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The bell ringers - and even the tugboat captain whose job it is to push along the barge - will wear ear defenders
Note first of all the sun emblem on the top of the boat. The Queen just loves the Sun and Moon…why do you think she wears the hats all the time?

Then take note to the created figures on the front…half demon-half serpent? ‘Spirit of Chartwell’ Royal Barge is full of lil’ demons!

Prince William wore blue and his bride wore red. You would think ‘honeymooners’ would be more lovey-dovey!


The lunch planned is finishing @ 2:20pm. Numbers mean so much in rituals.

↑Sun Worship and they don’t even realize it.↑
The concert need be the entertainment which follows and it too is full of surprises. Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth band perform on stage during the Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace on June 4, 2012 in London, England. Performers included Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Sir Elton John, Shirley Bassey, Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, Madness, Stevie Wonder, Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Paul McCartney. Take notice to all the SIRS!

Also it should be noted that the Queen did arrive at the concert wearing a BLACK cape.
The uniforms of the Household Calvary seems to strike a nerve…it certainly reminded me of another picture/logo.
Also the uniform are very similar to these…



Just what does this angel of the Queen Victoria’s Monument suppose to represent? I fear it is of no good. A harbinger angel, a fallen one, I’m sure.
St. Paul’s Cathedral—Christopher Wren is remembered as the chief architect of modern London, but his assistant Nicholas Hawksmoor towers above him in occult circles thanks to his 12 churches built in accordance with the 1711 Act. But, with the Vatican at the forefront, the others follow suit with the occult structures of sunbursts, obelisks, pyramids, and cubes and none other than Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, and let’s not forget the All-Seeing Eye. The City of London is also known as the Square Mile, even though it is rectangular. Squares feature heavily in Masonic rituals and recog­nition signs. Masons are required to “square their actions by the square of virtue” and are sworn by “God and the Square”.

Someone said if London were to be the New Jerusalem, then its cathedrals would be the new Temple of Solomon. Isaac Newton was a Royal Society member, a close friend of Wren’s and probably a Freemason.
St Paul’s also follows Wren’s notions of sacred geometry and encodes the Cabalistic Sephiroth or Tree of Life, the 10 domes corre­sponding to the 10 spheres, as well as representing the 10 spheres of the classical heavens. Wren, an astro­nomer, brought the whole Universe into his cathedral.

Wren claimed that when he instructed a workman to place a piece of stone rubble to mark the center of the new St Paul’s, he found it was a fragment of tombstone with the Latin inscription “Resurgam” – “I will rise again”. The word was inscribed on the pediment of the south door and marked with a phoenix. In addition, rubble from the old St Paul’s was deliberately used in the foundations of many of the 51 churches built after the Great Fire.
The Jubilee celebrations are ending with a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral (with the Queen’s speech at 3:30 33?) and a carriage procession back to Buckingham Palace. After her reception in the City this morning, the Queen and her lady-in-waiting traveled to Whitehall for a Diamond Jubilee lunch with members of the City of London Livery Companies. Many of the 700 guests were ordinary people from across the country.

Notice there were 700 guests!
The Duke of Cambridge has been practicing his dance moves ahead of their visit to the Solomon Islands, the Duchess revealed today, as the couple met dignitaries from across the Commonwealth to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Also, the choices of these destinations are taken very seriously, such as the Solomon Islands, St. Paul’s Cathedral. The dinner with the 700 guests.
This palace of a cathedral, is very prominently displaying the Freemason trademarks in multiple areas, but what I would like to point out first is the seating arrangement. The seats are displayed in an upside-down cross fashion. I was taken back at first, but this is commonplace for the people we are discussing. The floors hold true the checkerboard pattern of the Freemasonry.

Sun Worship symbols in attire and…

↑Church sun worship↑
1st Jubilee

The Queen Victoria left the palace to attend Thanksgiving Services at St. Paul’s, still in her mourning colors, dressed in a black silk dress and black lace bonnet. Timed for 10 o’clock in the evening, more than 2500 bonfires are lit across the British Isles in her honor. Not everyone joins in the orgy of self-congratulation.
After the Jun 22, 1897 celebrations, Queen Victoria held the Jubilee Ball at Devonshire House on July 2, 1897. With 700 guests in attendance at the historical costume-dated earlier that the 1820’s, the carriages clogged the streets for blocks.

