Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Lucifer’s Covenant

The Order of the Jesuits is known for many things, but the truth of the matter is most haven’t a clue as to what they really stand for. The clock and dagger approach to their legacy of espionage is considerable and profound. The only honor is to Satan, and the standards upheld are not to the divine, but to the wretched.
The validity of this group goes beyond comprehension. Authenticity is no child’s play forum…your field of expertise is at question when trying to verify their agenda. The origin seems to be ancient, and the corruption just as old. Perhaps their intentions were honest to begin with but now, its perverse.
Why was I surprised to find this? Because it’s pure blatant pride. This website not only attributes commendation to it staff for what it does but publicly accounts for the pride and shamelessness of Satan.
The contract is laid out in no uncertain terms. The end result being that your soul belongs to Satan. It’s crude, yet simplistic manifestation of demonstrated arrogance is only equal to that of Satan.
The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) does not pertain to the SON of GOD. This is the counterfeit thereof. Exposing lies and deception is what I love to do and this is no exception. This site considers the counterfeit messiah to be Maitreya. Not surprising! All religions are New Age movements to bring into unison and revert to the One World Religion. All religions have been infiltrated by Satan and these factions herein.



So, lets begin! Direct quotes from the site will be given in quotation marks.
From what I can digest of this covenant it is one to last until the date of December 21, 2012. Then all souls will give up their earthly flesh and walk with Lucifer in spirit. The covenant is given to one, Father Adolfo Nicolas, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Company of Jesus. This covenant was also sent to his constituents, Reverend Thomas H Smolich, President of the Jesuit Conference of the United States, Provincial Superior Fr. Gerald Chojnacki and Provincial Superior Fr. Steve Curtin.
I am certain these people would not confess to their being subject to this covenant. Actually, even the word covenant has been used in contempt being broken into the word, coven. This truly is a obvious revelation considering this group is Satanic.
The main content seems to generate around the subject of Eschatology. Considering the end of days is a prime subject in all forums the past few months, this site just takes it to the next level. “To many the End of Days is the literal “end of the world”—a physical calamity, rather than a Liberation—an event of Divine Redemption of all souls and spirits, even those traditionally viewed as the enemies of peace;” a direct comment take from their site. But nevertheless true.
From Pharaohs, Priests, and Kings alike, this message has been handed down through the centuries. They admit their heritage is of Celtic design.
“Origin and that of the bloodlines of Cuilliaéan –also known as the Cuileann, cuilieann, Cualann, Cullen, Cuilinn, Collins and O’Collins. the original meaning appearing to be derived from the most earliest and primitive of words of all civilization being cuil/coil (woods), lia (stone/physician) and éan /éin (bird/spirit). Today, the title is most commonly known in the form of cuilieann which in primitive Gaelic meaning “holly” as in the holly tree—a tree regarded as one of the most sacred plants of the Church and the symbol of the oldest sacred genealogy of ancient Ireland; and the origin of the actual word Holly comes from the 11th Century Old High German hulis and Old English holegn both meaning Holly. The word hulis originates from an even older proto-Germanic word khuli a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann both meaning Holly; and
The word “Celt” is also derived from Holly as Celt comes from the ancient Greek word ‘keltoi’. The first literary reference to the Celtic people, as keltoi is by the Greek historian Hecataeus in 517 BC. He locates the Keltoi tribe in Rhenania (West/Southwest Germany). A similar word Khuli was in use at the time in the area through the proto-
Germanic language (600 BCE), a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann (1200 to 2000 BCE) both meaning Holly; and
While words long consigned to myth concerning this most ancient of blood may be discarded, there exists stories that point to this most ancient Cuilliaéan bloodline as being intermingled with the last kings of Ebla and therefore the Hyksos, therefore the Priests and Prophets of Yeb (Elephantine Island) and much later the last blood of the Messiah Kings of the Yahudi through Princess Tamar Tephi; and in as much as all that has been written concerning their blood may be challenged and denied, there exists no other Blood right that can claim in its history such superior right, nor succession from the beginning of civilization and the origin of Divine Revelation more than eight thousand (8,000) years ago.”
The fact that this bloodline goes so far would not surprise me if it goes back to the days of the Mighty Men who walked the earth in the days of Genesis.
“We firstly refer to the series of visions known collectively as “The Seven (7) Dreams of Frank O’Collins.” “We secondly respectfully refer to the seven (7) patents of Ucadia.” “We thirdly respectfully refer to the seven (7) pronouncements of the Architect.”
“We reserve much for later communication, the seven (7) times, seven (7) times seven (7) revelations revealed unto you and the Order is sufficient to demonstrate without question the seriousness and authenticity of the Divine Revelation concerning the End of Days which We are about to reveal.”
