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The Devil’s Theater PART 1 of 3

Plagues of our Modern Times
Now, this word plague lends one to think millions and millions of deaths like with the Bubonic Plague but this tends to not be the case. It can be millions over a certain period of time. Either way I am highlighting some areas which I think are curious.
The Revelations it is foretold by the prophets by the revelation of GOD that we will endure plagues, famines and droughts. Not only that but also other events which will mark the time we live in likened to no other. Similarities are out there, much like the days of Noah, but I think we have definitely sped the process up and then some.

I have seen many strange events over the past few years, waters turning the color of blood which scientists said was the cause of certain microbial organisms.
Then of course we have the plagues of Egypt which GOD sent upon the Egyptians, one of those being the river turning to blood.
One questions if the ‘plague’ of the elites determination will end with hybrids of the superhuman kind. A program coming on July 23, 2012 is called, “Alphas”, and it seems to meme the program with others that have supernatural powers! Heroes was another that comes to mind.

My question is this, are we being molding mentally to except this kind of being, along with the ‘alien’ presence? If you ask me they go hand-in-hand.

Transhumanism has became a worldwide topic and many people who didn’t know of its origin are finding that it is more than people realize. The fact that the elite want this reality to come to the forefront is no surprise and the programming on television and other media reveals this to be true. In fact, their religious beliefs are that they believe themselves to be gods. Well, this is partially true because their bloodline is kept within perimeters of one another’s family. This keeps the bloodline pure and this bloodline is what they will use to define that they are royal.

You see, they will come forward to tell the world they are the direct generations of the One, the Only Jesus Christ. But, they lie! Their bloodline is supernatural in its source but that’s only because it either comes from Cain or the fallen angels who bred with females. Believe it or not!
Oh, yeah…remember Charlie Sheen’s remarks!

Also his Charlie Sheen Roast was designed by a Freemason because it had Masonic Pillars and a pyramid on top!
There is no question of the intent of these monsters. They believe they are above us! And they intend to cleanse the earth of everyone but them. If you’ve seen the movie, “DEEP IMPACT” then you can envision the ideals of these people. The exception being the ‘comet’ would be a virus/disease/etc.

A plague in attitude can be as vicious as a bodily plague because it affects peoples behavior which in turn can be detrimental to society. I think there has been a exponential increase in people with negative behavior. Here’s my thoughts…
It began in animals, I think. Years back we began hearing about sharks coming into shallow waters and attacking people, it began with a few and then became so rampant that scientists and marine biologists began investigating.
Then we began hearing about mammals on land such as bears and wolves and other such carnivorous creatures attacking children playing in their back yards adjacent to forestry areas. Thinking it to be random events, the devil in the details began to fade.
Are these ‘random’ events, really so random? Now, we have humans acting with such hate, and horror. The attitude of people is no secret, people are becoming rude, ruthless, and uncompassionate. The lack of conscience is unbelievable. Even while driving, people are downright crazy.
Why do I mention this? Because I think it’s not just a trend, I believe it to be either prophecy becoming a reality or it’s the work of deviousness of the elite using ultra low frequency signals affecting the brain, possibly causing these experiences.


First I want to acknowledge this video! I found it on July 4, 2012. It reveals WHO has no clue as to what this disease/illness is…it’s attacking children!

This to me points out the fact that events happen so quickly that when one of these diseases/virus/illness strikes, it can become a PLAGUE in DAYS!

  • 1. AIDS

This is a site which aids in the simplistic origins of AIDS. But there are many who believe this to have been a disease originating from a military lab designated for genocide. Considering the effects, there certainly is no doubt that it has had a worldwide affect.
It’s interesting to note that in 1969 a research administrator for the US DoD, Dr Donald MacArthur informed a House military appropriations subcommittee that they were working on a new micro-organism that would essentially break up the immune system; he gave a time line of 5-10 years. Congress approved funding and less than 10 years later, AIDS appeared in Africa.
In 1984, an Indian newspaper accused the US Army of creating AIDS as a weapon. They quoted an official military research publication.
Creating further speculation: in 1978, over 1000 gay men in monogamous relationships received what was purportedly a Hepatits B vaccine (then in experimental stages) in NYC. The next year, the first US cases of AIDS were recorded. Seven years later, over 60% of that group was dying from the disease. Concurrently, two other AIDS-related illnesses, Kaposi’s sarcoma and Mycoplasma penetrans appeared in NYC.
Did the US Army create AIDS? A similar virus existed in African apes before appearing in humans. Typically virus don’t jump species. The article in the Indian newspaper claims that the Army Biological Warfare Laboratory at Ft Detrick Maryland searched throughout Africa for a powerful virus.
Creating even further speculation, an army colonel, David Huxsoll, is reported as saying that AIDS was studied and determined to be a poor biological warfare agent (he has since denied saying this).
Government Created Diseases: Joyce Riley (R.N.), a Gulf War veteran, and Peter Kawaja, a security systems business owner, have been revealing what they know about the Gulf War illness on radio talk shows. The information they have uncovered regarding the intentional use of germ warfare against U.S. soldiers has shocked many Americans.

