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Accumulated research on the OLYMPIC RITUALS:………….

See the flawless timing between the crash in Indonesia and the official Olympics torch ritual in Greece? They carried out a beltane-like ceremony in front of Hera’s temple in the Parthenon.

1:40pm UK, Thursday May 10, 2012
The countdown to the London 2012 Games began in earnest as the world watched the Olympic Flame being lit in ancient Olympia.
The traditional ceremony took place amid tight security in front of the ruins of the Temple of Hera in Greece, birthplace of the Ancient Games.

Now you know why a guy dressed like Poseidon/Neptune was inside the aircraft, before it took of.

Now check the perfect alignment between the Buckingham Palace, the Parthenon and the Mount Salak:

Curiously there’s a Greek tale about a challenge between Hera and Poseidon, over the city of Argos.
Another dispute over land, this one with the goddess Hera, was to prove to be both lengthy and acrimonious, hastening the establishment of the patriarchal system of government in Greece. Poseidon challenged Hera’s claim to the city of Argos, Hera’s hometown and the center of her worship. The dispute eventually had to be settled by a tribunal of the Olympian deities.

I’m not sure if this crash could also have been a message sent by the British witch-queen of Angmar E-lizard-beth, to Vlad Putin, if you see them as occultist archetypes of Hera and Poseidon. But have no doubts it WAS a blood sacrifice for the Olympics torch ritual.

And the Bombing in Damascus, +70 Dead and counting?
Syria is also in the same aligned path between Buckingham, the Parthenon and the Mount Salak.

What time the Olympic torch ceremony did start??

The craft was taking part in an international air show in Indonesia when it got lost around Salakat about 0800 GMT, after descending to 6,000 feet. Quoting:

Central Damascus is under the firm control of government forces, but the city has been hit by several bombings in recent months, often targeting security buildings or military convoys.

Thursday’s attacks occurred in the southern suburb of al-Qazzaz shortly before 08:00 (05:00 GMT), as people were going to work.

Just saw on BBC that both pilots requested a changing in the flight route exactly over the Salak mount.

Just wait in the next days more evidence pointing out that the crash of the Sukhoi was an Illuminati blood sacrifice.

Chevy 2012 Commercial

So what’s the twig figure in the background @ :40?
CROWLEY connection?
Here’s a theme to remember: WATER

BLUE: Cascadia Subduction Zone

YELLOW: Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill Disaster

BLACK: location of Titanic wreckage

GREEN: Canary Islands (but possibly Mauritania and Mali: Dogon Tribe and The Nommos!)

RED: Costa Concordia shipwreck
>For RED, I’m throwing in Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema in Cefalù, Sicily AND ROME/Vatican for good measure

Hint: Olympic rings…spheres?…tsunamis, EQ triggers?

Rise Of The Merfolk

During my recent journey into Isis/Sirius and the rest, there is one theme which I have neglected and that is the importance of Water to 2012 . I noted that Isis was the Goddess of all the elements – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water but water especially seems to be playing its part . The drowning of Whitney Houston, the death of Davy Jones, Costa Concordia and the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic show an underlying theme for the year . Even at a local level, here in Britain we have a Drought order in most of the country due to lack of water .

Dogon, who appear to have intimate knowledge about Sirius and have legends about a fish like race called the Nommo . From Wikipedia :

The Nommo are ancestral spirits (sometimes referred to as deities) worshiped by the Dogon tribe of Mali. The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning, “to make one drink,” The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. Folk art depictions of the Nommos show creatures with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail. The Nommos are also referred to as “Masters of the Water”, “the Monitors”, and “the Teachers”.

KEEP IN MIND the water/fish theme: Mermaids, fish scales, croc skins, fish nets, lobsters, guppies…even amoebas too

Check out the girls gathering together for group All Seeing Eye BLINK effect @1:54!

