Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


Many times I have came across this number and thought just what does this number mean. Does it infer that these people have come and gone, much like the disciples who served Jesus Christ during the 3 ½ years of His ministry? Does it reflect a certain group of people who are working now to accomplish the work designed to bring forth the truth before Jesus Christ returns? Or is this the Saints who have gone before us, that are in heaven awaiting the Word from GOD to come and do His Work in these end days?

I have always felt is was directed at the end times for the chosen people who GOD designated to do His Will to spread certain Truths which have been hidden until a due time. Why did I feel this way? It was in my spirit, it just felt like the Truth.
Am I saying that I am part of this 144,000? I do not know, nor do I profess to know. I can only pray that I am worthy of GOD’s Love and the rest is icing on the cake!

144,000 PROPHECY
In Revelations 7, we are told of these chosen ones and from what Tribe they descend from. This is the only place in the Bible where this list is given in this order. They will be given a SEAL OF GOD before the Great Tribulation. They will have a special name in their forehead which the supernatural are able to see.
Has this taken place, or is it now happening? Not only will this happen to these chosen ones, but also to GOD’s children of every nation and race.

Deuteronomy 6: 8 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.

So,  this is SPECIAL! Not only will the damned be placed with a mark in the right hand and/or forehead, but GOD will give His children a special sign.
This is accounted by GOD by the actions of each person, either the good or bad.
Satan duplicates and twists everything of GOD, does he not? The Mark of the Beast will be a damnable feature to the body (hand/forehead), but I think the Mark of GOD will be a LIGHT! Either way, seen only by the supernatural and possibly other believers, when the time is nigh.

With the Believers, it’s only in the forehead. But, the others will be the hand/forehead. This is because we are saved by faith alone, and the others are both because they believe its by works (as a means of salvation/the beast power).

This is mentions four times in the Old Testament. Jesus quoted from the Book of Deuteronomy, three times when tempted by the devil.

In Ezekiel 9:
We are told the mark is placed on the foreheads of the saved who are grieved for the sin in the church.
Some think this to be taking place in a Temple but I believe this passage takes place in the supernatural-High Heavens in which GOD resides. Cannot these things take place in both dimensions at once? Why? Because the second verse says, the six men come from the way of the higher gate, which lie toward the north (Higher Heavens?). These sounds like angels to me. Angels ready for battle, the Archangels! The Writer’s Inkhorn (Angel of the Covenant) sounds like the higher ranking Archangel (possibly Jesus Christ) who keeps record (receiving direct communications with GOD) of the Book of Life & Death. Also note that the six Battling Angels (Destroyers) with the other Angel makes seven! Seven being the symbolic number of GOD’s covenant with His people. Why the possibility of Jesus Christ? Because in Ex 28:6; 28:8; Leviticus 16:4; He is clothed with linen-the priestly garment.

This “One Man” (Compare Daniel 10:5; Revelation 1:13) was the ‘angel of the covenant,’ the high priest, superior to those by whom He was surrounded. This Man takes the coals of vengeance from between the cherubim on Ezekiel 10:2, but coming with mercy to the contrite as well as with vengeance to the impenitent; and these attributes are also of Jesus Christ in John 5:30; 6: 39; Luke 2:34; Matthew 9:13.
This is the mercy-seat of the ark of the Holy of Holies, the proper seat of the Glory of the Lord, who sits at the Chariot of the Divine Glory.
Next, we are told the Lord tells them to go into the midst of the City of Jerusalem and set a mark upon their foreheads of the men that sigh and cry for the abominations therein. Some believe this sign to be a cross on the forehead, others think it to be a Tau, which in antiquity was thought to be in the shape of a cross. I have researched enough to know the Tau is something the Hindu’s/Freemasons/and others take to mean their symbol of a god. Is this Tau, a tainted symbol of GOD? Maybe so.

