Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


Diamond, the hardest natural material known, carries associations of endurance and longevity. These qualities, allied to the purity, magnificence and value of the stones. To mark a special occasion, nothing could add the impact such as this. But, let’s take those attributes and align them with past associations.  Like fool’s gold, a diamond too can fool the eye!
The dramatic history is none the less majestic but does the royalty sustain values and display honor. Officially, we see the familiar appearances to the millions, the image as a loving family with relaxed gatherings which include spontaneous exhibitions of love.

On the surface, we say yes…but when one begins to invest time in the history of the bloodlines, we start to see a whole different perspective.
From a string of dead bodies found at the royal palaces, to a history not unlike the United States with the façade of sovereignty,  so to is the banking economics that control the parliament. Controlling the money also reigns the people in so many aspects. Bilderberg (and others)  is one of the transnational groups suspected by the European-Americans of secret elite power structures.
From coal to diamonds, such is the state of the Royal of the world, but in the reverse. We begin our lives as a child with trust and dependency and until circumstances teach us otherwise we live in certainty.

The display of honor, purity, and respect is long gone. There is no doubt that the governments of the world are not as diplomatic as they project themselves. People are finally waking up to the nightmare of the reality we live in daily. To be honest, those of us in the USA and Europe live a good life. It’s the people who live in the third world countries who have felt the brunt of the reality for years, we are just beginning to see it. With food costs rising daily, gasoline skyrocketing whenever they feel the urge to gut us, we are asking for protests as the government makes them illegal. Seriously? This is the purest trait of a communist society.
There is no doubt that the original elite who established the nations such as the U.S. and Europe were in cahoots, just listen to the National Anthem of these two countries.
So, with the USA and Europe in the lead of a massive genocidal ritual, we have to ask ourselves…just what are we to do? Pray, and trust in GOD’s Will. Truth is inspiring, and guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition.


The British Flag is designed out of the occult practices of the astrological zodiac…

The origin of the Union Jack conspiracy is its mockery of Christ in Rev. 1:8. It is made up of two outstanding crosses. X is Alpha. + is Omega. Alpha and Omega. This is what Christ called Himself.
All I see is a histories largest Catholic Superstate, a Catholic Confederation of States. This religious/political monster has consumed the world. Yes, I do believe like the United States our President hides behind a façade, but so does the Royal Monarchy, in unison with the United Nations. Working together for the same vision…a global currency, and a  new world order, a one-world religion. The socialist party behind this is none other than these conglomerates.


I had already noticed some things about the concert that couldn’t be overlooked but a Rhonda from the forum here noticed some very important aspects of this celebration that needs addressed.

Grace Jones loves to dress as the devil, and also Medusa. Yes, she is known for extravagant costumes but some things are not by chance.

Using Satan as a symbol is something they flaunt.

This has so many triangles, as above-so below.

Anne Lennox is one brilliant talent, no doubt but like so many others gives up so much to get so little. Posing as an angel of Light in black? Fallen Angel anyone?

Kylie Minogue chose the special occasion to break out this Nazi-style outfit! But also notice the symbols on the clothing;

Kylie Minogue - Jubilee Concert performers

This is not just any cross symbol on the clothing but a FREEMASON Red Cross- cross pattée but the part which defines the EXACT origin to me would be the GERMAN IRON CROSS from 13 MARCH, 1813! Notice the numbers and dates. Also take notice of the hats of the dances around Kylie…looks like something the ‘mythological’ Titans would wear!

Mermaids and Dragons….Cheryl Cole loves mermaids? Those Merovingians do!

Paul McCartney sung ob la di ba da—-equals DIABLO? Also LIVE AND LET DIE..he seemed to have emphasis on certain key words in this song. Strange!

This looks like a sun-enveloped celebration. From triangles, to pentagrams the whole soiree was a bit over the top in occult symbols.

Just what was the grand purpose of this GIANT DIAMOND besides the lighting ceremony? Seems odd!



The Germans and the Brits are connected in so many ways, and this is no exception. The elite use symbols, numbers, sigils, and rituals to gravitate the darkness towards them and we must not forget the clothing can be considered in the same category. Much like Diana, the new bride of Prince William is told what to wear, speak and act.

Let’s deliberate on the legend of  Pied Piper. This legend tells us that there were the departure and deaths of a great many children from the town of Hamelin in Lower Saxony in the middle ages. This Pied Piper person was said to lead these children away from the town, never to return. But, clearly it began another way. The Pied Piper was hired to lure rats away from with his ‘magic pipe’. When the citizenry refuses to pay for these services, he retaliated by turning the magic on their children.
Although many recall this as a mere fairy tale, we must remember this story reflects a historical event! It sounds very much like a ritual.