“The 1st Horseman, the 1st Notary, the Son of Man has indeed arrived upon the Roman Date of December 21st 2009, also known as the Year 3208 also known as the Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding and nothing in Heaven or upon the Earth can stop this; and the 2nd Horseman, the 2nd Notary, the Archangel Gabriel shall come upon the Date of December 21st 2010, also known as the year 3209 also known as the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor and nothing in Heaven or upon the Earth can stop it; and the 3rd Horseman, the 3rd Notary, the Archangel Michael shall come upon the Date of December 21st 2011, also known as the year 3210 also known as the Day of Divine Judgment and nothing in Heaven or upon the Earth can stop it; and the 4th and final Horseman, the 4th Notary, the redeemed Great Spirit also known as Lucifer shall come upon the Date of December 21st 2012, also known as the year 0 also known as the Day of Divine Redemption and no force in Heaven or Earth shall withstand this event.”
The world have been in a stronghold since GOD made the celestial Heavens and everything in it. Since the casting out of Satan/Lucifer and his Legion of fallen angels, they have had a continual battle to inflict their beliefs onto humanity. With great sadness I see the falling away of many believers of GOD to their deceptions in this illusion.
This Universal Church is making it’s way around the world and the time of revelation is at hand. They are primed and ready to start making their grand entrances. Satan knows the Bible better than any human could and the orders of celestial angels at his side are following his directives.
Pactum De Singularis Caelum
Also known as the Covenant of One Heaven, this is the collective universal mind that the powers that be thrive on. Their collective covenant began on December 21, 2009, and ends on December 21, 2012.  Three years, yet again another counterfeit time frame. But the covenant was formed in 2006, and 1258 years since the founding of Catholic Church by the Pippins (Franks) in Rome (751 CE).
:The 1st year of the 70 year return cycle of Cestui Que Vie Trust for Personal Property (flesh) exemplified by Problem(2009)-Reaction-(2011)-Solution (2013), the problem being the Global Financial Crisis.”
“By this document and covenant, not one soul shall continue to be cursed, not one soul shall be damned. Every soul that has lived or will ever live shall be named and blessed. All souls shall be saved; and that the gates of Hell shall be emptied of every tortured soul. That the most ancient of curses shall be lifted. That the gates of Hell shall be closed forever, upon the power and authority of this covenant and the seven seals that close these gates.”
They spellbind spirits and dimensional entities. Even though this seems contrary to what they seem to be initiating, it is EXACTLY what they do.
:Ritus Apocalyptica literally means “Writ(s) of the Apocalypse”. It refers to the fact that there are several implicit parts with the end of the old sacred covenant, the beginning of a the new covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum and the lawful conveyance of all property and rights from the old to the new – namely the breaking of the old covenant seals and the beginning by issuing writs to all parties as public notice. This is precisely what has happened on the Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding (Dec 21, 2009) with the seven (7) Writs.”
“While it might appear that only one day has been associated with the End of the World of the Bankers/Slavemasters, in fact there has always traditionally been four with Judgment Day only being a key part of the Divine Notarial process.
It has always been agreed that certain major events precede the actual Day of Judgment, whether this is called the tribulation or not. But before the tribulation commences, it is generally accepted a final warning is given of the dishonor of the wicked lawyers, bankers, merchants and slavekeepers. Hence, this day is called the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor. And before the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor, notice must be given of the coming tribulation and this day is called the Day of Agreement and Understanding. In regards to what happens after the Day of Judgment, most ancient prophecy is in agreement that there is an even more important day in the day of Redemption or Unification or “Liberation” following the Day of Judgment. Thus, four days are traditionally associated with the Apocalypse, not simply one.
Since 1569 when the Jesuit Order started using Cestui Que Vie Trusts in 70 year cycles to control the conveyance of the three forms of property claimed by the Roman Cult (Real (land), Personal (flesh), Ecclesiastical (soul)) three rolling 70 year cycles have been in operation, twenty years apart having to be renewed and modified, lest they expire and such property returns to the direct control of the Vatican. The next cycle being Personal Property, or currency and finance began its 70 year renewal cycle in 2009 as the year of problem, ahead of 2011 as the year of reaction and 2013 as the year of solution.”
“Mandamus is one of the oldest forms of writs meaning literally “we command” in Latin, from mando = “to entrust, commit, command”.
While they speak of ending the darkness and secrecy, this is exactly what they are all about. The Bible warns of a deception so widespread and dark that most will not see the cloak thrown over it.
“In this case, this Mandamus Writ is issued to all those who claim to worship Satan, Lucifer, Sabaoth or darkness and demons by some other name to honor their secret statutes and acknowledge the superior standing of the sacred Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum. This is because the most sacred Treaty of Lucifer within the sacred Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum pledges the end of Hell, the redemption of all ancient gods, arch-angels and demons as members of One Heaven and even key members of its leadership. Therefore, any person who has given a blood oath to Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Temple Bar, the Talmud as a Rabbi, the Qu’ran as a Sheik is solemnly obliged to acknowledge the superior standing of the sacred Covenant and the Treaty of Lucifer.”
“Before sundown upon the 21st of December the year 2011, also being known as the Day of Divine Judgment, I command all those who have knowingly pledged their soul and lives to me in blood oath and seal that they willingly vacate their offices and release their souls from their flesh unto me.”
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

