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Signs from Movies, YET AGAIN

We have so many movies and programs which give us the ‘sign’ which the elite want us to see, but also some of these come from people who are given visions and the elite let them out to laugh in our faces. But, the joke is on them.

The crafts flown in this movie is just like the Scripture description in Revelations—-

Revelation 9:10

King James Version (KJV)

10And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

Trailer #1

@ 1:00; look for the crafts which fly over.

What do you see?
@ 1:09;
Do the inscriptions upon the doors look Mayan to you?
@ 1:23;
The Double sun does seem like what’s been taking place on earth!


@ 30 seconds into this we see a GIANT creature
This reminds me of the giants in the Bible-The Watchers! Also this is a bit likened to the Goliath story in that he killed the giant with one blow (stone) although goliath had 6 stones in his hand because the giant he was to fight had 5 brothers! Most don’t know this tidbit of info!!
Creatures with the skin color of green is reminiscent of the ‘aliens’ we have visiting us now.
@ 1:17;
We get a better look at these ships….wow!
@ 1:19;
This guy has eyes like a DEMON! With the voice telling us, “it threatens to destroy our city”!

Trailer #3



They hide in the water!
From the makers of TRANSFORMERS who gave us the low down on the FALLEN ANGELS!

MEN IN BLACK to the 3rd Power!— Memorial Day 2012
Title: There are secrets in the Universe-They Don’t want you to know about!

Speaking of TRANSFORMERS! (2014)

***Symbolism in movies is something we need to address and  then WAKE people up to the reality of how the elite use it.

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