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MEDICAL ADVICE: DO NOT fasts without first seeking advice of your doctor/physician.

We have drifted so far from GOD that very few do it. What was originally taught about fasting is that it is obviously needed to bring your spirit closer to GOD, but we live in a society in which people see the SUPERSIZE mindset as a daily ritual. We think we must have 3 meals a day with snacks and sweets as well. Instead of eating to live, we live to eat.

There was two reasons for fasting in the ancient traditions; one was to re-establish the vital contact and close communion with GOD, that most of us have drifted from. Most people have come to believe that it is natural for people to be sick. Our doctors and physicians are actually only taught four hours of natural remedies in their eight year course of education towards their doctrine of philosophy (PHD)….which is horrific!
Secondly, it was for the health benefits and physical fitness that it gives to the body. Insufficient knowledge leads to an unhealthy society. Why has this been allowed to happen? Because the vows that are taken upon becoming a doctor has went from being solely about the health of the patient to how much money can be made. In fact, 90% – 95% of all sickness can be traced to faulty diets, and too many prescriptions. We now ingest more chemicals than ever in the history of humanity.

Voluntary abstinence from food for physical benefit or the cure of disease is as old as life upon this earth. Animals and birds instinctively fast as a means of restoring themselves to normal health whenever necessary. One thing seems to be close to a cure-all, fasting. Especially for stomach disorders, constipation, rheumatic diseases, and the greatest help and often the cure for such things as kidney diseases, heart ailments, high blood pressure, skin diseases, asthma, anemia, and it is always, always the thing to do for cases of colds and fever.
It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” But he did not mean one ought to feed a cold. He meant that if one feeds a cold he will soon be starving a fever. The way to put out a fire is not to toss more fuel onto it. When you have a fever in the body it is on fire, and food is the fuel that makes it burn. If any member of your family has a cold or fever, TAKE ALL FOOD AWAY at once! Give them plenty of water. Give them an enema twice daily, and warm sponge baths (not soaking in a tub) in a warm room twice a day. If you give orange juice or some other similar juice which agrees with them–grape, fruit, lemon, or tomato-that will do more good than harm. Give them a glass of orange juice at a time, every two to four hours.

Your fast should start as only 2 meals (no snacks) a day and extended periods of no food in between of 14-18 hours.  Do not go on a fast for more than three, five or seven days, unless you are experienced in doing so–if you have fasted for more than two days do not eat a large meal at once. Break it with two small pieces of buttered toast, toasted in the oven, hard clear through, and a dish of about 5 stewed prunes. These should be soaked over night before cooking, and then cook by simmering, under boiling point, or steamed. If they are not boiled they will be plenty sweet, so add no sugar. Or, as an alternate, a dish of milk toast, but be sure the toast is toasted hard clear through. Second meal, two non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, carrots, etc–not potatoes or peas–along with a slice or two of hard toast and a little fruit (not rich canned fruit on syrup or canned with sugar). Then by the third meal you may resume normal eating habits.

It is during times of fasting that the bodies molecular machinery becomes more fined-tuned and well-conditioned. Instead of insulin being released, our cells spinning away towards the aging process and glucose and free-radicals splashing around and damaging the body, just the opposite occurs. Glucagon is the released hormone. It begins the process of energy conservation (i.e. hibernation). Fat is mobilized and metabolized. This is the more “clean burning” process of ketosis, which does not lead to cell damage, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.
Not only can we sin spiritually but physically too, we sin physically by breaking nature’s laws. When YESHUA  healed HE told us to “GO and SIN no more”…this was also speaking of violating physical laws of health. The pagan traditions of our modern world has left GOD behind in so many avenues that it is hard to even see the truth in the midst of it.

A person who researched the subject recently revealed that not one single book was published on fasting from 1861-1954! Actually this does not surprised me because it seems even the church led the average person to believe it was a ritual performed mainly by the clergy.
Not many people know that YESHUA taught more about fasting than HE did on baptism, or the LORD’s supper. This should reveal the importance of it. This should tell you that YESHUA knew what the value and power it contained.

First, Christians who fast say that it sharpens and sensitizes their spiritual faculties to become more in tune with what God is doing throughout the world. God is waiting to bless you and use you in unprecedented ways as you respond to His prompting to make fasting and prayer a vital part of your life. Second, fasting results in a greater intimacy with and a deeper enthusiasm for God, which in turn spills over into every other area of life. The joy of the Lord becomes much more visible to others, and the motivation to witness is greater. Third, fasting prepares us for a spiritual harvest. Today people throughout the world are hungry for the gospel. This is most definitely a remarkable time of harvest.

Testing of rats with restricted and access to an abundance of food revealed interesting results. The rats give 70% less than daily requirements lived about 50% longer with a healthier and more energetic life. It is obvious that eating food turns the wheels of life and accelerates the aging process. Fasting is equated to hibernation, when animals hibernate, they consume no food. Their bodies slow down to a crawl and do not age. They survive in a form of near suspended animation.
Dividing your time into three ways; about one-third in studying the subject of fasting in the Bible, and other Bible study. Then about a third of your time in contemplating WHY you have not been closer to GOD, thinking about how you have let the worldly things creep in, and then reading Scripture, applying yourself to your spiritual condition. Then, spend one-third of your time in earnest prayer. The time spent praying should be in deep prayer! Then, let GOD speak to you. This is the most invigorating time you will have ever spent.
Scriptures about fasting: Proverbs 11:14/ Proverbs 14:29/Proverbs 18:13

Lev 16:29-31, 23:26-32; Num 29:7
This is the ONLY fast commanded by the Law, to observe on the tenth day of the seventh month.  Although it was not called fasting, it is phrased “Afflicting One’s Soul” was understood to refer to it. Ps 69:10/Acts 27:9. You see the phrase in itself even refers to the affect of this sacrifice onto one’s soul. Some fasting occurred due to mourning the loss of a loved one, but more often, fasting was done purposely to afflict the soul (Lev 23:26-32), and chasten the soul (Ps 69:10). The purpose of such an affliction or chastening was to humble the soul (Ps 35:13), and not for any affect it might have on the body.  Obviously, humbling yourselves can incur GOD’s favor.
Sometimes a partial fast was all that was needed (Daniel 10:2-3). The absolute fast of Moses and Elijah had divine assistance (Deut 9:9; 1 Kings 19:8). The length of fasts were often one day, from sunrise to sunset, and after sundown food would be taken (Judg 20:26; 1 Sam 14:24; 2 Sam 1:12; 3:35). Then we have three and seven day fasts, and the longest being a 40 day fast by Moses, Elijah, and YESHUA (Ex 34:28; Deut 9:9; 1 Kings 19:8; Mt 4:2; Lk 4:2).

Fasting should never ever be a show or ceremonial ritualism, this is spoken against, but GOD would rather you do it for….
1. Loose the bonds of wickedness
2. Let the oppressed go free
3. Warring nations or threats
4. Grief or sorrow
5. Loved one is sick
6. Forgiveness
7. Seeking GOD’s will
8. When prayer is not enough
9. When faith is not enough
10. Health reasons
11. Self-control
12. Protection from GOD
13. Temptation
14. Humbling yourself before GOD
15. Sending missionaries out to the field
16. Appointing elders
17. Answering of prayers
18. Deliverance of demons

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