Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


A youngster viewing a puppet show will sit happily entranced and seemingly captivated by the animated, talking marionettes, believing that they are very much alive and real. One day however, when the child has grown a little older and sees the strings attached to the puppets for the very first time, the illusion is forever shattered. From that moment onwards, the child will always know that hidden hands control these lifelike figures. For the youngster, the extent of the puppet-theater is a small box with curtains, where the strings rise up to the loving hands of parents and friendly neighbors. But for the adult, the “Virtual Puppet-theater” is the controlled space between their ears. This is the space in which their whole belief-system can be manipulated, held entranced and fascinated by the puppet-masters, directing cleverly crafted plays, dramas and crisis.

Well last Friday on a gloomy weird day as Hell’s Bells was playing, we get the ride of our lives which is symbolic for the ritualistic state of the world, the stupid and vile Olympic shows of gross blatant Zeus worship.

Well, as the bell rang 4 times to begin the gloom and doom, (do you feel it?) and then, as he sang on for the thousandth time, I heard things in a whole different way, like I’d never really considered before. Here, take a new listen!

To refresh your worried minds…

Prophesying exactly what we have coming down on us from now and the next 6 months. It is July 25, 2012. Six months will bring us just to the Solstice, with the 3 days after that, bringing us into a time when most celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but the truth is that it is but another day for the elite to get richer, who will try to ‘illuminate’ us all.

London, England, the Beautiful Isles, Wales, Scotland, etc, not only, but America too. We asked for these things we have been getting. We invoked, we sought, we conjured, we intoned, we followed our evil priests, our Satanic mothers, who ‘knew best’ what we should do. They didn’t. We knew better. Or we should have known better. Get ready for receiving what our leaders, doing what we let them, asked for:

I’m a rolling thunder, …(Thunder God)
I’m comin’ down like a hurricane (Storm God)
My lightning’s flashing across the sky (Lightning Bolt is his symbol)
You’re only young but you’re gonna die

(most of Americans and Europeans are pretty young)

I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives
Nobody’s putting up a fight

(that is sure the truth, like mindless zombies, thanks to all the poisons and vaccines and fluoride)
I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell
I’m gonna get ya, Satan get ya

Yeah, Hell’s Bells

You got me ringin’ Hell’s Bells (lots of bells are used but why is it in the 2012 Olympics, a 27-ton Bell, with the inscription, ‘Be not afeared…many noises… Shakespeare’s Caliban, from The Tempest?, I mean that is very time-appropriate and singular, considering the worldwide phenomenon of the humming, the groaning, the rumblings, clanging and booming which the press will not talk of!)
My temperature’s high, Hell’s Bells
I’ll give you black sensations up and down your spine (he’s really good at that, and it is the highway for the spirits of evil to rise if inhabiting a body, the spine is the seat, base of brain and near the tailbone(Kundalini))
If you’re into evil you’re a friend of mine (he means co-destroyer)
See my white light flashing as I split the night (the Light-Bearer, Lucifer)
‘Cause if Good’s on the left,
Then I’m stickin’ to the right (War on the Good and Pure, innocent and uncorrupted, people, genes, environment, thoughts, souls/spirits)

Yeah, Hell’s Bells
You got me ringin’ Hell’s Bells (Who is going to ring the Olympics huge bell?)
My temperature’s high, Hell’s Bells

Hell’s Bells, Satan’s comin’ to you

(Well, Satan in the guise of liberator, is already there, in the Olympics symbology, corrupting our genes/people even more, and our governments of the world and world’s entire population because of this event which exalts Zeus, Apollo, the Fire/Lightning/Storm/Sex/Fertility/Horned God, The Lord (Baal), it is being actually CELEBRATED at the official government level (all governments participating) and all people participating. See the Beijing 2008 production at the end of the games, the final show (8 ovum, eggs, sperms, Dragon seed, sexual union of the Adversary and people is being graphically shown, (mocking us?) and celebrated. Now in London, it continues, same theme, but the huge inscribed bell, mysterious and foreboding is a blatant show of calling Satan (in form of Lucifer, Horus, Solar Sun) to be our Global God with all governments’ assent.
Hell’s Bells, he’s ringing them now
Hell’s Bells, the temperature’s high
Hell’s Bells, across the sky
Hell’s Bells, they’re takin’ you down

Is it because of our deliberate ritual that portals have been (are still) opening? It is the purpose of the Bell, the invocation and the intoned words and names of infernal spirits of old. What are the strange noises around the world freaking people out? you may have heard of them, though the media spike the phenomenon.

