Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Inspection of the LAMB!

The Holy days of the Lord are many, but the special ones reflect just what the Lord takes priority over.
The inspection we have before us is the WEEK OF INSPECTION, but this is no mere ordinary inspection. It is the inspection of the Lamb’s people. The first time was of the Lamb, but now it’s an inspection of us!
GOD has given us many signs, we have the Word of the Bible and we had the disciples which gave us these books which the Bible consists of. We have people who are given to visions and dreams and this has been happening since the days of Jesus Christ and before. These things are given to us that we might know the events which are to come. We are given these things to cause us to awaken to the Word. GOD speaks to us through these things and more. We are given signs and there is NO DOUBT that signs have been upon us and the heavens and earth.

Take out any things in your heart which cause you to be puffed up! Take out the pride. Use these same ideals in your food, if you feel totally consistent with your works.
Take this time now to offer your sacrifices to GOD. Use this time to reveal to GOD just how much He means to you. This is also the time in which GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior will inspect our gifts and sacrifices to Him but more importantly He will inspect who we are and what we stand for.
This is the time in which Yeshua will decide who is worthy! Are you worthy? Put your house in order. Bring the heart towards GOD. Come out of the dark into the light and obey GOD’s voice. Are you willing to follow where He leads? Are you willing to make a covenant with Him? As He offered His Son to us, what are we to offer Him?

Jesus was set aside for observation and inspection five days before the sacrifice in the same way that the lamb was set aside for five days for inspection. Now, we are to be inspected! The blood of Jesus was like the blood of an inspected sacrificial lamb. It was without blemish and without spot.
Some may fast, while others offer other types of sacrifices in their lives but nevertheless we are to make a deep gesture unto the Lord for our many blessings and for His love offered unto us.

We have the story of the woman with the alabaster jar who anoints Yeshua with the jar of oil two days before He was supposed to be sacrificed, as a sacrificial lamb. And this is a great offering by her to Him, as Judas told us that it was a very valuable jar of oil. In parallel images, we too are special to GOD, we are very valuable to Him. He does not want to lose not one of us.

The DOOR is slamming shut! GOD is closing the heavens and we must make our presence known unto Him, we must reveal the depths of our heart, revealing the love we have for Him. No more entrance will be granted. Don’t wait to long, for this door is NOW closing. The LAST inspection is upon us.

GOD has those who He has given dreams and visions to. This whole message is in part one from one of those.

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