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Mayans-Freemasons-TAU Cross Connection

I want to point out the connotations between false religions and their masterful origins and of the up and coming New Age Deception of the Mayan 2012. This work points exactly to that and more. The sky gods return!
From The Tau cross should be traced by the Master’s gavel, but the sign is not always given correctly. The inverted Tau cross, what we call the Master’s Level, is the symbol of spirit in contact with, but above, matter, and this is the “mark or sign of Life” of which the Angel said: “Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof…. For these reasons it has ever been considered a mark or sign of life”.
Now, where would they get such a specific mindset?
From the stone masonry villages across the Anasazi (Ancient Hopi) Southwest to the Mayan city of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico into the buildings called the Palace, we have this symbol which is incorporated into the architecture. For instance, Augustus Le Plongeon, one of the first archaeologists of the Maya, writes that the T-shape corresponded to Crux, or the Southern Cross. This constellation appears shortly before the beginning of the rainy season in southern Mexico.

OCCULT SIGIL>Notice the TAU symbol
“The ancient Maya astronomers had observed that at a certain period of the year, at the beginning of our month of May, that owes its name to the goddess MAYA, the good dame, mother of the gods, the “Southern Cross,” appears perfectly perpendicular above the line of the horizon. This is why the Catholic church celebrates the feast of the exaltation of the holy cross on the third day of that month, which it has consecrated particularly to the Mother of God, the Good Lady, the virgin Ma-R-ia, or the goddess Isis anthropomorphized by Bishop Cyril of Alexandria.”

Interestingly, I found this at WIKIPEDIA:
Le Plongeon wrote a lengthy history of Maya culture, going so far as to propose a theory that Maya had been in touch with the lost continent of Atlantis and were ancestral to Ancient Egypt, a theory which has since been discredited by the scientific community. Le Plongeon, a Freemason, was also convinced that the roots of Freemasonry were to be found in the ancient Maya culture. However, as a pioneer in producing photographic records of Maya sites and inscriptions, Le Plongeon’s works retain at least a curio value to later researchers and his photographs preserve the appearance of many sites and objects that have been subsequently damaged or destroyed.
In Greek the letter T is called tau cross, which echoes the name of the Hopi sun god Tawa. Masau’u is the name of the Hopi god of the Underworld, fire, and death. His head is sometimes carved in rock art as a modified rectangle to suggest a stylized skull.

This next picture is from the “Lost Colony” but notice the similarities….

Check out this one and the next picture…

The Freemasons use symbols and numerology to express their doctrines.

Reminds me of an OWL!

Not only do these secret societies delegate the doctrines to the people, but also the demons delegate to these secret societies.
The Freemasons agenda was to initiate these false religions by pursuing the necessities needed to gain momentum and they have accomplished all this and more. They freely admit to it as well. They tell you that they have been around since the days of Jesus Christ.
I believe these false religion doctrines all connect and have been given to humanity by these ‘sky gods’ who are actually fallen angels and their prodigy. Likened to the days of Enoch, these entities want humanity to believe they are the creators of humanity and have guided us down through the ages. They only guiding they have performed is guiding the people away from the real Truth and Light…GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ.
These self-proclaimed gods will come forward eventually to announce their divinity and they even use the names of GOD’s elect to confuse and sway the peoples. They have been in contact with the New Age channelers and this activity has been an ongoing situation since the beginning of these false religions began.
Amazingly one begins to see the connected puzzle pieces.

Petroglyph of two humanoids, Perry Mesa Ruins north of Phoenix, Arizona.
The figure on the left with the T-shaped head may represent Masau’u.

Hermes Staff of Life/Caduceus/Medical Staff is very similar to the Tau Cross

Ishtar Angel Caduceus Statue–Peacock Angel–Melek Taus

The avian imagery of Melek Taus also indicates a demonic aspect. The Yezidi come from Kurdistan, the ancient lands of Sumeria and Assyria. Sumerian gods were often cruel, and equipped with beaks and wings. Birdlike. Three thousand years ago the Assyrians worshiped flying demons, spirits of the desert wind. One was the scaly-winged demon featured in The Exorcist: Pazuzu.


On the website webmaster would have you believe: “It is interesting to note that when Moses entered the Sinai desert, he found the Midianite tribe (also called the Kenites) wearing the T-shape on their foreheads. This sign, which represented their god of storms (bringing water) and war (thunder), later became known as the “Yahweh Mark.”
“Much later Jesus may well have been crucified on a Tau or St. Anthony’s cross rather instead of on the Latin cross we think of today, though this will probably be forever debated.”

This is so unbelievably untrue!

There are 36 of Tribes of Giants mentioned in the Bible:
Nephilim *

Above- Another Tainted Puzzle Piece

Tomorrows article will connect another piece of this ongoing religious battle. The sad thing is no matter how much light is put on this matter, these people are lost and most will remain that way. But, my hope and prayers are that articles like this and others will awaken those who are asleep.

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  1. you have used the letter T in many of the words in this post. The Tau is mentioned in the bible as the sign imprinted on the forehead of those who are saved. It does have a striking resemblance to a Cross upon which the saviour of the world hung. So if Christ has taken this symbol away from Satan so that it became the mark of salvation why are you so eager that Satan should have it back…just because some spooky people happen to adopt it?

    February 11, 2016 at 4:16 PM

    • GOD is duplicated in many ways by Satan. Esoteric knowledge was never meant for us to know, the elite are finding out the GOD says in HIS Word that everything will come to light! The darkness surrounding us will be left to judgments, I don’t judge but leave articles for you to be informed as to how they work. I pray GOD has mercy on each and every creation. Peace & Blessings-V

      February 16, 2016 at 7:07 AM

  2. Does your last image labelled ‘Another Tainted Puzzle Piece’ represent Saint Francis of Assisi?

    February 16, 2016 at 7:18 PM

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