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13 Olympic Designs

What we have here is the Olympic Stadium designs for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Every Olympic event we have the same process. By the way, the Olympics came from the Atlantis deities. These are not legends, and if so why would it be so engrained into our society if it were wise tales, or fairy tales? Because it is a reality!
The ending of this entry will show the design for the 2012 Olympics. These are to be held in London. I think this appropriate considering all the research I have brought pertaining to the royal bloodlines…with more to come!
All in all, the 13 designs given here are outstanding in their symbolism and symmetry. They convey a total functionality to bring into illumination the masses. MEANING-this is an Illuminati project! It’s obvious to anyone who knows the symbolism and secret society mannerisms.
From the symbolic eye to the nest, we have a one-mind dynamic! From the 13 designs which the number 13 is occultic, to all the 2008 designs we have
what some would call a 1936 remix.
Even the dogs got in on the act…with the slogan speaking for itself.
Proof is in the pudding, shall we say….

The idea was to create a simple bridge between the new and old.

Resembling a floating water lily, by an imaginary pond, petals, and blossoms…this does nothing but make me think of a UFO that just landed in the city!!
This is compared to a B01?, and said to look like a pod with petals. My take on this is another all-seeing eye, with the triangle to the right of the stadium.
No description shape is given for this one but it certainly looks like something outta this world!
With its operable roof panels and 6 moving elements and 12 telescopic roof rail trusses, this one is crazy but the illumination of the sky and moon in the background takes it outta this world too!

This design has a very special top. Called a Sky Terrace, it will enable the spectators to climb to the very top of the stadium and see the world from a different perspective.
Aiming for a green legacy this stadium looks like it was flown from outer space. A double “pod” design encapsulated with a two panel spiral shell. If seen from above this would very well look like a all-seeing eye!
Symbolizing the great nature of the earth, this design is set against a dreamlike landscape. Again, notice the eye-ball look to the top.
Starship Command to Enterprise, this is Captain Kirk speaking…If this design doesn’t resemble a starship, then what is it! But yet again, it has an eyeball shape.
Designed to look a little like heaven and Earth, this stadium acts a little like a celestial vault for the Universe.
THE WINNER! This stadiums structure is a concession of interwoven façade that resembles something like a birds nest. Again, an eyeball.! 11 is an occultic number too.
The ancient ritual of ‘throwing jade in the water” inspired this design. Again a spaceship look while looking from above would resemble an eye.
From far away this stadium looks like a giant passenger ship. It harmonizes the earth and the people…With a Bee-honeycomb (One-mind) effect we have the “Water Cube”. Made up off 12 pentagons and two hexagons, which is repeatable in 3D without leaving any empty spaces. This was next to the Stadium.
Now 2012…
This is the designs. They have started the construction process. Notice the innovative process of incorporating the 2012 into the word LONDON. This year there was no competition for the design process, although people submitted their LOGO designs. The last one being very phallus looking!

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