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  • APRIL 1, 2012

NO Joke-Sinkhole in Geology Courtyard

Horse Falls into Sinkhole

  • APRIL 2, 2012

Sinkhole Whirlpool!

City Council Asks for Quicker Fix for Sinkholes
Sinkhole Work Shifts
West Side Sinkholes

  • APRIL 3, 2012

Galveston Texas Sinkhole Swallows Students Car

North Little Rock, Arkansas Sinkhole Problem
Big Hole=big Problem
Deadly Sinkhole Stream

  • APRIL 4, 2012

North Idaho Train Derailment Sinkhole

Rome Road Sinkhole
Galveston Student’s Car in Sinkhole
Sinkhole Purchase|head
Corpus Christi, Texas

  • APRIL 7, 2012

Sinkhole in Ocala National Forest

  • APRIL 10, 2012

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Massive Sinkhole in Falloon, Houston – 40 Feet Wide and 15 Feet Deep!

My Personal Sinkhole

  • APRIL 11, 2012

Sinkhole appears at Pathumwan Intersection
New Madrid Fault LANDSLIDE caught on film Started Sink HOLES IN CANADA 2012 Is From May 2011

  • APRIL 13, 2012

Forklift Sinkhole

  • APRIL 14, 2012

Washington Ave Sinkhole

  • APRIL 15, 2012

Underground Water Mysteriously Disappears Causing Sinkholes
Sinkhole in Sweden Keeps Expanding

  • APRIL 16, 2012

Sinkhole at Oldmans Creek
Dalaguete Sinkhole

  • APRIL 17, 2012

  • April 18, 2012

Sinkhole in Upper Merion
Happy to be Alive

  • APRIL 19, 2012

Sinkhole Tracking Market Value Losses
LAKE ELSINORE: Sinkhole opens on Mission Trail
Sinkhole closes right lanes of Southwest Kelly Avenue west of Ross Island Bridge
Sinkhole Closes Lanes Near Ross Island Bridge
Lanes to Close to Fix Sinkhole

  • APRIL 20, 2012

Sinkhole traps tanker truck at gas station
Sinkhole keeps Kelly Avenue closed through weekend
Sinkhole Opens on Main Street Revealing old Cistern

  • APRIL 21, 2012

Sinkhole Closes Bridge in Brazoria County
Sinkhole in SW Portland

GIANT Blackhole in Delhi, Okla

  • APRIL 23, 2012

Picture this: Sinkhole Repairs
Toyota Sinkhole

YFZ450X Stuck in Sinkhole

Ron Sinks in Mudhole

Truck in Mudhole

  • APRIL 24, 2012

Teen Falls into Sinkhole

Diohji Sinkhole (Warning Explicit Language)

UPDATE-Sinkhole in Sweden

GIANT Sinkhole in Dagestan, Russia

  • APRIL 26, 2012

Giant Sinkhole Plaguing Resident

  • APRIL 27, 2012

Woman’s driveway sinkhole fixed after FOX 4 steps in

  • APRIL 28, 2012

Sinkhole at O’Leno State Park

  • APRIL 29, 2012


Jersey Shore Sinkholes Swallow People Alive

British Columbia Lifts Flash Sinkhole Evacuation Orders

  • APRIL 30, 2012

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