According to Joyce Riley, 200,000 Americans are now sick and 7000 have already died from these illnesses. The Veteran’s Administration is trying to cover up the “Problem,” but still admits that their figures show 5200-6400 have died. The VA admits to giving medical care to 489,400 Gulf War vets in a fax dated 8/18/95. Over 55% became sick from the Gulf War.
Chemicals used in the Gulf War were transported there by the United States. The Desert Storm troops were inoculated and sprayed with these bacteria, which are communicable to family and pets. Millions in the world are sick with this disease; 300,000 have died worldwide.
Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicholson are researching the illness themselves, at their own expense. They have discovered that this germ warfare was tested on death row prison inmates in Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. Nicholson and other doctors working on cures have been threatened with loss of licenses or funding for research.
They have the evidence that all of these viruses were man-made and treatment is available, but is being withheld by the VA and government officials. Government agents, and even the publisher of Reader’s Digest knew that Desert Storm vets came back with EBOLA II< which is the carrier form of the illness rather than the terminal form. These carriers are infecting others. Children born to GW vets after the war are dying of various forms of cancer more frequently than in non-Gulf children.
On 2/9/94 the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs issued a press released titled: “Riegle uncovers U.S. shipments of biological warfare related material to Iraq prior to the Gulf war: Wants investigation of link to Gulf War Syndrome.”
Schwartzkoff was given authority to use the nerve agent GF. Some people have died just because of handling shipments of this agent to Desert Storm. There are sworn affidavits and all of it ties in with Iran-Contra.
Peter’s business, the International Security Group, was awarded a $1 million security contract for a Product Ingredient Technology (PIT) computer system. PIT was a closed project (contracted for the government) at Boca Raton, Florida.

He found out that the U.S. government was manufacturing germ warfare at PIT. The main U.S. financiers were Bush, Baker, and Jim Duetch. The architect and financier of the project was Dr. Ishan Barboodie, builder of the Pharma-150 chemical/biological complex at Rabta, Libya.
Kawaja uncovered evidence that IBI (Ishan Barbouti International) was working with the feds and PIT. He was told to install a Hydrogen Cyanide detection system for PIT. (A strain of Hydrogen Cyanide called “Prussian Blue” was being tested on gas masks filters for mass penetration). President Bush, Brent Snowcroft (NSC), and U.S. intelligence were behind the testing/use of Prussian Blue, at least two years in advance of the Gulf War, which was planned for this purpose.
He took his concerns about PIT to the CIA, FBI, and U.S. Customs. They had him operate as an undercover agent for them, and told him that IBI were international terrorists and the government was going to prosecute them. However, while collecting intelligence, he found that the U.S. government was working with these “terrorists.”
The March 28, 1990, issue of The Tampa Tribune reported that “two U.S. chemical companies have refused to sell the army an ingredient to make poison gas.”
Peter told this story on an ABC “Nightline” interview, after which his wife was murdered. Peter was sent a warning from the Pentagon from a Dave McMichaels, that documents had already been made up against Peter and credible people would testify against him. Mr. McMichaels became the victim of multiple stab wounds, and is likely dead. Like Whitewater, there are dead bodies everywhere. Every one of Peter’s employees are missing: Feared dead. He has a suit against federal agents for treason and war crimes. The government says they’re immune because of “national security.”

