harry Potter literature to its line of curriculum materials.

When the name “Harry Potter” is keyed into the web site search engine, it returns over 200 results, but key in “Jesus” and it only brings around 20.

How serious is this taken?


British Spies Battled To Stop Harry Potter Secrets From Being Leaked

British Spies? Obviously, very serious. Having sold over 450 million copies of the Harry Potter series speaks for itself, does it not?

Universal launches “Harry Potter” theme park

Magical “Harry Potter” chair sells for almost $400K

First “Harry Potter” spin-off expected this year….

Fantastic Beasts Films

It’s affected the whole world, yes even the church!

Russia’s Church Casts NATO and Harry Potter in Children’s Cartoon

So, what does this reveal?

Their teaching our children witchcraft!

And in New York City and London…we have the elite teaching the world to worship false gods.

Teaching children witchcraft, and the adults to revere other gods. Do you see the reality of this situation? The black curtain is falling down and no more secrets…



Amazingly, the subject of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has come forth more and more as we research the subject of prophecy.

On April 19, 2016, in cooperation with national and international cultural heritage preservation organizations, and in conjunction with World Heritage Week 2016, the Institute for Digital Archaeology will install a monumental scale reconstruction of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch on Trafalgar Square.  Through this project — and others like it scheduled throughout 2016 in cities both inside and outside the Middle East –

This digital technique involves 3-D printing and 3D machining, the reconstruction process creating artificial stone for the surfaces of the structure.

New digital fabrication technique creates interlocking 3D-printed ceramic PolyBricks

We don’t know the future! But, neither does the dark side.

The fact that the “Thousand Points of Light” are a major issue for the dark side to produce into reality. They’ve been speaking about it for decades, and here we sit.

Are these sites being constructed to open portals? We shall see..




In one of the first truths which The Holy Spirit revealed to me was the giants and how they originated. Second, was the bloodlines of these races and the bloodline of Cain from Satan.

The Nephilim mated with women. Satan mated with Eve. No one can convince me otherwise. I don’t doubt anything The Holy Spirit tells me. Period. And The Bible backs it up too…

I asked The Holy Spirit to show me a revelation and this is what came of it.

Locusts are the swarming phase of certain species of short-horned grasshoppers in the family, Acrididae.

In the solitary phase, these grasshoppers are innocuous, their numbers can range from low to high and obviously in larger numbers they can not only become a threat to agriculture, but to mankind.


Let’s stop right there…

Short-horned? That reminds me of the skull with horns…seen here:

When locusts are dense enough they form bands of wingless nymphs that later become swarms of winged adults.

The nymph undergoes a gradual metamorphosis.


Judges 6 (KJV)

1 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord: and the Lord delivered them into the hand of Midian seven years.

2 And the hand of Midian prevailed against Israel: and because of the Midianites the children of Israel made them the dens which are in the mountains, and caves, and strong holds.

3 And so it was, when Israel had sown, that the Midianites came up, and the Amalekites, and the children of the east, even they came up against them;

4 And they encamped against them, and destroyed the increase of the earth, till thou come unto Gaza, and left no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, nor ass.

5 For they came up with their cattle and their tents, and they came as grasshoppers for multitude; for both they and their camels were without number: and they entered into the land to destroy it.

The Midianites, Amalekites and others were descendants of the giants. Many of the “ites” of The Bible are of the giants descendant.

I find it strange that nymphs of the aquatic insects were called naiads, from ancient Greek name for mythological water nymphs.

Satan has a supernatural city under the sea. Oh yes, he does.

I remember as a child swimming and having the feeling of something below which was evil. I could sense them even then. I never told anyone this, of course for fear of being mocked. Now…I don’t care. I knew it then, and as GOD has seen fit to reveal it to me now…I sense them even more.

Satan’s city under the sea is part of the principalities, powers and rulers and even spiritual wickedness in high places. High places definitely sparks of supernatural or spiritual dimensions.

He commands the witches of this world when they soul travel/astral projection into the supernatural realm within the sea.



All of these Scriptures are very telling! Ask GOD for discernment. It shall be given unto you, the depth of which GOD demands.

I will give what GOD has shown me of these Scriptures. (Mock as you may…I don’t care.)


Numbers 13 (KJV)

33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

Judges 7 (KJV)

12 And the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the children of the east lay along in the valley like grasshoppers for multitude; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the sea side for multitude.

