Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!





This present life is temporary, but death is eternal…without GOD in the present, your future contains darkness eternal. Utterly hopeless…

This article will touch on sleep deprivation, different stages of sleep studies and also lucid dreaming. We must understand that lucid dreaming is not what the New Age Movement claims.

Some say we sleep when we die while we await the return of Jesus Christ, our Savior.



The occult call these stages; gates. Not surprising!

Five distinct sleep stages, or levels, have been identified.  The first stage is light sleep as the person falls asleep, while the fourth stage is the deepest.  Awaking from the fourth stage leaves a person groggy and disoriented.  During the first stage, the state between sleep and wakefulness is called the hypnagogic state.  In the hypnagogic state between sleep and wakefulness a person is susceptible to demon influence.  The hypnagogic state often occurs about 30 minutes into the sleep cycle.  Being awakened sharply about 30 minutes after beginning to sleep is usually due to a demon.  As the person is  waking, the demon may be visible in some form of light display or image with the eyes closed or open.

The fifth stage of sleep, called the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage, replaces stage 1 as the sleep cycle rolls back up from deep sleep.  In the REM stage dreams occur.  In the REM stage of sleep, the person may be paralyzed, which serves the useful purpose of preventing him from acting out his dreams.

Sleep is associated with darkness. Darkness is also associated with demons. Demons are associated with Satan. Satan is the father of lies and fear.

People sleep at night.  The night belongs to Satan and his demons.  Those who live during the day under the power of Satan can expect to be at his mercy at night during sleep.  The vast majority of people’s dreams are caused directly by demons, while many of the other dreams are related to involvement in Satan’s Cosmic System.  Demonic dreams will be full of wrath. When the problems of life are not solved with divine viewpoint, garbage accumulates in the subconscious. 

When you are awake and thinking your mind is in a beta state. Practitioners of the occult always go into a trance before they do their deeds. In a trance the mind is in an alpha state. Scrying, automatic writing, soul travel, all these things must be done when the brain is in alpha so the demon can interact with the occultist.

GOD uses dreams to give HIS children visions. Satan tried to prevent dreams so this doesn’t happen or if the person is living in sin, he will send confusing dreams.

Demons know that if we don’t dream it causes spiritual blindness so they will do anything and everything within their control to prevent it.

When we are asleep, we are vulnerable. Demons know that.

The alpha state gives demons a sort of window into your mind. The dream is just a sort of demonic video feed.

Another characteristic of an enemy dream is the inability to wake up. Remember it’s just a video feed. In sleep paralysis you’re not even really paralyzed you’re just being fed an impression that you are paralyzed. Once you are awake take authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus Christ and command it to leave your house and not to return for the rest of the night.


Sleep Attack

So, I was attacked. The statistics reveal only a small percentage of people have ever experienced this kind of episode. Then those that do usually only have it once in a lifetime but sadly, there are others who have them every night.

My walk with GOD came during a battle of physical pain and suffering. I had sever issues, all total I needed several surgeries and at the time my neck was so damaged that the Neurosurgeon said it was one of the worst cases he had ever seen in almost 20 years. After the fact I found out that he was one of the top ten neurosurgeons in the world. I was going to a county hospital due to lack of funds and he happened to volunteer once a week! GOD is good! So, I had the 2nd neck fusion and was left with brain damage and limited motor skills. It took me two years to learn how to walk and talk again.

This was when GOD said, “It’s time!” You see, HE told me once when I was in my 20’s and I didn’t respond. I knew then that I would be working for GOD! Fast forward 20 years!

Satan didn’t like that I would be doing this work and continued to harass me. I had 3 more surgeries within 13 months, so four altogether.

I began my research. It took around 18 months for me to get enough material under my belt to begin. I began on YouTube. But they quickly locked me out of my account. So then I began my blogs.

Fast forward another two years and GOD said, “Time to change course”. HE told me I would be helping people who are having paranormal/supernatural problems. I began researching again. I actually have a degree in psychology and realized I needed to get a parapsychology degree too.

This is when I was attacked.


One night while drifting off to sleep, I opened my eyes to realize something was in the room with me. It was a huge black shadow demon. It was standing at the bedroom door. No details in the shape except that it was over 7ft tall.

It attacked me without even moving. Again, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t move. I finally broke free long enough to reach out to my husband only to have it attack my kidneys. Severe kidney punches! I thought I was going to die!

I now know that these are the most severe kind/breed of demons. Highly intelligent and very strong.

The veil is very thin, and this is as close as we can be to the spiritual world without death.

Is this why the elite are so adamant about peering into this state of transition?



Government Sleep Studies

Many were performed all over the world…strange techniques like connecting a barbiturate IV into one arm while amphetamine IV into the other! The barbiturates were released into the person first, and as soon as the person began to fall asleep, the amphetamines were released. The person would then begin babbling incoherently, and it was sometimes possible to ask questions and get useful answers. Categorized as MK ULTRA…this was just the icing on the cake, so to speak. In one case, seven volunteers in Kentucky were given LSD for 77 consecutive days!

This next one must be shown in its full content to get the full experience of it.

This is the story of the Russian Sleep Experiment. You must decide for yourself whether this terrifying tale is a hoax… or the horrible truth.