Beginning with the unfaithful in the church, will be the first visited and most punished. The synagogue of Satan?  These destroyer angels had slain the seventy elders, the twenty-five adorners of the sun, and the women who mourn for Tammuz!
This is a condemnation of those who worship other idols and gods.
What is this SEAL OF GOD?
In world authorities we have seals, which will signify;

  • 1. His Name
  • 2. His Title
  • 3. His Territory

The SEAL OF GOD is internally the Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 4:30 tells us we are sealed in the Holy Spirit. And it is possible to grieve the Holy Spirit; to make sad with sorrow by the actions of evil works.   Neither are we to resist the Holy Spirit. Nor, to act in such a way towards the Holy Spirit that would produce pain in the heart of a friend that loves you. In others words, there are actions which would cause the Holy Spirit to leave from within you.
Some also believe that the SABBATH is also a SEAL of the LAW of GOD. This is the ONE commandment in which we find Holy. How does this relate to the SEAL OF GOD?
The commandment follows;
For in six days…
The Lord (His Name)
Made-HE is the Creator-(His Title)
The heavens and the earth (His Territory)
In the middle of the LAW OF GOD, you find the SEAL OF GOD.

Satan loves to change GOD’s Work-he did this by changing the Sabbath. He did this through the Roman Catholic Church in 325 A.D. in the Council of Nicea.
Also in the days of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, there was a law handed down through government which made everyone worship idols or be killed. These three said, ‘we’d rather die’! In Daniel 6, the government passed a law which said people had to worship something other than their idol, so people had to worship their King/Queen. Wait! This sounds much like the Monarchy of England NOW! The Queen insists she be worshiped! Believe me! Daniel said, “No, I’d rather go to the lions den or die!”
In these last days, Satan will again accomplish this feat. He especially loves to break the first 4 commandments, considering this is the most important in GOD’s LAWS! Why? Because they deal with our relationship with GOD!! So, Satan will turn many people away from GOD, and he main feature will be bringing his fallen angels as ‘aliens’ to have humanity question its origins and maker/Creator. The Antichrist will undoubtedly make a law in which people will not be able to buy or sell without the mark, but also to worship him on the day he wants to be worshiped and this will NOT be the Sabbath…SATURDAY!
Now, before I go on…let me get this straight. I am NOT a Seventh Day Adventist, nor any other MAN MADE religion. I am a Believer. A Believer of the Word of GOD!  I believe in a relationship with GOD through His ONE and ONLY, Son-Jesus Christ.
The certainty of the numerical equation in this phenomena is something to be addressed. The number 144,000 wasn’t come by haphazardly.  No, in fact…GOD does EVERYTHING with unequivocal intervention. He does everything with a rhyme and reason.

Twelve is the perfect number, signifying perfection of government, or of governmental perfection. No one gives us the information on this subject more clearly that E. W. Bullinger. I have his companion Bible which I couldn’t imagine not having! It is the BEST Bible given the knowledge of the fallen angels.
Twelve is the product of 3! The Trinity!
The Twelve Patriarchs.
The Twelve Sons of Israel.
The Temple of Solomon-twelve being a huge component.
Twelve in the Measurement of New Jerusalem.
Twelve persons were Anointed.
Twelve Apostles.
Twelve Years is how old Jesus was when He first appears in Public.
Twelve Legions of Angels mark the Perfection of Angelic Powers.
Twelve times ‘Palace’ occurs.
Twelve represents the Leadership of GOD’s church.
Twelve Judges in the Old Testament.
Twelve Thrones, judging the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
Twelve Stars above the Woman’s Head in Revelations 12.

Meanings of Each Tribal Name
1. Judah= “I will praise the Lord”
2. Ruben= “He has looked on me”
3. Gad= “Given good fortune”
4. Asher= “Happy am I”
5. Naphtali= “My wrestling”
6. Manasseh= “Making me to forget”
7. Simeon= “God hears me”
8. Levi= “Attached to me”
9. Issachar= “Purchased Me”
10. Zebulun== “Dwelling”
11.Joseph= “God will add to me”
12. Benjamin= “Son of His right hand”
Lining these up: “I will praise the Lord [for] he has looked on me [and] granted me good fortune. I am happy [because] my wrestling, God is making me to forget. God hears me [and] is attached to me. He has purchased me dwelling [and] will add to me the Son of His right Hand.”
Given this address in the context of a Jewish wedding, this is so inspiring that words cannot express the exclamation. Jesus is coming for His bride, and everything which came before Him, and after is because of Him and His Father’s love for us.