Job 39 (KJV)

20 Canst thou make him afraid as a grasshopper? the glory of his nostrils is terrible.

Jeremiah 46 (KJV)
23 They shall cut down her forest, saith the LORD, though it cannot be searched; because they are more than the grasshoppers, and are innumerable.
When GOD speaks of certain people, HE means bloodlines, even unto this very day.
When The Bible tells us of the Day of the Lord…this is the end days! Shown here:
Jeremiah 46 (KJV)

12 The nations have heard of thy shame, and thy cry hath filled the land: for the mighty man hath stumbled against the mighty, and they are fallen both together.

I believe this speaks of men in high places such as politicians, and also mighty men…of old. GIANTS/NEPHILIM/DEMONS.
How do we know this? Because in verse 10; it tells us! It’s the day of destruction.
What clue does this give us to WHO they are?
Verse 23! It tells us that THEY are MORE than grasshoppers! Or rather as a Locust!!
Verse 20? Speaks of the fear, and the glory of his nostrils. Say what? Now who would understand that if they didn’t know the depth of the Nephilim subject within The Bible?
Commentary tells us that the snorting was heard from Dan (Phoenicians). Interesting! Dan is the tribe which GOD condemns. Why? Because they are the descendants of the Greek demigods, the Nephilim. Otherwise known as the Atlanteans.
The allusion here is to the leaping or moving of the locusts as they advance in the appearance of squadrons or troops. This is EXACTLY how the Book of Revelation describes their coming! The terror and awe….and I believe this brings us to the invasion we are experiencing now.
Amos 7 (KJV)
1 Thus hath the Lord GOD shewed unto me; and, behold, he formed grasshoppers in the beginning of the shooting up of the latter growth; and, lo, it was the latter growth after the king’s mowings.
GOD surely knew the end to the beginning. Rather than most believe, GOD created free will to be able to give us & THEM free will. This will sift the wheat from the tares. The Great Harvest to come. GOD knew at the “larva” stage….the beginning of every creation whether they be HIS or a child of Satan’s. We are all of the forming of The Potter….the King’s mowings!
Ecclesiates 12 (KJV)
5 Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:
Fear is of Satan, and GOD tells us that. A child of GOD ultimately has nothing to fear. Terrors from on high….and the north? This is a reference to the supernatural. The burdens are spoken of throughout The Bible….but the largest burden of them all are ‘the grasshoppers’…the giants/Nephilim/demons. In the Book of Revelation, it speaks of a terrible time coming. A time when men’s hearts will fail them for fear. These evil ones are reaping the souls of mankind. You can’t convince me otherwise. Right now, only a few realize this, but the day is coming soon where everyone will see them for what they truly are. DEMONS!


Isaiah 40 (KJV)

22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

They circle the Earth. They walk the Earth. They are here. The curtain or veil is about to be ripped! The first curtain was the barrier between GOD and us and Jesus Christ (pure love) is now The Bridge and there is no barrier. But the curtain of Satan…you must understand he duplicates everything of GOD and twists it…this curtain will unveil evil….pure evil.

Nahum 3 (KJV)
17 Thy crowned are as the locusts, and thy captains as the great grasshoppers, which camp in the hedges in the cold day, but when the sun ariseth they flee away, and their place is not known where they are.
These locusts to come are crowned by Satan. They are also placed by GOD within the principalities, powers and such. They encamp around us daily. They try their best to make us change….change our behavior, our DNA and even our soul toward them, and not GOD.
The everlasting habitations are two. One with GOD, our Almighty Creator…and second, hell. It does exist, no matter how hard Satan tries to convince mankind it doesn’t.
Which do you choose?
Revelation 9



Lastly….this may seem odd but the so-called aliens are nothing more/less that demons.

Grasshoppers are a metaphor for these demons.

Have you ever heard them?

Grasshopper Sounds

The meadow grasshopper is the most eerie to me!

Alien Sounds



They were first known as the Zevites. Then they became the Zevite-Frankists. Many call them the Frankist-Sabbateans. Their metaphysics teach that the GOD of The Bible is actually an evil devil, and that the serpent of the Garden of Eden is a good god who will save mankind.

They have infiltrated Freemasonry, the Vatican, Islam, Judaism and all forms and departments of government. The Zevite-Frankists are the kings of chaos.

They create chaotic situations and dichotomies wherever their members exist.

They are also the kings of concealment, for their creed exists to this day, and has gone under the radar of even the most diligent researcher into the occult – they secretly kill and sacrifice.

Their ‘lord’ is the great evil godhead, the prince of darkness, Lucifer, leviathan, the evil snake Apep – they dedicate themselves to all things which contradict decency, tempered ‘middle way’ views, and hate reason of the common man.

