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Massive Death Connections PT 17-August 2012


While putting this part in the series together, it astounded me at the grand number of events in this month! WOW!

31st August 2012 – A dead turtle washed ashore on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand. Link Video> Link

A small whale has washed ashore on Pensacola Beach.

31st August 2012 – A pygmy sperm whale washed ashore and later died at Pensacola Beach in Florida. Link

30th August 2012 – Die-off of Whitefish in Eastern Idaho Rivers a “mystery”, America. Link

30th August 2012 – A dead Atlantic white-sided dolphin washed ashore in Brighton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Link

30th August 2012 – “Significant” fish kill on Tuscarawas River in NEW PHILADELPHIA, America. Link

30th August 2012 – There has been a nationwide increase of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) outbreaks due to the extended hot and dry conditions.

A). ID – Nearly 100 dead deer found in central Indiana’s Putnam County in suspected disease outbreak. Link

B). IL – The first-ever outbreak of the disease in Northern Illinois is rapidly killing deer – the death toll is now at 100 in about a week and a half. Link
C). MI – The viral disease is confirmed in 15 Michigan counties. The Total number affected is 1,251. Link
D). NE – The disease continues to kill deer over much of Nebraska, spreading from the Missouri River to as far west as Garden County. Link

E). OK – Up to a dozen deer have been found dead in Northeast Oklahoma, likely due to the same disease. Link
F). PA – The deaths of 35 white-tailed deer in Pennsylvania are also likely due to EHD. Link
G). WV – West Virginia wildlife officials believe EHD killed several deer in Calhoun County and the cases are being treated as an outbreak. Link

30th August 2012 – 50,000 Chickens dead from bird flu in North 24-Parganas, India. Link

30th August 2012 – 12 thoroughbred Horses die by West Nile Virus Mumbai, India. Link

30th August 2012 – 40 ft. Humpback Whale washes ashore in Maine. Link

29th August 2012 – Hundreds of Salmon wash up dead on shores of OSOYOOS LAKE, Canada. Link

29th August 2012 – Hundreds of Rats found dead sparking fears of the Plague in Walled City, near Jaipur, India. Link

29th August 2012 – 24 Sea Turtles found dead on beaches of Oaxaca in Mexico. Link

28th August 2012 – 1,000 TONNE Fish kill in Baiyangdian Lake in China. Link

28th August 2012 – 45,000 Baby Sea Turtles and Eggs destroyed by Earthquake in El Salvador. Link

28th August 2012 – Sri Lanka’s National Aquatic Research Agency (NARA) has commenced scientific tests on the reported deaths of fish in the coastal belt of Wellawatta south of Colombo. Link

28th August 2012 – 100 Deer found dead during past 2 weeks in Cook County, America. Link

28th August 2012 – 30 Rare Antelopes killed by anthrax in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Link

27th August 2012 – A 24-foot-long dead adult male Minke whale is beached at Port of Ness in the north of Lewis in the UK. Link

26th August 2012 –  Hebei, Jingzhou, China. Link

25th August 2012 – Avian Botulism in Maryland. Link

Pigeon racers say scores of their birds are mysteriously vanishing in what some claim is Britain's bird equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle

25th August 2012 – Birds Disappear in Bermuda Triangle Link

25th August 2012 – Peacocks fall prey to mysterious disease in Delhi. Link

24th August 2012 – A 10.2-METRE and estimated 15-tonne juvenile male humpback whale stranded on Sandon Beach in Gold Coast, Australia, was euthanized. Link

24th August 2012 – A dead dolphin washed up at Chesil Cove, Dorset,U.K. Link

23rd August 2012 – 2,700 Pheasants dead from disease in Wyoming, America. Link

23rd August 2012 – Longquan Lake, Sichuan, China. Link

23rd August 2012 – Hundreds of dead Atlantic menhaden fish were report in a lagoon in South Toms River in New Jersey. Link

22nd August 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish found in Cuyahoga River, Ohio, America. Link

22nd August 2012 – A 40- to 50-foot-long whale carcass as been spotted off the east coast of Hawaii island. Link

22nd August 2012 – More than 50 cattle deaths due to forage made poisonous by drought or toxic weeds have been confirmed in Arkansas. With an average value of $900 per head, that’s a loss of $45,900. There were another 112 deaths with unconfirmed causes. Link