It is said that the 144,000 will have special robes. These robes represent the righteousness….Revelation 7:12-13,%2014&version=KJV
The white robes given to these special chosen ones will be the gift they receive from GOD for their worthiness and strength from the tribulation.

These chosen ones will sing a special song! Did you know Jesus Christ sings? It is mentioned in the Bible, only once. And He is with the Apostles.
Another little tidbit is: D had 288,000 people who worked in a rotating schedule, month in and month out. Their job? To praise GOD in the Temple! 144,000 were assigned to the Spring Feasts, and the other 144,000 were assigned to the Fall Feasts.
The 144,000 of Revelations sang a song;
No one could sing it but them? Why? Well, this does NOT mean that no one else could learn this song, it is a metaphor for the relationship between them and GOD! It’s a special connection. A personal and unique experience which is indescribable.

Song of Moses
I’ve came across this bit of Scripture before and wonder curiously what this was. Revelation 15:3-4;,4&version=KJV
In the Book of Deuteronomy in Chapter 32, we see another related Scripture;
This is a praising of the Lord, true, but it is a song of deliverance! A deliverance of captivity. This is important because this will repeat itself. Many people know the world governments are planning a massive encampment of the Believers of GOD. Here in the U.S., we have what’s called the FEMA Camps. They are a mixture of old and new prison camps which will serve as a holding and reconstitution of the people and their beliefs. It will be a division of colors deciding where you go and what happens to you. Does this not sounds horrific? It will be worse than the first time, like nothing before or ever again.

These 144,000 chosen ones will be a reflection of GOD. They, like the Apostles reflect GOD in their actions. No matter their profession beforehand, or their location, these special people will reflect GOD’s Loving Hand of Mercy and Strength. This is why Revelations 14, tells us that as a voice of many waters, and as a voice of great thunder, being heard as a harp harping.
Giving hope unto the lost, that they do have a Loving GOD who was, is and will always be there. They will give a sense of light unto the world, much like Israel.
In Verse 4;
We are told they are not defiled with women. What does this mean? Who are the women spoken of in Revelation? The Mystery Babylon, the Great. The Harlot! Babylon & her daughters. The ones in purple, and red and gold, with jewels and gems. These are the churches with false doctrine! It speaks of virgins, this is the people of Jesus Christ; His Bride. These special people have a purity. A Truth. A Honesty.
Revelations 14:5, tells us these people are found with no deceit;
When Jesus Christ speaks in a parable about His coming, which comes to mind? Matthew 25! The Virgins.
Five are wise, five are foolish.

There will be no Lukewarm in GOD’s Flock!
In these end days, we see a movement taking place. It seems so many Believers are being persecuted, all over the world. These people are standing for GOD, and dying in His Name. Churches around the world are being infiltrated, not only by Satan which happened long ago, but by the people who want to bring them down. Churches are being burned to the ground with the congregation within the walls. People killed because they won’t convert to another god. Does this seem to be intensifying? YES! YES! YES! Why? Because we are coming closer to the end!
So, essentially your either with or against GOD. In John 10:16;
We are told that Jesus Christ is bringing together one fold, one flock.
In John 10;
It reminds us that there is only two paths by which to follow! For or against!!

We are seeing a sequence of events which are bringing us into the LAST of the last days. This special sequence also applies to these chosen ones. In revelations 14:4;
These are also the first fruits! The disciples also experienced as relationship of first fruits with Jesus Christ, especially chosen like Matthew 19:28 tells us;
Jesus Christ told them that those who follow Him, in the generation when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His Glory, these shall sit upon the twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes.

This is the time in which these specially chosen ones are making themselves known. By the Word of GOD in their works. Much like the great persecution after the Holy Spirit was let out, this again is happening!!
In Acts 8;
This tells us that GOD Works in many mysterious ways but if you understand the old and the present, you begin to see the patterns. Nothing is new under the sun.
Take notice to the many events happening, the wars against Believers! Research it! You will be shocked.

After all this takes place, the 7 last plagues will fall upon the earth. When the chosen ones have completed their works for GOD, the plagues, with the vials will encompass the world. The angels will release the winds of strife, and a time which has never been seen before will fall.

