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Massive Death Connections PT-5

April 13, 2011-PLAGUE found in Pets-Santa Fe, New Mexico – State health officials say plague being found in pets in northern New Mexico should be a warning that human cases could follow. The state Health Department confirmed plague this week in a dog in Santa Fe County. Lab tests also have confirmed plague cases in another Santa Fe County dog and a cat from Rio Arriba County near Abiquiu. They are the first cases of the year. No human plague cases have been confirmed. Plague is a bacterial disease generally transmitted to humans through the bites of infected fleas. It also can be transmitted by direct contact with infected animals. Symptoms of plague in humans include sudden fever, chills, headache and weakness. In most cases there also is a painful swelling of lymph nodes in the groin, armpit or neck.

April 13, 2011-Queensland-Investigations are continuing into the death of 10 green turtles found washed up on the beach in Boyne Island and Tannum Sands. Nine juveniles and one adult turtle were found dead on the Boyne Island beach and adjacent Canoe Point tip near the mouth of the Boyne River last Sunday. Seven of the turtles were located dead in Boyne Island with the remaining three found washed up at Tannum Sands. The discovery was reported by a member of the public to Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers Association about midday.

April 12, 2011-Puducherry: 16 Dolphins Wash UP DEAD- Sixteen long-nosed dolphins were washed ashore dead at three places along the Puducherry coast on Monday. It has raised concern among environmentalists as it is the 20th instance in 16 months of protected marine mammals being washed ashore dead or alive. On an average, about 250 dolphins are washed shore dead or alive every year, said Dr R S Lal Mohan, retired principal scientist of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI). A group of fishermen in Pudukuppam in the Union territory spotted five dead dolphins on the shore on Monday morning and alerted the forest and fisheries department officials. A few hours later, fishermen from neighbouring hamlets also informed them about 11 more dead dolphins found at two other places.
April 8, 2011-Sterling, Kansas – A central Kansas family hopes to learn what caused the deaths of dozens of birds that fell from trees outside their house. Elizabeth Stange says it started with one or two birds tumbling to the ground Thursday afternoon, followed by dozens more. The Sterling woman told KWCH-TV that the birds all died within minutes of each other. By evening, Stange says, she and her family collected about 50 birds from their driveway and yard. Stange says a local veterinarian told her the birds probably ate something poisonous. But a few were sent to Kansas State University for a closer look. At one point, Stange’s family worried about leaving the house for fear of being hit by a falling bird. She calls the episode bizarre.

April 8,2011-Wethersfield Connecticut — A rough winter is causing a smelly spring. Dead fish are popping up in ponds and reservoirs across Connecticut, and while it’s a natural occurrence, it’s more widespread thanks to this year’s winter weather. Wethersfield’s 1860 reservoir is a picturesque place and serene spot. For Nate Wierzbicki, it’s his back yard. “If I’m home, I’m out there,” Wierzbicki said. “If I’m free I’ll be out there catching some sun and some bass.”

April 3, 2011-Sea Turtle Deaths Mount in the Gulf-Sea turtles continue to wash ashore along the Gulf, forcing the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to scramble and figure out what is causing the spike. Last week, the Natural Resources Defense Council and The Huffington Post were first to publish blogs about the sea turtle deaths in Mississippi. Since then, the national media picked up the story. Last Friday, NMFS released a statement with some details about its investigation:
In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increase in turtle strandings in the northern Gulf, primarily in Mississippi. The spring time is the typical time when turtle strandings in this region begin to increase, but the sharp increases in recent days are of concern to us….NOAA Fisheries is in contact with the states of MS and LA regarding current trawl and other fishery activity that can result in turtle by catch and mortality. In addition, tests will be done for biotoxins, such as those from harmful algae blooms, which are common in the Gulf. …All causes of death, including petroleum, will be investigated when possible based on decomposition. During a necropsy, the full GI tract is examined for product or evidence of oil ingestion. Additionally, samples are taken for PAH analysis. In addition, all turtles are being carefully examined for signs of external oiling.

April 5,2011-Jacksonville, Florida — Hundreds of Fish Die in Northside Pond-People living near a Northside pond said toxic chemicals from a construction site may be what has killed hundreds of fish. Residents who live near the pond off Oak Lawn Road said they’ve enjoyed the pond for years, calling it a place of relaxation where they can appreciate nature and do a little bit of fishing from time to time. But they said that, over the weekend, the pond developed a strong odor and had dead fish floating all over it.

April 6, 2011– US-Fish Kills Another Legecy of Long, Snowy Winter-Plymouth, Minnesota — Like a lot of Minnesotans, Bruce Wahlstrom was happy to see the ice disappearing from his lake he lives on. Then, he noticed what was underneath. “I actually saw it last night as the ice started to melt back,” said Wahlstrom. “This morning, it’s just tons of dead fish.”
Hundreds of dead fish are washed up on Wahlstrom’s property on Schmidt Lake in Plymouth, or floating in the shallow water. He knows the recipe for a fish kill: Early, heavy snow piles up on the ice, making it impossible for sunlight to reach the bottom of a lake. The lack of natural light then keeps plant life from creating oxygen. If the winter is long enough, and the heavy snow lasts, fish eventually run out of oxygen to breathe and die.

April 7, 2011-New Orleans – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that eight months after the Deepwater Horizon oil well was capped, dolphins are washing ashore in east Louisiana with some oil from that spilled on their bodies. Spokeswoman Kim Amendola says the dolphins had spots of weathered oil. Blair Mase – NOAA’s Gulf Coast stranding coordinator – emphasizes there’s no way yet to know why the dolphins died. She says the most recent dolphin bearing BP oil was found two weeks ago.

April 7, 2011-Hundreds of Dead Fish Line Cove’s Banks-Iowa-Ottumwa – Why are there hundreds of dead fish lining the banks of a cove along the Des Moines River near Eddyville? Local residents don’t have that answer, but they did report the finned casualties to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. One of them, Stephenie Dobson, reported the oddity to the Courier and sent along a photo on Facebook. David Dobson of Eddyville said he likes to fish the area that’s south of Hardfish Landing and west of the railroad trestle, both on the eastern side of the river.

Source : SOTT.NET

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