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LEAD STORY — Freedom Under Attack
First Amendment Blues: (1) A bar in Horry County, S.C., named the Suck Bang Blow filed a lawsuit in May challenging the county’s new ordinance prohibiting motorcyclists’ “burnouts” (engine-revving with back-tire-spinning, creating smoke — and enormous noise). The bar claims that burnouts are important expressions of its customers’ “manliness and macho” and as such are protected by the First Amendment. (2) Luigi Bellavite complained to reporters in Mountain View, Colo., in July that the theft of his “Vote Satan” yard sign ought to be prosecuted as a “hate crime” under state law — as he is a member of the Church of Satan. Police called it an ordinary theft.

Ouija Board Consulted By San Francisco  Supervisor Before Vote-[link]

Instant Virgin Spray-[link]

Bigfoot Hoaxer Killer in Accident-[link]

South Texas Mayor killed by his own ass-[link]

Man complains of Prostitute price hike-[link]

Wildfire ash in river could befoul Colorado beer-[link]

Los Angeles plans to charge families of electrocuted good Samaritans-[link]

“Missing” woman unknowingly joins search for herself-[link]

Robot Registrar Marries Japanese Couple [link]

Bottled Massage breaks world record-[link]

Vatican Plans Latin Academy-[link]

Rodent Infestation Leads to Rat Crossing Sign-[link]

Lakeview man wins high-heel race on Michigan Ave.-[link]

Hurricane Isaac Pix from ISS-[link]

Typhoon Bolaven-[link]

What are they hiding?-[link]

STRANGE UFO Orbs and Shapes-[link]

Stationary Storms? Monsoon lightning over Kingman Arizona-[link]

Strange Michigan Sunset-[link]

Lightning Blows Hole in USCG Air Station Atlantic City Tarmac-[link]

Lightning Strikes Four Times in Same Place-[link]

River of Lights -100,000 lights sent drifting…

[link] [link] 

There has been an outrageous amount of quakes lately! So much so that USGS felt the need to hide it!
California Rattled every 15 minutes!-[link] California was hit big-time this week!

7.6 in Philippine Islands Region
6.8 Jan Mayen Island Region
7.3 Offshore El Salvador
6.6 Molucca Sea

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