The place which GOD has set before these chosen is a city! Hebrews 11:16; Revelation 21:2;
This SPACE CITY…is moving throughout space, coming towards earth. Revelation 21;
A man did some research and found that these stones spoken of in the city when placed together form a RAINBOW!

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  1. His Christ coming 2reign on earth for 1000years 2rule b4 d judgement day? Or r d saints of reigning already wit? My faith is lifted up by ur inspiration from God. Anoda question 4u. Y r is d saints not keping d true sabbath day of worship n also God own feast day r not observed. I discoverd dis truth a year ago n d holy spirit said observed by his grace, By his grace am not a seventh day advenists, but I love kep d sabbath day Holy n his feast by grace during year. It help me alot n as 2guide 2d day he wi return. Tanks

    September 6, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    • I don’t believe in the traditional beliefs that everyone else does. GOD made us all different, and therefore I believe differently. The 1000 years is a complex subject and very controversial. I don’t profess to be a scholar, nor a prophet so anything I say is pure conjecture. A day is as a thousands years? Interesting concept, is it not? Why couldn’t this apply to the day of judgment hence it could be speaking of everything taking place in one day and after this is pure peace because everything is OVER but the REIGN of our GOD in heaven. Just a thought.
      Secondly, many, many things in the Bible speaks as prophecy and metaphorically-so why do people get so upset when things aren’t as they believe the Bible to be? GOD tells us love one another, not beat each other with a stick when we give theories. So, in that essence I guess it’s one of those things you must take in stride because everyone has their own thoughts.
      The Sabbath is a day not spoken of in terms of a said name for it, and we as believers are to take our wits and wisdom and challenge the past to find answers. I think this serves on many levels throughout the Bible. In 325 A.D., the Nicea Council changed the Sabbath and every since it has been so. This is spoken of in the Bible, it was changed and we all know it to be so. The ‘worldly’ churches are serving their own gods, and their laws. This has been happening since Satan infiltrated the church. I profess to NO religion, except to love GOD, and abide by HIS Laws. My relationship is of the utmost importance to me, I would give my life to standfast in my position. I believe this is what GOD wants us all to do, because HE knows the world is going to serve as a type of god to many.
      I am still turning to the Jewish feasts and festivals, even though by heritage, this is not my birthright…it is still a bloodright for I am a child of GOD. My DNA and blood is from GOD and therefore it gives me the right to do so.
      We are given the Grace by GOD to live in HIS love, to share in HIS peace. So, take any burdens put onto you by the demons and fallen spirits and get delivered. I am in the process of doing this. No one is perfect and we must all rely on GOD through HIS Son, Jesus Christ to be saved from evil and oppression. Satan wants nothing more than to oppress GOD’s children, each and every one!
      I appreciate your comments and thoughts. Please know that like you, I strive to be a better person in the eyes of GOD! This is our destiny while here, and until we are transformed. So GOD Bless you, and keep you. Peace & Blessings-V

      September 6, 2012 at 10:40 AM


      Did you know great pyramid has 144ooo stones and that the mayans had this no and edward leedskalnin built coral castle with this number. did you know that mans no is 666 and that divide the above no by that you get 216 three times? we travel per constellation 216o years. One day has 144O minutes too and if you christians knew what it all meant you wouldn’t be believing this post.

      Did you know the BIBle is a duaity and a book of good and evil and moses was obviousy a dictator as well as someone who helped them escape slavery and then gave them a new form of slavery. Set your conscience above everything and the seals of revelation refer primarily to your mind seals as our mind creates reality and nothing is set in stone . That is why when he measures the city it is a number of a mans cubit which has many meanings but one is that man contributes towards it. All the decipherings of revelation have been incorrect and your pastors have misguided you.

      WOE WOE WOE xxx
      All the information you are getting is second hand. Your inner voice knows and the universal voice which under any other name is your creator and not a god. Whoever bows down will never be helped. There is no god for god is a master to dogs. There is a creator who requires no worship and ever think you may have made some type of covenant to be left alone which is why there is an ark of a covenant and at the appointed time, the seals open?