The serpent is considered the liberator to the Zevite-Frankists. Satan is the deliverer of freedom – freedom to be evil. Freedom to act as one will’s desires – even to sacrifice children and be hedonistic to the extreme. A watered down version of this evil agenda can be seen in the Wiccan Reede and the ‘Do As Thou Wilt’ mantra of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

By the late 17th century, this undercover evil agenda had infected half of all Jews in Europe. It had also infected Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church. government departments. In Turkey, they constitute the upper echelons of power.

Yes, they are also biased towards Israel and the founding of Zion, and many are from the Hebrew community – but simultaneously, vast numbers of these evil doers pose in public as pious Catholics, bishops and modest Muslims.

Thousand Points of Light 100

Communist propaganda type painting commemorating Bush Sr.’s occult call for a “thousand points of light”


Thousand Points of Light

The evocation of this Illuminist imagery from Magog George H.W. Bush in his inaugural address:

I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding.

We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies. I will go to the people and the programs that are the brighter points of light, and I will ask every member of my government to become involved.

The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in.

They would love for you to believe that this is about charity, volunteerism, and such but the truth couldn’t be further from it.

C.S. Lewis is not who you think he was! He was a witch…a high priest.

C.S. Lewis wrote,

One moment there had been nothing but darkness; next moment a thousand, thousand points of light leaped out…”

C.S. Lewis was known to push the Freemason/Illuminati agenda.’s_Nephew

The occultist Alice Bailey [in her 1957 book “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”] described the points of light as the leaders of the occult group called the New Group of World Servers. Bailey believed that the points of light and light groups were necessary in building up the New Age.

Bailey believed that an invocation ritual was needed in order for Light to exist among men.


George Bush Inaugural Address January 20, 1989:

The phrase “a thousand, thousand points of light” leaps out at us! The fact that Lewis would use this expression is bizarre at the very least, but it points to something much more sinister.
Alice Bailey, the Theosophist/Luciferian and co-founder of Lucis Trust and the Arcane School, in her 1957 book The Externaliztion of the Hierarchy tells us exactly what a Point of Light is. “…[T]he men who comprise the occult leadership group known as the New Group of World Servers. These individuals, she remarks are in service to ‘the work of the Brotherhood…the Forces of Light.’ They are the ones who are to usher all of mankind from the darkness of outmoded Christianity and faded nationalism into the bright and shining ‘New World Order.’”
In her book, Discipleship in a New Age, Bailey tells her occult followers to repeat, “I am a point of light within a greater light…I am a spark of sacrificial Fire, focused within the fiery will of (the Sun) God.” What these servants of Satan are attempting to do by blending their “points of light” is to usher in the New World Order – the Age of Aquarius.

Mystery of the Iniquity:


Eight Pointed Star

Thousand points of light

A private, non-profit organization launched by Bush to support volunteerism? HOGWASH!

Points of Light


1989: President George H. W. Bush’s inaugural address invokes the vision of a “thousand points of light,” …did you get that? INVOKES!!

To invoke: To call on (a higher power) for assistance, support, or inspiration.

President George H.W. Bush – Points of Light


Points of Light Tribute, March 21, 2011 [Full Program] 1:22:28


Reference to the ‘thousand points of light’…their sacrificial cause:

“Acknowledging that registering every single birth has never been done before, Gates called for “1,000 new ideas” to “blossom” in order to make it happen.”

Do you see, do you understand? They are using this agenda to sacrifice the children to their god just as they did in The Bible long ago.


Just as Bush forecast a thousand points of light so now we are seeing the fulfillment of that promise and the erection of 1000 Temples to Baal the ancient god of Blood Sacrifices and the Occult religion of the Zevites.

The ancient Luciferian religion of the Zevites was what connected Zionist Israel Turkey and Saudi Arabia together in their Cabal of Death and Destruction and the Demons of Daesh. Their machinations and war in Syria now makes complete sense and it was all in preparation for ushering in their Luciferians God Baal or Marduk or Moloch or Lucifer or Nimrod or Osiris or Mithra were some of the names he was called throughout history.

