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William & Kate, Plus 8

William, Kate & 8 Royal Weddings
This will be a breakdown of a program recently shown on The learning channel (tlc). I have recently been doing research into the chance that prince William may be the antichrist. This program slides right into the whole agenda, in fact, many details reveal not only that this may be true but the facts and symbolism of the illuminati in the royal scenario.
Symbolism of numbers and astrology are very apparent with the illuminati/freemason/templar equation. Their worship of druidism and the sun, and planets are symbolized in every corner of their lives. The numbers, 1, 3, 11, 13, 22, 33, and so on are generously applied to all their events. This will be no exception.
**ED NOTE* notations will be added when I interject with my opinions.
The royal families of England have put on a show when it comes to the weddings therein. The programs starts of with pictures of prince William and kate walking together but not arm in arm. This may be a tall-tale sign of how his mothers marriage with prince charles was. It was just a façade. Prince charles did not love diana, and she in fact said she felt as if she was a birthing chamber. The antichrist will not be interested in women, but in order for the presentation of his livelihood, he must put on a show, just as his father did with princess diana.
According to the queen charles was offered no direct counsel, his cousin, Norton and his wife, penny did. But charles was angered by their objections that he did not seem in love with diana and that she seemed to awestruck by his position.
The pictures and videos shown in this program reveal lavishly driven coaches and horse-drawn carriages with magnificently dressed horsemen and drivers. Hundreds of royal mounted horses maintain the look of rich, generously laid plans of these weddings.
The first sentence of the narrator begins as such; “there has been royal wedding in the u.k. roughly every thirteen years since the second world war. But one ceremony with its pomp circumstance, and jaw-dropping glamour, set the future for all wedding days, july 29, 1981. Prince charles, the queens oldest child, and heir to the throne, is about to get married. He’s accompanied by his brother, prince Andrew. They are heading to st. paul’s cathedral, the biggest church in London, where 3500 guests are waiting for the arrival of the bride.”
**July 29=2+9=11**
“Clarence House, the residence of prince charles’ grandmother, is where princess diana has spent the night. She is traveling in the “glass coach,” which has carried royal brides to church since the beginning of the century. In a few hours, diana will be a princess.”
Ingrid seward, author & editor of “majesty Magazine” reveals; “diana’s father was an equerry to the queen. So she knew the royal family, but she didn’t formally meet prince charles until her sister was going out with him. She meet him at a shooting party.”
According to diana they had met in 1977, that charles came to stay as a friend, at my sister’s house.
Seward states; diana coveted charles for some reason.” But diana was only 16 and they didn’t start going out until 1980.
The scene cuts to princess diana’s engagement ring which was an enormous sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The cost was 28,000 pounds.
**56,000 american dollars=5+6=11**
Diana who was the daughter of an earl, got engaged to prince charles, it was said to be reinventing the monarchy. A beacon of hope for the nation.
David Emanuel; Fashion designer lets on that every wedding dress designer in the world had sent in their resume to the palace, but not he. He received a simple phone call.
**Emanuel seems like a ‘heavenly’ name to choose, is it not?**
Narrator: “The wedding day hides a fever of activity. Diana’s team of helpers are preparing the bride to leave at exactly 10:35 in the morning.”
“The British royal family are renown for their elaborate weddings. None more spectacular that Diana’s marriage to prince charles. lady Diana spencer is about to become Princess diana of wales.”
Emanuel speaks of it being run as a military operation, the man with the clipboard Saying now so many hundred hours, Lady Diana will get dressed”
Narrator: “Over 750 million Tv viewers around the world watch as princess diana’s coach approaches st. paul’s cathedral. “
“At 10:55, she steps out of her carriage, revealing the dress that seems to complete her transformation into a princess.”
“One of the bridesmaid’s arranging the train, was 13 year old India Hicks, and her mother, Lady Pamela had been bridesmaid to queen Elizabeth. The dress had become crumpled in the small glass coach and the emanuel’s had rush ahead so they could smooth it out when she had arrived.” Emanuel speaks of it saying; “All I wanted to so was sort of straighten it out, I mean this thing had sort of been cocooned in, and needed to be fluffed out, no ‘jusshed’…we needed to jussh the frock quickly. It was a magical time.”
**Bringing magic into the equation just makes it perfect for them**
Bishop to Couple; “Charles phillip Arthur george”….etc
**Arthur (King Arthur), George (King George)
**Let’s also acknowledge the Cathedral for a bit. The building itself was rebuilt to be a replica of the Vatican. There are many signs of a switch to Romanism with a Bernini Canopy and The floor patterns are checkered, definitely Masonic workings, with 13 leaves on branches, Black & white pentagram, Hexagram (occultic), fleur de lis, cross and bones symbol, corpses under altars (pagan), Candles burning (pagan), “I H S” abbreviated is ancient term for “Isis, Horus, and Set”, but nowadays thought to mean, in his service. Also equilateral crosses, and a cupid statue,  solar symbols, solar deities depicted as straight and curved rays, triangles in a circle, all-seeing eye and compass and square,  serpents with its tail in its mouth surrounded by stars and a half moon in the center, Peacock (satanic symbol), and a phoenix feeding its young,  all of which are associated with sun worship or Freemasonry.**
“After leaving St Paul’s cathedral, Prince Charles and Princess Diana leave in the 1902’s state carriage, it is open so people can admire the bride. The royal procession is escorted by the queens personal body guards. Outside, about a million people are descending on the palace. The know they will see what has become a traditional feature of royal weddings.”
“At 1:10 in the afternoon, the queen, the bride and groom, and their families will appear on the balcony. Ever since the mid nineteenth century, the royal newlyweds have made an appearance at the Buckingham palace. This time the usual three minutes turns into 4, then 5 minutes. It had never happened.”