22nd August 2012 – The environment department of Australia is enlisting the help of the University of Amsterdam to try to find out what caused the deaths of about 80 turtles in north Queensland because pathology tests results have been inconclusive. Link

22nd August 2012 – Hundreds of dead fish surfaced in Wheeler Pond in San Antonio, Texas. Link

22nd August 2012 – The carcass of a sperm whale measuring nine meters long and weighing an estimated six tons was found washed ashore at Bang Sak Beach, north of Phuket in Thailand. Link

22nd August 2012 – Dead fish are washing up on shore at the Cherry Creek Reservoir in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Link

21st August 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in the river Weaver in Cheshire, United Kingdom. Link

20th August 2012 – Major Fish kill on the shores of Anson Lake, Texas, America. Link

20th August 2012 – Thousands of Fish continue to die in Neuse River in North Carolina, America. Link

20th August 2012 – A small pygmy sperm whale beached itself at Surfer’s Beach near Eleuthera in Bahamas. Link

20th August 2012 – Fish kill in Highland Park in Texas, America. Link

20th August 2012 – 20,000 Fish found dead in Contraband Bayou, Louisiana, America. Link

20th August 2012 – Since a fish kill was reported on the Neuse River in North Carolina two weeks ago, several others have been discovered, an environmental watchdog said Monday. During the past 10 days there have been fish kills reported from Fishers Landing to Minnesott Beach. Link

20th August 2012 – Baiyangdian Lake, Hebei, China. Link

20th August 2012 – Shenzhen, China. Link

20th August 2012 – Thousands of Fish wash up dead on shores of Missisquoi Bay in Montreal, Canada. Link

19th August 2012 – A huge 272-kg male leatherback sea turtle that swam into Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie River in Canada has died. Link

19 August 2012 – Six dolphins were stranded at the Wellfleet gut in Boston, Massachusetts. Link

19th August 2012 – The lagoon that hugs much of Florida’s east coast and has the richest array of marine plants, fish and wildlife in North America is under attack from the worst known outbreak of harmful algae in its history. Link

19th August 2012 – Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. Link

19th August 2012 – A large number of dead fish have been found floating on the banks of the Ramganga river in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad District in India. Link

18th August 2012 – A fish kill in Southeast Kansas. Link

18th August 2012 – Tens of thousands of Birds killed due to bird flu in Vietnam. Link

17th August 2012 – 1 MILLION Fish have been killed by “red tide” in Texas, America. Link

17th August 2012 – Lots of various Fish and Stingrays washing up dead off Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, America. Link

17th August 2012 – A good number of whitefish have been found dead in lakes in Brainerd, Minnesota. Link

17th August 2012 – Large fish kill on Ghannouch beach in Tunisia, Africa. Link

17th August 2012 – A whale which stranded on a Northland beach in New Zealand yesterday has been euthanized and buried. The eight meter-long Minke male became stranded on Patea Beach yesterday morning. Link

17th August 2012 – Shandong, China. Link

17th August 2012 – Fishery officers found dead and dying fish in the Delph at Welch’s Dam in the U.K. Link

16th August 2012 – Over 900 Deer killed by virus across 8 Counties in Michigan, America. Link

16th August 2012 – New Zealand King Salmon does not know what killed large numbers of fish at its Waihinau farm. Link

16th August 2012- HUNDREDS of fish have been found dead in the stretch of water which runs alongside Fiddler’s Ferry power station in Cheshire, North West England. Link

16th August 2012 – Hundreds of Fish, entire stock of lake found dead in Widnes, United Kingdom. Link

16th August 2012 – 100 Cattle dead from Anthrax outbreak in Colorado and Texas, America. Link

16th August 2012 – Fish kill in Wolf Creek, Iowa, America. Link

16th August 2012 – The fin whale which has been stranded in Baltimore Harbour in Ireland for the past two days has died. Link

16th August 2012 – A beaked whale calf thought to be about two months old was put down despite night-time rescue attempt after it became stranded near the cliffs at Aust in the U.K. Link

16th August 2012 – A dead Loggerhead Sea Turtle was discovered near the bustling Lower New York. Link

16th August 2012 – A rare occurrence took place when a sand tiger shark, weighed 440 to 360 pounds and measured 8.2 feet, beached on the French coastline of the English Channel. Link

16th August 2012 – The carcass of two dolphins were found one the same day in May River in South Carolina. Link

16th August 2012 – As many as 300 fish, including white suckers, creek chubs, sunfish, minnows and others, were found dead in Oak Creek in South Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Link

