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Ezekiel’s Hyperspace Cube


There are other researchers who are exposing this kind of information, but the difference between us is that I am trying to correlate this to prophecy as it relates to The Bible. I believe everything GOD does, Satan feels the need to duplicate. Hence, the wheel within a wheel…
The Vision and the Voice
It seems just when I think this is over and The Holy Spirit is moving me onto another subject…bam! There comes another strange connection. I’ve been shown strange coincidences between The Cube, and The Sphere. And then, how this relates to Ezekiel’s Wheel within a Wheel. Well, deeper down the rabbit hole we go…
Not many people realize just how crazy Aleister Crowley really was. Well, it’s white jackets and purple pills for this guy! He was said to have been possessed while in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and this is where he gained his vast knowledge of the occult. But, what’s strange is that this connects to CERN. Is Gog and Magog actually demons which will be released from the abyss by CERN? This speaks of “The Old Ones” and this has to be the fallen angels.
The Vision and the Voice (Liber 418) chronicles the mystical journey of Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) as he explored the 30 Enochian Æthyrs originally developed by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16th century. These visions took place at two times: in 1900 during his stay in Mexico, and later in 1909 in Algeria in the company of poet Victor Benjamin Neuburg. Of all his works, Crowley considered this book to be second in importance behind The Book of the Law, the text that established his religious and philosophical system of Thelema in 1904.
The Vision and the Voice is the source of many of the central spiritual doctrines of Thelema, especially in the visions of Babalon and her consort Chaos (the “All-Father”), as well as an account of how an individual might cross the Abyss, thereby assuming the title of “Master of the Temple” and taking a place in the City of the Pyramids under the Night of Pan.
It begins like this…
I am in a vast crystal cube in the form of the Great God Harpocrates. The cube is surrounded by a sphere. About me are four archangels in black robes, their wings and armour lined out in white…
Each chapter represents an entity, and it speaks of Shiva being released from the abyss.


Machine VS Man
Satan has the agenda of changing man’s Image of GOD within him. One way, I believe he will accomplish this is through transhumanism.
Another subject which connects to this is the “Clockwork Elves”. Machine elves(also known as self-transforming elf machines) is a coin termed by the late ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the entities that are often reported by individuals using tryptamine-based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT.
Self Transforming Machine Elves [link]


When you listen to a person who has been abducted by these (ufo) demons, you get the sense that there are many hidden secrets. The military of this world has had contact with them for centuries, and their ‘contract’ for the allowance of abductions for technology was null and void right after the agreement. Demons don’t abide by contracts!
People tell of these celestial space craft being capable of traveling from one dimension to another, as a means to transverse the vastness of space. Documents reveal statements such as, “The ship was like a living organism,”…and, scientists reported, “monitoring these ufo ships revealed that the healing of the ship occurred similar to a flesh wound.” …biomechanics? They described that when these ships were damaged the “skin or surface of the ship simply grew back over a period of days.” And once the ship was healed there were no signs of the initial damage. And these ships seem to have the telepathic ability to remain in contact with its spawn. Curious about the gadgets, the scientists had pieces of the ‘aluminum’ type substance and released a rabbit near the material. As it hopped about the table, the scientist noticed that one of the alien gadgets changed color as the rabbit approached it. Believing that the metal was about to change shape the scientist wanted to hold the alien object in his hand to get a better feel for what was taking place inside the metal. As he studied it under the light of his desk lamp, his face made contact with the gadget. The gadget activated and instantly scooped out the scientist’s eyeball!
Strangely enough, the committee overseeing this project tried using psychics to unlock some of the secrets of the alien gadgets. Many of the clairvoyants simply “freaked out,” as one scientist put it. There were a few who overcame the initial shock and actually communicated with the alien gadgets, but shortly after doing so more than half of them developed psychosis, and were dropped from the program.
The committee were certain that the aliens allowed the human race to keep the alien ship, and were aware that the aliens had the capacity to take back their ship at anytime. They were aware that the aliens could do that after they learned how independent each individual gadget on ship was, as was the ship itself. The ship could function without the assistance of the alien crew, Some on the committee believed that the gadgets were the real alien crew.


