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WEIRD WORLD PT9/September 2011

The events noted in this blog does not include massive animal deaths because I have a series covering this. It does not include the most weather or earthquake events due to the massive numbers involved. I also don’t include the sinkhole due to the series covering this on the blog as well.

  • Thu, 01 Sep 2011 11:07 CDT

Illuminated in vivid blue and dwarfing neighboring ­buildings, the Eiffel Tower’s impact on the Paris skyline was already dramatic. But Mother Nature clearly felt she could lend the scene a little added pizzazz. The remarkable shot of a forked lightning bolt streaking through the sky behind the 1,063ft iron tower was ­captured by amateur photo­grapher ­Bertrand Kulik. The 31-year-old from Paris – which is known as the City of Light – said: ‘The weather was dry and the sky appeared to be completely clear, but suddenly it started to thunder. ‘I quickly grabbed my ­camera and put it on a tripod by the window in the hope I could get an action picture – but I never thought I would get such a ­magnificent shot.’

  • Thu, 01 Sep 2011 09:27 CDT

The Petermann Glacier seen in August, 2009. The cliffs on the left are about 3,000 feet high, about the same height as three Eiffel Towers or more than two Willis Towers. Astonished scientist says he was ‘completely unprepared for the gob-smacking scale of the breakup, which rendered me speechless’  New photographs taken of a vast glacier in northern Greenland have revealed the astonishing rate of its breakup, with one scientist saying he was rendered “speechless.”

  • Thu, 01 Sep 2011 10:35 CDT

A mystery stench hung over Dartmouth Thursday, near the King’s Wharf development. There was a mysterious smell hanging over downtown Dartmouth Thursday. People called CBC News concerned about a nasty smell in the area, but Halifax Regional Municipality officials said they didn’t know where the stench came from. “Actually it smelled like dead fish to be truthful,” said Heather Ferguson. Locals had different opinions of what the strange smell permeating through downtown Dartmouth could be. “I don’t know. Maybe one of the sewage treatment plants backed up or something. Maybe?” questioned Paul Lynch. “We were thinking maybe there was something pulled out of the water. Maybe a barge that had barnacles on it or something and it’s rotting in the sun,” wondered Carolee Nichols.

  • Fri, 02 Sep 2011 04:15 CDT

As Labor Day weekend begins, many will be planning family trips to the beach. Although, for those in San Diego, this picture might make them think twice. A terrifying photograph shows the moment a Great White shark was spotted in a wave in Encinitas, California – just a few feet away from completely oblivious surfers.

  • Sat, 03 Sep 2011 13:28 CDT

Indonesia: Increased Activity at 22 Volcanoes, Alert Raised-The government has requested that local administrations remain on the alert for severe risks of volcanic eruptions, as the number of volcanoes showing abnormal activity continued to raise. As of Friday, activity in 22 volcanoes was categorized as above normal, with six at alert level three and 16 at level two. Volcano status ranges from level one, which is normal, to four, which is the highest alert.

  • Sun, 04 Sep 2011 09:22 CDT

New Zealand Swell: A beach goer takes photos of surfers and body boarders as a large swell hits California beaches.
Massive waves slamming into California’s coast – killing at least one person and causing millions of dollars in damage – are being labeled the “New Zealand surf” because of where they are coming from. In a rare event, a big weather system between New Zealand and Antarctica has generated a heavy Pacific wide swell, bringing the waves to California. Sean Collins, chief forecaster and president of Surfline, told news website he warned Californian authorities over the swell.

  • Sun, 04 Sep 2011 08:20 CDT

A shark bit the legs off a bodyboarder at a popular surfing spot in western Australia on Sunday, killing the man, police said. Authorities were reportedly searching for the shark as well as the man’s missing limbs. The man in his early 20s was bodyboarding with five friends when the shark attacked, a police spokesman said. He died at the scene in the surfing haven known as The Farm, off Bunker Bay near the western town of Dunsborough. The beach was closed after the attack. Gary Elliott, a passer-by who took the picture on Wednesday was convinced he had seen a shark – and the claim has now been backed up by marine experts.