      OPEN YOUR EYES.. if all in the bible was true then you would stone people. A wise man seeks and a wise man has his eye open which if the inner eye is not full of light it is fit for nothing. SEEK AND FIND. DO not believe.BELIEF COMES FROM BE A LIE. They are hidden treasures, line upon line, here a little and there a little. He who has an ear let him hear and the answer is in you . Whoever follows is a foolish virgin. DO not folllow me or anyone. Let your conscience be your guide, the still small voice.

      If your beilefs changed the world we would all be free after thousands of years of preaching and a good tree cannot bear bad fruit. The truth is much deeper.


      IN the ark lie the secrets of god and no it is not a boat…

      I uphold free speech eternally and free minds and oppose deception and broken promises.

      July 11, 2016 at 2:30 PM

      • The great pyramid of Giza was made by fallen angels! The TRUTH of GOD is inspiring and no opposition will come against it. BELIEF in GOD is ultimately all we have that derives from HOPE-FAITH-LOVE.
        The enlightenment you speak of is a FALSE one. It’s the so-called Kundalini. Freemasonry is satanic! ET EN ARCAIDA EGO is expression used by Friedrich Nietzsche, who was a FREEMASON. The only “utopia” comes from ascending with GOD and we will never become one…ever. GOD is THE ONLY ONE who can transform us.

        July 13, 2016 at 8:09 AM

      • god means geometria zero delta and god backwards is dog.. i have sp0ken to creator of universe and higher beings. and so , regardless of what you say I know. Et en arcadia ego means in the ark lie the secrets of creator and its not a boat.. all free masons signs merely are codes for a greater truth and be used for good or evil. if your religion made any difference world would be free . elite rule on religion and god is an idea created to rule in fear. I know who creator is and if it wishes to contact me it will and bypass your accepted routes and by what authority i do this or know, I do not tell you. What i can tell you is that the creator doesn’t live in a name or a room or place or location but in the heart and that creator does not need your permission to contact anyone for nor did it ask you if to bring up the sun and you don’t bring it up on pulleys. you have your knowledge second hand and mine is direct. I have seen beyond this earth too and know the info provided officially is incorrect. I also know the official decoding of bible is incorrect and that there is no devil for we are it and whoever has wrong ideas . our number is 666 and that is evident . our soul is also the onl;y begotten of creator and whoever follows this shall never be led astray . Truth doesn’t live in a book or creator but in real life and in our heart and the kingdom of heaven is within you. Whoever shall know himself shall find it and the true meaning of ark. You can’t mislead me. I am awake. I know the bible inside out and its seven times sealed and coded but i respect your opinion, input and time and thank you for your contact, acknowledgment and respect. I do not seek to win either . I want a better life and more of it and peace within. I don’t care about freemasons or bible or anything . I only care about peace inside of me and my eye is the one must be full of light. Frederick nietsche also had much truth as does bible and all things. You categorize things. I do not. I can learn from a criminal or a rubbish heap. Does not the sun come up on all ? do we not drink the same water and do not all religions and societies and myths have same codes? Then indeed no one lies only to themselves for they encoded it to hide from truth. The time has come to find the true meaning of et en arcadia ego and If you don’t know it neither will you be safe in a future time line. Offical declarations of what a symbol means are not true. They are hiding codes in plain sight and you are either one of them or completely mislead. but what you choose is between your soul and universe but either way if you meant well, I appreciate you reaching out. So , I thank you but there are other dimensions beyond this one and once you have glimpsed them, you can never get second hand information from another source. In the time of hardship , no bible will come with me nor will you or humans , therefore I stand alone against the face book of the universe and I have no fear for my creator is my friend , for better or worse xxx

        July 13, 2016 at 1:33 PM

      • I pray that you come to see the Truth. Truth is inspiring and guarded by GOD and will triumph over all opposition.