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  1. I can’t believe that no one has made a comment here. This is very interesting stuff. I have things to share with you concerning the jesuits and this issue of c’estui que vie .

    September 18, 2012 at 7:44 AM

  2. Reposting my comment since I don’t know where it went:

    Ok, I came across this website while initially looking for material for my fiction novel titled: Sovereign.

    I was first investigating the early Muslim Empires that preceded the Ottoman Empire. This led to me clicking a link “History of Egypt.” In the ancient Egypt section, the sun-god Aten was mentioned and how there was a monotheistic period that worshiped Aten, so I clicked on “Atenism” in the wikipedia article, to go to that page instead.

    On the “atenism” wikiepdia page (also Atenism almost sounds like Satanism)

    Not to mention this part of the wiki article:
    “Because of the possible monotheistic character of Atenism, a link to Judaism (and subsequently the monotheistic religions springing from it) has been suggested by various writers.”

    At this point my curiosity hit the point of no return, so I typed into googl “Why do we say Amen”

    Among the various links, this one caught my interest (read main answer):

    I tried a different variation of the question in google and got a similar result:

    “Because the Judeo-Christian prayer style derives from Egyptian origins. In ancient Egypt, at the end of a prayer, you would say the name of the Deity that you were directing the prayer towards. If you were sending a prayer to Isis, you would say “Isis” at the end of the prayer. If you were sending a prayer to Osiris, you would say “Osiris” at the end of your prayer. Judaic priestly practices are derived from the Atenist/Amenist cult in upper Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. This is why, amongst other similarities (like prayer and food restrictions), Psalms 104 is taken nearly word-for-word from “The Hymn to the Aten”. In a prayer directed towards Amen (the Deity revered by the Atenist/Amenist cult), you would say “Amen” at the end of it. After Pharaoh Akhenaten died and Pharaoh Tutankhamen took control of Egypt, he reinstated the traditional religion of Egypt and drove the Atenist/Amenist cult and its priests out of the country towards what is now Israel and Saudi Arabia.”