  • Mon, 05 Sep 2011 00:00 CDT

A house burns in an area near Fort Worth, one of over several dozen sites where fires are burning in Texas.A longtime Texas sheriff says it was the fastest-moving fire he has ever seen. Six homes were toppled within minutes, including one trailer where a woman and her 18-month-old daughter were killed because they couldn’t escape in time.

  • Tue, 06 Sep 2011 11:21 CDT

Scientists have documented a coordinated, gruesome attack on a school of sleeper sharks by a little-studied group of orcas that ranges from California to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. An article published recently in the journal Aquatic Biology tells of a 2008 feeding frenzy in British Columbia waters just south of the Alaska border, reports the Canadian Press.
The [orcas] were hyperventilating, arching their backs and diving deep. On the hydrophone, [Canadian scientist John] Ford could hear their excited songs. Minutes passed and then a chunk of tissue — about 250 grams in size and later proven to be part of a liver — floated to the surface, coming to rest in a slick of oil. More and more tissue and oil soon appeared, covering an area of ocean in a sheen hundreds of metres in size and flattening the water’s ripples.

  • Tue, 06 Sep 2011 17:21 CDT

Bastrop – More than 1,000 homes have been destroyed in at least 57 wildfires across rain-starved Texas, most of them in one devastating blaze near Austin that is being blamed for two deaths, officials said Tuesday.

  • Wed, 07 Sep 2011 13:09 CDT

Global warming is the most likely cause of a growing number of king crabs that have been marching along the sea floor toward West Antarctica, according to a report by biologists on Wednesday.

  • Sat, 24 Oct 2009 18:15 CDT

FLASHBACK-They say wonders will never cease. And residents of jomvu village in Mombasas Changamwe constituency woke up to a shocking incident this morning. The discovery that a goat had given birth to a miracle kid with human features.

  • Thu, 08 Sep 2011 07:26 CDT

The Prince said if the world carries on ‘business as usual’ then the human race itself could be wiped outIn his first speech as the new President of the Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK, Prince Charles suggested ‘surviving ourselves’ should be a priority. Referring to himself as “an endangered species”, he warned that the world is already in the “sixth extinction event”, with species dying out at a much faster rate than at any time since the death of most of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

  • Fri, 09 Sep 2011 18:40 CDT

A single dislodged potato sponge floats near the mouth of the York River following Hurricane Irene. And you thought Hurricane Irene was done. Beachgoers and boaters have reported finding mysterious gray blobs, some as large as a soccer ball, from Virginia to New York. “They’re pretty disgusting looking,” said Cathy Hopkins of Hampton, who spotted dozens of the podlike orbs near the mouth of the Poquoson River. So, what are these UFOs – unfamiliar fishy organisms? “They’re potato sponges,” said Emmett Duffy, a professor at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in Gloucester Point. The sponges – one variety of thousands worldwide – inhabit the sandy bottoms of shallow coastal waterways, Duffy said. Like oysters, they filter microscopic food from seawater. They typically remain burrowed underwater unless something violent, such as a hurricane, forces them to the surface.

  • Fri, 09 Sep 2011 01:12 CDT

Biologists say a number of whales did not migrate north over winter as usual.
Marine biologists are baffled by a change in the behavior of whales visiting Victorian bays this year. The Dolphin Research Institute says a number of humpback whales remained in Western Port and Port Phillip bays throughout the migration season instead of traveling north. Institute spokesman Jeff Weir says scientists are unsure what has caused the change in their migration pattern. He says they also saw the animals competing for the first time off Mount Martha and Mornington. “These are big animals, the size of tourist buses, playing demolition derby under the water and then sometimes reaching the surface banging into each other jostling for position in the pod,” he said. Mr Weir says it is the kind of behavior normally seen when the animals are mating in northern Australia. “I mean, it possibly is simply numbers of whales are picking up again and the populations are increasing,” he said. “Maybe they’re just spreading themselves more evenly around our coast. The critical thing will be to monitor it in the years to come.”

  • Mon, 12 Sep 2011 05:00 CDT

Sea urchins see with their entire body despite having no eyes at all.Many animals have eyes that are incredibly complex — others manage without. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have shown that sea urchins see with their entire body despite having no eyes at all.