The satanic law of reversal Sabbatai Zevi & Jacob Frank


Secret History of Sabbatai Zevi Messiah of 1666


Who Was Shabbetai Tsvi? False Messiah of the 17th century Jewish History Lecture Dr. Henry Abramson

Ancient Egyptian Text


Recently, an ancient Egyptian Handbook was deciphered. I think it’s a clue to secret societies, and religions of old and new!
We have some REALLY interesting connections here! Take a gander at how the Roman Catholic Church is involved. I’m always amazed at how this church has its tentacles in such matters.
But what’s so interesting about this book? Oh, it’s a page-turner for some, let’s have a look!
Among other things, the “Handbook of Ritual Power,” as researchers call the book, tells readers how to cast love spells, exorcise evil spirits and treat “black jaundice,” a bacterial infection that is still around today and can be fatal.
[EDITOR: This should be your first clue! At first seemingly innocent, right? Helping the innocent be relieved of evil spirits…but that’s not all, folks! Spells? This is what? Witchcraft, plain and simple.]
The book is about 1,300 years old, and is written in Coptic, an Egyptian language. It is made of bound pages of parchment — a type of book that researchers call a codex.
[EDITOR: So, why would they be so interested in deciphering the content of this book? Science is of mankind, it’s origins are from man, for man and does not include GOD. Therefore we can decipher what the vested interest will be, right? For man, of course. What does man love to do? SIN!]
“It is a complete 20-page parchment codex, containing the handbook of a ritual practitioner,” write Malcolm Choat and Iain Gardner, who are professors in Australia at Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, respectively, in their book, “A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power” (Brepols, 2014).
[EDITOR: Ritual practitioner? Let’s look it up…


Do the words Wicca, Coven, Shaman, Oracles or Pagan ring a bell for you?]
The ancient book “starts with a lengthy series of invocations that culminate with drawings and words of power,” they write. “These are followed by a number of prescriptions or spells to cure possession by spirits and various ailments, or to bring success in love and business.”
[EDITOR: Invocation?
-Supplication, prayer or spell.
-A form of possession.
-Command or conjuration.
-Self-identification with certain spirits.
You got it! Witchcraft. Nothing less than.]
For instance, to subjugate someone, the codex says you have to say a magical formula over two nails, and then “drive them into his doorpost, one on the right side (and) one on the left.”
[EDITOR: I will share an experience with you. I once moved into a home. It kind of called out to me…so we moved! Not long after, we were digging up the front flower bed to place new flower pods, and such. We didn’t get far under the soil before we came upon a shoe. This was not a shoe someone has just discarded. No, sir. It had a nail driven right threw the sole of it but inside the shoe was a picture of someone. So, it was a curse, or hex upon someone. I didn’t have any experience in such matters so we tossed it and kept working. Not long after we began getting these strange magazines in the mailbox. Spells and incantation magazines. Before long, the problems began. Our Chow Chow, which was a pup…got parvo. It’s name was Midnight Blue. He was such a sweet animal. We loved him so. Then, not long after, we went swimming at the local lake. My son had to go to the local ER because the bed of the lake had a piece of glass and just about cut off his big toe. Then, my newly-wed husband and I began having martial issues. My husbands, mother died from brain cancer. But, to top it all off…I got hurt at work. This set a course of actions which would change my life forever. It disabled my spine from top to bottom. I had to have surgery but which area? I decided the neck was worse. So, it happened. Today, I’ve had a second neck fusion and continued problems as a result of this initial injury. This was a domino effect. And only years later did I put two & two together. All these experiences in that home were a result of witchcraft! I truly believe that now. No one could convince me otherwise. All these things took place in less than two years!]


The Sethians
[EDITOR: Before going any further, you must understand who these people were.
Sethians considered themselves to be the “seed of Seth,” the third son of Adam and Eve; the Seed of Seth was the section of humanity that had received Gnosis and would thus have a different fate than the offspring of Cain and Abel. They also referred to themselves as “the generation of Seth”, or “the immoveable race.”
This may very well be the origins of the Gnostic texts which we have seen come forward over time. I firmly believe these to be the texts which the Knights of Templar/Rosicrucians and other ‘enlightened’ groups had a vested interest in.
What’s this:
VATICAN CITY (AP) The Vatican newspaper reported Tuesday that 29 previously unpublished homilies said to be the work of one of the most important and prolific early church fathers have been discovered in a German library.The 3rd Century theologian Origen of Alexandria is considered to have played a critical role in the development of Christian thought. Pope Benedict XVI, himself a theologian, dedicated two of his 2007 weekly church teaching sessions to the importance of Origen’s life and work.Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said that despite Origen’s importance, few of his original texts remain in part because he was condemned by the Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 553.
Much of the original Greek of Origens works has been lost through the centuries, and we have been dependent upon the Latin translations of Rufinus and Jerome. Finding Origens work in the original Greek is a rare and wonderful find. Additionally, these may provide one of the earliest (if not the earliest) examples of early Christian preaching on the psalms. This will help us not only better understand Origens theology and preaching, but will also help scholars who study the Greek translations of the Old Testament.
Origen’s Greek name Ōrigénēs (Ὠριγένης) probably means “child of Horus”
DID YOU GET THAT? Horus. Why would a church of “Jesus Christ” be interested in such matters? Because their scholars for centuries down the line have played a part in this ‘enlightenment’ process. I believe Popes all down the line were secretly worshiping Horus…and still do! But Horus goes by many names! Does he not?]