A War Powers Act search warrant (ordered by George Bush) was issued for Peter’s company, after he had sent documents to the National Security Agency on July 12, 1990, and issued warnings of Iraqi intelligence operating in the U.S. Peter asked two questions: 1). Is our military in joint venture with IBI to develop chemical and biological weapons? and 2). Does the President know? The answers to both questions was “yes.” As a result, 8 men with automatic weapons paid a visit to Peter, sequestered him under armed guard for 4 hours and removed all evidence, sealing it under the War Powers Act. They told Peter to “shut up” because he knows who manufactured, shipped, and used biological weapons on Desert Storm troops.
Joyce Riley worked as a nurse transporting sick and injured troops from the Gulf War to the U.S. She stated that 500,000 sick vets have been turned aside from the VA. They were sprayed, inoculated, or given nerve-agent pre-treatment pills that caused their sicknesses. Some who did not take the pills (faked it) have not become ill with the same sickness as fellow soldiers who swallowed the pills.
Men from Desert Storm are bleeding from all parts of the body, seriously ill or dead, and the VA says it’s all in their heads. The illnesses are all immune system attackers, and the end result is death from cancers. AIDS and EBOLA viruses are man-made and EBOLA is coming home with these guys. Peter has the proof. Ft. Detrick is believed to be the place where most likely all antibodies (i.e. cures) to AIDS, EBOLA, and Desert Storm Syndrome, are stored.

This is an outbreak and is catching to anyone, including animals. Nurses who cared for sick vets are now sick and dying as well as their children and pets. Airline passengers have become sick because of riding with ill vets. An overseas airliner has confirmed this. Joyce is very worried because this could be holocaustic for the whole world, not just the United States.
Joyce has started a registry of Gulf War vets. Peter and Joyce state that the government knew two years before Desert Storm that they were going to use germ warfare against the troops, at which time the Joint Chiefs of Staff were shot up with anti-botulism. Eventually they were so immune as to be able to take enough botulism to kill 1000 horses. 100 horses were pastured at Ft. Detrick to get the anti-botulism serum for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Riley and Kawaja spoke at Kansas City, Missouri, on 8/29/95 regarding the Gulf War Syndrome. During the three days in Kansas City they were under constant surveillance and Joyce developed a laser burn on her head. Prior to this meeting, on 8/5/95 fumes disrupted a symposium on the Gulf War Syndrome in a Washington, D.C. hotel.
Finally, the VA information on the Gulf War Syndrome, as well as all the evidence that was collected, was stored at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and was reported to have been destroyed in the April 19th explosion that took 168 lives!
The AIDS Virus was planted in Vaccine at the U.N. World Health Organization to weaken and destroy the blacks in the U.S. and around the world. Most Americans know by now that there is no known cure for AIDS. Some of our medical men frankly state that there will never be a cure, except by isolation. They have found that the AIDS virus is so small  It can pass through a condom. And so strong  it can live six hours on a kitchen table!

But the most amazing news is that doctors have discovered that the AIDS’ virus Was prepared especially for – The African Black Man by Communist agents working as scientists for the World Health Organization. They are through with the Blacks, as they have served their purpose in destroying Civil Rights and other laws they did not like in America. The Blacks never suspecting their role as they worked tirelessly for equality, they never, and still do not, realize; that instead of getting what they most wanted, the Blacks were instead losing ground until, today their condition in life has not become better; But has steadily grown worse. They decided that our conquest by AIDS would be easier and more effective than a nuclear holocaust.
Dr. William Campbell Douglass, an M.D. wrote an article for the September issue of “Health Freedom News,” the journal of the National Health Federation entitled: Who Murdered Africa? This is not a question. It’s a statement. The World Health Organization (WHO), murdered Africa with the AIDS virus. Dr. Doubtless continues: Other suspects, the homosexuals, the green monkey and the Haiti and, were only pawns in this Viricidal Attack on the non-Communist World.
Many viruses grow in animals and many grow in humans, but most of the viruses that affect animals don’t affect humans. There are exceptions, such as Yellow Fever and Smallpox.
The World Health Organization, in published articles, called for scientists to work with these deadly agents And Attempt to make a Hybrid Virus that would be Deadly to the Black Man. (Allison, Bulletin, WHO 1972, 47:25763) In the bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO), Volume 47, pp. 251, 1972, they said, “An attempt should be made to see if Viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting Virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the Virus.”
That’s AIDS. What the WHO is saying in plain English is, “Let’s cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T cell system of man, an Acquired Immune Deficiency.”
Why would anyone wish to do this? If you destroy the T cell System of man, you destroy man. Is it even remotely possible that the World Health Organization would want to develop a virus that would wipe out the Black Race? If their new virus creation worked, the WHO stated, then many terrible and fatal infectious viruses could be made even more terrible and more malignant. Does this strike you as being a peculiar goal for a HEALTH organization?