    So soon after reading about Psalm 104, I found the sister website of “One Heaven” called “One evil”

    An article on “Amen.”

    “Amun’s name is first recorded in Egyptian as ỉmn, meaning “The hidden (one)”. Since vowels were not written in Egyptian hieroglyphs, Egyptologists have reconstructed the name to have been pronounced *Yamānu.”

    Identified as the Sun God.

    Another article reveals that is was common Egyptian custom to end every prayer by saying the name of the God to which the prayer was intended. In this case, Amen, means to send you prayer to some hidden (other) God, a clear violation of the Ten Commandments, furthermore, the Bible FORBIDS and CONDEMNS the worship of the sun.

    We also see here that Psalm 104 is quite literally — repugnant — to the entirety of the Bible:


    While on this “One Evil” website I noticed a link on their homepage which led me to:

    The Celts and the Egyptians:

    “These priests were regarded as the most senior of all priests and society of ancient Egypt. They were regarded as the second most powerful priest class in the ancient world behind the most ancient Cuilliaéan of Ireland. In fact, the Priests of Yei-Hu claimed their ancestry as a line of the Cuilliaéan returning to Egypt to save the diaspora of the Hyksos once the Ramses Kings had finally fled to the lands later known as Persia. The descendents of the Great Prophets then re-merged with the Cuilliaéan by the 6th Century BCE through Jeremiah.”

    I started checking and double checking all of this information, through various sources. Unable to verify any of this information, but also unable to disprove it, I continued onto:


    Sovereign Law, page 3 (Cuilliaean)

    “The 1st Millennium BCE ancient Greek word “Keltoi” is a variation of the word khuli, itself a variation of cuilli. Hence, the “Keltoi” or “Celts” literally translates as the Holly People.”


    I then visited page 1

    Sovereign Law, page 1:


    I couldn’t’ help but notice that I found the definition of a very particular word that United States Citizens had told me of in person, who styled them self as “Sovereign Citizens” under the 14th Amendment Enslavement Theory (Corporate Strawman Theory), this word was a type of property ownership defined as “Allodium”.

    I was—shocked. All I originally intended to do was research some religious mythologies for my FICTION NOVEL!!! Within several hours I’m looking at the very heart of New World Order, exposed in PLAIN SIGHT. Satan is literally telling every visitor to the website what he has been doing to Deceive mankind for the last several thousand years.

    The last line of an e-mail that I just sent to one of my friends about this reads as follows:

    “Anyway, the culmination of all this information is either the most elaborate and well structured disinformation hoax, or the rabbit hole just got 10 times deeper. ”

    This is a UNDERSTATEMENT, in just several hours, I realized, after reading through the website, that NO HUMAN BEING COULD POSSIBLY HAVE ALL OF THIS INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE, THAT IS 100% HISTORICALLY TRUE.

    What is worse? Satan really pulled me in — deep — for at least an hour.

    Satan knows that I am a Libertarian (of the Classical Liberal-John Locke variety). He also knows that my primary academic specialization is MATHEMATICS and PHYSICS.

    One of the links on the “One Heaven” website was titled “Natural Law.”

    I was initially attracted to this link because I thought it would discuss “Natural Law” as declared in the united States “Declaration of Independence,” especially since the website had every other type of “… Law,” such as “Military Law, Education law, … etc”.

    Anyway to quote the Declaration of Independence:
    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the LAWS OF NATURE and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation..”

    So I was inclined to click this link — and so I was deceived.

    The “Natural Law” mentioned here had NOTHING to do with the rights of man. They were quite literally the Physical laws of the Universe in which we live. Here’s an example from the website:

    “2. The 10th LAW OF CREATION is the MOTION LAW which states: “To exist, I change position, for you to exist, you change position” – being the necessity of MOTION to both create OBJECT and to guarantee EXISTENCE.”