        July 14, 2016 at 7:51 PM

      • Well…well. Another troll has arrived. The Vipers are hidden in plain sight and seek a false light. I seek NO RELIGION. This is one of the main problems of this world.
        Let me guess…this Jesus you speak of is an Ascended Master? Considering your a Freemason, tis true then. Unless you don’t know WHO they really worship.
        Time spent on debating you and your kind is a shot in the dark…and I don’t have time for it. But, I have all the time in the world if you seek The True GOD!
        Please DO NOT feed these people who come to seek GOD the lies you’re deceived from.
        Like many others before you…I will delete them as I did theirs. Remember…you came here, not the other way around.
        The Holy Spirit is trying to open your blind eyes…that’s the truth of why you came. We need to pray for you, and we shall. Peace & Blessings-V

        July 18, 2016 at 7:34 AM

      • Yes sir. I do know about the Freemasons and their attempt to change GOD’S Word. But, as I told you before…the Truth is inspiring and will triumph over all opposition…including Freemasons. I’ve already read all that you suggest….you see, it’s yet another lie. Satan is the father of them. The whole higher consciousness issue originated from Lucifer/Satan’s lie to Eve. Becoming a god will never happen…this is a false light given to humanity by the fallen angels who will continue to deceive people into it until Jesus Christ, The Son of GOD returns. This is NOT the same one of the Ascended Masters, this too is trickery utilized by Satan to confuse the masses.
        You can degrade me, call me names…I don’t care. My Master will always be Jesus Christ…The Son of GOD, and He is The Only Path to The Father Almighty-GOD!
        I will not continue to debate this. You will never change my views. Ever. I truly will continue to have hope that you see GOD for who and what HE IS! I will pray for your soul because without GOD, you will never ascend…this is The Master of Creation…not Gaia, or any other false god.
        True the path is narrow and strait, and this is exactly why.

        July 19, 2016 at 12:12 PM

      • A thing can be used for good or evil and masons use the bible , does that mean I should discard it? Criminals drink water and utilize sunlight and alphabet , does that make it bad? In the name of science, atomic power has been unleashed.. but science itself can be used wisely. The bicameral right brain categorises images and the left brain is scathing , an androgynous brain is an observer and doesn’t classify but sifts. Truth is found by sifting tried in fire seven times. It is a journey and not a status , decree or belief. A bicameral mind that hasn’t broken its seals can never know truth. To argue truth with this mind is like trying to show a dog or an ape to read a book and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way but truthfully it is how it is. The brain is a prison of beliefs, fears, and it fools itself. There is no utopia for all grows by degrees as a plant and saying I believe in god doesnt whisk you to heaven for heaven is where your heart is and you belong with what you resonate. To have infinity passed to you on belief alone and expect perfection is insanity. To grow by degree is the only truth like a living plant. So, your belief in god is utopia and has destroyed the world and religion has destroyed civilisation and come along with bibles and decimated people and made them convicts and slaves and all religion is founded on freemasonry. This does not make bible right or wrong its two edged sword. It means that your eye chooses and you create what you see.. if you see evil, you will summon that. It is also free will and anyone who has no direct communication with universe and believes in a perfect god is really worshiping an idle idol. If you believe in your creator that created us both btw , why is it that you never spoke to him? Only have second hand knowledge from an old book? And if you believe I haven’t then you don’t believe in him for you think that he can’t communicate with anyone therefore in what way is your creator real? If your creator doesn’t teach you of universe for this is what a creator is , then he is a boring idol on a throne and sorry, but I do not wish to go to heaven. It is a very boring utopia imagined by humans. Revelation clearly shows heaven will be on earth created by us or not at all. Everyone wants to escape planet ark but if I could escape I wouldn’t . i would return eternally until it was a better place or perish with it. A good captain doesn’t abandon ship. My heart cries for the sorrow of world and I seek nothing for myself. The ideologies of the world have destroyed it and I have been to churches and read all the bibles exist and all of them in fact agree and disagree. Many books of bible were also left out and only 66 included like the 666. Everyone seeks answers outside of themselves but the kingdom is within us. I know of dimensions beyond here.. i have seen how galaxies are aligned and I ask you have you weighed the mountains and oceans? Do you bring the sun and moon up? Then neither do you control the information that universe seeks to give and I sought and found. Truth is not biased to the seeker but you act as if it is. Whoever seeks will find but most stop at an idol and are idle. They accept names and images for truth . Not one person who seeks will be stopped from finding and if you deliberately lie about the number 144 then woe to you in the day when the seas rise , you will be wiped out, even if you have a hiding place. If accepting god made a difference or jesus then serial killers would be saved and different for many are christians and also millions in world are and world is getting worse . The pope is rich and greedy and all the religions I went to are founded on pyramidal hierarchy on equal communication . If belief saved you, you could jump off a building in gods name and be fine. wars have been done in gods name and indians killed with the bible. Donald trump holds up the Bible and constitution of america and its laws founded on bible and they are ones of dominance and slavery. I put no one above my conscience not even the creator and I do not bow to him or fear him one iota. I know who he is and not the offical version of lies and smoke screen. The god people worship on earth is themselves but soon the time will come when the well meaning will be free and whoever follows will be a foolish virgin. No one should follow me or you. Truth is in each one’s soul and it found by a journey of digging and seeking like hunting for gold and it is a process of alchemy of transformation of making a coal into a diamond. There is also only one great truth to exist and open your eye. If you don’t exist you dont’ care if god does, jesus does or bible. Therefore to be or not to be is the greatest truth and to be more and open your eye and let light in is the second truth. Apart from this all truths will fail. All will fade only the soul remains and matter will be swept away and will not matter. Churches will pass away, creeds, temples, bibles, whatever is in your heart and truth remains. So then, I say to you.. truth is in each one’s grasp.. yes even at the door.

