Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Walk With ME

Retrospect is that marvelous facility whereby we are enabled to gaze with wisdom upon a series of events to which we were totally oblivious to when they occurred. These former mysteries become the basic building blocks that lead to even greater discoveries.

In Psalms 42 it says, “Deep calls to deep” and when one person touches the deep place in another, he touches that eternal deposit that resides in the heart of every man.
We feel like spiritual soldiers reporting for duty and await the Commander to give us our orders regarding what to pray for. Intercession connects the living power of God with the world, and through intercessory prayer is more than coming before God with a checklist of needs and requests. Instead, it is reporting for duty, allowing Him to search our hearts and cleanse us, and then letting Him direct our prayer focus as we wait before Him. For God is not limited by time or space, and in the Spirit, neither are we!

Neglect hardens your heart-
God tells us, just as cholesterol coats the arteries and restricts the flow of blood in your physical body, so neglect will harden your heart and clog your spiritual ears. So we must change our thought patterns. Not only to be able to choose daily to walk with Him, but you must choose, moment by moment.

GOD says…

“Focusing your thoughts upon My will and My purposes. You are not limited as to what you perceive, you place those limits upon yourself. Then a great release shall come. Learn to hear My voice clearly! Do not worry about self-preservation  or personal wants. Simply trust Me. If you observe My instruction. My anointing will increase in your life. You must learn to yield to Me. This is My mandate to you. Yield to Me, and obey My voice.”

Three Doors-
The first door is representing our new birth experience in God.
The second door represents the baptism in the Holy Spirit launching us into spiritual growth and an awareness of a much greater spiritual dimension. The revelations of God are liken to a window or doorway in heaven. God is the only One who can initiate revelation. No matter how hard we may try to peek into the eternal things and understand His mysteries and secrets, our human efforts fail. Only He decides when to open the door or draw back the curtain and see His presence. Then, He closes the curtain of revelation again. Just one momentary glimpse into His mysteries and wisdom brings enlightenment beyond any human understanding or study.
This third door is intimacy with God. The door of revelation and mystery. The fact that it is a double door makes perfect sense that intimacy with God releases two things-revelation knowledge and divine wisdom. Divine grace.

We must find the assurance with Scripture that we can trust HIM with our future. Obedience is the place of blessing and rest. Although the preparation for our journey of faith has been in progress from the very beginning of our lives, more often than not we are unaware of it. Consequently, we fail to ask GOD where HE wants us to be going, and why. Like rudderless ships, we drift through life, hoping that we will stumble upon HIS will and purpose for us.

GOD says:
“Our flesh draws back from ME, and insists on being catered to, you must decide if this is but a fleeting moment in which you get a glimpse of MY presence  if you want to remain there. You must activate your will. As you do this on a regular basis, you will be restored. The flow of MY Word and intimacy will return. It will become like a fresh drink of water from a pure, sparkling fountain.”
“You must change your thought patterns. What ever is just, pure and holy must be in your mind to change that. You must change that not only daily but make that choice moment, by moment. You must renew your mind in MY Word. Focus on MY will, MY purpose. You must realize that all the things you ask, I can do, but you must seek ME and MY kingdom first. Placing ME first in your life must become a priority. I want to walk with you and prepare you to be launched into a new dimensions of MY work.”

“Attune your ear to ME. Learn to hear MY voice clearly! Do not worry about self-preservation or your personal wants. Simply trust ME. I have so many wonderful things for you. MY HOLY SPIRIT is with you and in you. If you observe MY instructions, MY anointing will increase in the days to come.”
“The past is over and finished. No more going back! Set your eyes on ME. Your success will be found not in doing what others do, but rather in yielding to MY HOLY SPIRIT. You must learn to yield to ME! This is MY mandate to you!”

GOD decides when to open the door or draw back the curtain to let you see HIS presence. Then, HE closes the curtain of revelation again. Just one momentary glimpse into HIS mysteries and wisdom brings enlightenment beyond any human understanding or study. Intimacy with GOD will release two things–revelation knowledge and divine wisdom.
GOD’s grace and mercy are like precious stones of inestimable value. They shine with a brilliance that is incompatible to worldly things.

GOD says..
“You are like a pond, my child. I have put much wealth, and depth in your life, but you have not allowed others to partake of it because you have grown cold, and hardened yourself. But, I say to you, this is the year of thawing and breaking up the ice. I am going to soften your heart. The heat of MY love for you is going to melt your icy fears and intimidation. It will dissolve the hardening that has resulted from the years of battling and warfare that you have had. Don’t be afraid, because this tenderizing in your life will be like springtime for you.”
“You will learn a new compassion and love for people. You will weep, and your heart will overflow with understanding. MY desire is to love and encourage others through you. Do not hold back any longer. You do not need to fear men or be intimidated by anyone.”

“The ice is beginning to melt. This will be the year of becoming, not doing. Your success and blessings lie in being what I have destined you to be. Just as I accept you for what I have made you to be, so others will also acknowledge you  for who you are in ME. True peace, rest, and fruitfulness can be found by accepting and enjoying what I have called you to be and to do. You don’t need to strive anymore. Release yourself to ME, and let go!”
“I am requiring you to give away to other what I have given to you. Release MY love, kindness, caring, counsel, and prophecy. Learn MY Word from the depths of your spirit. MY Truth will flow through you. This is the year of depth, I will cause you to draw up wisdom and truth from MY well of revelation. It will be like a drink of fresh water for you. Tend to the  well of your spirit daily in MY presence.”

The words of GOD can be like a key opening the door to your heart. If you let down the barriers, you will learn to trust in HIM to protect you. Spiritual warfare has produced many casualties, and the wounds you receive are not uncommon for you to build a barrier of protection to guard yourself, but you can let them down. Let GOD nurse those wounds, because HE is in the business of healing and restoring HIS soldiers, and HE won’t neglect you. The only way to make it through the labyrinth of life is to be led by the SPIRIT of GOD. Only HE can provide you with the necessary guidance. HE will speak to you, and show you the way. If HE could lead the Israelites to the Promised Land with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, HE can lead you by HIS voice, especially when HIS SPIRIT lives in your heart.

GOD says,
“The unrest that you are feeling in your spirit is a preparation for change. There is a stirring and dissatisfaction within you. You cannot return to your old ways. You cannot go back! You must move into the new things through ME. You did not chose ME, but I chose you! It is my doing.”
“Do not have regrets! Regret and remorse are not of ME. Regret is the consequence of unresolved past issues that fester in your soul. It causes you to be frozen in the present. It saps you of your strength and keeps you from productivity and progress in MY purpose. I am a GOD of mercy, forgiveness, and grace. I do not cause you to live in regret.”
“If you let go of the past, real change comes through positive action now and in the future. Today, if you hear MY voice, do not harden your heart. I have great and wonderful things ahead. Please hear MY voice, and let go of the past. You will walk with ME as Enoch did. You have desired a good thing. It is MY heart’s desire towards you. Walk hand in hand with ME!”

4 responses

  1. angelica

    hi! im just curious why are you using that photos as symbolize by image of Jesus?

    November 15, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    • We don’t know what Jesus Christ, the Only Son of GOD really looks like. The images we’ve accepted are given to us by the Roman Catholic Church. So, in an effort to emphasize Lord, Jesus Christ…I use what we have.

      November 16, 2013 at 9:24 AM



      October 8, 2014 at 2:14 PM

      • Praise GOD! What a wonderful connection! I’m so happy for you, truly I am!! GOD Bless you. Love, V

        October 8, 2014 at 2:31 PM

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