15th August 2012 – 5,000 Fish found dead in Sugar Creek, Ohio, America. Link

15th August 2012 – Dozens of Birds fall from sky dead in New Jersey, America. Link

Live dolphins at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat. (photo credit: Jorge Novominsky/Flash 90)

15th August 2012 – There have been ten documented cases of beached dolphins in the past six weeks on Tel Aviv beach in Israel. Link

15th August 2012 – Indian locals and officials panicked last week when they found thousands of dead fish floating in Nigeen Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Link

14th August 2012 – Nanjing, China. Link

14th August 2012 – UPDATE: 431 Bison killed by Anthrax outbreak in Fort Providence, Canada. Link

14th August 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish discovered along 5.5km of Kiltha River in Ireland. Link

14th August 2012 – Dead and dying seals are showing up in alarming numbers on New Plymouth beaches in New Zealand. Link

14th August 2012 – Mysterious disease kills 68 cattle in Pakistan. Link

14th August 2012 – A 65ft female fin beached whale has died despite desperate efforts to refloat it in Cornwall, England. Link

14th August 2012 – Residents  found at least 80 birds — mostly red-winged blackbirds — on the ground dead having fallen from trees and the sky in Millville, New Jersey. Link

14th August 2012 – There is an estimated only 20 little penguins remain on the island in South Australia. Link

13th August 2012 – Mysterious illness killing Elk and tens of thousands of wild birds in Sweden. Link

13th August 2012 – Last week a lot dead fish were found mysteriously washing up along the shores of Pago bay in Guam. Link

13th August 2012 – Hundreds of Thousands of dead Fish on beaches from Matagorda to Galveston, Texas. Link

13th August 2012 – First ever mass Fish die-off along shores of Pago Bay in Guam. Link

12th August 2012 – Approximately 300 dead fish were spotted Friday evening floating down the Codorus Creek in York, Pennsylvania. Link

12th August 2012 – Wuchang, China. Link

11th August 2012 – Thousands of Earthworms found dead in parking lot in Komatsu city Ishikawa, Japan. Link

11th August 2012 – Thousands of dead fish were found floating on the lake at Matado village, about 35 km (22 miles) west from the western city ofAhmedabad, India. Link

11th August 2012 – Hundreds of dead fish have been found are on the far east side of the lake, at Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside, California. Link

11th August 2012 – A dead zone of warm water and low oxygen has caused thousands of dead fish to wash up in the bayous surrounding the Garden Isles community in Bay St Louis, Mississippi.  Link

11th August 2012 – Dead Trout Showing up in area Waterways in Wyoming. Link

10th August 2012 – 500 TONNES of Salmon to be killed due to virus outbreak in Vancouver, Canada. Link

10th August 2012 – Elk population threatened in Sweden. Link

10th August 2012 – Mass Fish death a “mystery” on a coastal region of Japan. Link

10th August 2012 – 3,000 Fish killed by pollution in Scarborough, United Kingdom. Link

10th August 2012 – A dead whale washed up in Hampton Bays in the state of New York. Link

10th August 2012 – Fish kill in ‘orange water’ in Cheslea Creek- Mason City, Iowa. Link

9th August 2012 – Hundreds of Crabs washing ashore dead on Tiana and Shinnecock Bay in America. Link

9th August 2012 – Mass Die-Off of Shrimp is a “mystery” in Vietnam. Link

9th August 2012 – Scientists are still trying to work out what happened to an 11m, three-year-old humpback whale that washed up dead about 200m north of the Causeway at Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island in Brisbane, Australia. Link

9th August 2012 – 20,000 dead Fish in Lake Contrary, Missouri, America. Link

9th August 2012 – A gharial was found dead in Chambal river in Etawah district in India. Link

9th August 2012 – Boaters and beachgoers finding whitefish floating belly up on Lake Blackstrap in Saskatchewan, Canada. Link

9th August 2012 – Up to 100 fish have died in Dartmouth Park in West Midlands, England. Link

9th August 2012 – The Missouri Department of Conservation says heat and drought caused low dissolved oxygen levels, which killed an estimated 20,000 fish, mostly invasive Asian carp in St. Joseph Lake. Link

9th August 2012 – Almost 13,000 dead fish have been found in the Swan River in Western Australia this winter killed by an algal bloom. In the last two weeks, 10,500 dead fish were found between Ascot and the Narrows Bridge. More than 2,500 were found near Bassendean in June. Link

