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Mount Shasta Legends & Mysteries


Mount Shasta was formerly known as Strawberry Valley, Berryvale and Sisson. A long history of mythology surrounds the mountain, including legends of Lemurians, Atlanteans, Secret Commonwealth citizens, dwarfs, fairies, Bigfoot, and space beings who materialize at will. The Indians believed Mt. Shasta was a portal to other dimensions.

New Book features Unexplained Disappearances around Mount Shasta that have never been Solved

Bigfoot of course is associated with UFOs and is considered an inter-dimensional being, that can walk into this reality and his own dimensional reality at will. Mt. Shasta is a very special place to say the least; it represents much more than just a mere mountain. Mt. Shasta can be considered as one of the most sacred places on this planet.

The mountain is a mystic power source for this planet. Some people theorize that it is connected to a ley-line, similar to Stonehenge in England. It is a focus for angels, spirit-guides, spaceships, masters from the Light Realm, Wicca and the home of the survivors of Ancient Lemuria, which sank under the waves of the Pacific Ocean a little over 12,000 years ago.

It’s not wonder it’s connected to these aforementioned entities, because its inhabitants are not of this world. They are mentioned by many names, no doubt but they are all of the same species….demonic.

The people who are said to meditate, or have ‘contact’ from entities in this area are said to be enlightened with a new ‘sense’ of telepathic communications with ‘angels’ and spirit-guides who are said to have their best interests at heart.

These fools have no heart, in fact…they have NO SOUL either!
With every legend/myth, there is truth.

Meditation on Mt. Shasta promotes UFO sighting

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Editor’s notes {…} Okay….let’s read this carefully! A test is given at the end…..

“ALDEBARAN” by Robert Norwood
The minstrel tuned the triple strings—
His harp of many murmurings—
Then on a mighty chord began
A song of bright Aldebaran:

{Written as if it’s a fairy tale…A minstrel is a medieval European bard who performed lyrics which stories of distant places of existing or imaginary historical events.}

Aldebaran, Aldebaran,
One night I saw thee rise
Above the peaks of Ispahan,
Red on those purple skies.
Thou wast a royal ruby stone
Set in a diadem
Of some great god upon his throne,
Whose garment’s ample hem
Was margined with the clustered spheres
Beyond a myriad of years.
Above thee soared the Pleiades,
Beneath, Auriga flared;
His vast melodic harmonies
Rigel with Algol shared:
Space trembled to the minstrelsy
Of Deneb and Alcyone.
{A diadem is a type of crown, specifically worn by Eastern monarchs, or others as a badge of royalty. Ispahan/Isfahan was historically located south of Tehran in Old Persia, this city is spoken of with great regard. But, who is the king of this city? What god was on this throne? Why mention the Pleiades?
Auriga was sometimes names as Myrtilus, who was Herme’s son and the charioteer of Oenomaus. Specifically, it is a creation to commemorate the importance of the chariot in their society. When I think of chariot, I don’t not think of the horse and cart.
The modern characterization of a ‘chariot’ is a UFO.
Occasionally, Auriga was seen as a mortal rider of Pegasus who dared to approach Mount Olympus!
Interestingly, in the ancient Hindu astronomy, it was connected to the affairs of shepherds. In the Chinese constellations, the five chariots of their celestial emperors.}

Aldebaran, Aldebaran,
Betelguese sheathed his sword,
And in that cosmic cry began
The music of his word;
He spoke in syllables so strong,
Each sentence was an æon long:
“Thou art”—he thundered, “the first star
To lead earth out of mist,
When man looked up and felt afar
Urge of an ancient tryst
Made ere God lit the morning sun
To mark the length of day begun.
“Thou threshold of the Zodiac;
Thou portal of the Rooms;
Thou first step of the starry Track:
Thou shuttle of the Looms
Where Fate weaves threads of purest gold
To fashion God’s wide garment-fold—