These alien gadgets could transform their image to the shape of earthly devices. This makes sense considering the witnesses of UFO appearances all over the world tell of these crafts taking on different shapes right before their eyes…i.e. shapeshifting.
The spaceship resembled a living metallic organism. It had no visible rivets or screws to hold things together, nor were there seams, joints, or overlaps of any kind. The location of the windows and doors were imperceptible from the exterior and confusing from the interior. The ship and its contents seemed to be more organic than synthetic; the ship had no hinges, latches, knobs, rollers, or wheels, only asmooth, even, one-piece skin that encompassed the whole ship.
The research team that worked with such devilish devices, came up with the theory that the essence of the soul of human had something to do with the disappearances of people. This was because one of the strange gadgets was the size of a quarter. They placed it on top of a soldier’s head. The object embedded itself inside the skull. The soldier passed out and disappeared. And the device would reappear inside the ship in three days as did all the devices the scientists decided to use. If the soldier died then the gadget went dormant but as long as there was brain activity then it remained active.
Some of these gadgets were placed on subjects and it would turn from a solid to liquid, working its way into the body/host, entering inside the body. The last entry coincides with this article!
One item that seemed evil was a 1-inch cube shaped object. It looked like a crystal with a small sphere the size of a pearl suspended in its center. The sphere pulsated with every color of the rainbow. “It was beautiful thing,” was a common utterance of those who saw it. However its beauty hid its dastardly purpose. Unlike many of the other alien gadgets, only one function was reported for that gadget. When it was placed on the chest of a person, the sphere left the cube, penetrated the chest cavity, and entered the lung. It left no puncture wound or any other sign of entry on the body. It was never determined whether the sphere had mass or if it was a ball of photons or some other form of exotic matter or antimatter. Once it completed its task, the sphere reappeared back inside the cube. The whole episode lasted only sixty seconds. Not enough time to study exactly what exactly was taking place inside the lung. After penetrating the lung, the whole body of the victim went into a state of transmutation. The sphere appeared to use the oxygen in the lungs to accelerate its function. Seconds after the injection most of the body vaporized into a whiff of smoke, leaving behind a few body parts such as fingers and toes. The scientists who performed the experiment where not injured though they were near the body when it dematerialized.


It was a horrifying sight and supposedly performed only a few times. They repeated the experiment to try and document what was taking place in the body after the sphere entered the lung. Spontaneous combustion had been a mystery for decades and will remain so. The alien gadget only stirred up more questions about the strange and wicked phenomena. The committee concluded that it was not spontaneous but had a purpose behind it. That purpose remains a mystery. The crystal cube functioned like most of the other gadgets on the ship, it had a mind of its own, and kept most of its secrets from the scientists. How did the sphere in the cube know not to penetrate the lung of one of the scientists that were handling the gadget? It probably would have if it made physical contact with the experimenter. The scientists learned from the mistakes of their colleagues, “never come into direct contact with any alien gadget!” Clothing made from most materials and ordinary gloves, seemed sufficient protection from the alien gadgets. To function, the alien gadgets needed to come into direct contact with exposed living skin, but not always, some gadgets broke their own rules.
The Aliens gave Bill something that was similar to a computer chip for implementation of the security system upgrade. The chip was the size of a period at the end of a sentence. The chip could be placed anywhere on the body. The chip monitored the location of the recipient twenty-four-hours a day. When placed on the body, the chip embedded itself below the skin and remained visible as a freckle or small blemish. The chip eliminated the need for body searches and allowed the members to come and go with considerably less restraint. The Alien unit that monitored the chip was fashioned to
look and perform as a human fabricated machine. The chip contained all applicable information about the individual and allowed that person access only to his or her assigned place of duty. Not surprisingly, everyone seemed pleased with the new security system.
Sound familiar?


Excepts taken from: “In League with a UFO”
The biomechanics of this entry was one of my subjects when I wrote the series, “Ezekiel Exposes the Legion of Doom”.


“And the circle – they will square it/Some fine day.”
Like a psychic gazing into a crystal ball to gain mystic insight, this is the road traveled by the people at CERN. Utilizing machinery to obtain paths/portals to gain access to the abyss/other dimensions. Esoteric occult paths, they seek to break the veil.
The circle has always been representative of the spirit. The square represents the material world of four elemental cardinal points, and the circle is the immateriality (the soul) that man is comprised of also. Circles are considered feminine in nature because they act to contain matter, much in the same way a womb acts to hold within itself the embryo. The square represents a masculine aspect and signifies earth with each of the four elements.
The ‘squared circle’ or ‘squaring the circle’ is a 17th century alchemical glyph or symbol for the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone.
Angels are called “stars” in the Bible. When Jesus says that the “stars of heaven shall fall to the earth”, just prior to his arrival to gather the 1st group of the Elect (which no man could number) from God’s wrath, which follows, he is speaking of the dragon and his angels being cast out of heaven. They are the 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth, in Rev 7, having just been cast out of heaven. Same as Rev 12. “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and sea”, AND “given to hurt the earth and sea” are speaking of the same event, concerning the dragon and his angels.
The Vatican altar under the dome has these same 4 angels standing on top of the vortex-like pillars, connected to a globe/earth in the center. The 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth. Lucifer and his angels exalted at the Vatican. …Imagine that. Exactly what it is. Ancient depictions of the “circling the square” in many cultures are references to represent the dragon and his angels, as is the Masonic square and compass. The “Great work” of the Masons is actually the eventual enthronement of Lucifer, subjugating the entire world under him.


This all connects to the invasion, the invisible invasion which is about to manifest before our very eyes. The esoteric knowledge which these people try to obtain for ‘enlightenment’ purposes is really a path to become a ‘god’/immortal. You have to red between the lines. The Philosopher’s Stone is the cube inside the sphere? It’s a means of transversing through time and space, either in the physical or spirit.
The NEW WORLD ORDER is here and this is the combination of the UTOPIAN path led by the demons/aliens. The lies they feed these people keep them tied to a string which is about to break. These demons are duplicating the Book of Revelation with the help of the elite so fool the masses into believing the coming events are from GOD. With all this technology, it’s not hard to imagine how many people will fall for the facade.

I’m no one special so the government shills who try to argue with me will get no where! I don’t waste my time on such matters, nor will I waste my energy.