In the 1940s, scientists in Russia decided to test the effects of extreme sleep deprivation, sealing five people into a small room and exposing them to a gas stimulant to keep them awake. Monitoring their subjects through glass portholes and microphones and providing them with a month’s worth of dried foodstuffs, the experiment began.

Very little happened for five days, except that the subjects began discussing deeper emotional issues as their sleep deprivation wore down their social reserve. Then their behavior took a turn for the worse.

The subjects became paranoid and stopped communicating with each other, convinced that they were trapped in the experiment through each others’ treachery. They turned their backs on one another, whispering strange, inaudible things into the microphones.

Nine days passed before the first man began to scream. He ran, crazed, up and down the small chamber screaming himself hoarse until his cries became strained croaks. The other captives didn’t raise an eyebrow, rather reaching their own bizarre epiphanies of their own accord. Two captives silently tore pages from books, defecated upon them and pasted them over the glass so the researchers could no longer see inside their room.

The screaming stopped, and the scientists grew increasingly worried. Only the oxygen monitors indicated any sign of life. Eventually, concerned that the subjects had fallen unconscious, they approached, broadcasting this message into the cell:

We are opening the chamber to test the microphones; step away from the door and lie flat on the floor or you will be shot. Compliance will earn one of you your immediate freedom.

The subjects sat motionless within, silent save for one reedy voice which quavered:

We no longer want to be freed.

Warily, the scientists entered the cell. What greeted them was a vision of unparalleled horror. Food lay untouched, but the subjects’ mouths were bloody. Each of them had chunks of flesh and sinew torn from their bodies, great gory chunks ripped away from the bone. Many wounds indicated that they had been self-inflicted.

Some were so eviscerated that their ribs were clearly visible, and the floor was a mess of internal organs, miscellaneous viscera and slowly congealing blood. The subjects were silent and still – until the gas was turned off, sending them into a frenzy.

They attacked the scientists, fueled by some strange, demonic strength. One security guard died from the trauma of a maimed subject ripping his testicles out with his bare hands. Five soldiers died in this freak incident of unprecedented violence.

The subjects resisted sedation, their bodies somehow rejecting the effects of the calming drugs to an astonishing level, still gnashing and tearing at their captors even after experiencing a dose of suppressants that would have put down three strong men. Two subjects died in the furore, their fragile carcasses finally succumbing to their wounds.

As they were finally trussed up and returned to a surgical room, all three surviving subjects begged to be kept awake, refusing all anesthetics and gladly allowing doctors to attempt to patch up the devastating damage to their bodies without any form of painkiller.

The first to be operated on died from blood loss. Closer inspection of his body revealed that nine bones were broken, despite external trauma not accounting for that level of destruction. Doctors realized that his bones had been crushed simply by the extreme force his own muscles had been exerting on his skeleton.

The second had flayed vocal chords from hours of screaming, and smiled every time the surgeon applied the scalpel to his skin, meeting eyes with the operating staff with sick satisfaction. When the doctor stopped his ministrations, the subject became angry, demanding, ‘keep cutting.’

The third simply muttered over and over again:

I must remain awake.

Distressed by the effects of the experiment but intrigued at their findings, the scientists prepared to return the two surviving subjects to the chamber and expose them again to the gas they craved. One did not make it to the stimulant gas in time and fell asleep. The second he reached REM sleep, he flatlined and died, despite seeming healthy enough a few moments before.

The final surviving subject grew enraged, demanding he be shut in with the gas immediately. He broke free of his restraints and lunged for a soldier’s gun, shooting two researchers between the eyes, killing them instantaneously. Ranting and raving himself hoarse, he was overpowered by the remaining researchers. The lead scientist turned the gun on the maddened subject, shouting at him in desperation:

WHAT ARE YOU? I must know!

The subject smiled a viperous smile.

Have you forgotten so easily? We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread.

The researcher staggered back, before desperately shooting the subject through the heart. As the last foul breaths shuddered from the subject’s body, it spluttered:

So… nearly… free…


Another case:


The experimental studies on sleep deprivation were initiated by the Russian physician and scientist, Marie de Manacéine, who studied sleep-deprived puppies kept in constant activity. She reported in 1894 that the complete absence of sleep was fatal in a few days, pointing out that the most severe lesions occurred in the brain. In 1898, the Italian physiologists Lamberto Daddi and Giulio Tarozzi also kept dogs awake by walking them; the animals died after 9-17 days, and their survival was unrelated to food consumption. In the histological study performed by Daddi, degenerative alterations, mainly represented by chromatolytic changes, were observed in neurons of the spinal ganglia, Purkinje cells of the cerebellum, and neurons of the frontal cortex. Daddi ascribed these changes to a state of autointoxication of the brain during insomnia. In 1898, the psychiatrist Cesare Agostini, interested in the psychic phenomena caused by prolonged insomnia in humans, sleep deprived dogs by keeping them in a metallic cage in order to avoid fatigue. The dogs survived about 2 weeks, and degenerative changes were observed in their brains. In these experimental paradigms, the effect of sleep loss was confounded by motor exhaustion and/or intense sensory stimulation. In spite of the absence of adequate controls, the pioneering studies performed at the end of the 19th century represented the first experimental attempts to relate sleep with neural centers and suggested that sleep is a vital function and that the brain may be affected by insomnia.


