Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

The Price of FAME!

The WORLD’s first BLACK perfume! In an “Egg-shaped” bottle. At what price would you sell your soul? For FAME?

It’s OFFICIAL! She’s possessed!

Serpent tattoo and serpent on the brain….matches made in HELL! The Christian ‘fish’ on him, while the serpent resides on her…hmm can you say oppression??


Can you imagine wanting to live this kind of life, daily? Sad, so sad.

Nice demonic touch!I went to the mall….saw the adverts waaaay before I saw the bottle. But, then I noticed that they (MACY & DILLARD) have it in blocks…it was like Fort Knox! You couldn’t even smell it. Well, at $140 a bottle…I guess that explains it.

Do you see that?

It’s a Satanic MASS! SLAVES to the left….”Right” before your very eyes! How BLIND are people?

Nails from HELL!

[link] –VIDEO

Strutting her stuff…cuz she’s the Queen of the Satanic Mass!

First this made me think of someone who is possessed…then it struck me! THE WATCHERS were said to have very sharp pointed teeth and to possess double sets. Is she wanting to be one a WATCHER, cuz she’s already POSSESSED!

This woman has a rock-star voice…no doubt about it!

But, her one-track mind is all about the Illuminati ROADKILL!

She wants to help them with their agenda as much as possible.

Of course…now-a-days, you can’t be a money-maker if you don’t sign away your SOUL!

Gotta love when little DEMONS crawl all over your body! How many ways can you say DEMON?

Can it be any more CLEAR?

She has so many symbolic gestures and color designs which flow with the same mindset that it’s a mind-blower! Do you notice the Satanic SIGILS in the logo on the bottom-right corner?

From the RED & BLACK colors of blood and death to the one-eye symbol of the ALL-SEEING EYE…it’s all there!

2 responses

  1. virginia these people invoke there own personal demon with name,for example george bush demons name is magog. when the demon comes to the front sometimes you see them morphe into reptilians or reptilian eyes is all demonic possession …and it is real!!

    May 29, 2013 at 12:16 PM

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