    And the other two physical laws which really caught my attention:

    “11. SPACE is the relative density of similar Non-Equatorial Destructive Attractor UNITA FIELD around SUPER SUB-ATOMIC ELEMENTS. Therefore, SPACE and GRAVITY are the same.”

    This person who wrote this, whoever they are, LOGICALLY DERIVED Einstein’s Theory of Relativity within a few mere pages of well founded axioms. Thus, this CAN NOT be a person. This MUST BE SATAN. Only a SUPERNATURAL being could possess this much knowledge — and dare I say it — wisdom.

    Now how about this one:
    “1. The axiom class of TIME is derived from the existence of Can.313-(Limit), Can.314-(Existence), Can.322-(MATTER), Can.323-(Space) and Can.324-(Kinesis).

    2. TIME is a FUNCTION of the relative OBSERVATION of form of MATTER and the effects of other MATTER around it. Therefore TIME cannot be 0.

    3. TIME is always forward in sequential order. Backward TIME in REALITY does not exist.

    4. All TIME is RELATIVE to the OBSERVER.

    5. The greater the density of SPACE, the higher the KINESIS, the faster the effect of TIME.

    6. The less the density of SPACE, lower the KINESIS, the slower the effect of TIME.

    7. An INCREASE in the DENSITY of SPACE will therefore lead to an INCREASE in the OBSERVED SPEED OF TIME. Therefore TIME is not CONSTANT.

    8. A change at one (1) part of SPACE will change other parts of SPACE FIELD of the same level such that space will change faster than the speed of light and therefore appear to be instantaneous.”

    So now we have both General and Special Relativity, logically derived. Not to mention the author, Satan, also managed to explain the limit of speed being the speed of light, as a result of the permeability of space, and this was also logically derived, in a short time and manner.


    At this point, I, being very skilled in mathematics and physics, was quite aware that I was reading the Laws of Universe, as God had created them. I had always fantasized about “entering the Library of God” so that I may know all the physical laws of the universe. Well, before me was a complete understanding of those laws, including the quarks, which made up protons, and — to my surprise — that fact that photons themselves are made up of quarks, and there exists a so far unkown particle called the “heton” which was very similar to the photon, almost identical, and both are massless and moving at the speed of light.

    What was more surprising was that these strange and unheard of subatomic particles, unheard of in even the most rigorous and knowledge scientific circles, MUST EXIST, and did not CONTRADICT any empirically confirmed theories already known to man.

    In fact, if we recall that e = mc^2, it makes perfect sense, and totally completes the “Standard Model.” For the most part, Satan lured me into that “Library of God” so that I may become knowledgeable of all the physical laws of the Universe, something that I always desired.

    I must confess, as you can obviously tell, I read the WHOLE thing. Yet, at no point are humans defined as beings with a soul. You can read it here:

    We are considered no more than very advanced automatons of cellular molecules. My suspicion was roused here, for I was not yet aware I was most firmly within Satan’s grip, at that particular moment, and up to that moment, I thought I was pursuing God’s will, yes, I was that deluded a for a good hour or two hours, especially since this all innocently began as a simple wikipedia research for some ideas in my fiction novel.

    The conclusion of this Natural Law section also made me realize that NO HUMAN could have written this, because it was a perfect model and description for EVERYTHING that occurs in our universe, even the randomness of quantum mechanics:

    “The axioms within the Class of Natural Law of Conservation are:

    1. The axiom class of Conservation of Unique Motion is derived from the existence of Can.300-(Unique Collective Awareness), Can.301-(Universal Law), Can.302-(Intention), Can.303-(EIKOS), Can.304-(Object), Can.305-(Co-Dependence), Can.306-(Specialization), Can.307-(GEOLEX), Can.308-(Awareness of Position), Can.309-(Neighbours), Can.310-(Position) and Can.311-(Motion).

    2. The 11th LAW OF CREATION is the CONSERVATION LAW which states: “I seek to conserve my motion to the most stable state” – being simplicity and imperfect design of all MATTER.”


