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EYE of the Earth


With Africa being in the news lately, I though it only right to bring to light the “Eye of the Earth.”


The Richat Structure is located in the center of Oudane, Mauritania, at the western end of the Sahara desert. It resembles an eye when seen from space and was first observed from space by Gemini 4 astronauts McDivitt and White in June 1965.

Most of the image looks yellowish, indicating sand desert. The dark brown part is bare sedimentary rocks, and within that you can see the Richat Structure, a gigantic ring structure of some 40-50km/30 miles in diameter. Located in the middle of the Maur Adrar desert in Africa’s Western Sahara. The earliest space missions used it as a landmark! This volcanic dome is said to be a formation of an erosion, previously thought to have been formed by meteorite impact or volcanic activity, but field surveys have demonstrated that neither are correct, and scientists still debate its origin.

The part of the sedimentary rock corresponding to the white of the eye is a plateau standing some 200 m above the sand desert. The Richat Structure corresponding to the iris of the eye lies in a depression, and the peak of the outer rim is 485 m above sea level. The Richat Structure consists of Early Paleozoic rocks, some 600 million years old. Around the center, rocks resistant to weathering and erosion (purple and blue-green part) make 100 m high ridges, and nonresistant rocks (yellow and brown part) form valleys. These features alternate and are concentric.

One might think this site is so remote and hostile that people would dare come to the area but in fact, there are actually tours that are available to those off-roading enthusiasts. And even more surprising is there is actually a hotel smack-dab in the middle of it the Richat.

If you go to the satellite view on and put in 22.666 N and 12.444 W….you will find this and it will    BLOW  your   MIND!

A really good friend of mine LIZ brought the (Richat Structure) EYE to my attention. Then go about 100 miles north of the eye…and this comes into focus…This is strange no doubt, and also the picture of the face! What in the world… do you make of it! There are so many places on our planet that have no earthly explanation!

3 responses

  1. child of god

    Africa looks like the head of the nephilium with the horns!

    January 20, 2013 at 10:57 PM

  2. tammy

    do you think there is any numerical thing going on with the longitude and latitude? I know numbers have meanings right? Wow – the one has 666 in it. Maybe just a coincidence.

    February 6, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    • oh yes…Tammy! The Illuminati uses symbolism and numerology to oppress the people with the occult and witchcraft. This is why GOD warns us not to get caught up in it. GOD Bless!

      February 6, 2014 at 10:54 AM

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