What about the green monkey? Some of the best virologists in the world and many of those directly involved in AIDS research, such as Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, have said that the green monkey may be the culprit. You know the story: A green monkey bit a native on the rump and, bam -AIDS all over Central Africa. There is a fatal flaw here. Gallo, Montagnier and these other virologists know that the AIDS virus doesn’t occur naturally in monkeys.
In fact, it does not occur naturally in any animal! AIDS started practically Simultaneously in the United States, Haiti, Brazil, and Central Africa. One would wonder  was the green monkey a jet pilot? Examination of the gene structure of the green monkey cells proves that It is not genetically possible to transfer AIDS virus from monkeys to man by natural means.
Dr. Theodore Strecker’s research indicates that the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the World Health Organization made the AIDS virus in their laboratories at Ft. Detrick (now NCI). They combined the deadly retroviruses, bovine leukemia virus and sheep visa virus, and injected them into human tissue cultures. The result was the AIDS virus, the first human retrovirus known to man and now believed to be 100% Fatal to those infected. The momentous plague that the world now faces was anticipated by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 1974 when they recommended that “Scientists throughout the world join with the members of this committee in voluntarily deferring experiments (linking) animal viruses.”
What the NAS is saying in carefully guarded English is: “For God’s sake, stop this madness!”
Now that we’ve let the green monkey off the hook. How about the Communists? Well the Communists are saying AIDS is a “capitalist plot.”
This should make you suspicious because, as any student of the Zionist conspiracy knows, They (The Jews) Always blame others for what they are in the process of doing. And what they are doing is Conducting Germ Warfare from Fort Detrick, Maryland, and Tel Aviv, Israel against the free world, especially the United States, even using foreign Communist agents within the United States Army’s germ warfare unit euphemistically called the Army Infectious Disease Unit.

Carlton Gajdusek, an NIH executive at Fort Detrick, admits it: “In the facility I have a building Where more Communist Scientists from the U.S.S.R. and Mainland China work (with full passkeys to all the laboratories) than there are Americans. Even the Army’s Infectious Disease Unit is loaded with foreign workers, not always friendly nationals.”
Can you imagine that? A United Nations  WHO Communist Trojan horse in Our biological warfare center. There is absolutely no doubt that the creations of the AIDS virus by the WHO was not just a scientific exercise that got out of hand.
It was a cold blooded, diabolical, successful attempt to create a killer virus that was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. So successful that most of Central Africa may be wiped out, 75,000,000 dead within the next few years.
It was Not an Accident. It was Deliberate. In the Federation Proceedings of the United States in 1972, WHO said: “In the relation to the immune response A Number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized.”
They suggested that a neat way to do this would be to put their new killer virus (AIDS) into a vaccination program, sit back and observe the results. “This would be particularly informative in Subships,” they said. That is, Give the AIDS virus to Brothers and Sisters and see if they die, who dies first and of what, just like using rats in a laboratory. They used Smallpox and Hepitius Vaccine for their vehicle and the geographical sites chosen in 1972 were Uganda and other African states, Haiti, Brazil and Japan.

Dr. Strecker pointed out that even if the African green monkey could transmit AIDS to humans, the present known amount of infection in Africa makes it Statistically impossible for a single episode, such as a monkey biting someone on the butt, to have brought this epidemic to the point it currently is. The doubling time of the number of people infected, about every 14 months, when correlated with the first known case, and the present known number of cases, prove beyond a doubt that a large number of people had to have been infected at the same time. From 1972 to 1987 is 15 years. In 15 years, from a single source of infection there would be about 8,000 cases in Africa, not 75 million.
We are approaching World War II mortality statistics. Dr. Theodore A. Strecker is the courageous doctor who unraveled this conundrum, The Greatest Murder Mystery (A mystery to most Americans, who have been deceived into believing there is no conspiracy to destroy Christianity and Christians from off the face of the earth)of all Time. He should get the Nobel Prize, but he’ll be lucky not to be “suicide with a heart attack or accident of some sort.”
Strecker has found that The AIDS Epidemic will in all probability bankrupt the nation’s medical system. He became fascinated with the peculiar scientific anomalies concerning AIDS that kept cropping up. Why did “experts” keep talking about green monkeys and homosexuals being the culprits when it was obvious that the AIDS virus was a man made virus? Why did they say that it was a homosexual and drug user disease when in Africa it was obviously a heterosexual disease?

