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Miner 49er!

A mining accident took place on Monday, August 6, 2007, at 2:48 A.M. MDT. The mine collapsed, trapping six workers.  On mid-day August 16, 2007, eleven days after the collapse, underground rescue teams were less than halfway through the rubble to the suspected location of the miners. Why reference 11 so many times throughout these ordeals? Occultic
April 9th, 2010-West Virginia mine disaster encompassed the worst mining incident on record with 29 deaths. (2+9=11)
April 29, 2010-(April 29 is a ritualistic date) Providence, Kentucky Two miners were killed when a roof collapsed in a coal mine with a long history of safety problems. Federal inspectors cited the mine 840 times for safety violations since January 2009, and closing orders were issued 11 times.
Songtao County, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, Sept 26, 2010(2+6+2+1=13) A mine collapse leaves 28 people killed or missed. Typhoon Fanapi was the 11th and the strongest to hit the country so far this year, battering most of the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong provinces with heavy rains and strong winds. Weather manipulation occurs daily.
On November 21, 2010…(21=2+1=3/2010=2+0+1+0=3)Workers help evacuate bodies of unauthorized miners from pit mine that collapsed the previous evening, killing at least seven, on the grounds of a gold mining concession operated by multinational joint venture Surgold, in the remote Sipaliwini district. Officials in Suriname say seven men, who were illegally digging for gold, have died in a landslide at a gold mine.
Police in the former Dutch colony said two men were injured Saturday in the accident, while three men escaped the collapse.
Authorities say the dead miners were mainly from the Maroon community, descendants of African slaves brought to the South American country in the 17th and 18th centuries who escaped into the interior.
Surgold, the owner of the Suriname mine, is a joint venture between U.S.-based multinationals Alcoa and Newmont. The company says the men were not working for the company and were in an open pit mining area without permission.
The first worldwide incident that happened of course was the 33 Chilean miners. With all the Masonic symbols given in my videos and other videos on the net, it wasn’t hard to see the connection. Ritualistic sacrifices took place there and also the 11 dead on the “Atlantis” oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
Recently, I noticed another ‘incident’ which I came to the conclusion was again another sacrifice. The 29 (2+9=11) miners in the Pike River mine. It is said that this occultist ritual might actually be related to the British Royal family.
Another video producer on YOUTUBE called undercover alien has put out a video where it precisely details the reasoning of why it was a British related ‘accident’. I asked specific permission to mirror some of it’s research. The video stated that the ritual is related to the coming marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, who will ascend to the throne of England.
Between the first explosion that rocked the mine and the second, it’s revealed that there was time to rescue these miners stuck in New Zealand. The relatives of the miners screamed that there was ample opportunity to bring them out. There are rumors that it was purposely played out so that there was no miners left alive so that they could not reveal the lies that were told about the methane, which in many peoples eyes leads to the fact of an actual agenda of human sacrifices that took place.
Notice the number of dead miners in NZ were 29, and also the scheduled date of the marriage between the royalty is April 29. Incidentally, this is Hitler & Eva Braun‘s wedding date. In the NZ skies on the day of the explosion, seen from Christchurch, near Greymouth, where the mine is located, you can see the alignment between Venus and Virgo’s House. The elite of the world use astrology to rule their worlds. We are told specifically in the Bible that this is forbidden. GOD knows why they do what they do. Also the Spica star makes a perfect vortex of a pyramid with two lower stars and it’s speculated if Venus may have been in the center of the triangle to form the ALL-SEEING EYE. If you were to detail the specifics of the location, you would find the absolute magnitude of Venus was 29! Notice the repetition of the number “29”. The final cabalistic detail is 2+9=11, a very mystic number in Illuminati rituals. In Babylonian occultism, Venus represents Inanna aka Ishtar, the Annunaki-Sumerian “goddess” that is often mistaken or depicted as Lilith, a Sumerian she-demon.
It’s important to note that in the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth is Head of State of New Zealand. And an even more sinister detail suggests that the British royal family is behind these ritualistic sacrifices involving the mining workers of Chile and New Zealand, is a “souvenir” she received from the Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera.  Queen Elizabeth received a rock from the collapsed mine where the 33 miners were entrapped, in October from the Chilean president all the while all parties were smiling from ear to ear. It must be stated that Pinera is a 33 degree Illuminati Freemason.
So, in essence we have human sacrifices that aligned with Virgo’s House, whose numbers are in sync with Prince William’s marriage is referring to Kate Middleton as the next “Venus-Isis-Ishtar” of the Illuminati bloodline. And the syncing of Hitler’s marriage may be a waving flag above their agenda, concerning the NOW, and global dictatorship, by the hands of William or his father, Charles.
A statue made in homage to Charles, by the Brazilian State of Tocantins reveals a “Savior of The World” which is an embronze angel. A closer look at the statue shockingly reveals a depicted Nephilim and below his feet, you see a scenario of what appears to be an apocalypse of chaos and death.  As you must know, he’s the head of the ONG “SURVIVAL”, that controls several aboriginal reservations in the Amazon, and in the event of his taking throne, he will have control of even more land there.
Are the British royal family invoking these sacrifices to enhance their evil powers to help them attain and install a 4th Reich?
It doesn’t pay off to be a miner anymore. In cartoons it’s played off as being a job with many benefits with gold being the prominent reward. This was characterized as talented individuals who use their skills to being forth a wonderful wealth and reputation. Now, no so much.
With our elite evil infested governments, it’s not hard to see they use numerology and occult numbers to use human sacrifices as greedy power filled rituals. This information was gathered in only a hour, so you can imagine what could be found with more time. GOD bless those who have lost their lives and may GOD fill the family of these with strength and wisdom to discern the truths.