A Strange Reality Case:

It is said that the same producers of “BIG BROTHER” came up with this next reality show:

Shattered” was a TV reality show made by channel 4 in the United Kingdom. It explored many issues surrounding sleep deprivation in the context of a TV show with a big cash prize. The winner was the person who was best suited to withstanding tough Sleep deprivation tasks.

The cash prize was 100,000 pounds. The contestants had to work together to maintain the fund. Every time a contestant closed their eyes for ten seconds or more a thousand pounds was deducted from the prize fund. So the contestant’s worked as a team to maintain the prize fund.

One really surprising thing was that virtually no money was deducted from the prize fund. The contestants were extremely determined and disciplined. Personally I expected about 10,000 pounds or less to be left in the fund. But at one stage the prize fund even started to grow as the presenter of the TV show lost challenges against the contestants.

Special tasks were devised to challenge the contestants. For instance one contestant had to hold a every large Teddy bear whilst been read a pleasant bedtime story. Another contestant had to listen to an extremely boring lecture on their own.

One of the main features of the show was the attention to health and safety issues. Sleep deprivation is extremely dangerous and can even cause long term damage. The studio was built especially with health and safety in mind. Tables were built without hard edges. If contestant to fell over they would not be hurt by the specially designed furniture.

Still this did not stop people criticizing the show. Such was the concern over health and safety that contestants were allowed to sleep if one of them was suffering extreme health problems associated with sleep deprivation. One contestant for instance started hallucinating openly. So the doctors examined him and then allowed all the contestants to sleep for a few hours. This happened twice during the week long show.

What happens with sleep deprivation is that dreams start to burst into our waking life. That is why this contestant hallucinated. It can get to such a stage that the hallucinations cannot be distinguished from reality. This was considered too dangerous by the doctors.

The winner was a trainee policewoman. The final task was to lie awake for as long as possible whilst in bed. The woman cheated somewhat by drinking vast amounts of water. So physically she was kept awake by needing to go to the toilet.

Many contestants overcame the sleep deprivation with exercise. This seemed to take their mind off their tiredness. Indeed the stronger younger and fittest Contestants performed better. There was a distinct rhythm to the contestant’s performance. They seemed to hit a wall – and for hours they would struggle. Then they would start to wake up again and their concentration levels would improve vastly. The contestant’s helped each other to get through these periods.

As well as being director of Loughborough’s Sleep Research Centre, Allan Rechtschaffen was also on the “ethics panel” of Shattered, a shorter and more sadistic version of Big Brother.


Yet Another:

Allan Rechtschaffen, professor emeritus of the University of Chicago, devised an experiment in which two rats lived on a carousel over a pool. Brainwaves were recorded by a computer and, when one rat dozed, the disc was rotated and the creature forced to walk to keep from falling into the water.

The control rat had the luxury of sleeping when the experimental rat was awake. After two weeks, the sleep-deprived rats died mysteriously: their organs looked normal but they lost the ability to regulate body temperature. “They gave up and died,” says Prof Jim Horne of Loughborough University.


Two Sides of the Battle PT4


Have you noticed a strong force of evil taking over Earth? Beware…this is why! Strongholds are battles within themselves. It’s a battle within a battle. It can take place within yourself, and then around you as well. Wickedness in high places are the elite who worship Satan. And the Principalities are the fallen angels/demons who rule over them. We must understand how the spiritual world works in order to battle it. Don’t believe Satan’s lies when he tells you that learning these things is evil…that just makes his work easier!


The phrase spiritual wickedness in high places refers to Satan and his demonic horde who inhabit the spiritual realm. This is a world unseen by us that exists in our midst. These spirit beings are not friendly toward us and will use every opportunity they can find to torment us. Sometimes they plant lies in our minds that contradict the truth we learn from GOD. Paul said we have divine weapons to take these thoughts captive and make them obedient to Jesus Christ.

Strategies Of Satan: Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

Through “spiritual wickedness in high places” Satan aims for the total allegiance of man.

Satan Has His Own Church: Synagogue of Satan


GOD established the true church which is known as the “Body of Christ” of which Jesus Christ is the head: Now ye are the Body of Christ, and members in particular… (I Cor. 12:27)

The difference between deliverance and spiritual warfare is that deliverance is dealing with demonic bondages, and setting a person free.

Whereas, spiritual warfare is resisting, overcoming, and defeating the enemy’s lies (deception, temptations, accusations) that is sent our way.

Deliverance involves the breaking up of legal grounds, the tearing down of strongholds (offensive spiritual warfare), and the casting out of demons.


Spiritual warfare on the other hand, is dealing with three key things the enemy sends at us: temptations, deception and accusations.

Defensive warfare is guarding yourself against the tactics or schemes of the devil.

Spiritual warfare comes in two ways: offensive and defensive. Offensive warfare is tearing down the strongholds the enemy has formed in your mind through deception and accusations.

Strongholds are based on lies from the devil. They can come in the form of deception or accusations.


