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Captain America-2011

The inception of Captain America is 1941.

The movie begins in what appears to be the Antarctica. Men are approaching a vehicle and are asked if they’re from Washington. A Russian Oil team found an abject 18 (6+6+6) hours earlier and people ask, “What is it? A weather balloon?” I believe this to be mocking Area 51 UFO crash in 1941.
Washington representatives are told they will need one hell of a crane to remove it. Scanning over the craft, which appears half in and half out of the ice, from inland. They use a laser to cut a perfect circle and enter into inside, descending by rope.
Searching with headlights through a dark area, a man wipes a film of ice off a frozen object. Asking what is it, the other man’s radio is asking to link with Colonel. The object has a large star and is circular with red, white and blue.

Breakaway to a camp and inside the building, the voice says, “they come from it”, then it seems a confidence is restored with the statement of “they will never find it”. Then the ground trembles, a giant doorway is smashed from the side of a wall…a round doorway which breaks apart by machinery which you don’t seem to see, you just hear it. A car enters and Nazi soldiers exit the car. A tomb is being pried open by the officer, Johann Schmidt, but it does not budge.
A reference to a Sgt. James Bond! Best example of mind control program. Subliminal programming in these movies. M-stands for Mason/Monarch/Master. James=Archetypical butlers name. Bond=You are bonded to the Monarch/Mason/Master. 007 is the code name used by John Dee (1527-1608)who was a spy for British Queen Elizabeth I.

The man is told, “What some men view as superstition, we know to be a science. What you seek is just a legend. Then why make such an effort to conceal it? He (Nazi) opens the tomb to find a skeleton holding a CUBE.
This cube reminds me of the HELL RAISER CUBES…not a myth! More below!!
The Nazi picks it up, throws it to the ground and smashes it to bits. “The Tesseract was the Jewel of ODIN’S treasure room. But it is not something someone buries. But, I think it is close” Threats ensue and the Nazi looks to the wall….“The Tree of World/Garden of Wisdom and a snake with one eye in the roots is pushed and out pops a box.
This is a symbol of SATAN in the Garden of Eden, giving Eve illumination….when he (sexually) beguiled her.
He opens the box which illuminates his face with a BLUE LIGHT. The man says he has not seen what’s inside for it’s not for the eyes of an ordinary man.
They kill the soldiers which are around them.
Scene begins with men entering American Military-the man is told his health is too bad to enlist. Fights end up in the alley way and an officer comes to break it up. It’s the friend of the small man who breaks up the fight and says you never give up huh!

“A World of Tomorrow” (The Synthetic Man-also on a sign), is the scene as a crowd gathers around a car with women showcasing it. “One day your car won’t even need to touch the ground at all”. The car lifts off the ground, then crashes to the floor a few seconds later. The man says, “Well I said one day.”
An enrollment facility is near and the same man tries his hand to enlist one more time. This time, the doctor says I will be right back, the sign behind the small man says, There are Punishments for lying on Federal Documents. He shoots over to put on his clothing and a Military police officer enters the curtained area.
A German man enters the area. He says, well maybe what we need is a little guy! Enlists the small man in the army.
Scene cuts to a lab with the Nazi officer and a scientist, with the Nazi having pictures of an odd looking artifacts which the scientist has duplicated. The officer opens the box and it is placed into an experimental machine. It produces a ‘blue’ energy.

Back to the United States-the colonel says we will choose a man who will be a new breed of super soldiers who will personally escort Adolph Hitler into the gates of hell. The person must have qualities beyond the physical.
The small man-Steve has a shirt on with a circle with wings extending from it.
Schmidt says, “A great power hidden in the earth left by the gods!”  He is injected with the blue serum and begins to turn evil. The scientist in charge of the US experiments once worked for Hitler but now for the States tells Steve that the power of the cube not only makes you stronger but enhances whatever kind of person you are so if your good, it makes you better, if your bad it makes you worse.
The United States is ready to proceed with the making of a superhuman! Sounds pertinent to our current state of mindsets within the world!
So, Steve is brought to the secret base and put into a chamber and injected with 7 vials of blue serum. The capsule closes. Screaming progresses and they stop Steve yells out it’s okay…I want to do this!