Continuing on…
Researchers believe that the codex may date to the 7th or 8th century. During this time, many Egyptians were Christian and the codex contains a number of invocations referencing Jesus.
[EDITOR: The references to “Jesus” are not the same Jesus as Jesus Christ. This text also claims Jesus Christ was never crucified, but how is that possible? Because it’s NOT the same Jesus! These are referred to the Ascended Masters! I guarantee you they are. This is how all the confusion about Jesus Christ began to sway so many people away from Christianity. A mixture of witchcraft with Christianity has been around for thousands of years and still is. This is one of Satan’s biggest pieces of work. It may well have been the one which sent this world into a tailspin.]
However, some of the invocations seem more associated with a group that is sometimes called “Sethians.” This group flourished in Egypt during the early centuries of Christianity and held Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, in high regard. One invocation in the newly deciphered codex calls “Seth, Seth, the living Christ.” [The Holy Land: 7 Amazing Archaeological Finds]
[EDITOR: They considered Seth, a god. You read that correctly. The origins of Sethism?
Orphism. Of course this takes us to none other than the Greeks and their famous demi-gods. But who were they? They were the fallen angels’ descendants from Atlantis.]
The opening of the codex refers to a divine figure named “Baktiotha” whose identity is a mystery, researchers say. The lines read, “I give thanks to you and I call upon you, the Baktiotha: The great one, who is very trustworthy; the one who is lord over the forty and the nine kinds of serpents,” according to the translation.

“The Baktiotha is an ambivalent figure. He is a great power and a ruler of forces in the material realm,” Choat and Gardner said at a conference, before their book on the codex was published.


[EDITOR: This is from the Zoroastrian religion. And I think this place, CITY OF MERV, is related to this subject. The Merovingian’s are a select group of bloodlines which are behind the elite, the most powerful people on earth and have been for thousands of years. They believe themselves to be direct descendants of Jesus Christ.
It is located in the territory of Mary velayat of Turkmenistan. Archaeologists discovered a palace, a fortified mud-brick enclosure, temples with fire altars most probably dedicated to the Zoroastrian religion and residential quarters. Tourists have nicknamed it , “The Gates of Hell”.]

Historical records indicate that church leaders regarded the Sethians as heretics and by the 7th century, the Sethians were either extinct or dying out.

This codex, with its mix of Sethian and Orthodox Christian invocations, may in fact be a transitional document, written before all Sethian invocations were purged from magical texts, the researchers said. They noted that there are other texts that are similar to the newly deciphered codex, but which contain more Orthodox Christian and fewer Sethian features.
[EDITOR: The mixing of religions is to keep the masses dumb-down! It’s been going on for thousands of years. Wars over religion has definitely been the most profitable and at the cost of the lives of billions of people.]
The researchers believe that the invocations were originally separate from 27 of the spells in the codex, but later, the invocations and these spells were combined, to form a “single instrument of ritual power,” Choat told Live Science in an email.

Who would have used it?

The identity of the person who used this codex is a mystery. The user of the codex would not necessarily have been a priest or monk.

“It is my sense that there were ritual practitioners outside the ranks of the clergy and monks, but exactly who they were is shielded from us by the fact that people didn’t really want to be labeled as a “magician,'” Choat said.

Some of the language used in the codex suggests that it was written with a male user in mind, however, that “wouldn’t have stopped a female ritual practitioner from using the text, of course,” he said.



The origin of the codex is also a mystery. Macquarie University acquired it in late 1981 from Michael Fackelmann, an antiquities dealer based in Vienna. In “the 70s and early 80s, Macquarie University (like many collections around the world) purchased papyri from Michael Fackelmann,” Choat said in the email.

But where Fackelmann got the codex from is unknown. The style of writing suggests that the codex originally came from Upper Egypt.
[EDITOR: Egypt is where the Knights of Templar originated. The Free MASONS. Their high priests were of the secret society which purges its way down through the millennia until this very day. Hence, the ILLUMINATI.]
“The dialect suggests an origin in Upper Egypt, perhaps in the vicinity of Ashmunein/Hermopolis,” which was an ancient city, Choat and Gardner write in their book.



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