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Hollywood Movie: Battleship

The surface-ship tale, a special-effects-laden movie which opens nationally today, received full U.S. Navy cooperation. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus had a one-line role as commanding officer of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier: “Commence air operations.”

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.
Century II, Quatrain 62
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.
Century VIII, Quatrain 77
Naval battle night will be overcome,
Fire in the ships to the West ruin:
New trick, the great ship colored,
Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.
Century IX, Quatrain 100
A founder of sects , much trouble for the accuser:
A beast in the theater prepares the scene and plot.
The author ennobled by acts of older times;
the world is confused by schismatic sects.
Century I, Quatrain 45

Current and retired officers were invited this week to watch a special screening at the AMC Loews Georgetown 14 cineplex in Northwest D.C., and hear from Mr. Berg and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who has a cameo appearance in the film.

“I want to thank Peter for making this documentary,” Mr. Mabus joked before the film. “We are undefeated against aliens. As a matter of fact, we are undefeated against everybody.”

In the movie, U.S. and Japanese forces battle a technologically superior alien army, using everything they have.

“It shows what our sailors and Marines can do. It shows what they do day to day,” said Mr. Mabus. “What they do is face the unknown every day. They face it with skill, they face it with talent, they face it with training, they face it with dedication, they face it with enthusiasm.”

Ray Mabus served as a very junior officer on the USS Little Rock in the early 1970s. He left the Navy with the rank of a junior lieutenant and later became a successful businessman, diplomat and politician.

Now he’s secretary of the Navy, the civilian in charge of the entire Navy and Marine Corps.

But he’s donned the khaki uniform again. Only this time he’s just one promotion short of an admiral. That promotion did not come courtesy the military. Mabus got the big jump in rank thanks to the makers of the new movie “Battleship.” The movie, which opens in theaters this weekend, is loosely based on the game, but it’s more like “Transformers at Sea,” with the U.S. Navy (and others) battling aliens to save Earth.

The filmmakers, who depended on the Navy for a lot of help, asked Mabus to play the role of the commanding officer of the USS Ronald Reagan, one of America’s newest nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

I don’t necessarily take Nostradamus as gold, but some of this work is very curious. Noting that the quatrains highlighted here are similar to the Bible’s book of Revelation and its sequences. The red hail and comet definitely hit the mark. Also something to note here is “the beast is in the theater prepares the scene and plot” sounds much like a premeditated event. The point about the schismatic sect denotes a division in the world between the Christians and other religious and non-religious organizations.
Secondly, to make a movie and use these terms such as Mabus and a war of the sea  which parallels the Nostradamus quatrains. Is this purposely made? Nothing comes by chance, I say. For the only line to be given by this character commences air attacks in the sea of the world also aligns with this formation.
Battling the aliens is something our military around the world content daily and I personally believe this will only increase until the ‘official’ disclosure happens (when and if). Primarily we need to realize that this event will happen with or without their ‘okay’ to announce it to the public. Because of the effects of such an event on the masses, this is constantly put on the sidelines until the ‘need to know’ becomes a matter of security for the elite, especially not for our benefit.

I think we need to note here that there are demons, and these demons are here. They have been here all along. They have been called many things, and extraterrestrials is just one name. They are evil and use peace and love to pull humanity into their grasp. They use the Bible and twist the Scriptures to fit their doctrine. Many are fooled. Some are not.
So, this war of the worlds will happen….it’s not a matter of if but WHEN!

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  1. LoboAzul

    Your right about the ‘demons’. ‘They’ inhabit the realm just outside our ‘perception’, so ‘we’ don’t see them, but they see us. You wanna know whom the ‘ELITE’ of the world answer to? Always been this way; back to ‘pre-history’; the ‘antediluvian world’. ‘Ancient Aliens’ should be called ‘Ancient Jinn’.

    October 22, 2014 at 2:17 PM

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