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Alein/Aliens/Aliens 3

ALIENS-In Plain Sight
This movie was made on the 1970’s and it is clear that this is made for action, suspense, and drama but what may not be clear is the agenda below the surface.
Within minutes, Nostromo, with the ‘Mother’ computer has awaken the crew for reasons undetermined but quickly the crew ascertains this is endeavor was due to an SOS call by unknown entities. The interruption of their slumber is not expected to slowly the crew gain their bearings all the while the coordinates of the SOS is being determined. It’s ZETA RETICULI.
This is where all the ‘New Age’ cults has revealed this is the location of the entities which they have contact with, and this is very close to Orion.
The aliens seem to have acid for blood and what a magnificent defense system it is. The crew sits down on the planet and begin to explore. They discover a huge ship. With two teams, they quickly begin to search the ship with ongoing communication between the two as they continue. What I revealed is very large corridors which lead them in different directions.

Team one ends up in what seems to be the Captain’s Bridge, only due to the position of a large chair with something in it. This being is gigantic! Great word, because this is what they find a giant! Looking at what seems to be at least a 20 foot figure within the chair. Team two winds up in a large bay area with one of the members slipping into an area full of eggs which open and one of the parasites attaches itself to him. In early versions of the script the eggs were to be located in a separate pyramid structure which would be found later by the Nostromo crew and would contain statues and hieroglyphs depicting the Alien reproductive cycle, offering a contrast of the human, Alien, and space jockey cultures. These elite show symbols for a reason!
Fast-forward to a crew which is becoming smaller and smaller due to these aliens killing them off one by one, leaving Ripley alone in space.
We being with the unveiling of Ripley in a sleeping-pod after 57 years adrift in space. The ‘Company’ finds her a fault for the loss of the expensive ship and cargo which was blown to bits. It’s all about the money to the elite. During the first movie, “For the Science Officer’s Eyes Only” reveals that the company find the crew expendable for the sake of science and its find. Don’t we as a society find this to be true in reality? Life is truly meaningless to these elite, our lives that is.
Ripley decides to journey with the crew of tough marines to the same planet after a loss of communication has left the home planet wondering what is happening, so they go to investigate. On the station, the signs are obvious, but what I would like to point out here is that with all of the 60 families and personnel missing the ‘company’ man reveals that they were all surgically implanted with a “PDT”-Personal Data Transmitter.
This is obvious that 40 years ago these elite figures wanted us to grow accustom to the idea of an RFID Chip. The agenda is quite clear!
One of the children of these missing families has survived, Rebecca Newton, but she likes to be called Newt. She tells Ripley that all of her family is dead, can I go now? Ripley tells her don’t you think you’d be safe with us, we are here to protect you. They are soldiers. Newt says No.
This is a sure sign that we as a society are NOT safe with our leaders or government on this earth.
We soon find out that all the PDT’s are transmitting their location from one central location and as these Marines go to see what is happening, their communication devices begin to fade. ALL the PDT’s are at one location-the PROCESSING CENTER!
Two things stick out to me here!
One; this lends to the theory that the supernatural realms not only draw from our energy but the electromagnetic energy can affect our technology. These so called Aliens are, in fact, not extraterrestrials but are demonic entities which manifest use their abilities to guide humanity, but over-all GOD is in control.
Two; This to me is a TRUE revelation to the actual reality of what is coming and they were giving us the “IN PLAIN SIGHT” truth of it. FEMA Camps have been built all around the world, especially here in the United States and it seems to me that the beginning of this would be in a PROCESSING CENTER to process the RFID of each person into the camp. What a way to reveal their truths and secrets! The Illuminati have always told us they reveal their plans. Here we have it. They do so through movies and books.
The soldiers arrive at an entrance which is strangely carved walls which have the appearance of bone-like structuring to it. If you remember the first movie, this was the same architecture. Very dark, and eerie. Secreting resin type liquid, the soldiers are commenting on it. To me, this leads to an organic feel and some theorize that these UFO’s ships which manifest themselves are organic in origin and are the very presence of the entity itself. This is how they can split into several objects and disappear and appear within a split-second.
One of the family of the original inhabitants found cocooned within these walls and are still alive, asking to be killed. A baby alien extracts itself from her chest and the soldiers fire flames at it to kill it. Afterwards, you hear a collective “CRY”. This to me is much like a “BEEHIVE” mentality and this is so in our current reality with these New Agers telling everyone we are as “ONE”. We are gods within ourselves. Sounds so much like something Satan would say.
The rescue mission is aborted and the ship and its soldiers decide to leave the site, Nuked and left for morbid against company orders, of course. The main ship sends back the smaller vessel to retrieve the survivors but an alien boards the vessel before leaving ground which kills the pilot and sends the ship crashing below while the awaiting crew watches.
Newt tells Ripley, we better find shelter because they mostly come out at night, mostly! This is so much like the demonic, they love the dark. Newt tells Ripley that her mom always told her there was no such thing as monsters but that’s not true. Why do they tell kids that? Ripley says well, mostly that’s true.
I skipped Movie #3 and went to ALIEN-RESURRECTION and this movie was all about resurrecting Ripley considering she died in ALIEN 3, and genetically cloning her. They try 7 other times and fail and she has #8 tattooed on her forearm. She’s had a baby alien removed from her chest and she admits she is part alien. Her blood is red but it burns through metal like acid.  She is also very mean. The original Ripley did not have the same demeanor. Then, the movie takes another tailspin into the zoo-like atmosphere with RAND committing these horrible experiments against the government and congresses approval. They are breeding these aliens. Then, we see a mother, Queen BEE! She is not like the original alien mother’s but instead she is breeding a whole new breed. Part-human/part alien…and this thing is ugly. With emotional expressions, this thing is very scary.
That is all I want to spend time on. I just wanted to point out that….40 years ago we were being told of this kind of mentality. We are told of aliens, and genetically modified experiments. These things have been going on for decades and they were telling us so!
The platform in which they use to tell us is in the form of movies and books. Either we have the truth coming our from the Elite, or from those who want to expose these elite and what their agenda is….and we have a mixture of both!
With other shows like “Star Trek”, and “V”….and so many more…we must take a stand and wake up! Wake up to what is manifesting before us. Evil intent and evil design. Evil vs. Good. No doubts about it.

The whole thing is put together for two reasons;
1) the demons are in plain sight..and manifest daily….
2) to reveal the elite’s agenda which is in plain sight….

With world took a turn for the worse in the last year…more demonic manifestations are happening….more UFO events…and this is all because we are building up to a apocalyptic event of Biblical proportions. And this is not happening by chance…no this is by design. GOD’s design. GOD is in ultimate control and all these things must take place because of FREEWILL and CHOICE. This is how GOD will make HIS final judgment calls. Some have already been made, others are coming.
So, look around you and make up your mind….are you a believer? Do you believe in GOD, a  MANIFEST DESTINY?…if not….then it’s time to make that call. Turn you life around towards GOD.
It’s NOT about RELIGION….it’s about a relationship with GOD.

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