Hemophilia Disease

If the green monkey did it, then Why did AIDS Explode practically simultaneously in Africa, Haiti, Brazil, the United States and Southern Japan? [It performed in this way: Because it was deliberately planted, to destroy a people who has become to dangerous to be allowed to live.]
As early as 1970 the World Health Organization was growing deadly sheep and bovine viruses in human tissue cultures. Cedric Mims said in a published article in 1981 that There was a Bovine Virus Contaminating the Culture Media of the WHO. Was this an accident? If it was an accident, why did WHO continue to use the vaccine?
This viral and genetic death bomb, AIDS, was finally produced in 1974. It was given to monkeys, and they died of pneumocystis carni, which is typical of AIDS. Dr. R.J. Biggar said in Lancet: “…The AIDS agent…Could not have originated de Novo.” That means it didn’t come out of thin air. AIDS was engineered in a laboratory by Virologists.
There are 9,000 to the Fourth Power possible AIDS viruses. There are 9,000 base pairs on the genome. So the fun has just begun. Some will cause brain rot similar to the sheep virus, some leukemia like diseases from the cow virus, and some that won’t do anything. So the virus will be constantly changing and trying out new esoteric diseases hapless man. We’re only at the beginning.

Because of the trillions of possible genetic combinations, there will never be a vaccine. If they could develop a vaccine, they would undoubtedly give us something equally bad as they did with the polio vaccine  cancer of the brain, the swine flu vaccine  a polio like disease, the smallpox vaccine (AIDS), and the hepatitis vaccine (AIDS).
This is not the first time the virologists have brought us disaster. SV40 from monkey cell cultures contaminated polio cultures. Most people in their 40’s are now carrying this virus through contaminated polio inoculations given in the early 60s. It is known to cause brain cancer, which explains the increase in this disease that has been observed in the past ten years.
This is the origin of the green monkey theory. The polio vaccine was grown on green monkey kidney cells. Despite the fact that Polio was rapidly disappearing without any medical intervention, 64 million Americans were vaccinated with SV 40 contaminated vaccine in the 60s, producing an increase in cancer of the brain. Primary multifocal leukoencpha-lopathy (PML), brain rot, has been added to the burden of homosexuals who Have been given AIDS through Hepatitis-B Vaccine.
The AIDS virus didn’t exist in the United States before 1978, What happened in 1978 to cause AIDS to burst upon the scene and devastate the homosexual and Black segments of our population? It was the introduction of the Hepatitis-B Vaccine which exhibits the exact Epidemiology of AIDS.
A Jewish Doctor W. Schmugner, born in Poland and educated in Russia, came to this country in 1969. By an unexplained process, he became head of the New York City Blood Bank. How does a Jewish Russian-Trained doctor become head of one of the largest blood banks in the world? Doesn’t that strike you as peculiar?

He set up the rules for the hepatitis vaccine studies. Only males between the ages of 20 and 40, who were not monogamous, would be allowed to participate in this study. Can you think of any reason, other than the desire to spread something among the population, for insisting that all experimentees be promiscuous? Schmugner is now dead and his diabolical secret went with him.
The hepatitis vaccine, unlike the AIDS vaccine, was not grown from human tissue culture. So accidental contamination didn’t occur. The AIDS Virus was put in the Vaccine Deliberately. It was no mistake. It Affects, almost exclusively, Homosexuals, Negroes, Jews and Mixed Breeds. The Centers for Disease Control reported in 1981 that four percent of those receiving the hepatitis vaccine were AIDS infected.
In 1984 they admitted to 60%. Now they refuse to give out figures at all because They don’t want to admit that 100% of Hepatitis Vaccine receivers are infected with AIDS.
Where is the data on the hepatitis vaccine studies? FDA? CDC? No, The Federal Government has it buried where you will never see it.

More research on Military Made AIDS

New York Times published this article in May, 2012. It is definitely something that the world should be aware of, not just Americans.
Chagas disease, caused by parasites transmitted to humans by blood-sucking inserts, has been names “the new AIDS of the Amercia’s”. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi magazine!
It can be treated but not cured! Scary stuff, my friends.

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