  • Tue, 13 Sep 2011 13:12 CDT

Last night’s Harvest Moon was so bright, it did something normally reserved for the sun. It made a rainbow.

  • Wed, 14 Sep 2011 14:01 CDT

Normally dry Namibia river crossings weren’t dry this year; geologist Kyle Nichols stands in one.
Something’s up with the weather in Namibia, say geoscientists Kyle Nichols of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and Paul Bierman of the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. Nichols and Bierman should know. They’re just back from the western mountains and coastal plain of this sparsely populated African country. Usually, western Namibia is a dusty place where the stream beds are sand and the “lakes” are nothing more than flats of dried mud. Not now. This year, rivers with names like Swakop and Omaruru and Kuiseb flowed all the way to the sea – something they don’t do often, “maybe once a decade,” says Bierman.

  • Thu, 15 Sep 2011 14:47 CDT

The bottlenose dolphin calf is tossed out of the water. Scientists in West Wales have been left puzzled by aggressive behavior
r displayed by female dolphins thought to be chastising her calf. The team taking part in the Cetacean Survey Training Course in New Quay, Cardigan Bay, watched the newborn bottlenose dolphin calf being repeatedly tossed into the air by its mother.

  • Fri, 16 Sep 2011 21:39 CDT

Fishermen from Valiathura in Kerala starting their fishing operation in the Arabian Sea.
With a foul smell emanating from the sea in some parts of Kerala in the last few days, scientists have said there was no cause for anxiety but are divided on the reasons behind the phenomenon. Some scientists have attributed this to the large mass of marine algae killed by lowering of salinity owing to influx of fresh water from rivers and run-off but another state-based researcher disagrees with it and said the phenomenon was due to seismic factors.

  • Sat, 17 Sep 2011 16:53 CDT

Georgia, US: New Ogeechee Swim Advisory After Reports of “Skin Sores”-New concerns in the Ogeechee River tonight. This comes just a few months after a fish kill wiped out tens of thousands of fish.

  • Sat, 17 Sep 2011 16:33 CDT

The slowly drifting location of Earth’s magnetic north pole means the Hillsboro Airport’s main runway underwent a name change early this week – from 12/30 to 13/31. The new numbers were painted at one end of the runway early this week as part of general maintenance, said a spokeswoman for the Port of Portland, which owns and operates the airport. Pilots and clients of the airport were mailed notices to be on the lookout for the runway work, but the airport was never shut down, as was rumored, said spokeswoman Kama Simonds.

  • Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:22 CDT

Florida is used to strange creatures, but the discovery of a non-native animal – a giant snail from East Africa – has got local officials really worried. A search-and-destroy advisory that went out included this bit of history: the last time the giant snails were found in Florida (back in 1966) they had multiplied from three to 18,000 in seven years and cost $1 million to eradicate.

  • Tue, 20 Sep 2011 07:23 CDT

A mystery weed has been washing up on Hervey Bay beaches this week, and no-one seems to know what it is. The Department of Environment and Resource Management and the Fraser Coast Regional Council were both scratching their corporate heads over the unknown flotsam, unable at this stage to even say whether it is a type of seaweed or algae. The weed appears to be clumps of soft, dark green strands about 10-30cm in length, and members of the public have told the Chronicle about an awful smell it makes after being left behind in the sun at low tide. The council also confirmed they had received a complaint from the public about the algae/seaweed.

  • Wed, 21 Sep 2011 02:54 CDT

Victoria – The sound of lengthy whale blows, echoing through the fog in Robson Bight, caught whale researcher Marie Fournier’s attention Monday as she kept watch at an OrcaLab outpost. Then, out of the fog, swam two massive fin whales – something never previously documented in Robson Bight, off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island.

  • Thu, 22 Sep 2011 11:09 CDT

The largest hailstone ever found in Kansas. After a huge hailstorm on Sept. 15, 2010, a Topeka, Kan., meteorologist took to social media to read what people were saying about the severe weather. What he found would go into the city’s weather record books. Scott Blair found photos of one massive hailstone after the other, including one whose diameter was more than 2 inches (5 centimeters) larger than the largest ever found in the state, reported the Wichita Eagle.