Two Sides of the Battle PT3


In part one, we discussed the war which is raging all around us and the players within it. We are part of this war…we are an important part of this war to GOD. GOD loves us deeply. So, we are given weapons to war against the dark side. These are opposite of the kinds of weapons which the fallen angels gave us…which teach us to war against one another instead of the darkness.

In part two, we touched on some of the manifestations which one might see if a demon is harassing someone.

Part three, we shall see some valuable armor pieces used to battle the evil around us.


Basics in the “ARMOR OF GOD”

Paul addresses the Armor of GOD in Ephesians 6, where he talks about ‘putting on’ the armor. But what does this mean? Is it a physical or spiritual armor? It’s both. Following Isaiah’s lead (Isa 59), Paul drew a powerful comparison between a soldier’s armor and the spiritual armor of GOD.

The Bible describes unseen spiritual battles, with the titanic battle in the end of age. Satan and his demons are invisible, and they master in camouflaging not only themselves, but their techniques.


Stand therefore having girded your waist with truth…

When a soldier wore his belt, it signifies that he was ready for battle, since he only loosened it when he went off duty. The belt—known as the cingulum or balteus—held the Roman soldier’s scabbard and sword. The belt provided a place to house the sword and carry it into battle effectively.

Truth is to surround us…like a belt. The belt is the first piece of armor. It secures all other pieces in place so it protects us against all of Satan’s lies and deceptions. The idea of absolute truth is inseparable from the life of Jesus Christ, and from The Bible. Jesus Christ defined Himself as “the way, the truth, and the life”! The truth shall set you free.

We must be completely honest with ourselves! And knowing GOD’S Truth which is The Word of GOD is very important for peace of mind.



Having put on the breastplate of righteousness…

Soldiers of that time had another piece of protective armor to ward off enemy blows—the shield. But during the heat of battle, those blows could come from unexpected directions, or there could be too many to ward off with just a shield. The breastplate provided protection against the unexpected and against overwhelming numbers.

The breastplate worn by Roman soldiers was generally made of iron, though some wealthier soldiers may have worn a bronze breastplate. It consisted of overlapping pieces of metal with connecting front and back sections. There were rounded pieces protecting the shoulders and the breastplate usually rested on the soldier’s hips so the entire weight wasn’t carried on the shoulders. The overlapping pieces allowed for more flexibility of movement. This piece of armor protected the vital organs of the soldier during battle.

Paul was very decisive about our righteousness because he knew it opened the door to attacks. Doing what is right in the eyes of GOD is to obey GOD’S laws of love.



And having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace…

During the time of the apostle Paul, the shoes worn by the soldiers of the Roman Empire were called caligae. They were specifically designed to keep soldiers’ feet healthy during the rigors of long forced marches and were very different from the sandals worn by most of the populace.

The shoes were constructed from three layers of leather, which were pulled up and laced around the ankle. The caligae helped protect against blisters and foot diseases. In addition, small spikes or iron hobnails were often driven into the soles of the shoes in order to give firm footing on uneven terrain.

A soldier’s shoes formed the foundation of his armament. In those days, the foot soldiers of the empire relied on walking as their primary means of transportation, so the ability to move easily and comfortably was a necessity for them. In addition, they needed to be able to step about in battle without thinking about where they placed their feet. They needed solid footing in order to concentrate on the battle at hand.

All metaphoric for preaching upon a firm foundation.



Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one…

The Roman shield, or scutum, was a central part of the soldier’s defense. The scutum was rectangular in shape and rounded on the ends. It was typically made from two sheets of wood that were glued together, then covered with canvas and leather. The canvas and leather could be doused with water to protect against flaming arrows.

The shield weighed about 22 pounds and was roughly 37 to 42 inches high and 27 to 33 inches across. A metal piece ran across the center of the shield, so it could also be used as a weapon to punch or push forward.

When our relationship with GOD is strong, our faith is powerful. Without this Satan is able to create strongholds.



And take the helmet of salvation…

When a soldier of the apostle Paul’s day suited up for battle, the helmet was the last piece of the armament to be put in place. In fact, without the helmet, a soldier would be so vulnerable that the rest of the armor would be of little use. Paul’s statement “take the helmet of salvation” is the shortest description given to any of the pieces of armor—it required almost no explanation in terms of its value.

The Roman helmet, known as a galea, could vary quite a bit in design, since mass manufacturing didn’t exist at that time and each helmet was created individually. There was also some variation in the helmet design over time during the life of the empire. Usually the helmets were made of metal, though poorer soldiers or soldiers from the early days of the empire may have had leather helmets fortified with pieces of metal.

The most obvious value of the helmet was to protect against blows to the head.

Helmets usually had cheek plates to guard against blows to the face, and a metal piece in the back to protect against blows to the back of the neck. In addition, during the early first century the helmets began to include a brow ridge to provide protection for the eyes.

Every action begins with thought, and our thoughts need to be centered in line with GOD’S Word and commandments. To be in the right mind, gives us peace of mind knowing that GOD will deliver HIS promises.

Our salvation is of tremendous value! Jesus Christ gave His life so that we may be able to have it. This is an incredible sacrifice given to us. This salvation gives us hope which protects our minds from the discouragement and despair of the world around us.