“Hail!”—and: “All hail!” from every sphere
That rolled across the void,
I heard, Aldebaran, with fear:
Each clustered asteroid
Flung back the tumult of that cry,
Like trumpet-voices through the sky.
{All hail!…one of the “Sisters” of Pleiades would be MEROPE. The daughter of Atlas and Pleione. She was a mortal princess in Greek ‘mythology’, who was loved by ‘hunter’ ORION and was his
Do you think the Merovingian came up with this name by chance? NO!
The Bible contains three direct references to the Pleiades in Job 9:9 and 38:31, and Amos 5:8, and a single indirect reference in the New Testament. This latter passage (Revelation 1:16) describes a vision of the coming of the Messiah – who holds, in his right hand, seven stars…
The last being very confusing for some, even myself.
The etymological derivation of the name Pleiades (Πλειαδεσ) is uncertain. Robert Graves, the late English poet and writer, records in his ‘The Greek Myths’ (1955) that it may be derived from either the Greek ‘plein’ for ‘to sail’, or ‘pleios’ meaning ‘many’. Another possible root is from Pindar, an early Greek poet, who named the cluster the Peleiades – ‘a flock of Doves’ – and this is, perhaps, the original form. A nearby cluster has retained its animalistic classical name of the Hyades, ‘the Piglets’.

I assure you that GOD made the heavens well before the Greeks came up with all their tales of ole. What does puzzle me is that if Revelations does speak of the Pleiades as the Seven Stars….how does this relate to the ends days?}

Then Vega rose and on her lyre
Played tremulous vast chords,
Singing the infinite desire
Of those celestial lords
Who shouted when earth’s loom was laid,
And through the warp God’s shuttle played;
When through the loom of misted flame
The threads of God began
To weave a world; before there came
Adventuring of man
Upon the Path of life to find
Monitions of eternal Mind.
She sang of forest and of fell,
Of mountain and of moor;
Caves and the caveman’s battle-yell;
The song beside the door
Where women ground the meal and sung
Rhymes in their rude primeval tongue.
I saw the mammoth and the bear,
Like moving mountains, run
In terror from the flint-head spear,
Proving that man had won
Lordship of earth; and I made prayer,
Aldebaran, before thee there!
{This whole issue is dealing with the stars, but many don’t realize this has everything to do with earth!}

Arcturus lifted high his horn
And blew a mighty blast.
The curtain of the night was torn
To show the protoplast
Transfigured on the finer face
Of that far prehistoric race—

We, clumsy, call Lemurian!
A city lifted high
Its towered domes of daring man
Beneath a tropic sky,
With gates of gold that gleamed and shone
Brighter than portaled Babylon.
Men were as gods upon the earth,
The women were most fair;
Music was speech; a holy birth
Of art was cradled there—
For dreams took shape in pure jacinth,
Seraphic brows upon the plinth.
Reed instruments for dance and song;
Brave horns beneath the blue;
The sistrum and the thunder-gong;
The pipe and tabour, too;
And all the craft of minstrelsy:
Harp, sackbut, cymbal, psaltery,
Were fashioned. Then was genius stirred
To pre-Homeric lines,
And drama grew. On earth was heard
Praise of the fruitful vines,
Oil of the olive, barley-gold,
Leaping of lambs within the fold.
Told was the story of the stars,
And thine, Aldebaran,
When Jupiter was not, nor Mars;
When every shepherd-clan
Pointed and named the olden spheres
While Rome was in the womb of years.