**1:10=11, then we have the 3 minute reference**
“It was a magnificent day, but the fairy tale did not last. It ended in divorce in 1995, and then two years later, Diana’s death marked a sad end to what had begun as such promise.”
“In contrast, Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth has had a long and happy marriage to Prince Phillip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh.  They met in 1939, when she was 13, at the royal navel college where phillip eighteen, was a cadette. His uncle, Lord Mountbatten had invited the royal family to visit.” Lord Mountbatten had asked Phillip to look after the girls, Elizabeth and Margaret, who were Phillip’s third cousins through queen victoria, and second cousins once removed through King Christian IX of denmark. For the time being the two go their separate ways, with just letter exchanges but reunite afterworld war II.
“In 1947, Britain was about to see the first of eight royal weddings that would span the next 60 years. The future queen and prince Phillip mountbatten were married at West minister abbey on November 20th, 1947 when elizabeth was just 21. To see the splendor of this couple while the country was under such duress was exactly what the heart of the country needed.”
“Following the bridal procession were the brides father and mother, and behind them, five kings, five queens and 8 prince and princesses.”
*5+8=13, 5+8=13**
“Britain was still under wartime rationing and the palace would take this under careful consideration when it came to princess elizabeth’s wedding dress. The dress was made of ivory satin, embroidered in seed pearls and crystal.”
**to the druids, Crystals and pearls are considered sacred magical tools, used for power, healing spiritual development, protection, and divine guidance.**
“It was a happy beginning for the future queen elizabeth, but life was to be very different for her sister, Margaret. Princess Margaret met a young photographer, Antony Armstrong jones. A glamorous affair with the playboy princess. Called this for she enjoyed life. Princess Margaret’s wedding date on june 5th, 1960 revealed for the first time the power of the new medium of national television, which would go on to bring the family closer to their subjects, and also increase public scrutiny.”
“Margaret looked radiant, like her sister thirteen years earlier.”
**the wedding date was 6+5=11. this family does everything by numbers and astrology and this is a testament of just how much they do love the numbers 11 & 13.**
“The access of the wedding was unprecedented with the cameras being allowed in Buckingham palace, but never to be let that far in again.”
They would be followed by princess ann., queen elizabeth’s only daughter, when she married 13 years later in November 14, 1973, to mark phillips, then a lieutenant in the 1st queen’s dragoon guards, at west minister abbey.
**13 years between each marriage is obviously a tradition.**
Queen elizabeth’s second son, prince andrew, duke of york, was engaged to marry sarah ferguson and the announcement was given in march 1986. Sarah’s ring was made exactly like princess diana’s ring except it was a ruby instead of sapphire. On sarah’s wedding dress there was anchors hearts and waves, being that he was in the Navy at the time. Also the dress had 153,000 beads, diamonds, and crystals, but most curious was the bees that swarmed the surrounding decal work.
**bees are freemasonry symbols**
Wednesday july 23, 1986, the wedding took place. Upon showing princess diana and prince charles, they both look very unhappy…especially diana.
“Every wedding since the queen’s had ended in divorce. In 1993, there was new hope, when the queen’s youngest son met Sophia reese jones.
**phillip, jones and many other names seem to regularly ring familiar notes.**
“in January 1999, the couple announced their engagement. Exactly 13 years after the prince Andrew wedding. The queen made them wait 6 years before marrying to make sure of its success.”
**seems its not the success that’s the main interest, it’s the timing.**
“prince Edward and Sophia were married on june 19, 1999 at st. george cathedral in west minister abbey. Adaptable and dramatic circumstances were shown when in april 2005, prince charles was given permission to marry a divorced woman, Camilla Parker-bowles On april 9th, 2005, the two were married.
“Prince William’s choice in an engagement with kate Middleton, is an unlikely princess but she is not an aristocrat and comes from a traditional middle class, though wealthy family. Prince William started at st. Andrews university in 2001. He and kate were housemates while attending the college. By 2003, it was clear they were an item. Then it 2007, they announced they were splitting up. The split up onlu lasted 10 weeks and they resumed their relationship.”
**its almost eerie that the next wedding to be in the series would happen in 2012! But, the date of 2012 falls right into the date sequence. On November 16, 2010 the official announcement was made. The wedding is said to be announced in june 2011. Called a re-birth of the nation of Britain, we have a ominous date coming which will obviously be extravagant.
Picking eight weddings to center round was not a surprise considering the number 8 is very sacred to the druids.
It’s only right that on January being 1/11/2011, the Kings of leon announced that they want to play at the prince William’s wedding!.
So, what we have here is factions within the world that live in a black cloak of secrecy. They enshroud and infuse themselves in occult and druid mysteries. Unraveling the mysteries take in depth research and even then there are those that will never believe the truth right before their eyes.
The hidden agenda goes back into the ancient of days and startling facts brought forth bring this monarchy and others into the spotlight. Their indoctrinations entitle worldwide elites to illuminate themselves into the dark side. This encompasses not only the elite and political arena but religious one as well. More to come!
The whole purpose of my blog is to bring forth the mystery of the iniquity!

4 responses

  1. Do you maybe have an explanation for the rumors that prince Harry has been chosen by certain individuals as next king of GB?

    April 25, 2012 at 3:12 PM

  2. Lynette, UK

    Lots of factual errors in your blog, I’m afraid.

    May 27, 2012 at 3:27 PM

  3. Elijah Michael Pacheco

    Are you referring to Britain’s timezone or your timezone? Hmm, I thought that his son was supposed to be the anti-christ ,if he has a child in the first place though.

    November 22, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    • Dates here, but timezone? Well, I have much speculation as to Prince William….but time will tell. I guess.

      November 22, 2012 at 8:56 PM

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