The sword of the spirit, which is the word of God…

The first five elements of the Christian armor are defensive pieces—armament the Christian can use to defend against spiritual attack. Why would an offensive weapon be listed with the other pieces of armor? What use should a Christian make of it?

The sword used by Roman soldiers was known as a gladius; and in the hands of a skilled man, it was a fearsome weapon. In fact, it became known as “the sword that conquered the world.” It was sharpened on both sides, making it lethal against an unarmored foe. The point was also sharpened, enabling it to pierce armor.

An infantryman in the Roman legions would also go into battle with a dagger, a few spears and possibly a few darts. But the gladius was the only offensive weapon listed by Paul, and it was the main weapon in the soldier’s arsenal.

Paul defines the sword of the Spirit as the “word of God” (Ephesians 6:17). This isn’t the only place where God’s Word (the Bible) is described as a sword. The author of Hebrews also makes reference to it: “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account” (Hebrews 4:12-13).

The Word of God is even sharper than the gladius! It is capable of piercing to the deepest levels of one’s heart and attitude, and it is also a tool of discernment in the hands of the skilled user.

This is our only offensive weapon. The sword won’t stay sharp because over time it becomes dull. This is metaphorical for the fact that The Word of GOD is something we must continually sharpen by regular and focused Bible study.

Hebrews 4:12 explains: “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”



Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit…

It’s important to note that Paul ends with this as an encouragement to us to pray fervently. We are to pray for ourselves and others, and for the work of the mission to spread the gospel.

The Bible and prayer are the most powerful of all tools given to us for combating Satan’s weapons.



Two Sides of the Battle PT2


So, in the first entry we saw how Satan has set up the Five “I Wills”…but we need to learn ‘how’ this is being enforced.

Evil forces influence and control the minds of individuals, change their behavior, thus stopping their ability to function, and could even cause suicide. Sounds a bit drastic…don’t you think? Well, it is!

Actually that’s their ultimate goal. They hate us, and it only makes sense that this is why they taught us war, so we would kill one another…essentially doing their work for them.

As a teacher, it is my objective to give the necessary information which will allow you to use the tools. But, I must warn you that once you peer into the dark side, it looks back.

You see…you’re not a threat until you become a child of GOD and begin to learn these things. Then you become the teacher and your family and friends…the student.

But, this allows everyone you know and care about to potentially become a target/victim. They want to slow your progress by attacking your loved ones, in return slowing the process of the knowledge you obtain.

So, are you ready? Be very sure…because once you begin, you must stand your ground.



Satan has attacked GOD and set up a false government…a counterfeit hierarchy. He has affected what GOD created…us; He is affecting The Word of GOD; and he has affected GOD’S character. This allows doubt to sneak into the world. Bringing forth false religions with disgusting doctrines allow Satan to teach man that he does not need GOD. This is even affecting GOD’S very own children because it’s ensnaring and tempting them. It’s pulling the wool over their eyes. Hence, wolves in sheep’s clothing is a perfect example. Pastors who seemingly work for GOD but instead use every evil indignation to arouse mankind into his trap. I liken this to a pastor who seeks familiar spirits for knowledge and convinces his congregation that it’s communication from GOD.

The two sides of course are basically the good and bad. Simple as that, but so much more diverse that many comprehend.

Demons are angelic beings, though fallen, are spiritual beings. They are frequently called evil spirits. They can be visible, and invisible. Audible, and in your face! Generally, they are invisible but can make your life a living hell…until you learn to battle against them.


Demons can and will try to influence your thoughts, and therefore your decisions which in turn changes your behavior. In doing so, they can actually take over your very being…only to exist through you. Although you are a Believer in GOD, your body and mind can be inhabited. We have three (Holy Temple has three sides-body/mind/soul) sources of struggle within us. They want to take over all three! It begins with inhabiting a human by one or more demons who exercise various degrees of control with the resultant physical, psychological, and spiritual manifestations. (C. Fred Dickason, Angels: Elect & Evil, Chapter 20, Moody Press, 1995 Edition, p.198).

So, we see that the progression begins on the outside (influencing thoughts) with the person being possessed (controlled within).

First…let’s get this straight! Those who believe that a demon spirit cannot invade the life of a believer can and eventually will be harassed by persistent sin. Beginning as a “squatter” only to end as an intruder! A robber of souls.

The evidence is all around us. It lends itself every source of media…and is exponentially increasing. Although all events are not publicized, it’s happening on a worldwide scale such as never witnessed before….

The paths of the wicked is a common denominator in peoples actions but also though deceptions such as UFO (demons) encounters, apparitions of “Mary”…etc.

Satan is capable of producing audible, mental, and bodily phenomena in order to create illusions which are covered in a veil of darkness.

The very nature of a believer’s salvation is in check…and Satan wants nothing more than to place us in checkmate!


The Characteristics of Demon Possession

 a)    In the Middle Ages, a period of superstition and ignorance, a list of symptoms were established to confirm demonic possession.

(1)   The ability to curse/blaspheme in languages unknown to the person. 

(2)   The ability to find secret things, read the mind, and divine future happenings. 

