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November 17, 1970
Elvis Presley takes a trip on a plane to Denver, Colorado to collect his police badge.

Now, I remember reading that it was his childhood dream to be a cop!

Like most boys, he played cops and robber and loved it.

But seriously, what was his fascination?

I know he had a collection of badges as well.

Next, is his ‘mug’ shot for the police badge that he was to collect in the Denver Police HQ.


Denver Police HQ-with Jerry Kennedy {in uniform} and George L. Seaton {seated}.

The official White House photograph with Richard Nixon of a bizarre encounter that occurred in the Oval Office on December 21, 1970. Elvis felt as if The Beatles had been a real force for anti-American spirit and then said “I’m on your side,” Elvis to Nixon. Then the singer asked if he could have a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Priscilla Presley wrote in her memior that “the narc badge represented some kind ultimate power to him”. With the Federal Narcotics badge, he (believed) could enter any country both wearing the guns and carrying any drugs he wished.”

Now, there are some who speculate that while on the trip to Washington, Elvis used his alias, Jon Burrows, and began developing his ‘death’ so he could work undercover for the government.

June 1977

But, if he was in the witness protection program, he certainly would not be using the name of Jon Burrows considering this was a name he had previously used and many of those close to him knew of it.

“Maybe Elvis the federal agent seems a long way from the Elvis who longed to be a guru like Daya Mata. But looking back, I don’t think so.

Elvis wanted to transcend into another dimension.

When it was spirituality, he wanted to be the spiritual leader who could help the most people.

When it was law enforcement, his motivation was the same. He couldn’t be ordinary. He wasn’t ordinary.

In the book, “Elvis-By the Presleys”-on page #217, on the first page of chapter ‘13’ he clearly stated that he was a Federal Agent.

Then, in “Elvis:Word for Word” by Jerry Osborne-on page #290-you unequivocally see that Elvis stated he had been a member for five years, of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.

He also read on stage from a plaque which was awarded to him for the recognition of his outstanding loyalty and contribution.

A certificate at Graceland, is a Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Elvis Presley in 1976 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
[link] VIDEO

[link] VIDEO

Elvis as DEA STAFF
[link] VIDEO

It is stated that Elvis was a 33 degree Freemason. His handler/programmer was Col. Tom Parker. He was known to study yoga, numerology, drgus, and received New Age spiritual training in an academy overlooking Pasadena, California. He was an active member in Theosophical Society.
After Elvis died, the Sun International Corporation came out with a Elvis Presley album called ORION, with a winged sun-disk on  its cover.
Why would an estate worth millions, who spent millions on security for his grave, misspell the name of Elvis Presley on his headstone!

The author claimed that it all began the night the King was born — Jan. 8, 1935 — when a strange, unidentified blue light reportedly hovered in the night skies above Elvis’ childhood home in Tupelo, Miss.

“The light was seen by the doctor who delivered him and by Elvis’ father, who later told Elvis all about it,” alleged Luckman.

LONDON: King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley reportedly had a strong belief in extra terrestrial life and claimed to have seen a number of UFOs.

The Suspicious Minds singer is said to have made several sightings of UFOs during his life, with his interest sparked by an unusual sighting made by his father on the day he was born —

January 8, 1935.

“His father told us he’d gone out to have a cigarette at 2:00 am during the delivery and when he looked up at the sky above their little shack, he saw the strangest blue light. He knew right then and there that something special was happening,” said the singer’s hairstylist and friend Larry Geller.

“Elvis was a deeply spiritual person and was very interested in the metaphysical. He had an eclectic outlook towards things. Although he never had any major alien experiences, he was certainly a believer,” he said. “He had his feet on the ground but his head in heaven,” he added.

Author Michael C Luckman — who wrote a book Alien Rock: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection about musicians who have had contact with otherworldly beings — believes Presley was visited by aliens when he was a child.

Had to throw a little humor in there! :)

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