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X FACTOR-The Omen!


I have to admit, I have been watching the X Factor and it seems that along with most things on the tellie…we have symbolism!

On 12/15/2011The show ends with the final three revealed but not without its STRANGE music!

ABOVE—Now, this picture was from last evenings show (December 21, 2011)and the SAME music that was used to present the last contenders last week, as it was this week.


NOTE: Not only is this song medieval which is  known for its apocalyptic tempo but the lyrics are strange choice for budding artists to endure…some thought it to be used in Omen, the movie but it was not.

O Fortuna (O Fortune)
velut luna (like the moon)
statu variabilis (you are changeable)
semper crescis (ever waxing)
aut decrescis; (and waning;)
vita detestabilis (hateful life)
nunc obdurat (first oppresses)
et tunc curat (and then soothes)
ludo mentis aciem, (as fancy takes it)
egestatem, (poverty)
potestatem (and power)
dissolvit ut glaciem. (it melts them like ice.)

Sors immanis (Fate – monstrous)
et inanis, (and empty)
rota tu volubilis, (you whirling wheel)
status malus, (you are malevolent)
vana salus (well-being is vain)
semper dissolubilis, (and always fades to nothing)
obumbrata (shadowed)
et velata (and veiled)
michi quoque niteris; (you plague me too;)
nunc per ludum (now through the game)
dorsum nudum (I bring my bare back)
fero tui sceleris. (to your villainy.)

Sors salutis (Fate is against me)
et virtutis (in health)
michi nunc contraria, (and virtue)
est affectus (driven on)
et defectus (and weighted down)
semper in angaria. (always enslaved.)
Hac in hora (So at this hour)
sine mora (without delay)
corde pulsum tangite; (pluck the vibrating strings;)
quod per sortem (since Fate)
sternit fortem, (strikes down the string)
mecum omnes plangite! (everyone weep with me!)

I want you to pay EXTRA-attention to the STAGE on the pictures and videos below! Check out the shape of the whole stage. Does it remind you of anything? They may change the objects on the stage but the outline remains the same!

The omen of this is that television and media are a project the worship of Satan!
Most people have spoken of the X in the name of the show and the connection with Planet X, and this seems very intriguing. But, I think this week it really stood out to me just what they are projecting on this show!

Not only did Lady Gaga present her magnificent work of evil on the show of X Factor, but very little was even said about the event but this is nothing new considering most of America is ASLEEP!
Now I present a few videos of the show…


Seriously, Marry the Night?—Plus she’s dressed as a decapitated corpse…if you marry the night, well that’s full of demons RIGHT?


Florence & The Machine-really?? STRANGE!


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