(3)   The ability to make physical efforts abnormal for that person. 

(4)   The act of spitting or vomiting every object the demons would have made the person swallow. 

(5)   Fear and/or hatred of holy objects. 

(6)   The inability to say the word “Christ.” (Wikipedia, Demonic Possession)

(7)   Other characteristics noted by people at that time:

(a)   …that oppressed persons had an ugly and terrible aspect, wrathful eyes, bluish lips, foam coming off their mouth; their body was almost permanently shaking, when they spoke their tongue came abnormally out, their speech consisted mainly in curses and blasphemies, and they were able to imitate animal sounds as well as to speak with human-like voices with a strange sound and a different pitch of theirs. However, these symptoms as described are not always in accordance with scripture.

b)    Listed below are the various expressions of demon possession in Scripture. We should not jump to the conclusion that isolated symptoms equate to demon possession. Characteristics of Demon Possession in Scripture are:

(1)   Convulsions (Mar 1:26; 5:4; 9:20-26; Luke 4:35; 9:42)

(2)   Falling (Mat 17:15)

(3)   Stretched and disjointed body movements (Mar 9:18)

(4)   Deformity (Luke 13:11)

(5)   Foaming at the mouth (Mar 9:18, 20; Luke 9:39)

(6)   Shrieking and screaming (Mar 1:26; 5:5; 9:26; Act 8:7)

(7)   Demons speaking (Mar 1:34; 3:11; 8:31; Luke 4:41; 8:28; Act 16:17; 19:15)

(8)   Deaf (Mar 9:25-26; Luke 11:14)

(9)   Mute (Mar 9:25, 32-33; Luke 11:14)

(10) Blindness (Mat 12:22)

(11) Super-human strength (Mar 5:4; Luke 8:29; Act 19:16)

(12) Self-destruction (Mar 5:4, 5; Luke 9:39)

(13) Violence (Mat 8:28; Mar 5:4; Act 19:16)

(14) Isolation (Luke 8:29)

(15) Lunacy (Mat 17:15; Mar 5:15; Luke 8:35; John 10:20)

(16) Nakedness (Mar 5:15; Luke 8:27; Act 19:16)

(17) Divination (Act 16:16)

(18) Leave and return (Mat 12:45)

(19) Reluctance to leave (Mat 17:16)

(20) Multiple demons (Mat 12:45; Mar 5:15; Luke 8:30)

Now that you see some of the manifestations of evil…how do we counteract these moves?


Chess is a highly intelligent game where the objective is to attack and capture your opponent’s pieces, while supporting your own.

It doesn’t surprise me that this game was invented in India. India is Satan’s greatest achievement of masterful moves. He began the (smooth as silk) attack on the monothesistic philosophy of One GOD. But, at the same time creates the belief that we are all “ONE”….crazy, right?

Moving on…

Chess is played on a square board with “light” and “dark” squares. And if you research its origin you will find a picture of the Knights of Templar playing the game…talk about ironic.

So, Satan works with chess moves….slowly gaining status with small incremental moves as to not be noticed. The end game results in his being enthroned. He’s the master of an elaborate combination of moves in the sequence of attacks and brazen sacrifices. Don’t think for one split second that he doesn’t know GOD is in control but he just doesn’t want you to believe that.


3 Stages of Deliverance

One; repent. Two; renounce. Three; restore.

Repenting of our sin is hard. Pride controls the flesh in every manner possible. Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and understanding that Only Jesus Christ can lead you to GOD.

Renouncing your sins with prayer and fasting. Renouncing your actions which lead to your sins. Renouncing any and all involvement with the dark forces.

Restore your life by deliverance by removing any and all cursed objects, idols, and connections to evil.

3 Stages of Repentance

One; recognize your guilt. Two; trust that GOD will forgive you. Three; turn from sin, to GOD.

Recognizing that you have sinned and this is what allowed these events to transpire.

Trusting that GOD has forgiven you of all of your sins. Controlling the temptations in your life which could lead to future/more transgressions/sin.

Turning from sin to GOD. Trusting in GOD to have complete authority over everything in your life.

3 Stages of Renouncement

One; omission. Two; turn away. Three; release.

Accepting you sinned.

Turn from your sin.

Release the legal rights.

3 Stages of Restoration

One; complete admission. Two; restore communications. Three; continue in authority.

Completely admitting GOD is in control and giving HIM the control over your life.

Restore your communication with Jesus Christ, The Only Son of GOD. Accepting Him as your Savior, understanding that He is The Only Path to GOD.

Continuing in the authority which Jesus Christ gave us in relation to demons and their activity. Retaining a higher level of faith by fasting and prayer.


Two Sides of the Battle Series


The Two Sides

Every time I put out a series of articles such as this, I’m reminded of just how much people are suffering. I have a parallel site where I publish articles like this to help those in need but The Holy Spirit compelled me to put this here. And for those mockers, and non-believers…grin and bare it! Why do I say that? Because Satan hates this kind of work to get out there…it makes his job that much harder. Oh, and for those who don’t believe he exists…he’s a master-manipulator and the king of lies.

Oh, by the way…I have a present for you! LINK

The light and the dark, the white and the black….the good and the evil.

