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Lots of neat space stuff this month. We had the annular eclipse, then the moon early last month was at closest approach (supermoon). tonight’s partial eclipse. And finally Venus transit on Tuesday. 2012 Nov 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Quite alot going on up there!
Does anyone find this to be odd?
The upcoming lunar eclipse on the 4th followed by VENUS TRANSIT ON THE 5th & 6th….what will we see? Are the elite occult groups using this time for strengthening their reserves? Are they communicating via rituals? Is this alignment long awaited for them, as a time like never before? I think the answer to all these questions, unquestionably-Yes…unequivocally-YES!
Following SuperMoons through 2012:
Sep 27, 2011 -Oct 26, 2011- Nov 25, 2011
Apr 06, 2012 -May 06, 2012- Jun 04, 2012 -Nov 13, 2012- Dec 13, 2012

→3:50am to 4:03 during totality/40% eclipse). Location Southern Nevada



Attention around the world seems to be centered towards the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The 1000+ boat flotilla began the 4-day celebration, and will culminate with a concert. The flotilla included a barge with 8 bells, and was said to be the primary boat of the parade. The ringing of bells led the commencement of the event.

A supernatural effect of bells reaches back thousands of years, but the symbolism entitled a worship-type honor given to the Queen and her family. The numbering of the 8 bells is a euphemism for death. The association between bells and religious events parallel a spiritual purpose. Some decorative while others serves practical functions, and the appearance usually involved idolatry and magickal enchantments.
Is it reasonable to think they ringing of the Queen’s flotilla bell was to exercise the spiritual realm, enabling supernatural influences to reign in the natural?
Upon researching for another article which is upcoming called “One World Religion Coalition”, there were some pictures which came to mind when I saw the surrounding structures on the Flotilla events.

Notice the red structure on the right side, which I am guessing are cranes…but it’s the positioning of the cranes which struck my eye…

This is the opening arrangement for the World Church …a One World Religion Organization…or is it to resemble this?

Merovingian Logo


This is but an extended celebration to their gods and goddesses. They use the same rituals year after year and the people are none the wiser. The masses are beginning to wake up to these rituals but not as many as are needed for an intervention on a worldwide scale. The people are being subjected to symbols on a daily basis which they use as sigils (symbols for incantations) and gain power through this symbolic gesture. Magick is used around the world daily, and now they are so arrogant about the usage that they flaunt it before us EVERYWHERE.

Queen Victoria’s 60th Jubilee was held on June 22, 1897. There have only been two in the entire history of Britain. This being the first was very special to the country, little did they know the symbolism of it all.
During 1896-1897, there was an outbreak of plague in Pune. Martial law was imposed. C. W. Rand of the ICS was appointed to take charge of the plague control measures and had successfully contained the epidemic; but his methods of evacuating the people, of fumigating their dwellings, and burning the contaminated articles, evoked tremendous hatred amongst certain sections of the society, which led to his assassination.
There was intense popular resentment against Mr. Rand, the British Plague Commissioner due to his harsh measures for forcibly evacuating the people.
An agitated Damodar Chapekhar and his two brothers, militant followers of Tilak, decided to take revenge. They killed Mr. Rand at night while he was returning from the Govt. House after participating in the 60th anniversary celebrations of Queen Victoria’s Coronation, held on June 22, 1897. Subsequently, there was a film produced about this very subject.

The use of a bell is twisted from the Holy meaning to Satan’s twisted meaning…but this is of significance here.
Onboard ships, sailors’ duty watches have long been signaled by bell strikes. The bell is rung on the half hour during each four hour shift. One bell strike signals the first half hour, two, the second until, at the conclusion of each 4 hour shift, eight bell strikes are heard. Thus, “eight bells” signals the end of a sailor’s duty watch. “The term ‘Eight bells’ can also be a way of saying that a sailor’s watch is over, for instance, in his or her obituary. It’s a nautical euphemism for ‘finished.'”

Exodus 28:33 And beneath upon the hem of it thou shalt make pomegranates of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, round about the hem thereof; and bells of gold between them round about:
34 A golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of the robe round about.
35 And it shall be upon Aaron to minister: and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unto the holy place before the Lord, and when he cometh out, that he die not.
The sound Aaron made with the bell and pomegranate fringe is connected with entering into and leaving the Lord’s presence in the Most Holy Place – and not dying. This is no small matter! These bells are functioning to facilitate passage between the natural and supernatural realms, even being involved in accessing the presence of the Most High God.

How the Queen's flotilla will look, with the bells ringing out on the barge at the front
The High Priest was the only person permitted to enter the most holy place, and then only once a year on Yom Kippur. He had to be ritually clean and prepared in every way, which included wearing the bells on the hem of his robe. He was ritually “holy to the Lord” and enabled to minister in that place, in His presence. Appearing in any other condition, at any other time, or attempted access by any other person in any condition at any time would assure death in that place. There was more required beyond just the sound made by the bell/pomegranate fringe for the High Priest to remain alive and not die, like his having washed in the bronze laver (Exodus 30:17-21), but the sound of the fringe was among the required elements that made him “Holy to the LORD.” His flesh was thus protected from, immune to, or, perhaps most correctly, untouched by the “consuming fire” of the presence of the Holy God.
The sound made by the bells is somewhat related to the sound of the shofar that also marks Yom Kippur. In popular Judaism there’s a special focus during Yom Kippur on the gates of heaven, which swing closed at the end of the day.
“On Yom Kippur, the day when we need the help of the shofar to pierce all the barriers between us and heaven…”
“The dramatic last service, neilah, focuses on the image of the gates of heaven closing…”
(Both quotes from p. 120 of The Jewish Holidays – A Guide and Commentary by Michael Strassfeld)
The gates of heaven obviously control access to heaven. The shofar is as a voice from heaven that crosses the divide, but the bell provides for access.
Then we have the infamous magician Aleister Crowley who counted the bell amongst the small number of objects commonly used as “magickal weapons,” instruments used to bring about intentional change. Frequently, this involved the invocation of fallen angels.
There is a book in circulation titled, “The Lost Book Of Enoch Magick Ritual Book.” A book summary reports that, “The Lost Book of Enoch is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls found in the eleven caves of Qumran along with the Bible. After thousands of years and endless difficult Grimoire Magick books on the subject, this book finally reveals the secrets of how to summons these Angels and Fallen Angels of Enoch You only need a candle, bell, rope and incense and 10 minutes to do each ritual.” It’s claimed that no faith is required for success.
So, as we see GOD has a Holy presence for bells but Satan uses them for magick and the occultic rituals.
More here:

Parts 2-5 to come! I will cover all the credible info and celebrations from these events.








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