Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Alien ADverts

Although we know TPTB use ‘alien’ mind programming to bend our illusions and reality of their true existence, let’s enjoy some of this….

What we have here is a little humor…..

Fisher Space Pen: Alien
“Civilizing space since 1968″

Periodicos Asociados Human Encyclopedia: Alien
“Expect Every Sunday A Secret From Our Species”

Primus: Buddies

Masterlock: UFO
“Tough Enough For Any Job”

Sky TV: Chess

SkyTV: Pool

Sky TC: Tetherball

NHB sound studios: Alien birth
“Any sound you can imagine”

Maglite: Alien, 1

Maglite: Alien, 2

Maglite: Alien, 3

Coke Zero: Stuck

Propmark magazine: ET

Jamukha, GOT MILK?

Volkswagen Scirocco: Experience the unusual

Ovam: UFO
“Who do you count on for a clean environment? Together we make tomorrow more beautiful”

Smart for four: UFO
“nobody will believe you’ve seen a price like it”

Banco Financiero: Space attack
“Whatever happens you’ll earn 8.5%”

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