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Massive Death Connections PT 15-June 2012


30th June 2012 – 1,000,000 Birds died or culled at 129 Farms due to Avian Flu in Mexico. Link

30th June 2012 – Mass fish death continues for the 4th day in Kolleru Lake, the largest freshwater lake located on the borders of Krishna and West Godavari districts in India. [link]

29th June 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish line the banks of Pottersburg Creek in Ontario Canada. Link

29th June 2012 – 73 Turtles wash ashore dead, scientists concerned, in Australia. Link

28th June 2012 – Fish die-off in Platte River in Nebraska. Link

28th June 2012 – Fish kill in river Vartry in Wicklow Ireland. Link

28th June 2012 – Jinjiang, Fujian. [link]

27th June 2012 – Minxin River, Hebei. [link]

26th June 2012 – 200,000 Bird deaths at three farms in Mexico. Link

26th June 2012 – Over 75,000 Goats killed by a disease epidemic in Congo. Link

26th June 2012 – Sanjiaozhen, Guangdong. [link]

26th June 2012 – Thousands of dead Sardines wash ashore on Taboga Island in Panama. Link

26th June 2012 – Zhaoyang, Yunnan. [link]

26th June 2012 – Fish kill in Wisconsin Counties in America. Link

25th June 2012 – Several thousand fish dead in a lake in Georgia America. Link

25th June 2012 – 47 foot juvenile fin whale washes up on West Marin beach in California. [link]

25th June 2012 – Thousands of Fish die in Gomti River India. Link

24th June 2012 – Licun River, Qingdao. [link]

23rd June 2012 – Mass Cattle death a “mystery” in Elgin Texas. Link

23rd June 2012 – 67 Birds found dead at Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary Hawaii. Link

23rd June 2012 – Weishanhu, Shandong. [link]

22nd June 2012 – Mass deaths of Horses and Cattle due to snake bites in Kiev Ukraine. Link (Russian)

22nd June 2012 – Fish kill on Lake Odessa in Louisa County America. Link

21st June 2012 – Dead turtles washing ashore along Delaware and New Jersey coasts, scientists not sure why in America. Link

21st June 2012 – 150 Birds washing up dead or dying on East Florida beaches in America. Link

21st June 2012 – Cixian, Hebei. [link]

20th June 2012 – 750 Bee Hives poisoned killing thousands of Bees in New South Wales Australia. Link

20th June 2012 – Hundreds to Thousands of fish washing ashore dead on Sutherland Reservoir Nebraska. Link

19th June 2012 – 17 dead Seals wash ashore in Parnu Estonia. Link

19th June 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish found in Red Hill Creek Canada. Link

19th June 2012 – Fish die-off at Buffalo Pound Lake in Canada. Link

19th June 2012 – Researchers from the University of Prince Edward Island are dissecting a dead Minke whale on a beach near Point Spry in Canada. [link]

19th June 2012 – Over 4,000 Fish found dead in River Nene England. Link

19th June 2012 – Foshan, Guangdong.  [link]

17th June 2012 – Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. [link]

16th June 2012 – Fish kill in Big Birch Lake in Todd County Minnesota. Link

15th June 2012 – Fish kill found in canal near lake Manitoba in Canada. Link

15th June 2012 – Shangrao City, Jiangxi. [link]

15th June 2012 – Mass death of Sardines (about 10,000) found in Kanagawa Japan. Link

14th June 2012 – 130 Sea Birds found dead in Australia. Link

13th June 2012 – Black Sea Ecologists Alarmed By Dolphin Deaths Russia. Link

13th June 2012 – Shaoxing County, Zhejiang. [link]

NOTE: 120 Dolphins that died off Texas coast between November and March declared “unusual mortality event” America. Link

13th June 2012 – A 600-lb dead pilot whale was found on Kaputian Island, Island Garden City of Samal in the Philippines. [link]

12th June 2012 – The deaths of more than 120 dolphins off the Texas coast from November through March has prompted a federal agency to declare the event “unusual” and launch an investigation.

12th June 2012 – A young Humpback whale became beached and died in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. [link]

12th June 2012 – Licheng District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. [link]

11th June 2012 – Fish kill along 1.5Km of the Chovva Canal in India. Link

9th June 2012 – 40 TONS of dead Fish in a pond in township of Guangzhou China. Link

8th June 2012 – Large number of dead Fish found in East Lake Park China. Link

8th June 2012 – Guangzhou, Guangdong. [link]

7th June 2012 – Hundreds of Birds found dead in East Melbourne Australia. Link

7th June 2012 – Fraser Island residents in Queensland, Australia, did their best to comfort a crying five-tonne baby humpback whale after it became stranded on the beach.

But the eight-metre whale juvenile died early the next morning. [link]

7th June 2012 – FISH KILL .. Many Thousands .. World wide Animal Florida. Link

7th June 2012 – Harbin City, Heilongjiang. [link]

6th June 2012 – Over 100,000 mass Fish die-off in Feidong Ning Kong Reservoir China. Link

6th June 2012 – Feidong, Anhui. [link]

6th June 2012 – Mystery surrounds massive Fish kill in Coevorden Netherlands. Link

6th June 2012 – Over 10,000 dead Carp found in Blue Springs Lake, Missouri. Link

6th June 2012 – 5,000 dead Fish in a lake is a mystery, UK. Link

5th June 2012 – Tons and Tons of dead Sardine washing up in port of Ohara in Japan. Link

5th June 2012 – Alarming Reindeer Die Off on St Paul Island in Alaska. Link

5th June 2012 – Thousands of Dead fish found in Imperial Lakes in Florida. Link

5th June 2012 – 2500 Fish dead in Swan River in Australia. Link

5th June 2012 – Eeerie! RUSSIA Mass DOLPHIN DIE-OFF “300″ … Cause UNKOWN- Prediction Russia. Link

4th June 2012 – Another dead whale, a male Minke Whale, estimated to be between 800 and one-thousand pounds, has washed ashore on one of southern Maine’s most popular swimming beaches.

4th June 2012 – Qixia, Bandao. [link]

4th June 2012 – Nearly 200 tonnes of dead sardines have washed up on the shore of a western port town in Japan. [link]

4th June 2012 – Hundreds of crown-of-thorns starfish found on a beach in southern Japan. [link]

3rd June 2012 – A marine mammal expert  says rescuers were unable to save a sperm whale about the size of a city bus that was stranded just off the island’s north coast in Puerto Rico. [link]

2nd June 2012 – Biologists try to save a 11-foot to 12-foot beached pygmy sperm whale by Hospital Creek in St. Augustine Marina, Florida. [link]

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