Altair in Aquila stood forth
With flaming evil brow,
Looked from his tower to the north
And made an awful vow:
“I will destroy yon golden gates—
Hither to me, O shrouded Fates!
Hither to me and hide the sun,
Darken the noisy noon,
Snuff out the planets one by one,
Unleash the hot simoon;
Destroy the race Lemurian!”
And they obeyed, Aldebaran.
A woman by the well
Looked up wide-eyed and fell;
A shepherd leading forth his sheep,
Gasped, clutched his throat and found eternal sleep;
Ceased in the temple, horn and holy drum,
And all the vested choristers were dumb!
Rain as of fire!
The shivering of earth;
Dead is the baby at its birth—
With horror in her great dark eyes,
The new-made mother lifeless lies;
Two lovers in the spell of their first kiss
And whispered word, the dark abyss
Engulfs forever!
Night! Endless night!
There are no towers, temples, domes—
No palaces, no pillared homes;
And all that stately company
Are buried in a boiling sea!
Alas, for these, Aldebaran!
And woe to Altair and his hate!
Gone is the race Lemurian;
I weep, O Star, to sing their fate!
And for a while the court was still,
Tense, waiting on the harpist’s will,
From lord and lady to the King.
One spoke: “It was an evil thing!”
One: “Hush! He is about to sing.”
The jester shook his golden bells,
And laughed: “A pretty tale he tells
Of Altair and Aldebaran;
Faith! Never since court-fools began
Was heard the like.—Lemurian!”
A bishop raised his mitred head:
“It was the Flood, I think”—he said.
“Aye, even so”—replied a priest:
“Was not that city in the east?
Altair?—Apocalyptic Beast!”
Then spake the King upon his throne:
“Never such harping have I known;
It is a right majestic tale—
How poetry and song prevail
On sword and shield and burnished mail!”
Again the minstrel tuned the strings—
His harp of many murmurings—
Again on softer chord began
The song of bright Aldebaran:


Aldebaran, Aldebaran,
Last night I saw thee glow
In Taurus—open like a fan—
Above a world of snow.
The joyous bells were ringing wide
Their plangent silver chime,
Proclaiming: “It is Christmastide!
Now is the time, the time,
The Holy Babe was brought to birth,
And Lord Messias came to earth!”
Wast thou not then that eastern Star
The Magi did behold,
Who journeyed from a city far
To offer gifts of gold—
The Star of Jesu, leading them
To little white-walled Bethlehem?
Aldebaran, Aldebaran,
Across the crystal sky
A shout of angel-song began:
“Glory to God on High,
On earth be peace! Now is the morn
In which Emmanuel is born!”
They sang the end of every woe,
The tale of every tear.
I saw a host of singers go
Bravely against the fear
That held men in the thongs of Fate
Through æons of the hell of Hate.
Before thy lance Altair went down,
Lemuria arose
Restored to temple, palace, crown,
With gates that never close;
And all her shining company
Renewed their art and minstrelsy.
The babe was in his mother’s arms,
His face was like the Christ;
And that lost lover knew the charms
Of her who kept the tryst;
The woman filled her water jar,
The shepherd led his sheep afar.
And then I knew, Aldebaran,
Lemuria is one
With all the domes of daring man
That glitter to the sun;
That age by age one broad highway
Leads up the host to fuller day.
There shall no lost tall towers be,
No idle aim of art;
No useless joy of minstrelsy,
No ever-empty heart;
No utter silencing of song,
No comrade absent from the throng.
Through pain and trial of the tears,
Lead up the host, O Star!
Lead up, lead up, until the years
Have glorified the scar
That burns upon the brow of man,
Aldebaran, Aldebaran!

{Did you notice the religious references to Jesus Christ? To the Magi?  A shepherd led his sheep afar? Domes of daring man, that glitter to the sun?
I am so intrigued by this poem. It has all the shades of Atlantis and the Great White Brotherhood. To me, it even infers that they have taken people with them to Orion. Also that the birth of Jesus was awaited, the star of Bethlehem was, in fact, ORION/PLEIADES. How does this fit into the scheme of things? The whole New Age systematically stems from this. It is not the Tree of Life, but the Tree of Death.}

4 responses

  1. jan

    everything is not evil. I believe in Christ but you are fear mongering. Fear mongering is not of God. Sorry.

    March 25, 2013 at 5:28 PM

    • Wow….pointing out where evil lies is only truth. Showing who the fallen angels/demons are is truth. Otherwise we remain in the darkness, covered in lies. I won’t ever apologize for revealing truths.

      March 26, 2013 at 9:13 AM

      • yahwehprevails


        My heartfelt appreciation for all you do for all of us in a world of darkness!

        In The Day Of Darkness;


        July 17, 2015 at 2:50 AM

      • That is BEAUTIFUL!

        July 17, 2015 at 6:14 AM

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