Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Princess D.I.E.

Lady Gaga hits a new low!

Lady Gaga is in oblique fashion as usual with her performance in London, but the inimitable presence of this woman only leaves trails of her MK-Ultra victimization.  She is performing, and entertaining her audience with wonders which never cease.
Infamous for the colors of red and black, and also black and white—these representing the rituals and Freemason handwork. They love to let others know who is theirs!

Lady Gaga declared “I predict controversy, but I don’t care. Princess Diana was the most important person for me growing up-let’s take a moment to appreciate her presence and what she means”.

↑Gaga in ram’s horn outfit, from last night, note Union flag like design to her right breast…

Just what is this statement eluding to? Her actions speak louder than words, so let’s see…

Although this is the norm for her, she arrived on stage via a COFFIN! Wearing a black PVC prosthetic pregnant stomach.

She dedicated the Jazz track, “Orange Colored Sky” to Kate and William. WOW! This was astounding to me but wait…it all connects together!

Her show ended with the song called “Judas”.

Leave the coffin open when I go
Leave my pearls and lipstick on so everybody knows
Pretty will be the photograph I leave
Laying down on famous knives so everybody sees

Bleach out all all the dark
I’ll swallow each peroxide shot
Someone I know could love and save me from myself
Maybe I’ll just clean the shit off of these fancy shoes
I’ll be a Princess Die and die with you

I wish that I was strong
I wish that I was wrong
I wish that I could cope
But I took pills and left a note

I’m hungry from an anorexic heart
I’ve been trying to tell you how I feel
But was never very smart
I’m wrapped in silks made for Egyptian queens
I’ll do it in the swimming pool
So everybody sees

Bleach out all the dark
I’ll swallow each peroxide shot
Volumes I know will love and save me from myself
Maybe I’ll just keep clean the shit off of these fancy shoes
I’ll be a Princess Die and die with you

Princess die
I want to see her cry
Princess die
Princess die
We want to watch her cry
Princess die

I wish that I was strong
I wish that I was wrong
I wish that I could cope
But I took pills and left a note

But I took pills and left a note
I wish that I could go in my rich boyfriend’s limo
Right after he proposed with a 16-carat stone wrapped in rose gold
With the paparazzi all swarming around
In my Louis Vuiton white buttoned down
Oh it’s not that deep
So bob your head for another dead blonde
Who’s real prince is in heaven
She just wants to sleep

The final act of life will be in my own hands to do,
I’ll be a Princess Die and die with you
Applaud. Pour Vous. [To you]

Haunting are these words, and dreadful is the state of mind. Wrapped in Egyptian silk doesn’t make you a queen, and tiara’s sparkling next to your skin is tragic when your rituals speak of death.

Channelling this kind of darkness into music for the youngsters of our world, leaves little to the imagination as to who is behind these words.
Lady Di was dubbed by Elton John as the “England Rose”…do you know why? The rose have deep occult connotations. And to the people who used her she represented the Sacred Feminine.


The fact that she was chosen at such a young age, and a virgin, no less then grooming her life up to the very moment she was murdered was the ultimate sacrifice to their gods. She was elevated to the point of a goddess only to become the subject of a ritual sacrifice to the elite.

Diana in the Roman mythology was the goddess of nature and the protector of the weak. In her days, Princess Diana was known to help the poor.
Oak trees were known to be especially sacred to the goddess Diana. And in the Roman times, her groves and sanctuaries were in hidden throughout Europe. And knowing this it should be acknowledged that Lady Diana was buried in a grove of Oak Trees.

“…the Merovingian kings from their founder Merovee to Clovis, (who converted to Christianity in 496) were pagan kings of the cult of Diana.”             -Clive Prince, The Templar Revelation

The city of Paris was built by the Merovingians, a medieval dynasty which ruled France for numerous generations. Before converting to Christianity, the Merovingian religion was a mysterious brand of paganism.
The ‘accident’ where the limousine was chased by the paparazzi ended in the Pont D’Alma Tunnel, which was the sacred site to the moon goddess Diana, where they use to practice ritual sacrifices. The pagan rituals were said to take place there for it was a vortex to heaven, and this is why the place was chosen by the Merovingian kings to fight their duels, with the loser on a direct path to paradise afterward. “Pont’ means “bridge” and “Alma” means “soul” and the Merovingians considered this site to be the ‘river of souls’.

So, we see that the Merovingians will go to any lengths to get what they want. They also use women as play things, and their mind control techniques are but a mere avenue to do so. So, what makes you think they aren’t doing the same with Lady Gaga?

The tattoo on her inner arm is a tribute to her favorite writer. “That one commemorates my favorite writer, Rainer Maria Rilke, a poet and romantic philosopher,” “In German he writes, ‘Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write?’”

↑Fallen Angel?↑

Prüfen Sie, ob er in der tiefsten Stelle Ihres
Herzens seine Wurzeln ausstreckt, gestehen
Sie sich ein, ob Sie sterben müßten, wenn es Ihnen
versagt würde zu schreiben. Muss ich schreiben?

Oh, I do see the fascination with Germany and the occult, no doubt. I also see the fact that she writes from her pain which if one looks deep enough can see that she is tormented.

The five-petal flower, the rose, the five-pointed star, the moon and Venus all represent the female principle . The symbol of Venus (♀)

Do they have plans for Lady Gaga? Does she realize the extent to which these people will go?

See the resemblance? Notice the Venus Symbol too!

The symbol of Venus (♀)

You see either she knows EXACTLY what is UP! OR she don’t care. Either way she is involved in some Satanic rituals which only takes one deeper into the occult, giving one’s soul to the devil/Satan.

One response

  1. bob

    the song is about being willing to die to expose the illuminati.she’s trying to make it as obvious as possible that she’s going to die so that when it happens, people will ask questions and hopefully spark a revolution.

    November 13, 2012 at 11:02 PM

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