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Pleiades Eclipse


Programming of the human race began thousands of years ago with the influence of the fallen angels and has been an ongoing expedition since. The framework needed was to implement a false doctrine which simulated the Word of GOD so that the implementation could be misconstrued as the Real Word. Satan is devious, no doubt. The Word began in the STARS as a symbol and this is where the false doctrine began as well.
The Bible has much to say about the nature of stars, but there is a double meaning to most of it.

In particular, it speaks of Pleiades star cluster. From time immemorial the Hebrews and the Christian Church have linked the constellations to the truths of scriptures. The Hebrews, for example, maintain that the constellation of Orion the hunter, which they call Kesil, (meaning fool), was usurped by Nimrod (Gen. 10:8-9) to immortalize himself in the sky. Indeed, most of the pagan accounts of the Pleiades even have Biblical overtones.
The Pleiadian star system has been one of the most revered cosmic objects in history, poetry and mythology across all cultures. According to the cultural traditions, the seven visible stars of the Pleiades have been referred to by many names, such as the Seven Sisters, Krittika, Kimah, Flock of Doves, Hens, Virgins of Spring, Sailor’s Stars and the seven Atlantic Sisters.

“The Pleiades seem to be among the first stars mentioned in astronomical literature, appearing in the Chinese annuals of 2357 BC, Alcyone, the lucida, then being near the vernal equinox— And their beginning of the year gave rise to the title The Great Year of the Pleiades for the cycle of precession of about 25,900 years.” (1)
According to Albert Churchward the name of the Great Pyramid was “Khuti”, which denoted the seven Lights, or Glorious Ones. Likewise, the Tower of Babel with its seven tiers was also symbolical of the “Great Altar Stairs”, by which men climbed heavenward.

The so-called sacred Merovingian bloodline between Mary Magdalene and Jesus might actually refer to their Pleiadian cosmic origins. For example, like many other ancient cultures, the Mayans of Meso-America called the Pleiades “the cranary” for it was the seedbed of their civilization and the cosmic star mother who gave her children the codes of light. (2)
The Merovingian family founded and named the city of Paris after Prince Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. In the Iliad, Electra (one of the seven Pleiades) was the mother of Dardanos, the founder of Trojan race and according to David Icke, the Merovingian bloodline is traced back to Troy – another Pleiadian connection. Of course this bloodline is a status from which the Antichrist will rise, I believe.

Mark Amaru Pinkham in his book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, examines the worldwide migration of serpents, some from Mu (Lemuria), and others from Atlantis. They were called Nagas, Naguals, Nacaals, Adders, Djedhi, Amarus, Levites, Lung Dragons and Quetzlcoatls. There are many traditions, which also state that the Serpents were Extra-terrestrials. “Some of the Interstellar Serpents on Atlantis came from the Celestial Serpent, the Pleiades. [According to Dhyani Ywahoo] the records of Cherokees, these androgynous Serpents are known as the ‘sacred seven’, and said to have traveled from the universal seat of Divine Mind, the Pleiades, in order to instill within developing humankind the spark of the individuated mind. Once on the Earth the Pleiadian missionaries mated with the human population and their progeny spread throughout Atlantis.” (3) This Pleiadian and Atlantean mating was also mentioned by Greek Historian Diodorus who claimed that Celoene and Alcyone, two of the seven Pleiadian sisters, had mated with Poseidon, King of Atlantis and their offspring populated Atlantis. This is all the Ascended Masters (Blavatsky/Albert Pike) connections which is where the Freemasonry doctrines originate.
In Vedic astrology, the Lunar Zodiac is based on the Moon’s movement against the brightest stars divided into 27 Nakshatras of 13 degrees and 20 minutes each. 3 degrees of Taurus corresponds with the Nakshatra called Krittika – which we know as The Pleiades and 3 degrees of Scorpio corresponds with the Nakshatra called Vishakha which we know as the North and South Scale of Libra called Tula in Sanskrit. If you plot 3 degrees of Taurus on the great wheel of 360 degrees starting with zero degrees Aries, 3 Taurus equals 33 degrees. Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiadian cluster and thus Alcyone is 33 degrees – the number of Mastery. Further, I discovered that by using Etymology (origins of words) when the word Master is divided into two becomes Ma / Ster and it means Mother Star. Thus, Alcyone is the number of the Mother Star – 33 degrees.
In a book by (4) Robert Hewitt Brown; a 32-degree Mason called Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy, on page 54 is a picture of a mystic ladder that leads to the seven stars of the Pleiades. He explains, “This Masonic emblem, has a direct allusion to the vernal equinox, and thus becomes a beautiful symbol of immortality, reminding us, also, of that starry home beyond the grave to which the soul of man aspires. It was for these reasons that, of all the ‘hosts of heaven’ the Pleiades were selected as an emblem by our ancient brethren.”