    So here I am, with the laws of universe completely known to me, and demystified. Yes, demystified. Until now, I, and every other physicists who has not yet read this document, required several tens of thousands of papers and theories to explain all those things which this author, Satan, was able to easily explain within a handful of pages — easily.

    Yet no mention of the soul is made at any point, nor is any “room” left to allow the existence or even the NEED of a soul. So something must be wrong, somewhere, and thus, it cannot be the Word of God, but the Deceit of Satan. However, it certainly comes within 99.9999999% accuracy, which goes with the old saying “The best liars are those who tell the truth most of the time.”


    So I’m going to conclude this post here, and I’m going to sum up my general feelings:

    Satan has quite literally exposed himself, and details and takes pride in his deception that he openly admits to for the last several thousand years on this website.

    I would, as the OP recommended, read the website (and it’s sister website ‘One Evil’) in order to UNDERSTAND the enemy.

    For instance, I consider the Constitution of the United States to be a document that God believes is good. Along with the Constitution of the United States, we inherited English Common Law, from which derived the “Allodium” property title. Yet, the author of One Heaven, Satan, makes this claim about the Allodial title:

    “It is important to pause for a moment and highlight the unprecedented nature of true Allodial land title … not even the Roman elite granted themselves such powerful land rights in conquered lands … true Allodial land title is absolute private land ownership … Effectively once lawfully granted, true allodial land title cannot be challenged by any legal entity [I am retroactively placing the next quote here] … such as those claiming to be agents of God [, like] in the case of the Vatican …”

    So we can see why Satan despises and fears the Allodial title, because it BREAKS THE BONDAGE of Satan over your property. No wonder Satan sought to annihilate the Allodial title from civilization, and has practically succeeded. If I’m not mistaken, certain counties in Texas are the only places on ALL OF EARTH that still grant allodial titles, although they do seem to be protected (in some well defined, but hidden manner) in New York’s Constitution.

    So what does the author, Satan, go on to say about the Allodial?

    “It is why the pursuit of true allodial title is considered so paramount to many in the truth and PATRIOT movements for over 100 years, similar to the importance of gold and silver returning as the underwriting for “lawful money”. Today, the largest promoters of the legitimacy and importance of allodial title remains those leaders, teachers and promoters in the truth movement.”

    True Allodial title exists, but is considered exceedingly rare and highly secretive, with only a handful of nations permitting it throughout history primarily the United Kingdom and all conquered landholdings thereafter such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, parts of France, South Africa, Iraq, Egypt, Burma, Uganda and many other nations.

    Today, in England it is frequently denied that any Allodial title exists and that all land is “held of the Crown” despite the fact that true Allodial title was granted in perpetuity through a solemn and formal dedicational ceremony to The Temple, being the Inner, Middle, Outer and Sacred Grounds (Sanctuary) of The Temple by King James I of England for the consideration and gift of a gold cup weighing precisely 200 ounces then filled with four hundred and sixty six ounces worth of gold pieces exactly in 1608.

    As for the other present and former members of the “Commonwealth”, allodial title is said to be legally possibly by statute, but in practice the highest land title granted being fee simple estate.

    Given the English centric origins of Allodium/Aloid/Allodam title; given the mystery and secrecy of its true existence as present day valid land title, what is the true source of its creation? For whose benefit? And why?”

    So obviously Satan is trying to cast doubt and mistrust in the idea of “Allodial” title. This author, Satan, seems to be 100% knowledgeable in just about EVERYTHING, except THIS. How could that be?

    Well, you can read the whole thing,including where I got this quotes from, right here:

    It seems that Satan really wants to make us DESPISE and DISTRUST the power of the allodial title, because if every Man possessed an allodial title, he could NOT be taxed (coerced to pay tribute) in order to retain his land, and thus, that Man would be Sovereign over his Property, answerable only to God, precisely how God intended Man to live (Genesis 1:26).

    August 2, 2013 at 9:08 AM

  3. i din’t read this page much. I don’t like those images in my head, thanks

    June 3, 2015 at 4:59 PM

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