Now…on with the important message!

You see, or wait…maybe you don’t see! OR more to the point, you can’t see it don’t want to see…right?

GOD gave us duality and Satan twists it for his pleasure. He thinks that this endeavor will ultimately allow him to reign in both dimensions…or should I say realms.

Sadly, Satan has convinced many that he doesn’t exist. Sure makes his work easier! Satan decided he could become a god…and he taught other angels the same.


When the angels decided to war against GOD, they made a choice. This choice will determine their fate and they do their best to pull us into the dark side with them.

When they first came to earth, they brought many wicked things to mankind. One of these being weapons and mankind learned to war against one another instead of against the dark side. Simply put…when you’re consumed with fighting one another, you don’t have time or the energy to battle against them. And this is what we’ve been doing ever since!

Thousands of years have taught us to hate one another, but GOD told Jesus Christ to teach us to love one another. Thank you, GOD!

To help us, GOD does not want us to be helpless, so HE sent HIS Merciful Son, Jesus Christ.

And instead of warring against one another, GOD gave us HIS Word so we could be taught warfare against the dark forces.

In The Word, we are shown spiritual warfare. We are given spiritual weapons to use. We were never meant to fight one another…we are meant to teach one another the methods and doctrines of The Holy Word of GOD.

The first thing we need to know is the fallen want nothing more than to change these doctrines. This is being accomplished on a worldwide scale such as never witnessed before. Changing The Word by replacing or deleting words…of course changes the meaning entirely. So, this essentially the meaning and the power to defeat them! Don’t doubt for one second that this is a primary goal for them.



SATAN’S DESIRES-Satan’s pride influences his every step. Isaiah (Isa 14:12-14) reveals the best example of this with Satan’s Five “I Wills”…

Let’s explore these in order to understand the whole agenda which Satan has implemented over GOD’S creations.

Satan desires the divinity of GOD

The desire to ascend into the status of GOD will never be completed by Satan. He began his work with the other angels around him, directing their thoughts and actions by causing them to fall with him. Then, he set his eyes on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Convincing man that he can become a god/god-like status is the same procedure he utilized over the fallen angels. Thus, we see his behavior has not only effected them but us. By the way, this continues to this very day. How, you ask? By organized religion. Many churches have incorporated this doctrine into their theology.

Satan desires dominion over GOD

Satan desires to rise above the stars of GOD. What does this mean? He wants to control all of the angels….good and bad. The stars are GOD’S angels. So, Satan wants dominion over the entire angelic realm.

Satan desires the domain of GOD

Satan wants to be enthroned on the mount of assembly on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. This means he wants to sit on the very spot where Jesus Christ does. Satan wants all religions to become one, thus taking leadership over it, on Earth. This is inclusive of having influence over all nations and its leaders.

Secular decisions can and do effect spiritual realms. In order to control the ‘world’…meaning temporal influences which denotes “FLESH” type sins. GOD created us with flesh which is susceptible to the sins of the world. In order to tempt you with these sins, Satan must make them desirable….very desirable. Example: …we see this taking place with the gender agenda….i.e., sexual promiscuity.

Satan desires the dignity of GOD

Satan tells us he wants to ascend over the tops of the clouds. This speaks of Earth in general and its religions. He wants to receive all the glory and worship due GOD. The reality is that whatever glory GOD gave Satan in the higher realms…he lost. Sure, he retained his appearance and even his powers but he lost his status in the higher heavens. He wants this back, and more.

Satan desires the depiction of GOD

But, you see this is not just in our lower atmospheres…he is speaking in terms of all creation. All the heavens…and once there he will insist upon being worshiped. Satan wants to be ‘above’ all others. His strategy is to counterfeit everything of GOD to confuse the world. He shows himself as an ‘angel of light’ but he’s not of the Light anymore. He’s a counterfeiter! A fake. A thief.

Satan directly attacks the believer by hindering the spread of The Word of GOD, accusing believers and devouring the believer’s testimony. This is why we see so many websites being attacked, up to and including mine. This is a far stretch but consider this: the tragedy which took place in Florida recently…


Considered the ‘worst attack since 911’…where a person, Omar Mateen, called 911 during the attack of a packed gay nightclub called, PULSE CLUB to pledge his allegiance to ISIS. But, Satan is slick…watch this!

Satan has the pulse of the nation in his hands! The media have turned this into an attack on Christians.

ACLU attorney, Chase Strangio, blames Christians for the shooting massacre.

Do you see?

The goddess, Isis (Ishtar) in mythology was the deity who represented life/resurrection, rising from the dead! She is the goddess of the Illuminati. She is perfectly portrayed as a depiction of liberty. The “Statue of Liberty”….blind justice! The lack of justice in the world is a constant. Isis is considered to be the goddess of enchantment and magic. And magically we are losing our liberties! Do you see the connections? It’s ironic, really. Because most people don’t see!

The powers that be (Illuminati) are controlling the world by symbolic sacrifices to their gods, the fallen angels. They create false flag events in order to produce blood sacrifices and at the same time use the cogs in the wheel to advance their agenda…the New World Order.


