Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

“Deus Ex Machina”

Just imagine a world where your only a number. Imagine a world where everyone is just a biometric scan. Imagine a world where the governments want you dead. Welcome to our world!
The person you are is just a number in a machine who is expendable. Your name is assigned a number where this is how your known. The powers that be have determined that you must die.
Have we come so far in technology that it’s used against us? Yes. Have we come so far that we are considered eaters, breeders and feeders? Yes. Would your world change if you knew the truth? YES!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, where all the flowers smell good and the picturesque scenery is perfect with the sky blue and the grass green. Mother and Father took good care of you and your schooling was first-class. Life was beautiful and wonderful with perfect surroundings and a picture perfect future to go with it.

Then, you suddenly awaken to find everything is different, life is colorless. With a past like it was, how could this be? You took the red pill last night before going to bed and now everything looks different. You smell but the flowers are dead, you eat but the food taste like poisons, and you shower but the water taste like medicine. Want to pinch yourself into reality because you think it’s all a dream? Too late!

Once your eyes are open, you can never go back, you see life for what it is…good and bad. There’s really no in between because being on the fence is like being in limbo with no future. Limbo is like a living hell. Limbo is a state of perpetual sleep only your awake to see it.

So, we have reality hitting us in the face. Life is not what it use to be and every thought and action has changed for you. What do you do now, do you tell your friends? They laugh when you do. Do you tell your family? They mock you in the process. So, now the truth becomes even more clear…you have become an outcast.

This is what it’s like being a REAL BELIEVER. Society considers you to be an enemy and your family and friends think you’ve flipped your lid. This is what it’s like to know the truths of our life. Being a believer who’s eyes are open is precisely what you wanted but didn’t expect. The fundamental roots of being a believer are long gone for now you know the ‘regular’ church goers are asleep and your awake.

So you look towards society and what do you see? A world of nations who supply medicine to their people in the means of their drink water, and even their food, a world of governments who feed their masses media wrapped with gossip and trivia without any substance of truth. You look up and see things going on that no one talks about, they keep it hush-hush for fear of embarrassment. You begin to see things more clearly than ever before when you notice camera’s on every corner, every mall and store, every red light and street pole is covered, with eyes watching you. You begin to see that your being watched from every possible means necessary to control you.

With talk of “Tran humanism” and “Deus Ex Machina,” you wonder if your even on Earth anymore! Transhumanism is the art of taking a human body and transforming it into a machine. Make yourself bionic and you can out work, out live everything. Make your self “deus ex machina”…god out of a machine! Biometric technology is even becoming so invasive that they want to READ YOUR MIND! But where does the machine stop and you begin? Where does the thought process turn from yours to IT!

The old use of mechanical manipulation, i.e. to be made with one’s hands. So the translation would quickly become ‘god from our hands’, or ‘god that we make’, implying that the device of said god is entirely artificial or conceived by man. The Latin phrase comes to English from Horace’s Ars Poetica, where he instructs poets that they never resort to a god from the machine to solve their plots.

Also the tragedian Euripides is often criticized for his frequent use of the “deus ex machina”. More than half of Euripides’s extant tragedies employ a “deus ex machina” in their resolution and some critics go so far as to claim that Euripides invented the “deus ex machina”, although Aaschylus employed a similar device in his ‘Eumenides’. For example, in Euripides’ play “Alcestis”, the eponymous heroine agrees to give up her own life in order to spare the life of her husband, Admetus. At the end Hercules/Heracles shows up and seizes Alcestis from death, restoring her to life and to Admetus.

Given the past articles I have written one can see a ongoing surrounding theme which engulfs us all. Let’s take our world and inject it with demi-gods and become like them. They make it seem noble and justified, with little remorse and consequence to the outcome. These demi-gods from Atlantis were said to be a fable, a legend of old that was fantasy, but we are quickly noticing the theme o they put before us. If they were such antiquated myths of old, then why pursue their lifestyle at every rounding corner? The interventions of technology at this present stage is ever-changing and its exponential outcome is guided by these powers that want this.

From our ancient forefathers who spoke of this in secrecy to our present aristocrats and presidents, we have a constant push towards immortality. Transhumanism is a phenomena which was unheard of fifty years ago, but now is on the forefront of every subject, as to how we can push it into existence. The beginning was programming through television with episodes of “The Six Million Dollar Man” and his bionic abilities, then in cartoons, to every media possible to bring this into the mentality of humanity. The criticism at one time was plentiful but now everyone seems to be in favor of it for purposes of bringing life back to normalcy. Example: A soldier loses his arm in a mortar fire explosion and upon arriving home he is fitted with a new “bionic” arm. Do we see the connections being made here. At first it’s out of this world, then it becomes normal.

The powers that be bring into light the newest technology but on the other hand they use premeditated ideas on futuristic applications bringing them to their intended goals. So, like anything else in life it is clearly strange at first, but then becomes second nature. The same can be said with tragedies used for their benefit as well. It will never be forgotten, nor the people whose lives were sacrificed but eventually we move on and go about our normal lives.

No matter how hard you want to fight the system, it’s set up to beat us. No matter how many people you assemble to fight the cause, it’s all brought down by the fact that they have place barriers into the scenario to block your advances. So,

Do you realize they want to become like gods? It’s not that they want us to be! They intend on getting rid of the useless eaters and breeders, with using our own means against ourselves. Bringing chaos into the system and then supplying the answers. This is their means of controlling the masses. They use people against people becoming puppeteers without most people even turning a head.

Does this sound like an outrageous conspiracy? You bet it does, more for people to question just WHO is in control and WHAT their plans are. Seemingly outrageous scenarios make people question the conspiracy and find it to be just that, with no real substance. This is what they want! So quit hitting the snooze button!


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