The “Children’s Crusade” was a disastrous crusade to expel Muslims from the Holy Land in 1212. Slavery and other horrific stories rise to the surface such as a boy (Stephen of Cloyes), who was said to be visited by Jesus Christ and told to crusade peacefully while converting Muslims to Christianity gaining as much as 30,000 children in the process. Two merchants (mer comes from the Merovingian) were said to have gave them free passage to Jerusalem but instead sent them to Tunisia to be sold into slavery. The second story, a man named Nicholas led an unsuccessful journey in much the same manner with his death by hanging in the end. Recent research suggests the participants were not children but adults with wandering poor peasants with the same outcomes.
Closer to the truth would be the Ostsiedlung Migration! A band of the Teutonic Order of Knights cultivated an expansion of land said to be owned by the FRANKS (Merovingian). Cistercian Monks (Knights of Templar) were said to be involved. Called many things; Order of the Germans (Lords in white capes), Order of the St. Mary of the Germans in Jerusalem…these sounds much like the KKK and Jesuits….all secret societies!
These people have very horrid pasts which lead to many deaths and their bloodlines have carried this same path into the modern times. But now they are the Royal bloodlines and elite!


File:Jack Black.jpg

Jack Black was rat-catcher and mole destroyer by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Victoria during the middle of the nineteenth century. Black cut a striking figure in his self-made “uniform” of scarlet topcoat, waistcoat, and breeches, with a huge leather belt inset with cast-iron rats.
When he caught any unusually colored rats, he bred them, to establish new color varieties. He would sell his home-bred domesticated colored rats as pets, mainly, as Black observed, “to well-bred young ladies to keep in squirrel cages”. Beatrix Potter is believed to have been one of his customers, and she dedicated the book Samuel Whiskers to her rat of the same name. The more sophisticated ladies of court kept their rats in dainty gilded cages, and even Queen Victoria herself kept a rat or two. It was in this way that domesticated—or fancy—rats were established. Black also supplied live rats for rat-baiting in pits, a popular mid-Victorian pastime.

Magic and paganism follows this story hand in hand. Pied Pier said to be a psychopathic pedophile! Never the less, we seem to be a world full of these same types of people even today!!


Who's who: guide to the great and the good in Jubilee Concert audience

1: The Queen 2: Earl Peel, Lord Chamberlain 3: Pip Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s son 4: Archibishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

5: Princess Anne 6: Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence 7: Duchess of Kent, the Queen’s first cousin 8: Prince Charles 9: Duchess of Cornwall

10: Prince Andrew 11: Lord Patten of Barnes, the chairman of the BBC Trust 12: Duke of Kent, the Queen’s first cousin 13: Princess Eugenie

14: Princess Beatrice 15: Duchess of Cambridge 16: Prince William 17: Prince Harry 18: Countess of Wessex 19: Prince Edward

20: Duke of Gloucester, the Queen’s first cousin 21: Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke’s Danish wife 22: Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin

23: Countess of St Andrews, an historian at Cambridge University and daughter-in-law of the Duke of Kent 24: Daniel Chatto, artist and husband of

Princess Margaret’s only daughter 25: Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of Princess Margaret and 1st Earl of Snowdon 26: Mike Tindall, married to the

Queen’s granddaughter Zara 27: Zara Phillips, the Queen’s granddaughter 28: Peter Phillips, the Queen’s grandson 29: Autumn Phillips, wife of Peter

Phillips 30: Viscount Linley, son of Princess Margaret 31: Viscountess Linley, Viscount Linley’s wife 32: Charles Armstrong-Jones, son of the Viscount

and Viscountess Linley 33: Earl of Ulster, son of Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Queen’s cousin 34: Countess of Ulster, the Count’s wife and a

physician 35: Gary Lewis, husband of Lady Davina Lewis, daughter of Duke of Gloucester 36: Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister 37: Samantha

Cameron, wife of the Prime Minister 38: David Cameron, Prime Minister 39: Governor General of Canada, David Johnston 40: Sharon Johnston, the

Governor General’s wife 41: Lord Downpatrick, son of Earl and Countess of St Andrews 42: Lady Amelia Windsor, daughter of Earl and Countess of St

Andrews 43: Lady Nicholas Windsor, Duke and Duchess of Kent’s daughter-in-law 44: Lord Nicholas Windsor, Duke and Duchess of Kent’s son

45: Lady Rose Gilman, daughter of Duke and Duchess of Gloucester 46: George Gilman, son-in-law of Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

47: Sir Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s Private Secretary 48: Lady Geidt, wife of Sir Christopher 49: Baron Fellowes, former Private Secretary to the

Queen 50: Baroness Fellowes, elder sister of Princess Diana and married to Baron Fellowes 51: Dame Norma Major, wife of former Conservative

Prime Minister John Major 52: Sir John Major, former Conservative Prime Minister 53: Lord Coe, London 2012 chairman 54: Carole Annett, Lord Coe’s

wife 55: Heston Blumenthal, chef 56: Jessica Blumenthal, Heston Blumenthal’s daughter 57: Gabriella di Nora, partner of Sir Donald Gosling, former

chairman of NCP 58: Sir Donald Gosling, former chairman of NCP 59: BBC Director-General Mark Thompson 60: Lord Bilimoria, life peer and

chairman of Cobra Beer


↑True that blood is thicker than water!↑


Rhonda also pointed out that recently the Queen had an EEL pie made especially for her at the JUBILEE! Eels are a water-serpent.








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