The secret base doesn’t seem to be so secret when a man clicked his lighter and a bomb goes off in the background, obviously working for the Nazis. A chase ensues with Captain America (Steve) and the man and it proceeds from a car to a taxi, to him jumping off a pier into a watercraft which seems to be futuristic when the glass top opens, and he jumps in and it submerges. Captain America dives into the water, chasing the sub, and smashes the window pulling the man out and thrown on onto the pier. Captain America says who are you? He says, I am the first of many, cut off one head, and two more shall take its place! He smashes a tube of blue serum and to the contrary of what you think, it turns out to be a death serum, and he is foaming at the mouth but spurts out “Heil Hydra”. And dies.
The Nazis are speaking of Aryan perfection, and says, so how are we going to win the war, through magic? The officer says “Harnessing the power of thought”. A deep science community.
The superhero suit made for Steve is for  Armed Forces entertainment! He is used to sell War Bonds! He’s a laughing stock to the actual military men.
He walks into the tent with the Colonel to find that his longtime buddy is put on the MIA list. He looks over at the military map and decides its time to put his stature and abilities into action on the front line.

Captain America  puts together his own team to fight against the Nazi’s. Stark gives Capt. America a new shield.

Schmidt believes he is walking in the footsteps of the gods. Only the world will satisfy him. This sounds so much like the New World Order and its participants.

Bombs in the large Nazi craft turn out to be mini-planes. Captain America takes over the plane. Schmidt fights with Captain America and in his hand opens a gateway to the heavens, a stream of blue light-he disappears, and the cube falls through the steel in the craft into the skies, below into the ocean.
Captain America flies the plane to the Antarctic, and it crashes. Seemingly melting into the ground.

Stark finds the cube!

Darkness surrounds the screen, Captain America awakens in what appears to be a hospital room. The sound of a Dodger baseball game is playing in the background. A nurse walks in. He asks, Where Am I? She says in a hospital, and he says No, where am I? She says New York City. He replies, This cant be real because I was at this game which is playing! Her eyes widen and he smashes though the wall….someone yells “CODE 13”…it was a mock hospital room….he runs outside to 2011 downtown New York City….Times Square!

Ultimate Nick Fury from the Avengers-tells Captain America, you’ve been asleep for 70 years! Interesting time frame!! Reminds me of Israel, is this a reference to the people, the Jews ASLEEP? Very interesting. This is the approximate time period from the year they were made a nation…

The planes that the Nazis used looked like our TR-3B, which are supposedly highly classified ‘interstellar’ craft.

The design which the Nazi army carve around Captain America is a FREEMASON SQUARE AND COMPASS design.

Mercury Wings-Is there a purpose behind the wings? Of Course! “Messenger of the Gods”

Maggy Carter comes to bar in a red dress-but in the back ground a checkerboard black and white MASONIC symbolism.

The Red Skull symbolism throughout the movie, evidently he is a Nazi agent in two of the shows, an in a third he is a Soviet agent.

TESSERACT-in geometry the tesseract is a 8-cell or regular octachoron or cubic prism.

This is a four-dimensional analog of a cube. But the more attention given to this strange object, the convinced I am that it identifies with the HELL RAISER CUBES which are FREEMASON designs.

HYDRA-Of course this is a fictional criminal organization dedicated to the achievement of world domination through terrorists and subversive activities on various fronts, resulting in a fascist New World Order.
WOW! That was straight out of a description for this cartoon and its components but seriously this describes our reality to a tee!

The mythological description is a terrifying monster who lived near the swamps who had many heads and a body of a serpent.

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