8th August 2012 – 786,000 Chickens dead, 41,000 ducks dead and over 300 Pigs dead in South Korea. Link

8th August 2012 – At least fourteen persons died in addition to more than one million cattle heads as a result of a severe heat wave in South Korea. Link

8th August 2012 – The Colorado Department of Agriculture says it is investigating an anthrax case involving 50 dead cattle on a Logan County ranch. Link

8th August 2012 – In the second such incident in less then two months, a 134-cm long Gangetic dolphin was found dead in a rivulet in Sahson area close to Chambal river in India. Link

8th August 2012 – Dozens of dead fish littered the Quinnipiac River banks near Front Street in New Haven, Connecticut. Link

7th August 2012 – 900 Birds found dead in Minnesota, America. Link

7th August 2012 – The carcass of a huge whale shark, that weigh 10 tonnes and was about 47 feet long, had been washed up on the shores of Mangrol in India. Link

7th August 2012 – Schools of dead fish floating in Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. Link

7th August 2012 – Large Fish kill on the Neuse River in North Carolina, America. Link

7th August 2012 – This carcass of what is believed to be a humpback whale was floating belly-up on top of the water in the Hillsborough Channel in Queensland, Australia. Link

7th August 2012 – A large fish kill reported on the south shore of the Neuse River between Flanners Beach and Hancock Creek in North Carolina. Link

6th August 2012 – UPDATE: 167 Peacocks now dead from Ranikheit disease in Pakistan. Link

6th August 2012 – The Heron Pond at Three Creeks Metro Park in Groveport, Ohio, will remain closed through Wednesday after nearly 1,000 fish were found dead. Link

6th August 2012 – Thousands of dead fish in a lake in Srinagar, India. Link

6th August 2012 – The heat and lack of rain is to blame dead fish in the lake at Buckeye Woods Park in Medina, Ohio. Link

6th August 2012 – Major Fish kill along 4km of the Dunleer River in Ireland. Link

6th August 2012 – A short-nosed common dolphin was found dead in the water at Cowleds Landing in Australia. Link

6th August 2012 – Over 5,400 catfish were killed in the retention pond fish farm over the weekend located in front of the Charlotte County Jail in Punta Gorda, Florida. Link

6th August 2012 – The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission says more than 700 dead striped bass were collected from Lake Norman between July 27 and August 3. Link

5th August 2012 – 40,000 Sturgeon and thousands of other Fish dead in Iowa and other Central States in America. Link

5th August 2012 – A seven-meter whale shark of some 2 tons in weight was found stranded and dead at Parangkusumo Beach in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Link

4th August 2012 – 66,800 Birds killed by bird flu in Vietnam. Link

4th August 2012 – The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is investigating the recent appearance of dead mackerel and sardines near Port Alberni in British Columbia, Canada. Link

4th August 2012 – MYSTERIOUSLY low oxygen levels are being blamed for the deaths of hundreds of fish in a Worcestershire canal in Worcester, U.K. Link

3rd August 2012 – 340 Bison dead in largest ever Anthrax outbreak in Fort Providence, Canada. Link

3rd August 2012 – 3,000 Fish found dead on Petit Jean River in Arkansas, America. Link

3rd August 2012 – Heavy machinery is being used to removed a humpback whale which was washed ashore three weeks ago in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Link

3rd August 2012 – Massive Bird kill on beaches of Bandon, Oregon, America. Link, Also Here

3rd August 2012 -According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, approximately 3,000 fish have been found dead in the river near the Logan/Yell County line,near Blue Mountain Lake. Link

3rd August 2012 – Massive Fish kills right across America. Link

3rd August 2012 – Around Sacramento County, 458 dead birds and 13 sentinel animals have been found in California. Link

3rd August 2012 – 150 Sheep and Goats killed by virus in Pakistan. Link

3rd August 2012 – About 50 cattle are reportedly dying every week due to lack of pastures and 200,000 at risk as the situation has been further worsened by water shortages in Zimbabwe. Link

3rd August 2012 – A 5.8-meter long whale which was found stranded in shallow waters near shore at Kuala Penyu in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Link

2nd August 2012 – A 13-meter black whale shark, which was stranded at Baru beach in Bantul, Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Link

1st August 2012 – The 11.6 metre (38 foot) young adult humpback, which appeared to have been dead for several days, washed up at Newport beach’s ocean baths in Sydney. Link

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