        July 13, 2016 at 2:05 PM

      • The real smoke screen is the false light of Satan. The fallen angels never lost their beauty, nor their power. Magick is of evil, GOD produces miracles. Big, big difference. Good called evil, and evil thought to be good is exactly what is taking place. Alchemy is magick! Demons control these fools who communicate with them. Gaining power but not without risk…the risk of their immortal soul.

        July 14, 2016 at 7:49 PM

  2. Anthony Swart

    Hallo, it is by chance that i have stumbled across you. For this i thank my Father in heaven. I became a reborn christian on the 13th of March in 1997. My life until then had been the stuff they make movies from, i started searching earnestly for the things of God. Nowhere have i found anyone who sees all these things the way i have come to believe . Untill know, i am reading and studying all that i can find that you are shareing . I thank God for you and i pray that his blessing and piece may be stowed upon you . I am weeping with gratitude towards God as i text this, thankyou for what you are doing. No doubt i will have questions for you soon enough thankyou.

    January 28, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    • I was just praying as I was driving that when I go home to my Father in Heaven, that I only hope to have made Him proud. I am not perfect by far but I do try my best to bring the truth to people and hope and pray they digest it for what it is.
      Please understand that I am blessed to know you are benefiting from this material. Peace & Blessings-V

      January 28, 2013 at 6:07 PM

    • Urum Judah

      Beautiful words, Child of the Most High, your spirit is kind, and you will do great things with it. God Bless.

      January 18, 2014 at 2:32 AM

      • Admiration is key to challenging others to serve GOD! Thank you!! GOD Bless.

        January 18, 2014 at 8:16 AM

  3. nhadz

    i know this group,the 144 ooo chosen people of god..and this already exist now a days,because as written in ecc.1:9,nothing is new under the sun meaning history repeat itself,that the work of god before,be recalled today,and god wants us to do his works,one of that work is fasting,we read in in mathew4:4 and gods plan is to unite us as he said in joel 2:12,,this group of 144 is a small group which we read in rev.14:1,standing with the lamb,what is this lamb?this is the god of gods and king of wat we read in rev 17:14
    ..and i wnt to tell avryone that..i really know who are the member of this group

    February 17, 2014 at 3:15 AM

  4. saab13

    more teachings about this can be seen on, Are you familiar with that site?

    August 6, 2014 at 1:41 PM

    • Never been there, but time wasted on fighting one another versus the supernatural….in my opinion…it time we wasted on telling others the TRUTH. We fight against the supernatural and Satan loves to divide and conquer. Does he not? This is why we have SO MANY divisions in religion. And for Satan to cause chaos amongst the Believer’s is one of his best tricks of Magick! Yes, MAGICK….of the occult. Please don’t misconstrue my meaning…I do not know this person on that site but my first words read was condemning another. We need to concentrate of fighting the supernatural! Just my opinion, of course.

