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SINKHOLES GALORE! (Part 1/1980-2007)

The idea of sinkholes having a cause is really fearful, especially when you realize it is beyond our control. But then again there are reasons why humanity are at fault for said sinkholes and that would be using the earths resources and leaving voids beneath the surface. This is not the case I would like to highlight here, it’s the reasons beyond our control in which is going to be given here.

I certainly believe in the Bible’s Scriptural prophecy for the objects which will come into earths atmosphere and into our cities and places. This will obviously be asteroids and such, and I believe this is the reason why our earth is having pangs and consequences for these changes in our electromagnetic fields and other qualifying sources.

I won’t elaborate on it here and now but the changes it’s making on our living planet. The pictures will come in chronological order. Some will have exact dates, and place…some will not. Now, I am NOT claiming these all all the sinkholes, but the ones I have found doing my research. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands more!

One thing I want you to pay CLOSE ATTENTION to is the increase each year!!


Florida -1980

Wales -1994

Logan County Ky -1997

Newfoundland -1997

Orlando Fla. -2002

Alberta Canada -2003

Lisbon, Portugal-2003

Jordon, Israel -2004

Detroit, Michigan 2004

New York City, NY -2005


New York, NY -2006

Hawaii -2006

Feb, 23-2007

California -2007

Mexico City, Mexico -July 9th, 2007

Ontario, Canada -Oct 2007

Guatemala City, Mexico 2007

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