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(Jan 31) In Virginia, the block of Marion’s Catron Street between West Chilhowie Street and Prescott Avenue will be closed through at least Wednesday following development of a sinkhole beneath Catron Street Tuesday afternoon.

(Jan 31) A large sinkhole in the road that developed on Roosevelt Avenue in Springfield, Massachusetts Tuesday evening forced the closing of the roadway to northbound traffic.

(Jan 31) The Department of Environmental Protection in Washington County, Pennsylvania was called to Ringgold Middle School after a sinkhole opened up on school property. Officials said the hole is 5 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

(Jan 30) The rain may have stopped in Brisbane, Australia but problems continue on the roads with a large “sinkhole” appearing on the northside.

(Jan 27) A sinkhole that formed on an east Fort Worth woman’s flooded property in Texas was caused by a 50-year-old city sewer line that failed after Wednesday’s heavy rains.

Fri, 27 Jan 2012

Fri, 27 Jan 2012
Arlington, Texas

(Jan 26) New York city closed a block of John Street in the Financial District Thursday after a small portion of the street collapsed. It was not immediately clear what caused the sinkhole or exactly when it happened.

(Jan 26) A portion of Vermont Street between 6th and 7th streets in Quincy, Illinois was being closed to allow for repair of a sinkhole and a failed sanitary sewer line.

(Jan 26) A sinkhole shut down part of a busy highway in Franklin County, Alabama. Work is now underway to repair the damage at the intersection of Highway 82 and 243 near Russellville. This is no small sinkhole – it was big enough to fit two cars in it.

Sat, 21 Jan 2012

Fri, 20 Jan 2012

(Jan 20) Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has declared a state of emergency in Lincoln County in the wake of high winds and heavy rains that battered the Coast on Wednesday, Jan. 18. A developing sinkhole on U.S. Highway 101 south of the Newport Airport could cause ODOT to close the highway completely.

(Jan 19) A sinkhole between Scottsburg Park and Loon Lake Road east of Reedsport in Oregon was expected to close Highway 38 until Friday.

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 04:48 CST-A massive hole near the village district of Gurbuki Karabudahkenskogo in Dagestan, Russia has been known by the locals for a while now. There are now reports of strange sounds coming from this sinkhole.  Scientist are trying to find out what caused this giant sinkhole. The hole has been measured to be no more than 30 meters. A young woman was saved at the same time. She was thrown down there by her husband. The sinkhole is not new and has been known by the locals.

(Jan 19) A sinkhole formed around a manhole on Eighth Street in Huntington, West Virginia.

(Jan 18) The rear wheel of a school bus fell into a 4-foot-deep sinkhole when pavement caved in on West Oakland Avenue in Bloomington, Illinois but no one on board was injured.

Thu, 19 Jan 2012

Thu, 19 Jan 2012
Lake Peigneur Sinkhole

(Jan 18) Workers have shut down one lane in each direction on Riverside Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 31st Street due to a sinkhole apparently caused by a leaking sanitary sewer.

(Jan 17) Rail transport at the Geraldton Port in Western Australia has been suspended while Karara Mining investigates what caused a sinkhole to appear near its operations.

(Jan 15) Warren County in Kentucky has plenty of sinkholes, but most of them are away from buildings and roads. Amy Frcka said the sinkholes at the back of her property in Bowling Green have been there about a year, and the backyard in general has begun to sink toward the middle. Now fissures have started to open within about 5 feet from the back corner of her house.

(Jan 13) A sinkhole, about 18 feet wide, 25 feet long and roughly 30 feet deep, in Oxford Township, Adams County in Pennsylvania has closed part of Hanover Street.

(Jan 12) A sinkhole, three feet wide, was reported on Floyd Street near Central Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky.

(Jan 12) Waterline break caused a large sinkhole to form in a portion of 26 1/2 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado.

(Jan 11) An excavator fell in a 17 feet deep hole with two operators on the heavy duty machine in Mexicali, Mexico.

Tue, 10 Jan 2012

Mon, 09 Jan 2012 16:58 CST
Mother and her child fall in hole in Bryansk. A normal weekend stroll with her one-and-a-half year-old son turned tragic for a young mother in the western Russian city of Bryansk, when the ground opened up under her feet. ­Tatyana Didenko, 26, and her only son Kirill fell into a sinkhole on a busy street in Bryansk Sunday. The woman was saved by her husband Vladimir Didenko, a traffic police officer – someone called him shortly following the accident, and he was not far from the scene, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. “He pulled his wife out, she caught the edge of the ditch and held on,” witnesses told the newspaper. “But he couldn’t manage to save the child,” they added.

­(Jan 9) A 26-year-old woman and her only son fell into a sinkhole on a busy street in Bryansk, Russia on Sunday. The woman was saved by her husband but he couldn’t manage to save the child, whose body was recovered more than a day later, in a sewage collector some distance away from the accident site.

(Jan 9) The road in front of Lalbagh West Gate in Bangalore now has a huge “sink hole” measuring around 12ft in length, four ft in width and nearly eight ft in depth. Similar incident happened on Krumbiegel Road around two months ago.

(Jan 9) A Sinkhole swallowed truck in Lziânia, Goiás in Brazil.

(Jan 6) A sinkhole, about 6′ wide, 8′ long and about 4′ deep, opened up in the 2200 block of Scottwood in Toledo, Ohio.

(Jan 5) Sinkholes opened up in Southeastern Brazil after floods and landslides caused by heavy rain killed at least 23 people, including 15 in state of Minas Gerais and forced thousands from their homes.

(Jan 5) A sinkhole sucked up the back-end of a fully-loaded propane truck in the yard of a rural Cambridge, Nebraska but no one was injured.

(Jan 3) A sinkhole in the RiverWalk Park in Sleepy Hallow, New York has village officials concerned about the retaining wall underneath the property.

(Jan 2) The large sinkhole that swallowed part of an Allentown neighborhood in Pennsylvania and evacuated dozens last week, continues to cause problems, leaving many residents nearly homeless.

(Jan 1) A massive sinkhole, about 30 meter deep and 15 meter wide, suddenly appeared overnight in Gelik district of Zonguldak city in Turkey.  Previously, on June 1 2011, a sinkhole appeared in Eskisehir city and a parked car fell into the pit.


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