      August 7, 2014 at 7:48 AM

      • saab13

        she fights against supernatural evil, the woman she “condemned” was a rapture date setter, she set many dates before, all false and did not apologize or said she erred, this way she stoles the energy and faith of the people, who believed it was from God, satan works this way too, the more closer you are to God with true biblical worship and living holy, the further you are from evil and the greater power your prayers and warfare have, I agree divisions are from satan, but we have bible and Holy Spirit and the word of God exposes the false teachers-for ex.who did not warn about hell or do not say that you must be born again and turn away from sin and have relationship with YAHUSHUA (Jesus) or pray to dead people and to sinful woman Mary(Catholics) or do not believe in hell and lake of fire ( JW witnesses)

        August 8, 2014 at 7:38 AM

      • I agree with everything you said! Praise GOD!

        August 8, 2014 at 8:12 AM

  5. Anthony Swart

    We must not get confused, the 144000 are the elect of God. They are all jews and all men no iniquity was found in them some are dead and some are yet to come. These are those that are caught up and meet Jesus in the air upon his return. The rest of us are refined in the fire, those who survived the great tribulation or Jacobs time of trouble centered mostly on the jews, will be summoned to the vally of Jehosaphat where Jesus wil devide us the sheep and the goat nations, Jesus then sets up his 1000 year rule. What we as christians need to concentrate on, is makeing our salvation and election sure. During the tribulation some of us will achieve great things, primarily helping the Jews. They are his bretheren and beware, for when you did not give a cup of water to the least of these my bretheren to drink, you did not give it to me. The words of Jesus. What a pleasure to have the honour of loseing your life to God in the tribulation only to come back and being with Jesus for the next 1000 years. The breaking of the 6th seal is the signal of the iminant return of our Lord and saviour. Amen to that!

    August 9, 2014 at 6:05 AM

  6. Abul Haqq

    Beloved, thank you for your post and the details you have highlighted for our edification. I do greet you in the name of our Father Yahuwah and our King Yahushua HaMasiach.

    You began your study, and rightly so, with Deuteronomy 6:8 which states that His commandments are to be bound “for a sign upon thine hand” and then “they shall be as frontlets between the eyes.”

    Though this scripture has many depths of meaning, it is the most important to understand that out of all the biblical pointers (of the 144,000 marked) this verse rings true and reveals the intention and heart of Yah more than you will ever know, unless He comes upon you.

    The sign/mark/seal starts in the Ruach (Spirit) it is ultimately manifested in the natural and becomes a literal sign (this i know). This is not by man’s efforts.

    The palm, in Hebraic thought, is the power to actualize potential, becomes manifest – at the inner spiritual level – in the “will [crown, KETER] of the heart” to conceive and unite with God’s Will, the teachings of Torah.

    The forehead in associated with KETER which means crown – the mark of those who are of the Royal Priesthood, to be saviors and kings as receivers of (what I call) the “Stone Crown.”

    The Stone Crown are those who have receive the white Stone (Aben is stone in Hebrew which is from the root Abba – Father and Ben – Son) and they receive HaShem.

    Tehillim (Psalms) 9:9-10 HaShem is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble (our ark). Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, HaShem, have never forsaken those who seek you.

    These are those who have already been judged, the receivers of the latter rain, and now the Lion’s mouth that resides deep within the Den is shut forever by the Angel of Yah so it can no longer devour them.

    They have received the word of Yah, and are First fruits unto the Father. They are marked for their protection prior to the Great Tribulation. Because they have received the writer’s inkhorn for the fiery lamentations of their cries before the Presence of Yahuwah. For it is this shout/cry that has broken down the walls of separation moving from “are called” to “few chosen”. The words I say are true and faithful, to the Glory of Yahuwah our Father and to His son. Shalom.

    Isaiah 6:2-4
    2: Above him were seraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying

    3 And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.”

    4 At the sound of their voices the doorposts and thresholds shook and the temple was filled with smoke.

    August 28, 2014 at 1:04 PM

  7. prophetessphelan

    Exactly what Lord Yeshua has been revealing to me. He has chosen me for this work.

    September 8, 2015 at 9:49 AM

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