The ladder is also made of seven step in the Scottish Rite Ritual and ascends from a red room, that which is said to represent the Great Mother. A red cross was placed over the heart of the candidate for red is sworn to in Masonry. I believe the symbol of the red cross is the same as the rosi-crux of the Rosicrucians and all symbolic of Alcyone and the Pleiades. The first Grand Lodge of the Scottish Rite in America, was formed at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1783: a Supreme Council and it lies exactly on the 33rd parallel of latitude. The highest Masonic degree is 33 degrees – the Grand Master. If you break up the word Mason into two – Ma/Son it equates to Mother Sun. It is interesting to note that one of the Pleiades was named Maia by the Greeks. Maia was the virgin mother of Hermes, the Enlightened One. Maya, was the virgin mother of Buddha, the Enlightened One. Mary, was the virgin mother of Christ, the Annointed one. May is the month of Maia/Maya/Mary when the Sun is in Taurus and thus conjunct the Pleiades. May Day celebrations are in honor of the Pleiades.
Most horned creatures like Pan represented fertility and creation and the May Time celebrations of Beltane incorporated this celebration. The Maypole had seven ribbons, I believe representing the seven sisters of the Pleiades. “Pan was an important model for medieval pagans’ Horned God, whom the church called Satan. The devil always displayed Pan’s attributes of goat-hoofs, horns, and unremitting lust; sometimes also a goat head and an attendant throng of satyrs.” (5) When the Knights Templar were accused of heresy in the 14th century, it was based on their worship of Baphomet – a bisexual idol pictured with hoofs, a goat’s face, with both male and female features, and thus they were called “devil worshippers”.

“With November, the Pleid-month, many primitive people began their year; and on the day of the midnight culmination of the Pleiades, November 17, no petition was presented in vain to the ancient Kings of Persia; the same event gave the signal at Busiris for the commencement of the feast of Isis, and regulated less immediately the celebrations connected with the 52 year cycle of the Mexicans. Australian tribes to this day dance in honor of the ‘Seven Sisters'”. (6) The months of May and November and their numerous festivals and celebrations are all associated with the Seven Sisters. Their rising in November marked the time for worship of deceased family and friends. “Egyptian texts allude to Pleiades’ archaic significance as Krittitas, judges of men, assigning them also to seven planetary spheres as the seven Hathors. The dead had to speak the names of these Goddesses to pass their ‘critical’ examination and enter paradise.”

Why is this all related to the Bible? This will be the cause of the falling away! These Ascended Masters will come claiming to be gods. The Antichrist, I believe will be part of this whole scenario.
In the Bible, the Pleiades are mentioned. Below are all references to the Pleiades in the Holy Bible:
Job 9:9 Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.
Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?
Amos 5:8 Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name.

We know that numerous sacred sites of many races and cultures have built formations in concordance with the Pleiades alignments. Many ‘cults’ reveal that the entities who govern the Pleiades who ‘watch’ our species will come again to make judgment on men when they return.

On May 20, 2012, there will be a solar eclipse astrologically conjunct with the stars of Pleiades. This alignment will be of the Sun and the Moon between the Earth and the stars of Pleiades.
What will happen on this day? Will a world-changing event take place? Will we be visited by so-called ‘extraterrestrials’? Will this be the initiation of the disclosure process which will proceed into the date of December 21, 2012? The dark side of the supernatural love to work in the dark!
Does the Toltec people who moved to Chichen Itza and merged their zenith cosmology to that of the Mayans play a huge part in this time period we live in now, reveal a descending from the sky, considering we live in the time of  the “processional clock with its alarm set for the twenty-first century? Will we hear the “TZAB”, which is the rattlesnake pattern  marking the very cluster of the Pleiades?

Is the flying serpent spoken of in the Bible in Isaiah, the very same?
Isaiah 14:29
Isaiah 30:16
Are these the seven stars, and double-edged sword!
Revelation 1:16
Revelation 1:20
Revelation 22:16

↑Notice the SWASTIKA↑

The 5000 year Mayan Calendar cycle ends in 2012, the same year as the Venus passage through the stars of the Pleiades. And this alignment of the Pleiades cycle involves Venus. Every eight years for a few hours after the sunset during April, Venus can be seen close to the stars of the Pleiades. Viewed from Earth, Venus returns to the same area of the sky every eight years. As Venus returns, it gets closer to the Pleiades. When Venus returned on April 4, 2012, it was nearer to the central star Alcyone that some of the other stars in the Pleiades including the one called Maia.


I have come across so many New Age Concepts pertaining to this subject. So many that it took three separate articles to cover it.
I have completed these articles : “Pleiades Eclipse” – “False Messiahs” – “Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012”- which will explain more on this too.

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