Guests are greeted by the Duke of Devonshire attired as Emperor Charles V; the Duchess wears the habiliments of Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra. Lady Randolph Churchill – as the Empress Theodora – noted that the Duke and Duchess greeted their guests “by bowing, curtsying or salaaming, according to the characters they represented.” The Prince of Wales comes as the Grand Prior of the Order of Jerusalem.
An immediate dose of reality greeted the Duchess of Marlborough, who recalls the walk home across Green Park: “On the grass, lay the dregs of humanity. Human beings too dispirited or sunk to find work or favor, they sprawled in sodden stupor … In my billowing period dress, I must have seemed to them a vision of wealth and youth, and I thought soberly that they must hate me. But they only looked, and some even had a compliment to enliven my progress.” Ball guests (Baron Kenyon & the Countess of Mar) – copyright V&A.

Jubilee Stewards Left out in Cold After Mix Up—-Leaving people out in the wet, cold night!

Divine providence, I think not! The Zoroastrian religion contains the winged disc-a symbol of the Ahura Mazda. Some say this is also the Annunaki Sumerian gods. These wings are the same on all military uniforms and logos around the world!
The Merovingian bloodline are said to derive from royal-bee blood.
More on bees-
In Egypt, Bees symbolized a stable and obedient society, mantras that would later be adopted by Freemasonry – and the United States of America.
The tradition of the Bee worship in Spain has been preserved to this day, albeit under the rather macabre guise of Bull fighting. The modern day ‘sport’ is actually an extension of Mithraism, the ancient mystery school whose rites included the ritualistic slaughter of bulls.

The ancient Egyptians shared many similarities with the Sumerians and Dogons, including the veneration of Bees. Egyptian mythology contains countless references to the Bee, including the belief that Bees were formed through the tears of the god RA.
Many coat of arms contain these symbols, all around the world.

This all leads into the Babylonian Sun Bird/Phoenix/PAZUZU DEMON/MARDUK/MOLOCK
This symbol is recognized all over the world but in this particular week we notice it even more. The procession which brings the elite into the St. Paul’s Cathedral is taking place on a long avenue which if you notice in the very beginning of it, it holds this shape.

Reproduction of the ancient Sumerian-Babylonian tomb guardian Pazuzu, elemental demon of wind and pestilence. As archetypal monster, it incorporates a composite of astrological characteristics and is portrayed with horns, serpentine face, the wings of an eagle, the legs and paws of a lion and scorpion tail.

As personification of the “evil wind that brings pestilence,” Pazuzu is one of the famous Seven Sumerian Demons dispatched upon a hapless earth by the celestial dragononess Tiamat during her epic battle with the solar deity Marduk. In the form of the Demon Storm-Bird Zu, Pazuzu achieved heroic status for stealing the Tablets of Destiny from Tiamat.

According to the Sumerian chronicles, the Seven Demons represent the elemental forces which assaulted the world during the terrible cataclysm attending the Great Flood.

Because tradition held that Pazuzu once opposed a powerful demonic goddess, icons of Pazuzu were used for warding off all evil forces. Until late Babylonian times, Pazuzu was worn as an amulet, set on household shelves and placed next to sleeping children to guard them from Lamashtu, a female demon who preyed upon babies and their mothers.

Statuettes like this were also left in tombs to protect the dead which, at the same time, conferred a relative immortality on the benevolent demon. Pazuzu’s protective presence on the eaves of ancient temples is still echoed today by the misshapen winged gargoyles clutching the roof-tops of Medieval churches and Gothic buildings.

Sumerian Stele-Bee Goddess Worship

Gigantic statues from the Assyrian city of Nimrud – now modern Iraq, and Persepolis – now modern Iran, appear to have continued the Sumerian ‘winged tradition’ by depicting bulls with wings.
The Bee featured prominently in another ancient culture – the Dogon, a tribe from the West African region of Mali whose Nommo ancestors and Sirian mythology were made famous by Robert Temple in his book, The Sirius Mystery. The Dogon belief system is ancient, and until approximately 140 AD, its zodiac featured the Bee as the symbol of the constellation presently occupied by Libra. The Bee’s position in the Dogon Zodiac is significant to esoteric thought leaders such as Cabalists, who recognize the Bee’s role in establishing balance and harmony in the zodiac – and in life. Curiously, two of the most common Dogon symbols resemble schematized figures identified by Marija Gimbutas as Bees; one is associated with vital food supplies and the other with reincarnation. Together, the Dogon images reflect the essence of the Bee’s perceived value in ancient times.

Also, the Dagon attire (Mitre Hat) is featured in an upcoming part of this series….



I’ve noticed in this time of celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee that the attire and symbols of these elite in England/Britain not only flaunt it on themselves but they push them onto others.

Now I don’t think these soldiers realize these parallel features.

Whose is whose? Do you know?



PART 3-5 has much more to come!








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