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  1. Ian Williams

    Look into the history of King William 11 and his brother Henry (Harry). The British Crown est 1111AD. Look into the connections with Zionism and the London Olympics. I think the Stuart/Spencer line (SS?) will wax the Windsors and take over in a Catholic conspired coup. The London Met is owned by IBM and dominated by Scottish Blue and York Rite Masons – Scotland Yard? The PM and Chancellor of the Exchequer are Scots. Harry is a Spencer, through and through, and an Edomite. I think that William will be the perfect sacrifice, the sacrificial sun-king with his bride. He represents Jacob. Harry is Esau and will turn the tables of Jewry and lead the final Nazi holocaust. Look at the NZ Commonwealth Games logo from Christchurch, 1974, also the clan Campbell crest. Note the Masonic symbolism and the good/evil swastika pattern – and the NZ – ZN juxtapose – herein is the hidden secret of Nazism and Zionism, the “good and evil” of the same tree. The two grand opponents of the same design, all the way back to Babylon and beyond. Babylon now has a single language again (Binary Code – BC) and a World Wide Web of agreement. It is all the same paradigm, the same paradox – it is ALL BABYLON BABY! Now look at the confluence of events and prophecies concerning June 6th and the 60th Jewbilee of Lizzie, the transit of Venus, full moon, meridian passing angle over Christchurch 66.6 degrees….

    Christchurch is to be sacrificed as is a large portion of NZ. It was set up for this from the beginning, but God will turn the tables – Harold Camping was right about one thing, IT starts HERE, and he was one year out. CH CH is 11 11 or 22 or 4. It is based on a Square. The killer quake was 22/2/2011. The first quake was 04/09/2010. I think that the main event is scheduled for June and the final upheaval September. We are very close to the end of the Church (Circe) Age and the beginning of the Days of the Son of Man, when the witness of Jesus Christ will be seen by the whole world, from the East unto the West, and then the end shall come. Before the Great Breakout comes the Great Breaking – I heard in prayer “Ian, by the time this is over, there will hardly be a heart or home left unbroken in Canterbury, and you shall have to learn to deal with real loss”.

    All stoney tablet hearts of the Law must be broken, and we must count ALL THINGS AS LOSS (dung), in order that we might GAIN CHRIST. Fall on the altar, lest it fall upon you. 0(:->)

    May 17, 2012 at 3:00 PM

  2. Ian Williams

    Oh, and our University is riddled with Masonic symbolism and was the birthplace of the atomic age (Lord Rutherford). UC (33) began experiments with firing microwaves at the upper atmosphere at the same time Liz became Queen. There have been other “Royal” sacrifices, such as Tangiwai and the Wahine, but the big one is coming – half the population will die in most of the Western countries, while the majority in India and China and such are scheduled for disposal. You must be covered in prayer and know your destiny and your deliverer – the whole world will wonder after the Beast who shall be given authority to subdue and to kill the Saints. This is not playing Church honey! Beware the leavening of the Pharisees.

    CCC – Christchurch City Council – 1 Mayor and 13 Councillors. CCC = 333. NZ Treaty of Waitangi 06/07/1840 = 13 +13 = 4 + 4.
    Tangiwai (same word reversed) 24/12/1953 and 11 carriage train pulled by loco Ka (Egyptian death deity) 949 (22) plunges into river swollen by a Lahar from Mount Ruapehu (pit of explosions). It goes on and on and on and on – be aware but do not despair!

    May 17, 2012 at 3:21 PM

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