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Hunger Games

This is Illuminati head games at its finest.
There are a list of reading materials which accompany every curriculum in every school district in the nation…but this book reminds me so much of 1984 but worse, if there is such a thing!
This book has many comments online about its contents
It begins…telling us of the core characters and this is Gale (a man) and Katniss, and Primrose who is her sister, Peeta and others. Haymitch is the local drunk but before being considered this he was one of the only ‘winners’ of Reaping in the past. The area in which they live is governed by Districts, and they live in District 12, with 13 being the total. They are obviously living in the downfall of America and even speak of the floods, quakes and such which totaled out the lands. Bartering is definitely a prime exchange source and most people live in filth and extreme poverty.

The “Capitol” governs over the Districts and the Peacemakers under these government officials. The officials hold what’s called a Reaping yearly and with one chosen from each gender until 24 is chosen, it’s a game of survival. Fighting one another to the death. The ‘tributes’ are the players in the hunger games and definitely with the most to lose, their very lives.
Sounds like a major power trip and the elite like this idea so much they write books to excite them. The fact that the United States began with 13 colonies and here we have 13 districts tells me it’s still the Freemasonry connections which rule the hierarchy of the government establishment.
During the opening ceremonies of this event they dress Katniss up as a bird on fire, and literally set it afire during the beginning of the ceremony. This to me sounds very much like a Phoenix and parallel this to these characters riding in chariots.  Amazing how this writer thinks.

Then we broach the subject of genetic manipulation but it doesn’t seem to be a sensitive one here, sounds very much common place. But then you read on and we get into hovercrafts which appear out of nowhere! Oh, and I want to mention the military police involvement in the movie!
This book is plain strange with a twist of eliteism! It’s not enough that it is curriculum in our schools, now it’s a soon-to-be released movie! But as you watch the trailer, check out the parallels to our society and the way we are being trained to think, or should I say….the way the CHILDREN are being taught to think.
Also the link below has the PDF is your so inclined as to read the book. I read the first 100 pages today but didn’t finish it. I am waiting for the movie. Grin.


NEW MOVIE march 23

3 responses

  1. You may want to look at “Mocking Jay” as in “Mocking J” as in “Mocking Jesus.” One only need look at the crushed/mangled headpieces in the movie trailers as the crown of thorns.

    August 7, 2017 at 2:09 PM

    • Thank you. I certainly will look into it. GOD Bless you. Love, V

      August 15, 2017 at 10:16 AM

  2. Also, check out Mist. It’s a play on the mist from Satan’s and the fallen angels’ prison, once opened, mist comes out.

    August 19, 2017 at 12:31 PM

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