I think this may all be leading up to the December Winter Solstice the Mayans prophesied and warned of, and the following days.. initiation on a mass scale, into the worldwide religion of Lucifer, climaxing on Dec. 25. They themselves, (devotees of Satan) say it involves a tone or hum of a frequency or frequencies which will cause portals to open within us, which is their goal, so that the called-down spirits of the ‘ascended masters’ and the ‘enlightened ones’ may take over OUR bodies, minds and toss our own spirits to the side; move in, so to speak. (called Walk-Ins).

Is that what caused the horrible Zombie man to do the vile thing he did? Demon possession is surely the cause of that. Demonic possession of our bodies is only made possible if we give our assent, or are traumatized to the extent that we ‘give up’ or are weakened enough by terror, pain and trauma, that we ‘split’ and they are then able to take up abode in that person’s, child’s, or animal’s body. For a year now, longer even, we have heard a frequency-phenomenon, noises, strange and unsettling, all over the countries that are taking part in this ritual: USA, Ireland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Hungary, Wales…)
Remember the Puerto Rico Hum on their local news? and Florida’s ‘What is this LOUD noise?’ on YouTube, 8 minute long video of mother and father. The Colorado strange sounds, the Maryland quiet neighborhood sounds like terrifying voices from the abyss; the Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Germany,Sweden, England, Ireland.

Hell’s Bells, they’re draggin’ you around
(bells are hexed for the purpose of opening portals, spiritual gateways, highways – to heaven, to earth, not for good spirits)

Hell’s Bells, gonna split the night (maybe the West Coast? or North Coast of Britain?)
Hell’s Bells, there’s no way to fight, yeah

(this is what he wants us to believe, but is not true)

Hell’s Bells

Well, what more can I say. This is all too horrible to grasp the scope in one day, or week, or year; you have to work at it, to see it in all its terrific depth, and then, even then, you ask yourself, ‘Somebody, please, wake me up out of this horrible nightmare, this can’t be happening, can it?’

In this next video, we have a Mothership, UFO’s Serpents, Reptiles, Supernatural entities, Giants, All-Seeing Eye, Sun Worship, and more!


Will we see another UFO (like in 1984) at the Olympics this year? Seriously, why didn’t this get more press….wait…the media was/is owned by the elite-even back then!


Which reminds me….does anyone see the symbolism here with the Los Angeles Olympics, to the BATTLE in the skies which actually took place there!!!!!!


The phrase “eight bells” comes from ships bells, which rung every hour to keep track of watches. So, after the first hour, the bell rings once, after the second hour, it rings twice, and so on. So the eight bells signal that one watch is over and the next cycle begins, or starts the cycle over. ‘Eight bells’  is also slang for “over” or “finished”.
It is also related to the attempt of mutiny aboard a ship in the military. The attempt was discovers and thwarted by the signaling of the eight bells. This
signal, of course, was permitted by the ship’s Captain. An indication that all is well at the end of a watch.

Are we awaiting the long foretold coming of the sky-gods this year? Many people believe so. These Ascended Masters keep channeling and telling us they are here! Here for what purpose? Is this the “LOCUSTS” in Revelations? I do believe so!
These strange occurrences which are taking place worldwide, are they the wormholes opening with ritualistic practices? Are these strange sounds part of this same experience?
So many questions, so little answers. But, I will tell you this…no matter what takes place, we need to TRUST in GOD to keep our souls safe. This is their objective-to inhabit your body in order to steal your soul!

Call upon your Father and Creator, to protect you from this evil we have caused to rule over us all. We are sorry, very sorry for our ignorance, and our sins, our sorceries, and apostacies, for harming your spirit with vexing anger, and harming all your beautiful creation. The Beautiful Isles were supposed to be a blessing due to Abraham’s faith and obedience, love. We are so sorry, and it is late. Please forgive us, hear our pleas and save what is now left of our squandered blessings you have given us all. Save our children, our friends, our countrymen, and those of all other countries, from ourselves, and from these spirits of destruction that we have worshiped these millenniums, to your laments, anger, and despair; we are all sorry, Father GOD, in Your Only Awesome Sacred Name, we ask your pardon, forgiveness, and rescue. Please, we ask this sincerely in name of Jesus Christ, who will come again in Your Name, after the grande deception of the Winter Solstice has come and gone. (who knows how long after that, we will have to suffer, but please help us to stand in the evil day!

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