  • Thu, 22 Sep 2011 13:11 CDT

Wednesday afternoon the floor at the Santa Cruz County jail started bulging and tiles started to pop off, said Deputy April Skalland. The front lobby of the jail was evacuated and the prisoners were placed on lockdown as the mystery was investigated. According to Deputy Skalland, neither a gas leak nor a water leak caused the floor tiles to start moving. At this time it is still unknown what caused the floor to start moving. According to the United States Geological Survey no earthquakes were recorded during this time.

  • Fri, 23 Sep 2011 10:18 CDT

Zug Island seems to be the source of a mysterious noise that’s shaking windows and keeping Windsor residents up at night, Canadian officials said Thursday. A two-month investigation by seismologists from the Ontario Environment Ministry traced the source of the noise to within roughly a half-mile of the island, officials said. “We have seen the results now and the results are conclusive that the source of the noise and vibration is … in or around Zug Island,” said Teri Gilbert, a spokeswoman for the Canadian agency. “We did a considerable amount of work to determine whether there was a source in Ontario and we couldn’t determine that.”  Complaints about the noise started in March and have steadily been pouring in, officials said. “It goes through some sporadic bursts. Sometimes you can hear it more prominently than other times,” said Al Maghnieh, a city councilor in Windsor. “It’s something that’s been disturbing quality of life for residents in southwest Windsor.”

  • Sun, 25 Sep 2011 20:06 CDT

At least 100 bathers needed to be treated at hospital after being bitten by piranhas.
Authorities in a state in Brazil’s northeast are scrambling to take the fright and the bite off the beach after piranhas sunk their teeth into about 100 beachgoers, UOL Noticias reported. The problem – rather fearsome given piranhas’ horror-movie teeth and ability to sink them into human flesh – has been the biggest at the main beach area in Piaui state; authorities said they need to act fast to reduce a piranha overpopulation situation.

  • Sun, 25 Sep 2011 15:00 CDT

A Piranha swims inside of an aquarium in 2010 in Dubai.Authorities in a state in Brazil’s northeast are scrambling to take the fright and the bite off the beach after piranhas sunk their teeth into about 100 beachgoers, UOL Noticias reported. The problem — rather fearsome given piranhas’ horror-movie teeth and ability to sink them into human flesh — has been the biggest at the main beach area in Piaui state; authorities said they need to act fast to reduce a piranha overpopulation situation. Last weekend, at least 100 bathers were treated at the hospital in Jose de Freitas not far from Terezina, Piaui’s capital, after being bitten on the heels or toes at the local beach.

  • Mon, 26 Sep 2011 16:49 CDT

A crescent moon is barely visible as the sun sets over Montana in a 2008 picture. Tomorrow night the new moon will make a close approach to Earth, giving rise to the second supermoon of the year – but this one will have the power of invisibility. Because the moon’s orbit is egg shaped, there are times

  • Thu, 29 Sep 2011 09:54 CDT

US: Mysterious glowing tide turns Californian coastline into a neon blue alien landscape-It could be the grim denouement from a science fiction film, as the silhouette of a man solemnly watches a glowing sea, with a child perched atop his shoulders. But this is not cinema trickery – it’s a natural phenomena caused by a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens when a naturally-occurring micro-organism in the water is disturbed, causing a chemical reaction which emits light. The reaction is similar to the ‘glow’ that fireflies use to attract prey or mates. Many undersea organisms ‘glow’, especially creatures that live at depths where light from the surface is less likely to penetrate.

  • Thu, 29 Sep 2011 08:45 CDT

UK plants are flowering for a second time this year because of the unseasonably warm weather. With temperatures soaring, plants such as foxglove and cowslip, which usually flower in the spring, are in full bloom six to eight months early.

  • Thu, 29 Sep 2011 02:20 CDT

An extremely rare white humpback whale calf has been spotted near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in an event witnesses described Thursday as a “once in a lifetime experience.”

  • Sept 2010-FLASHBACK

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