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How We are Likened to a Tree


And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

GOD wants us to take the Law and divide it into words. By that I mean HE wants us to take each word of each verse and contemplate its meaning. This is easy to do if we sloooooow down. Most times we read the Bible with such haste that we overlook most of its meanings. If we took each verse of the Bible and deciphered it to this degree, it could possibly take a lifetime to understand. This is true because there is that much meaning in each word!

Like a tree planted, it is different from a tree which has grown in its place, because we are purposely put there. Unlike one that had grown wild. It has been carefully cultivated and given advantages. This has such a special meaning. What fruit one could produce with such an advantage. An uncultivated field grown wild, without guidance with thorns, weeds, and thistles.

We are put in each place in our life for particular meanings. We are told there is nothing which GOD gives us that we can’t handle. We must think of this verse when put in a difficult trial.

By the river of water, this alludes to a custom irrigation with just the right amounts of nutrients. The soil has gained everything it needs to bare perfect fruit. A Godly education with the influences of the Holy Spirit when earnestly sought, is sure to produce fruits of righteousness. One who prays, reads, meditates on the Word will work to produce GOD’s Will.

The leaves on the tree wither in time and fall in its due season, but there are several trees which do not lose their leaf. We are much like this. His leaf will not wither, his faith shall be shown by his works. This is evidence of sound faith. Even our mistakes are make to prosper in the ways of the Lord.

This means even though we walk through life, and of course we make choices which are sometimes not the correct path, GOD will see to it that even still we shall have what we need. Drought nor heat can effect a tree with its trunk so close to the river. Same is our relationship with GOD.

The roots of a tree are sometimes two-three times deeper than what the measurement of above ground. Due to this strength, even when a storm approaches, it will not fail to keep its stature. Our prayer and meditation and faith will give us strength to prosper even when trails and tribulations are within our lives. This does not mean we won’t have trials, oh no. In fact these are the things which makes us even stronger.

And with the tree growing close to the river, it will sustain the abundance of water needed for a beautiful image and roots that flourish. Same tis the life of a believer. When we remain close to GOD, with a communication not lacking, this will grow in its strength and GOD will become our very best friend. GOD is truly our Father, and a Father would never leave a child unattended.

The life of a tree can be hundreds of years and its demeanor can look as if it were young. Same can be the spirit within a person. We can age within but our spirit remains young. Our vigor and attitude can be as a child.


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