Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth=BIBLE

Without it we are doomed, trapped in hell forevermore.
The knowledge it gives gains us immortality.
Words are for mere humans, love is of GOD.
Mysteries unfolding within this world of secrets held for millenniums.
So many secrets kept, too many lies told.
Slaves to our flesh but only temporary.
GOD=Space dimensions divided into the abyss of heaven with an eternity of love.
Turn water into wine but only for your soul.
Waxing your mind for the love of GOD brings eternity.
Religion only brings fear so get a relationship.
Job tells of supernatural wars which will drop you to your knees…
but you better already be there when that happens.
The earth is already in space but our soul is lost without GOD.
Why should you die to go to heaven?
Mental freedom comes with a connection to GOD.
Understand the wisdom of GOD for that is what wisdom is.
To be wise in the days of darkness is to have the Light within you.
You were already chosen before you chose HIM.
The image of GOD is in the mirror.
Life is a pool of sin, but GOD is an ocean of Love.
Build from the Truth, construct your mind with the Bible.
Open the Bible and close out the World.
Push out the World and Pull in GOD.
You need to chill and take the red pill.
There is no hocus pocus, only GOD can perform miracles.
Flip on your wings and get ready for a ride.
Get on the right track and fly right.
The grave cannot hold a child of GOD.

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