WARNING: Following videos are EXPLICIT:

also…Nicki Minaj as well!
There’s a tribe depicted in both videos…could be the Dogon tribe who worship the Nommos in Rihanna’s vid and a Polynesian tribe in Nicki’s vid. Also, negative exposure comes out as part of the special effects. Rihanna also featured the Indian Vishnu god. Nicki makes this a personal shout out to the star Sirius…

Copyright from
(This is not my own work)
The stuff on the Enterprise shuttle is interesting for me, especially since I’ve been following the movements of the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier for several months now, and I can assure you it is a ritualism gold mine.
It recently did a port stop in Jebal Ali, United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf. Jebal Ali is a play on words. Jebal Ali = Jubilee. It has been pointing at some connection to the Queen’s Jubilee for some time now.
I believe that the Strait of Hormuz is connected to the Venus Transit, i.e. look for Enterprise to transit Hormuz at the time of the Venus Transit.
Intrigued, I asked Mark for more detail. He responded:
The Enterprise is on its last scheduled deployment before retirement and is currently in the Persian Gulf, having traveled there from Norfolk, VA, via the Mediterranean and Suez Canal. It made stops in Piraeus, Greece, and more recently, Jebal Ali, U.A.E. along the way.
What first drew me to the Enterprise was it’s nickname – ‘The Big E’. My initial thought was that it was about a big earthquake, but also I felt it had some other meaning(s).
Before diving in, let me first point out that the Enterprise recently participated in a birthquake ritual. After leaving Greece, it left the womb of the Mediterranean Sea, exited via the Suez canal (birth canal), and into the Red Sea (think menstrual blood). It entered the Suez on or around April 5th, which was right into your earthquake window that preceded resurrection Sunday (Easter).
The two other thoughts I had for the ‘Big E’ have now been (in my mind anyway) confirmed to me by its two recent port stops.
One was that the letter ‘E’ in ‘Big E’ was actually a symbol of a trident, connecting to Poseidon, God of the Sea and of earthquakes. When the Enterprise stopped in Piraeus, Greece, I checked out the Wiki page and wasn’t disappointed. What jumped out at me was that Piraeus is home to a major shipping convention called Posedonia (Poseidon) and in addition, of all the cruise ships in the world that they could have put on the Wiki page, they had none other than the Costa Concordia on it. (Think Poseidon Adventure novel).

(EDITOR>>>>>> Costa Concordia Sacrifices…
Slightly off topic, but related, I thought that the volcanic activity in the Canary Islands last year was a theme (canary yellow, also something about canaries/coal mines and warnings)
The Costa Concordia had a canary yellow funnel, as did the (very likely but not confirmable) Titanic which is connected in all this (in fact, I suspect that the two ship’s funnels were the exact same colour.)
This brings me to my next thought about the meaning of the ‘Big E’, and that was that the ‘Big E’ is in fact Queen Elizabeth.
If you check her Wiki page, you’ll notice that she is wearing a bright canary yellow outfit. This was just a hunch until a few days ago. The recent port stop in Jebal Ali (jubilee) clearly connects the Queen to the Enterprise.
Another thought was that Enterprises identifier, CVN-65, was a date code – 65 = 6/5 = June 5, the date of the Jubilee finale and Transit of Venus [June 5-6].
As for Enterprise transiting the Strait of Hormuz to ritualize the Transit of Venus, honestly, it’s just a guess. The thing that does strike me however, is that whenever the media reports on a ship going through the Strait of Hormuz, they often use the term ‘transit’ to describe it.
Because of this, the thought that the two might be connected occurred to me just a couple of days ago. If a ‘transit’ of Hormuz is supposed to happen in conjunction with the Venus transit, then the Enterprise seems like the likely candidate to volunteer.
By the way, Hormuz is named for the Date Palm, which has the scientific name (genus) Phoenix. This is why I pay a lot of attention to the ‘stuff’ happening around Hormuz.
Finally, speaking of canaries, heads up on Canary Wharf (London’s financial district). In addition to the obvious canary connection, it seems symbolically connected to the Titanic and Iranian Airlines flight 655 (this is also connected to the Enterprise), shot down over the Strait of Hormuz by the USS Vincennes in 1988. [655 may also be a possible date code pointing to June 5, 2012, if you add the digits of 2012 to get another 5.]
Bottom line for me is that all eyes will be on London, the Queen, Strait of Hormuz and the Enterprise on June 5th/6th.

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