Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Battlefield of the Mind

Upon witnessing anything spiritual one tends to believe that he/she is imagining it. Great experiences have been described as such. We have such imagination that it’s easy to do this. But, we must give credit where credit is due and even the dark side must receive credit for these things.
The mind is a wonderful thing, it can take you places never seen making you feel ecstatic and then the flip coin of this is the fact that our imagination can take us places we would never want to physically be. This is the power of the mind. GOD gave us free will to think and act upon these things internally and externally.

When we are thinking, it is believed that this is something which is privately issued between only you and yourself and some believe GOD knows all. I am truly one that believes GOD knows not only our hearts, but our thoughts as well for this speaks of intent which is where the heart lies. Now, some also think that Satan can read your mind, others believe the demons can too. I don’t believe they can read your mind, per say. I think they can read your aura/energy so to speak. When your negative, you attract negative…etc.  They know when we are communicating with GOD and this is when they flee. Now, if this is possible then it is true to state that when we are deep in thought that we carry certain energies around us. Some people even admit that they can see these auras. This may be how the spiritual world works.

Now, with that being said…whenever I feel the presence of a negative energy, I always speak aloud, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave this place.” And sometimes it takes more than once but eventually I feel relieved.
Last night I had a hard time sleeping. I couldn’t get into REM which is Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep which is the deepest stage upon which you receive the best part of your rest. I kept jerking away. I kept hearing noises. I heard the ceiling fan, ‘clink’…or other weird noises. And because of this, not ever really going back into a sleep mode. You know how sometimes when your sleeping but you haven’t reached the deepest realm, and you can feel and hear things in your surroundings. Well, I just assumed that this is what was happening. So, something around me kept interrupting my sleep. Finally around 5am, I went into deep sleep.

Then today I was speaking of this to my husband. I told him about the ‘clink’, and he proceeded to tell me he saw two separate ‘balls of light’ or ORBS in the ceiling, speeding out of the top of the room. I was shocked. I said really? I had him describe more of it. He said they were hand-size balls of light and he said that when he noticed them, they fled. Isn’t that odd? Almost like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar! Caught!

Do you think it was possible that we were being harassed! I do! I also believe the demons project themselves as light too throw people off their game, believing it to be of GOD, as possible as angel of GOD. This is the opposite of what I believe was happening…this was no angel of GOD!

The battlefield begins in the mind. We need to be constantly aware of what’s around us, even when we are sleeping. Pray before sleeping to have GOD protect you. If your aware of this in a dream then tell the demons to flee in the Name of Jesus Christ! I always do this THREE times. Three seems to be very Holy to me. The Trinity is the reason for this. So I say it 3 times!

We are able to control our dream states. We are able to keep the demons out, day or night! They are all around us, never let your guard down! The WAR is waging all around us, even in our mind.

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