Deliverance of Water Spirits PT 7



Destruction of the Temple


In Matthew, it discusses some very interesting events…and The Holy Spirit pointed something out to me today…

Matthew 24

I will be writing one article and GOD reveals truths for another! It’s amazing!!

Jesus Christ went out and departed from the temple…and then the disciples came and wanted to point some things out about it…but Jesus Christ wanted them to see what was to come.

Jesus Christ foretold of the temple being scattered and not one stone upon another. What an amazing vision…scary, right?

I know The Bible speaks on dual levels…and some will object to this but I’ve had GOD show me these parallels too many times to know it’s true.

Prophecy of the future is connected to the past. Jesus Christ will reveal an event and then give you signs of what will parallel this in the future…do you see this too?


How does the destruction of the temple relate to signs of the end? And how about the abomination of desolation?

We can look around the world right this minute and see these things which Jesus Christ describes within this chapter, except for these two things…what is your thoughts?

It was a shocker to me…I had thought it before but GOD never revealed it in this manner before.

The Temple

What does The Bible tell us?

The temple in Jerusalem was shattered into pieces! Jesus Christ did just as He said He would…

1 Corinthian 3 (KJV)

16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.


Let’s go backward for a minute…

In the earlier passages, it tells us that GOD wants to speak to us in the supernatural but because of our flesh, HE cannot. So, HE tells us HE fed us with milk…and no meat. But, man can receive reward according to his own labour.

We are considered labourers with GOD, and we are GOD’S building. GOD laid the foundation…and HE tells us that every man should take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

Why would HE give us such advanced instructions if we are just carnal? Is it a warning? I believe so.

To build onto what GOD created us to be? But, we are already made in HIS Image, what could be the next step without ascending with GOD?


Mankind got their greed, and pride from Satan…no doubt about it. And he’s been whispering in our ears for thousands of years about how we can be more…how we can become like GOD. No, even one step further, how we can be a god (Genesis 3:5).

In Ezekiel, it’s the end! GOD speaks of abominations…

Ezekiel 7 (KJV)

20 As for the beauty of his ornament, he set it in majesty: but they made the images of their abominations and of their detestable things therein: therefore have I set it far from them.

21 And I will give it into the hands of the strangers for a prey, and to the wicked of the earth for a spoil; and they shall pollute it.

22 My face will I turn also from them, and they shall pollute my secret place: for the robbers shall enter into it, and defile it.


I firmly believe the “strangers” are the Fallen Angels and their descendants and other demon spirits. They are teaching mankind to rise above GOD. In turn this raises Satan above GOD (in theory)…this is familiar in Isaiah when Satan tells us he will complete the 5 “I Wills”.

Defiling our image is the “secret place”! Robbers entering into it? This speaks of our DNA. This has to be the abomination of desolation.

Until recently, as recent as this decade most people didn’t have a clue what this meant. Most, including myself thought this brief description was the Antichrist stepping into the church which the One World Religion will bring forth…the head of the church.


Ezekiel 23 (KJV)

38 Moreover this they have done unto me: they have defiled my sanctuary in the same day, and have profaned my sabbaths.

True enough, these events took place but we must remember GOD works in parallels. And the desolation GOD speaks of will be 1/3 dying by plague; 1/3 fall by the sword; and the last third will be scattered to the wind.

GOD speaks of idolatry in the temple…this is literal and prophetic. Many men and women are worshiping false gods (fallen angels/demons) and GOD warns us that we shall see greated abominations than what Israel did when they worshiped Baal.

2 Kings 23 tells us that the cities of Judah and Jersualem burned incense to Baal, to the sun and moon and to the constellations and to all the host of heaven.


Let’s be clear about this!

They worshiped Baal, they burned incense to the sun/moon (sounds like Muslim doctrines) and to the constellations…why? Because they named them after the Greek demi-gods, the Fallen Angels…the host of all heaven.

In the Scriptures it speaks of Apollo (Acts, …and calls him a Israelite…but this is awful suspicious, is it not? It tells us it’s a real Jew, but I think we have another parallel here.

Here we sit…thousands of years later and humanity is repeating the same cycle! This is what GOD meant when HE said, there are still greater abominations to come.

So, GOD knows what’s coming. You can’t hide anything from HIM! Don’t seek to better your place in the future because that’s GOD’S job…HE knows exactly what you need. Trust is the key. Faith is our hope. Love in our Savior, Jesus Christ will guide us to the Only Path…our Father in heaven, Almighty GOD.


Speaking of abomination,…

Interestingly, in Genesis 28 (KJV)

17 And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

Jacob speaks of a stone, a pillow, a pillar…and describes the place of its location as the “gate of heaven”.

So, we have CERN…the world is finding out just how dangerous this place is. They admit to creating portals…to other dimensions.

Then, I heave China is doing the same, but the super collider they are constructing will be TWICE the size of CERN.


6 Billion to build it…it will be 50 KM in circumference…to begin construct in 2021:

The very symbols/LOGO of this website reveals so much…

Beijing’s Underground City

33 miles? Really? Hmmm…


They can try in hide in their coves underground but GOD will collapse them. Performing secret rites and rituals in thew dark only heightens GOD’S anger. Beware, those of you how follow false gods (Fallen Angels).


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